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Review #1, by Dojh167 I'm Not a Romantic Person

6th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

Congratulations, you are my thirtieth review of the day! Your prize is... I get to go to sleep after this! It's a good prize, RIGHT?

After all the feelings Ive had from reading a full Elisabeth novel today, I really needed something light and fluffy, and this story seemed to fit the bill!

I love the tone of this story from the start. The personality of the MC is very present, the flow is good, and everything's cute.

The funny thing is, of the first comparison the makes, I find eating candy with my partner in a peaceful place much more romantic than the creepy manufactured environment of Madame Puddifoot's

Yay for minor queer inclusion!

For a moment there, with the very organic stream of consciousness style of the narrative combined with the mention of a pen and paper in the MC's hand, I though that the story was supposed to be what he was writing down, but I guess not.

Rhinoceros in the stomach? That sounds serious. You might want to get that checked out.

Silly MC man is so insecure about whatever this idea of romance is he's trying to live up o is, but he seems to have done just fine for the last eight years...

This was really super cute =) The first section really captured all of he feelings and doubts and expectations that were rushing through his head. While the second section started with some of that nervousness, things really slow down into a very simple, sweet moment. It feels kind of like everything is freezing, which is a really great device for this moment.

Thanks for giving me something cute to end my night on!


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Review #2, by princesslily_36 I'm Not a Romantic Person

5th March 2016:

Hello Olivia! Ysh here from the forums for the reviewathon!

Awww, Jacob the non-romantic wants to propose! That is so cute! I loved that he was more of a straightforward person rather than a fluffy romantic. You have managed to take two non-fluffy people and write a fluff peice about them :D

Well, Jacob might have thought that wasn't romantic - but it definitely definitely definitely was - his nervousness, his intent, the way he tries to think up of various ideas but also looks at it's possibility, how he thinks only of Lily through and through his planning.

I mean, I think he was so wonderfully thoughtful and that makes him another kind of romantic - the one that would stick with you. This was evident in the way he buys the ring, and how he had paid attention to her and bought her all the other stuff she had mentioned wanting.

but it certainly doesn't feel like butterflies. It feels like a rhinoceros. - This line was so cute, I had to giggle when I read it!

Thank you for the sweet, fluffy, feel-good read (that's the best kind, really!)


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Review #3, by Veritaserum27 I'm Not a Romantic Person

25th January 2016:
Olivia, Olivia, Olivia!

Aww, this was so adorable and SO PERFECTLY LILY AND JACOB!! I don't mean to be all shouty at you, but I've never had anyone gift me a story before and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

I actually find it really ironic that this is a fluff piece about Lily and Jacob - because they are so practical and down to earth - they probably wouldn't like the fluff genre.

It's so fitting that Jacob is nervous, too. He's so desperately in love with Lily and he knows she loves him back, but all the same, he isn't 100% certain that she'll say yes (even though the rest of us are - haha).

I love that it was a simple ring (but it sounds BEAUTIFUL), and it was a simple and beautiful proposal too. I think the thing that makes me the happiest is that now I KNOW LILY AND JACOB END UP TOGETHER! I mean, they are so perfect for each other, it makes sense to me, but it makes me SO HAPPY!

You know I'm just gonna bug you to keep writing Seek and Chase now, right? I mean, I have to know what happens next in that story!

Thank you again, Olivia - this was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

♥ Beth

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