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Review #1, by UnluckyStar57 The First Meeting

10th February 2016:
J!!! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WROTE THIS BEAUTIFUL THING FOR ME! ♥ You are way too sweet, my dear. :)

Okay, so from the beginning:

YES @ your personification of the furniture in the classroom. I LOVE it when inanimate objects get personified, because you can be just as ridiculous as you want. And those desks are quite petulant and old! Hahahaha, "low levels of animosity" from the desks--I need a story from their perspective now, lol.

OMG! I love that James is the first one to show up, because you know that he's only there to see Lily. But I hope he learns something about philosophy in the process, because that'll give them things to talk about. ;) This incarnation of James seems to be somewhat friendly with Lily, which, given their seventh year Head Prefect status, makes sense. However! I wonder how they came to be so chummy? What made it happen? Did James encourage Lily to pursue her ambition of starting a philosophy club? If so, CUTE! If not, I MUST know what happened between them to make them so chill! And Lily is all giggly and blush-y, and wow, I am trash for this story.

Ugh, the Ravenclaw girls are super obnoxious, and it makes me think that you've run into this type of person in one of your philosophy classes, for some reason. I hate that they smirked at Leopold's Hufflepuff colors and automatically write him off as dumb. I hope that if you continue this story (*wink wink*), the girlies mellow out a little. Cuz seriously, they need to chill.

Also, you know what would be great for their next meeting? Regulus Black shows up. That moody little Snake seems like he'd be a philosopher, and maybe the philosophy sessions would sort of influence him to betray the Dark Lord in the end? Again, *wink wink*

But back to the philosophy! Wow, I am almost too dumb to understand this stuff they're talking about! I have a feeling that my contribution to discussions of philosophy would be much the same as Leopold's, unfortunately. But listen, even though I didn't know much about philosophy at first, I love that this story taught me some things! You did SUCH an excellent job of framing the discussion with the question about the ethics of the Statute of Secrecy, and then using various Wizard and Muggle philosophers to guide the discussion! That's just wicked cool, man.

Also, subtle!Jily is the best Jily! I love the image of James pointing his finger up in the air and yelling "Objection!", and obviously Lily thinks that's kind of cute as well. They're totally in skinny love right now, let's be real. Agghh, I just can't get over how well the subtlety of the ship was woven into this! It's definitely not time for the kissy-kissy-smoochy-smoochy, but using this to set that up will make the payoff even greater. :D

The name "Leopold Blossom" reminds me of Leopold Bloom, a character in The Producers aaannnddd incidentally, protagonist of James Joyce's Ulysses. (I've never read Ulysses, which is why The Producers thought came to my brain first.) Any chance that our Hufflepuff was named after either of those? And is Ulysses a book that you like? Would you recommend it??

Aristotle should've totally branded himself thusly: "Aristotle: so solid, but so sketchy." What a Greek!

Arggh, I just love how funny this was, without telling jokes outright! It's so well done, and I'm very impressed that you were able to write this so quickly!

And you know I'm a sucker for that last scene. A promise of Philosophy Club meetings in the future? I think YES! And omg, "Anything for you, Evans." Jesus, why is this ship so incredible???

Okay, in summary: This is the first time that anyone has ever written me a fic specifically for my birthday, and I am still absolutely indebted to you for doing this for me. Also, I am SO PROUD that you wrote about philosophy, because you wrote it so wonderfully! Like, I would imagine that philosophy would be hard for me to understand, but the way you wrote it in the fic was really explanatory and made sense! I love that! And also, I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU'RE BACK AND WRITING ALL THIS NEW STUFF!! You're seriously one of my faves, dear. Never ever stop writing, and please forgive me if I bug you periodically for more philosophy!Jily. (And more of your other stories too, which are all delightful.)

Anyway, I should probably go to class now. I skipped my first one because I felt that I deserved to be a Birthday Delinquent for once in my life. :P


Author's Response: Mallory, thank you so much for this wonderful wonderful review! You are such a great reader and I always love hearing your thoughts. You pick up on everything!! And happy birthday! :) Really, your birthday was the motivation I needed to finally just write this out. (It's been floating around my mind ever since you first mentioned writing a philosophy class fic.)

Ah I'm so glad you liked the desks! When I started writing, that just kinda came out, haha. But I liked the contrast of Lily's energy/excitement and them being like "leave us alone." Haha maybe there should be a fic from their perspective...

James!! He definitely learns some stuff and I'm sure they'll have tons of James II/Anna-esque philosophical conversations. Or maybe not, but he's trying! :) The more I think about it, the more I think I'm going to have to turn this into a short story collection, so we can see more about this Jily camaraderie there. (This review has lowkey inspired my ideas about their history, so thanks for that. :D)

Fun story: I am actually one of the co-founders (kinda) of the philosophy club at my university and there are these two kids in the club who DOMINATE the group chat with all of this stuff where they know EVERYTHING and we're all just like...what?? So I think I was lowkey channelling that, but I think the Ravenclaws will mellow over time! :) (I actually have some ridiculous stories of my own about my Philosophy Club, so maybe some chapters will be inspired by that...)

omg I am SO HERE for Regulus to come!! That would be great! Ugh, Mallory, I don't need MORE THINGS TO WRITE STOP IT (just kidding this is so happening and I've accepted it at this point)

Ahh I'm glad you like the discussion! I think I pushed the boundaries of what these random kids would actually know because I was heavily leaning on an Ethics class I took last semester, but I'm really excited that you learned something from it! I love talking about philosophy so if you ever have any questions hit me up. :) And Leopold doesn't make bad contributions! (well, except that one time...)

Yay subtle!Jily is so fun to write! Especially after the hitting-you-over-the-head obviousness of SOTP!Jily. They're totally in skinny love, and Lily is so close to being far gone, and it's wonderful. Also James is just the best to write, let's be real. Ugh I need to keep writing this story and have more fun with them...

Nothing gets past you!! I've been having a lot of fun with names in fic lately (like WAY too much fun) and I was looking at lists of names and saw Leopold and then was like...of course it's going to be a Leopold Bloom reference. I haven't read Ulysses (yet), but I love James Joyce and I intend to! Someday I'll probably look back on this story and be like "wow J you're so off" but that day has not yet come.

Haha I love Aristotle but he's also ridiculously sketchy!! I'm pretty sure that he believes that slaves are like inherently inferior people...that's not cool. But then sometimes he's on point. Oh philosophers, never being 100% solid.

Ahh I'm glad you found it funny too! I thought I was being hysterical but then I'm really easily amused, especially by philosophy. I wrote it in like 2 hours, starting at 11pm, so that's why parts of it are awkward. I may go back and clean it up but we'll see. :)

I was like FREAKING OUT when I was making James be so nice and sweet and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH MALLORY THEY'RE THE BEST BUT ALSO THE WORST AHHH

Thank you again for being a great person!! You've really helped me enjoy HPFF and get back on and it's always wonderful to read your comments. I'll definitely be coming back to this someday, but we'll have to see when because I have 8 million things I'm working on these days. Thanks so much for your encouragement :)

You totally deserve to be a Birthday Delinquent! I hope you had a not too bad day. :P

Thanks again for this wonderful review!! :)


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