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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Of All The Days To Be Born

26th June 2016:
Here with another belated Hot Seat review! I remember reading this back during the Birthday Celebration, so I couldn't NOT stop back by and re-read and review this now!

First off, I thought this was very original - I think it's quite refreshing to see a girl who's NOT excited for Valentine's Day, who's not going crazy waiting for flowers, etc. Of course, Dom is hoping for some attention here, but not in the typical Valentine's Day way, and I really like that.

Secondly, I think this is also very REALISTIC. I'm sure there are lots of people who have birthdays on holidays who might feel kind of short-changed because they have to share THEIR day with a holiday - I'm sure they'd probably feel kind of overlooked or forgotten about, just like Dom does here. So huge kudos on originality and believability!

I really, really loved Louis' statement to Dom that there's nothing wrong with wanting to be recognized on your birthday - and he's absolutely right! Even if they don't want to admit it, most people DO want to be recognized or thought of on their birthday, and that's totally understandable. So, even though Dom is being a bit grouchy, her reasons for being that way are easy to understand.

And LOUIS! JUST AWW!! That is so sweet - he is officially the best little brother EVER! I was so happy that he did something like this for her, and that Dom got the attention and celebration she so desperately wanted and needed here! It made me smiling from ear to ear - this is the second of your stories to make me smile like this today! ♥

Really, really well done here also, Lizzie! I loved it! Thank you for participating in the Writer's Duel, and also thank you again for donating!

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Review #2, by victoria_anne Of All The Days To Be Born

21st May 2016:

Happy Hot Seat! *cracks knuckles* This is the first review of many from me, so you better get used to it muahahahaha.


Do you know I haaardly ever read stories with Dominique? Not on purpose, they just never seem to make it onto my screen, so I'm very excited :D

Oh poor Dom, sharing her birthday with Valentine's Day! That must really suck! And she hates pink! Ooh tough break there, Dom. My birthday is a month before Christmas and even that is too much for me!

OMG how cute is Louis?!

Thiiis cute! *stretches arms super wide*

Okay so this was the sweetest most wonderful one-shot ever! Your characters are so great, and it's all the more amazing that you wrote it in about six hours?! Like what?! You're incredible ♥

Love Bianca

Author's Response: Bianca!!

Eeek! You've left me SO many reviews for the hot seat! It's totally made my week (and more, because it's taken me forever to actually answer these reviews...) and I've officially decided that you're the sweetest!!

Dominique certainly isn't the *most* popular of the next-gen kids to write about, but she definitely shows up here and there, so it doesn't surprise me that you haven't seen as much of her. Which is probably one of the reasons why I loved writing her so much in this story.

Well, that and the fact that I sort of adore my version of Dominique. She's weirdly sweet and adorable. Don't ask me why I think that. It's just a weird image in my head. :P

Even though my birthday isn't during a holiday, I've always thought that having to share a birthday with a holiday would SUCK, which is probably why I wrote this story.

Hehehehe, Louis is pretty ADORABLE, isn't he?

Aw! Thank you! You really are the sweetest! Your reviews are all so amazing and never fail to make me grin!!

Thank you again!

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Review #3, by marauderfan Of All The Days To Be Born

20th May 2016:
More for the Hot Seat! :)

Aw, poor Dom, I really felt bad for her in the beginning. It sucks to go unnoticed on a special day like that. Especially when you share a birthday with a big holiday and everyone else is kind of wrapped up in their own things, she probably feels like her birthday isn't as important to anyone else because it coincides with Valentine's Day. :( So yeah, while she was a bit grumpy in the beginning of this, it wasn't without reason. Especially at that age when birthdays are still really important.

I like that it was the most unlikely person who came to cheer her up. I imagine she felt it was kind of lame that it was her little brother who was the only one who cared to ask what was wrong. But he threw her a surprise party! And she didn't even suspect anything :D That was really cute, and I love that all her friends were there and had neglected Valentines Day instead to spend time with Dominique on her birthday :)

Cute story!

Author's Response: Ye!! I loved being on the Hot Seat!

Best. Week. Ever!!

It really does suck, sharing a birthday with a holiday like that, doesn't it? I felt horrible writing it that way for Dom, but it needed to be done. :P

Yay! I'm glad that you liked that Louis was the one who threw her the party. I debated over who would be the one to throw her the party for a long time - I didn't want it to be a boyfriend, and she has lots of friends (in my little universe at least) that could've done it, but it felt so much more special to have Louis to be the one to do it. It's one of those rare moments where a sibling goes above and beyond just because they can. :)

Thanks so much for your wonderful review!! You're amazing!! *hugs*

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Review #4, by blackzero Of All The Days To Be Born

2nd April 2016:
Good story
Dom's.character on a lighter note was.refreshing.

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm glad you liked Dom in a little less depressing role here, rather than in My Happy Ending. ;)

Thanks for R&R'ing! It means a lot!

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Review #5, by princesslily_36 Of All The Days To Be Born

6th March 2016:

Hello lizzie! When I saw you had an entry up I wanted to read it, so here I am :D

Dominique is always so much fun to read, especially since each person's headcanon is so different and interesting. Born on Valentine's day and hates pink? Poor kid! Her childhood must have been severely traumatized, LOL! And having all her friends just breeze by their birthday wishes because they were busy with their Valentine's must have sucked as well :( No wonder she was so down in the dumps and wallowing in self pity :(

And Louis is just so sweet, I liked that little back and forth between him and Dom, how cute were they? And they were close enough for Dom to share her feelings with him... I just LOVE fics where siblings are really close!

So when there was all that build up about how NOONE remembered, and even Molly Weasley forgot? (That woman was born to remember birthdays!) I started to suspect something was DEFINITELY up, and the title may actually suggest the exact opposite!

AHA! I was right! SURPRISE PARTY :D Now Louis is really really sweet!! I can REALLY see how much they mean to each other, and the brother-sister bond is really so wonderful!

Such a feel good ending, loved it!


Author's Response: Ysh!!

That's definitely one of the things that I like most about writing and reading next-gen stories! Each story is different because everyone's headcanon is different!

Hehehe, the born on Valentines Day is probably what made her hate the color pink in the first place. :P

Awe, I love stories where siblings are close too! I'm really close with my own siblings, which is definitely what I was channeling when I was writing this story!

Yup, you're right! Molly "forgetting" was easily the biggest clue that not everything was as it seems! ;)

Hehehehe! Who doesn't love a good surprise party?!

I'm so glad that you liked this!! I know I write an awful lot of fluff, but it always makes me smile when I get a review like this! :D

Thank you Ysh! You're fantastic!

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Review #6, by Owlpost68 Of All The Days To Be Born

18th February 2016:
Lol, my story is titled Best Birthday Ever :P
I really liked this though, it was so cute and really emphasized the relationship between Dom and Louis. I was a little worried our stories were going to be too much alike, but there's nothing to worry about :) It was cliched but it was still really cute. Good job!

Author's Response: Heather!

Hehehe! I saw that! I definitely need to check your story out (although I saw that it was about Teddy, and you don't know how close this story came to being about Teddy! That would've been hilarious, wouldn't it?).

D'aww! Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, even though it's pretty cliche'd. :P For some reason I can't stop myself from writing really cliche'd fluff stories every once and a while!

Thanks so much for R&R'ing Heather! This review totally made my day!

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