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Review #1, by adluvshp Drive

1st May 2016:
Hey! Here for the TGS review exchange.

Aw, this was very, very sweet. I absolutely loved reading this. The pairing of Lavender/Oliver is one I certainly never imagined but you wrote it beautifully. It definitely worked here in this post-war scenario. Meeting in a therapy group made sense.

I felt sad for both of them, they had truly faced a lot so young, so it was lovely the way you showed how they found each other. The foundation to their relationship was built beautifully. I loved the idea of Lavender being self-conscious and wearing the scarf, and discarding it by the end of the story. It was poignant.

The ending was very hopeful and sweet and made me smile. I also enjoyed reading the way they kissed each other. Your descriptions showed me how much they loved each other. It was all very well done. Great job!

Angie (Lost Muse/AditiDraco95)

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Review #2, by cherry_pop94 Drive

25th March 2016:
Hello! I'm here for bvb!

This story was so beautiful. So so beautiful. I absolutely adore this song and you captured it wonderfully here. The sense of love and just wandering around without a home to go back to. It's beautiful and romantic.

I love that you've put Lavender and Oliver together. It's an unlikely pairing, but you've made it work beautifully. Lavender's character is wonderful here. She's still very much the girl we knew, but different now. She's grown up, a fleshed out character. I like how you talk about her vanity. Her battle scars make her insecure, but he loves her and she manages to forget.

The ending is wonderful. I can just picture beautiful Lavender finally free and happy flying down the highway in a convertible with the man she loves at her side. What a gorgeous image.

So this is the third diadem nominee I've reviewed today and it's also so great like the others! Seriously, I just think road trips and the endless American freeways are just so wonderfully romantic. I also think this song is just perfect. You guys just keep writing my perfect stories. What even.

I love this. Congratulations on your nomination love!


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Review #3, by NPE Drive

14th March 2016:
Hi Vicki,

I really liked the originality of this.

The descriptions and the asides all worked so well and it felt like a proper rush reading through it.

In particular your characterisation of Lavender Brown is really interesting and worth reading.

The whole one-shot thing is hard to pull of but this is a very good contained piece in my view.


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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Drive

6th March 2016:
For HPFFís Review-a-Thon

You arenít joking about a rare pair! I donít Iíve ever read a Lavender/Oliver fic before. Itís actually a pretty amazing pair.

Now that youíve written it, I can totally see why sheíd be interested in Oliver. He was a famous quidditch player and she seemed to quite like interesting men. I like to think that he would gladly sacrifice his career for the safety of others, but his teen years call that ideal into question. He was a bit of a fanatic. Of course heíd still live with some remorse and resentment.

I love the line ĎEvery night she had pinch herself just to make she wasn't dreaming that it was her by Oliver Wood's side and not some prissy blonde modelí because while sheís obviously matured quite a bit from her Hogwarts days, thereís still that hint of jealousy and possessiveness that I associate with her.

I think itís wonderful that you had them meet at a survivorís meeting. No one comes out of war unscathed and all isnít always well. I think this really draws attention to our current climate and the horrors of war. Sometimes itís physical damage, sometimes itís mental. Either way, it needs to be addressed.

I think every single person alive wants someone to look at them the way Oliver looks at Lavender. Sure, she has scars, but we all have imperfections that need to be looked passed.

I think that you have a real knack for pouring emotion into a story without too much action involved. I think thatís quite difficult for myself so Iím really impressed. I also really love the way you describe the scenery without being tedious or pretentious as some do (read: me. I do all the time).

Overall, I think the story really changed the way I view Lavender (as I have a habit of writing her off as a silly girl). It also really made me want pancakes.

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Review #5, by merlins beard Drive

19th February 2016:
Hey Vicki,
I'm sorry it took me so long. Stuff came up, you know how it is...
I've actually read this before just last week or so, but I'm glad to have the opportunity to come back and read it again. I really enjoyed it both times.

I think what you have created here is really believeable. I never considered what happened to Oliver in the final battle - but it's totally likely that he'd get hurt and that it would mess up his career.
These support groups sound great, I'm glad both Lavender and Oliver found them and managed to talk about what's bothering them.

I love that they find happiness and comfort in each other, and how you describe their relationship.
Your writing style is just as great as it always is, I love all the description, especially concerning Lavender's scarf. The only area you could add a bit more to is the sense of smell. For example, you could have talked about how their breakfast semlled, or how Oliver's scent had become comforting and familiar to Lavender.
I always try to adress as many senses as possible to make the reader really experience the whole story.

I loved their first kiss, and their timid beginning, both cautious and wary of being too close to anyone, especially someone with just as big a trauma as they themselves have to deal with.

I believe the whole point of the challenge was to make the rare pair believeable, and I can honestly say you convinced me. I believe you. 100%

♥ Anja

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Review #6, by Secret Cupid Drive

13th February 2016:
Hi there! Secret Cupid here!

The description at the beginning is absolutely gorgeous. I can vividly see in my mind just how pretty their setting is, and now I want to go there.

I really liked the backstory about how they met. It felt very realistic and made me feel both sad and happy for Lavender and Oliver (sad as in his career is over and she's suffering from what appears to be PTSD, happy as in they're doing their best to move past that).

I'm really happy for Lavender and how she was able to get over her shyness and hesitance at showing her scars. I think it's wonderful that she was able to leave the scarf behind at the diner.

The only thing I noticed would be that sometimes you have periods instead of commas when someone's talking. For example, "Then we will." Oliver replied should be "Then we will," Oliver replied.

I really enjoyed this and I'm a little surprised at how little I've read of your writing - why? *stares at self, unimpressed*

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Review #7, by Rumpelstiltskin Drive

12th February 2016:
Hello, I'm here with review 1 of 2 that you've one for correctly guessing the picture in the "Guess the Present Graphics" Challenge!

Wow, your ability to write beautiful descriptions is amazing! I mean the opening was an incredibly strong hook that not only set the scene, but the mood as well (like some serenity after the storm, which I think is an accurate theme for the story that follows).

Pairing Oliver Wood with Lavender Brown wasn't something that I had even thought of, to be quite honest. After reading this, however, I'm definitely waving the Oliver/Lavender banner on my top ships (at least, your version of them anyway).

Being brought together by such a horrendous tragedy could definitely have it's positives and negatives. The negatives of course would be that they're lives were forever altered and somewhat damaged by being bitten, but having someone who understands -- who truly understands -- must feel like a godsend.

While his Quiddich career is in the gutter, Lavender looks at him like he's the champion of the world. Although she's been physically marred by Fenrir, Oliver looks at her like she's the most beautiful goddess he'd ever laid eyes on. It's so sweet that I almost want to cry!

Finally, I love the message this gives off: the sense of freedom, being with somebody who you love and who loves you as you leave everything else behind. It sounds absolutely magical!

This was incredible! I loved it so much! ♥


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Review #8, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Drive

8th February 2016:
Hello there lovely!

I'm here with your prize review for being the runner-up in the Treasure Hunt! CONGRATULATIONS! And, before I begin, let me just say THANK YOU and tell you how amazing and sweet it was of you to give one of your reviews away to Looneylizzie! That was just so selfless and kind and gave me ALL the warm and fluffy feelings. *hug*

And now, for your review! I'll be typing the review as I read, so if things seem a little spastic or seem to jump from one topic to another, that's why!

Okay, so the first thing I noticed, from the very first paragraph, is that your description is very vivid and really helps put me in the scene with Lavender. You described the smell of the ocean and the sound of the gulls, and even though it's really cold here and I'm nowhere near a beach, you took me to the summertime and warm air, and that's just amazing - especially considering it's only the first paragraph! And it only got better with the second paragraph as you were describing the colors of the dawn and the water sparkling... just WOW!

Also, I just love the fact that these two wizards are doing something completely normal and muggle-like together, despite their being magical. Taking a drive along the beach is always really nice, and of course they would appreciate something as absolutely perfect as that, too! I'm not sure if you were creating this theme on purpose, but it definitely makes me think "yes, they're wizards and they have their own set of worries and issues and hobbies that muggles wouldn't understand, but they still have a lot in common with everyday people", and I LOVE that because, at least to me, half the time it seems like wizards are almost another species. :P

I think it's really a nice touch that Oliver doesn't like for her to stare at him. I'm sure, as a celebrity, he was used to people staring at him, but as he's trying to deal with the disappointment of no longer being able to play Quidditch, it makes sense he wouldn't want to feel famous anymore, and have people staring at him all the time.

Also, I love the wizards' therapy group, I think that's another part that the muggle world would have in common with the wizarding one, especially in the wake of the Battle of Hogwarts. And seeing how carefree the two of them are riding beside each other, despite other people trying to discourage them being together because they're in the same therapy group, is really sweet. Yes, they both have issues, but everyone does, and I don't think that should mean that they CAN'T be together.

I liked seeing how Lavender is fighting to overcome the nightmares and the scars, because something as traumatic as what she went through is absolutely hard to get over. Something like that definitely would change her from being a little vain to wanting to 'shrink into the background', as you said, but she doesn't have to do that with Oliver and it really makes me feel happy for her. And the fact that Oliver kissed her scars the first time he saw them is SO SWEET! ♥ Plus, getting a new start in America sounds like something the two of them really needed!

Honestly, I've never read this pairing before (so kudos for originality!), but I just LOVE the two of them together. I'm normally not a big Lavender fan, but you've made her very likeable and easy to relate to here, and she and Oliver seem meant for each other! And Eeek! He got her to take off the scarf! That's so sweet!! Just knowing that they each know each other's struggle and are working to help the other is just a demonstration of true, pure love and it's so fluffy and GAH!

You did SUCH AN EXCELLENT job of conveying the emotions here - when Lavender raised her hands in the air and screamed I could just feel her joy, and it's actually really filled me with joy as well. And OH my goodness, she forgot the scarf! That ending is just SO PERFECT I JUST CAN'T. Oh my gosh, this is going in my favorites right now!

I know I've already said a lot about this, but really, I just can't tell you how much I love this, for so many reasons. This has definitely gotten me more interested in both characters, individually AND as a pairing. The writing in this is just superb - I didn't see any spelling or grammar errors and it flowed flawlessly. I'm so, SO glad I read this! Well done lovely! And congratulations again!

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Review #9, by Aphoride Drive

7th February 2016:
Hey Vicki - dropping by for the BvB Battle! :D I had to stop by on this when I saw it on your page - I'm a huge sucker for minor character stories, haha, and Lavender Brown is one of those characters I find so fascinating, so I couldn't not read this, you know? :P

ANYWAY. Point is, I'm here :P And this is so, so good - I'm so glad I stopped by! :) Your characterisation of Lavender in this is so amazing - I love how you didn't shy away from mentioning the trauma the war had brought her, had brought so many other people, including Oliver (in a way), and how they'd met through therapy - it's such a unique place to have characters meet, I don't think I've ever seen it in fic before. But yeah, I love your Lavender - I love how she's recovering, away from everything, because it's what she needs and what he needs, and how there's this beautiful sense of freedom running through the whole one-shot. It's such a difficult thing to do, I think, and I don't know if I can really explain it, but this whole one-shot is just freeing. It feels very light and exciting, and it's so, so good.

Also, Oliver is amazing. I love how he's so unaffected by her scars, he thinks they mean she's brave, and it's so important to her, but so hard for her to understand that and let it go - and she thinks he's everything. Really, you've just created the most beautiful, complete relationship I've read in a long while in this, and it's not the longest thing in the world ;) It's a super skill to have, and I just love it.

I gotta say, too, that this is the best use of America in a fic I've seen possibly ever, too, haha - with characters running away, using it as escapism, rather than anything else. It works so well, and it's so cool, and almost movie-like, with the driving across the country, going anywhere they want, any time they want, living so freely.

So I kinda already said about your writing, and you know I love it because I've said it before in other reviews, but you really, really are so talented. The way you craft emotions in words just seems so effortless, I'm almost jealous - it all just jumps off the page and it's so visible, you know? Like I can feel it, and imagine what it looks like on the characters and it's just so, so good, because it's not exactly the easiest thing to do.

I'm pretty sure this entire review is just a long mess of incoherent rambling about emotions and words and Lavender, haha, so I'm sorry about that, but I really did love it! :)

Aph xx

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Review #10, by RavenclawFTW Drive

6th February 2016:
Heya Vicki, I'm here for BvB! I'm so glad I chanced upon this story, though, because I fully accept this head canon!!

This is definitely an unusual pairing, but the way you've brought them together here is fantastic. It's really realistic that Lavender would need help after the trauma of the War, but I love that what brings Oliver there is something completely different. They've both broken in different ways, and hopefully they can help each other rebuild from that. I also really appreciate that they both know it's dangerous to get involved, and that their problems won't disappear because of it. I've had friends who think that their new relationship can help them when they're dealing with a lot, but they often become dependent/overwhelmed, so that note is something I find really important.

I also love how, despite the above, they're helping each other reinvent themselves. This seems like such a healthy and supportive relationship, and even though they've dealt with a lot, they're moving on. I love all of the details you've included here, and the symbolism of the scarf is phenomenal. The details of the drive also really stand out to me.

I mentioned before that I like that Oliver is there because of Quidditch, but to flesh that out, I think it's a great demonstration of the potential trauma of every day life, and that the War isn't the only problem in the Wizarding world. It's also a nice contrast to what happened to Lavender.

You've worked really well with this pairing and building off of canon, so kudos to you! Great job! I definitely ship this now. :)


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Review #11, by MuggleMaybe Drive

1st February 2016:
Oh, wow. This reminds me a lot of a scene in an old movie. There's something so glamorous and carefree about their travels and their love. I love the image of Oliver driving, seeming almost serious, and Lavender leaning over the seat to kiss him. It's so intimate - it feels almost like they're the only people in the world when I read this. Everything else just vanishes. How did you do that?!?

Your writing is beautiful. The way you describe the setting is transporting. I could almost imagine the beach and the warmth, the breeze... this story gives me wanderlust!

I thought they were pretty much in character, especially Lavender. I liked that you had their wounds bring them together, it really makes sense.

The metaphor with the scarf was a little heavy handed, but I thought it worked despite that. Or maybe because of that. It felt like maybe Lavender made the choice to leave it behind on purpose, like she's choosing to escape from her past. Really lovely.

Honestly, Vicki, this is Just. Beautiful. You definitely made a great case for Oliver/Lavender to be cannon!

Best of luck in the challenge!

xoxo Renee

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