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Review #1, by pat I'm Sorry

2nd April 2018:
yes! waiting for for myupdates please

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Review #2, by Violet Potter 434 I'm Sorry

26th March 2017:
yay more!

I love it when I get new chapters from you

and as expected

this one was brill!

but you know
one small problemo

why isn't there more?

please write me more, I need more

its amazing and I love it

from me xx

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Review #3, by BBHP I'm Sorry

24th March 2017:
This is so good! I'm addicted!

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Review #4, by blackzero I'm Sorry

23rd March 2017: update after such a long time.Waiting to see how James and Violet's relationship progresses further.And what he saw in the picture for that please update son

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Review #5, by Nextgenfan Finally Fall

23rd March 2017:
This is a good story- I like the OC character and the friendship dynamic the Wotters have, as well has how she has become a part of it. Excited to see where it is going to go in terms of plot!!!
However, it is clear (from a British POV) that this is very americanised perception of the UK/London. For a start, no one in England calls the season 'fall'- it's Autumn- and stuff like halloween is less celebrated here, so it's unlikely it would have been a huge deal at Cambridge. Also, there is a very americanised perception of University- it's quite different in the UK, especially Oxbridge!

Still, this is obviously not a huge deal, it's not like it's being published or anything so you wouldn't be expected to have done loads of research.

Keep going, it's a fun story!!! :)

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Review #6, by AbraxanUnicorn I'm Sorry

23rd March 2017:
Hurrah, you updated! I love this fic, and I was SO happy to see it in the "Recently Added" section! Yay :)

Ooh, Rose got a bit stroppy with Vi there; possibly a bit of an overreaction, but I'm glad it got Vi explaining. I think you wrote the coming to terms with grief part really well. Going on my own experiences, it felt very accurate and genuine.

James is so cute, I just want to hug him! I like how things are developing between him and Vi :)

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Brax X

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Review #7, by Lovegood2712 Dreaded Days

24th January 2017:
That chapter was so beautiful! I love your story and all of your characters as well! Xx

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Review #8, by LoonyLovegood11 Dreaded Days

20th December 2016:
Dammit! My eyes are leaking. And we're only in chapter 10! Can't wait for the next one xx

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Review #9, by coolcoolcool Dreaded Days

16th December 2016:
Aww poor Vi! Glad to see you updated and I want to know what will happen next :)

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Review #10, by Violet Potter 434 Dreaded Days

13th December 2016:
hey just wanted to say how much I still love this story

also you write amazing

this chapter was so emotional

please write more for me soon

very soon?!

from moi xx

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Review #11, by Ameera Dreaded Days

8th December 2016:
Love your story ! I'm so glad you updated !! I can't wait for some more James/Violet !! Great chapter , I feel so sad now !

Author's Response: Haha, I hope it's a good sad? I'll update soon! Thanks for the positive review :)

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Review #12, by blackzero Dreaded Days

7th December 2016:
Thanks for the update. It's been ages and I was fearful that the anticipated update may never come.
Finally the story got a chapter image and that too a very good ne.

Author's Response: I know the chapter image blew me away, I was so happy with it!!

I'll try to keep updating more frequently, I really want to finish the story because I hate when stories I like don't get finished. Hope you enjoy the rest to come!

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Review #13, by putitonpaper Dreaded Days

7th December 2016:
I'm really enjoying this story. It tugs at my heart in the best way. Each of your characters have their own identity and clearly defined characteristics and the plot is very interesting. And obviously, you feel for Violet almost immediately. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Ah I'm so happy to hear that! I hope you like where the story goes next :)

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Review #14, by I love this story! The Maze

14th July 2016:
Idea: I know this is kinda cheesy but I love that kind of stuff
Vi gets into the family prank war and she and James
Have to team up to get someone or a fun thing would be
Adults vrs kids in the potter weakly clan and they have to team up and they start liking each other and go from there?

Author's Response: Don't worry I love cheesy stuff too!! I feel like I'd be awful at writing about pranks, but I'll try!! Thanks for your idea :):)

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Review #15, by CharmAurorG The Maze

7th July 2016:
Hey there! It was lovely to see you updated. :) I also started re-reading it, so please please don't abandon this story, I love it so damn much! Thing I love about your writing is that you don't do cliché (I do love them, don't get me wrong, but it's nice to see something different once in a while). So no best-friends-turn-lovers, no friends with benefits and so on, you just write it so realistic and unique. I hope you're gonna continue that way. So that's really the only suggestion I can think of - stay true to your amazing writing. :) I hope to see your update soon.



Author's Response: The update wasn't soon, but it happened!! Sorry for the wait, but I hope what I have in store will live up to your expectations :)

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Review #16, by Lovegood2712 The Maze

28th June 2016:
I'm really loving this story and can't wait to find out what happens next. I especially like how you really get to know all of the characters. Thank you for writing xxx

Author's Response: That is so nice to hear, thank you :) I hope I'm making them seem like real people, with stories and quirks. Thank you for reviewing! :)

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Review #17, by Lovegood2712 Arriving in London

28th June 2016:
I really like the characters and I like the fact that you get to know them before too much stuff happens. Great opening! Xxx

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm so happy you like it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)

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Review #18, by CharmAurorG Finally Fall

1st June 2016:
Hello, dear! 😊 So sorry I didn't leave a review earlier, but I was on my vacation. Anyway, amazin chapter! As a fall lover myself, I really enjoyed it. 😊 Happy to see more James and can't wait for another chapter, I'm so curious what's gonna happen! Keep up great writing ang update soon! 😊


Author's Response: Thank you! Your reviews make me smile!!

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Review #19, by Giù9 Finally Fall

9th May 2016:
I want to know who wins!!! It's funny, it's something different that we barely see!

I love how you wrote Albus and Lily's banter, that was the thing that caught my attention in this chapter. Most of the times I read situations that are too extreme. I think maybe the authors make too much an effort. They write an argument between siblings/cousins ad they want it to be funny but they often exagerate and make it loud and chaotic, even violent sometimes and the result is something excessive and overloaded that is just superfluous. It's just too much. And not funny to read at all. It's a very common thing, especially with the number of people in the Potter/Weasley clan + OCs.

I'm so sorry maybe this review is boring and off topic but it's a consideration that came to my mind reading this chapter and particularly that segment. I loved it and thought it was funny and perfectly balanced! ;)

Author's Response: This is really sweet, thank you. Your review wasn't boring or off topic at all, I'm glad you liked it! I'm trying not to go too overboard or crazy, I want them to act like real enough people. I'm really glad you're liking the story :):) thank you for your review!!

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Review #20, by beka_wotter Finally Fall

9th May 2016:
Yay I was so happy to see this!! I've got exams coming up and I know how they take over your life haha, I really love how enthusiastic Violet is about Halloween and Im looking forward to more interaction between her and James, and ScoRose because oh my days they couldn't be cuter aw, can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Ah thank goodness people understand!!! I hope your exams went well :)
I'm so happy you liked the chapter, I promise to update more regularly!!

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Review #21, by Roger P Awkward Encounters

7th May 2016:
Did you drop the story? :( i really hope you didn't. it was one of my favorites

Author's Response: No I didn't!! I have a chapter pending validation right now, I'm just waiting for it to get posted!!

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Review #22, by CharmAurorG Arriving in London

30th April 2016:
Couldn't find chapter where I didn't leave review so I can do it know. Seems this is the only one...:/ Hahhaaha, I'm really writing to much to you, don't be mad! :) Why can't we leave 2 reviews for the same chapter? Anyway, any updates soon? This story is so addictive; I just keep checking for updates daily! Completely addicted, I know... Eagerly waiting for new chapter; please make me happy soon. :)


Author's Response: You're not writing too much to me at all!!! Your review was actually the kick in the pants I needed to finally get the chapter finished and posted!!!
I've just submitted the next one for validation, so it should be up within the next couple of days!!

I'm so happy you like the story that much. I hope you enjoy the next chapter too-- thank you thank you thank you for your support! Seriously, it keeps me writing because I want to finish the story for you just and much as I do for me.

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Review #23, by newbeatle Awkward Encounters

31st March 2016:
This is one of the most refreshing stories I have read on this site for a while. Love it and can't wait to see what happens next! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really enjoying writing this story. I'm glad you like reading it :):)

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Review #24, by blackzero Awkward Encounters

30th March 2016:
Thank you for updating. James and Violet apologizing sequences for awesome along with Violet's rescue from boring Percy. Waiting for more James/Violet in next chapter.

Author's Response: Their story is coming, I promise!

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Review #25, by CharmAurorG Awkward Encounters

30th March 2016:
Just stopping by to tell you how wonderful you are. :) Happy to see more of James. Loved his apology and their talk. :) Until next chapter.


Author's Response: Ahhh you're wonderful yourself!! As always, thanks for the review :)

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