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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Getting Ready

20th June 2016:
That summary was too good to pass up!

I love that Neville is still nervous and anxious, not just the goofy, awe inspiring wizard that he is in a lot of post-war fics. He couldn't change all that much! Also teenagers are absolutely terrifying so I completely agree with his anxiety.

Hannah really is such a good wife for him. She calms him down and makes him a better version of himself. She is exactly what he needs. Quality snuggle time and excellent pep talks. They just really complement each other.

The flossing was hilarious and him cleaning up behind his back when she prompts him. I love their banter so much. She's so clever. Can we agree that there should be more to this story? There should be more to this story.

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Review #2, by Gail Welin Getting Ready

6th March 2016:
Hi Kaitlin!

This is me reviewing your entry (again) for my Sleeping Habits Challenge after I (finally) announced the results - it seems I closed the window to your story after having written the review and while I was previewing it but before I hit submit. Mea culpa, so very sorry :$

I loved your characterization all the way - Neville and Hannah always felt like the perfect couple in their shy, balanced ways and my head-canon really enjoyed this bit.
The details about Neville brushing his teeth were great - picturing him (with a mustache, too! Ha!) making a mess of simple daily tasks by using spells was a really nice touch. I love that Neville, even as the man that killed Nagini and so on, would still give his best to "fit in" and be a normal wizard instead of giving up and brushing his teeth manually. But I did worry about his gums bleeding - if he's that bad at using that spell, maybe he's doing more damage than good.
Also, I love that discussion he has with Hannah - she told him to floss, he did and it bled, she told him it'd stop and now it still bleeds and he's trying to not have to floss again. Solid couple-that-lives-together interaction; there's that trust in the fact that your partner wants the best for you but also that feeling that you just don't want to floss and it'd be nice to have an excuse not to (like it makes my gums bleed every time) :p
"Neville made an indignant face at the mirror." I snorted a chuckle :D

I love that Neville is still the forgetful type and especially that he's nervous about his first day as a teacher. It took him a few years to be taken seriously by his peers, now he's going to face kids the same age as he was back then and he knows too well just how mean kids can be. What if they make fun of him, what if they just don't respect him or take him seriously? I think it's really great that Neville is afraid he'll be a disappointment (there'll always be that little kid afraid of his grandmother). He'd never get the fame get to his head anyway, he's too humble for that. Good thing he has Hannah to remind him of what an great and amazing person he is!
And that he almost forgets to clean up in the bathroom behind him was really cute, considering it would probably have had consequences in the morning (dry toothpaste is terrible).

Snuggly and warm was pretty much how I felt reading this bit so, thanks a bunch for writing it :D


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Review #3, by Challenge Cheerleader Getting Ready

4th March 2016:
Awww... Neville before his first day as a Professor! And the idea of him with a mustache - that was quite funny!!

I have to love Hannah and Nevilla here - him being all unsure and nervous, and her being sweet, caring and unassuming... it just works perfectly well with canon! I loved the quality cuddle time :D Such a sweet little couple they make!

Hannah's right :D Why wouldn't students like a professor who cut the head off Voldemort's evil giant snake, AND lived above a pub. I mean, he'd be the height of cool among the kids, despite his sweet, nervous nature. I quite picture him to be a version of Remus Lupin you know (without the inner marauder, of course, cos Remus is a tad bit cooler with that!)

And of course, all the touches of magic to the normal brushing and flossing routine only made it more interesting to read. The mundane events that we all go through every day *sigh* tonight I'm going to be wishing that my routine was touched with magic too :(

Until the next review,

Cheering you on,

A Challenge Cheerleader!

Author's Response: Hello My Dearest Challenge Cheerleader!

Ha. I know. The mustache is hysterical in my head.

They are a sweet couple. I'm starting to get used to them a bit.

I agree. If I had a teacher like Neville, I would've been an honor roll student.

It was actually quite a challenge for me to figure out how to make a bedtime routine magical.

Thank you again for all of your support and love! Your encouragement really keeps me going strong!


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Review #4, by Unwritten Curse Getting Ready

28th January 2016:


This is exactly how I picture adult Neville. Still somewhat unsure of himself, still forgetful, but so loving and so passionate about his job. He's perfect.

I couldn't help but giggle at him rehearsing his speech. I do this at the beginning of every semester. Sometimes I do it in the car on the way to school, too. When I'm teaching a particularly difficult lesson and I want to get the words right. So it made me happy to see Neville rehearsing, too.

The dynamic between Hannah and Neville is so sweet. I loved her comment about "quality cuddle time." They are too precious. Literally everything in this story is my head canon of Neville. I can imagine his relationship being quirky like this. ;)

And the flossing. Oh my heavens. I literally feel like you're writing about me. Haha! I floss literally every day and literally every day my gums bleed. Kaitlin do you have cameras in my bathroom?!

AND THE DETAIL ABOUT THE TOOTHPASTE CAP TWISTING BACK ON. Ahahahahaha. I laughed so hard. You put in such endearing details. You're really good at that. At bringing a scene to life through the small details.

You're a rockstar.

(Also, thanks for inspiring me to be a better reviewer. You always participate so much in these battles and do review swaps and everything. I admire that. So I'm pushing myself to be better.)


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Review #5, by Claire Evergreen Getting Ready

24th January 2016:
Hey, Kaitlin! I'm here for our swap!

This is so absolutely adorable! I'm going to try to keep the squealing to a minimum, but that might be hard because I love this ship and you've done a wonderful job writing it here!

I love love love Hannah in this. I don't think I've really read or written much with her, but your characterization is exactly how I imagine her. She's incredibly sweet and caring, but she definitely wears the pants in this relationship. They're dynamic is fantastic, though, you can really tell that they love each other a lot.

I'm not sure how you did it, but I was 100% genuinely interested in his nightly routine. The magic was integrated wonderfully and I love the little touches that made it obviously Neville. The detail in it was perfectly balanced; there wasn't so much that it would become overwhelming and there wasn't too little that it made it easy to skim over almost the whole story.

Ok, I tried to keep it all in but oH MY GOD SNUGGLES BEFORE THEY GO TO BED THEY ARE TOO ADORABLE FOR THIS WORLD...okay, I'm good now.

As usual, this is fantastically written and I absolutely love it! Thank you again for doing the swap!


Author's Response: Hey Claire!

I'm so glad you like it!

I definitely think that with a guy like Neville, his partner would have to wear the pants a bit.

Whew! That's a relief. When I was writing this, I kept thinking to myself "Who is going to actually be interested in reading about night time routines?" I'm thrilled that it wasn't super boring.

I love the bedtime snuggles too. :D

Thank you so much for the swap!


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Review #6, by UnluckyStar57 Getting Ready

21st January 2016:
Yay! I found a fluffy one! :D :D :D

Ironically, it's about sleeping habits. I hope that Neville doesn't have any Bellatrix Lestrange nightmares. :/

Haha, of course he would be super nervous about his first day as Herbology professor. He did sound like quite the little robot in his speech, but I think once he settles into the job he'll be great with his students. Hannah's right. The kids might even ask him to tell stories about his "glory days."

Hannah was definitely perfect. I love how reassuring she is, even though she's obviously had to reassure Neville a million times. She's got that Hufflepuff patience, yo. (And I feel like this version of Hannah totally calls most of the shots in the relationship, which I like, because Neville's so darn awkward {and adorable}.)

One sentence I wasn't sure about was this one: "Hannah said, her voice rising and falling with the different words."

I don't think you need to tell the reader that Hannah's voice was rising and falling, because voices do that in general. And I know the kind of vibe you were going for--like, she was calming him down, so her tone was soft and probably whispery in places. But you don't have to say that. I felt like it was implied by her actual dialogue. The words she said are great and strong because you can immediately understand them for what they are. I think in this case, you can let them speak (haha) for themselves.

Ah yes, the mundanity of a bedtime routine--magick-ified! I loved all the magic touches that you added with the toothpaste cap and the floss--even though the floss thing was a little creepy because ew blod... (Sorry, a bit squeamish about teeth in general, lol.) Anyway, squeamishness aside, you did a really great job adding these touches of magic to really separate Neville's bedtime routine from a general Muggle routine. And yet, you still preserved the whole "I can relate to that!" quality of the routine--first day of school jitters, disgust at bleeding gums, reluctance to clean up the bathroom...

And my favorite: the ending. I am all for characters snuggling after a long day. Neville and Hannah are just so cute, and the best part about this version of them is that you didn't waste a bunch of words telling me how cute they are. You're really good at that--leaving a certain impression of characters without being too verbose in the description. Anyway, reading about Hannah and Neville just sort of makes me miss my boyfriend, who's in Spain for the semester, booo... That's both a good and bad thing, because while your writing made an emotional, relatable connection for me, it also gave me the feelz.

Alas. :')

See you at the next story!


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Review #7, by fwoopersong8 Getting Ready

20th January 2016:
Hey there. Songs here. :)

Ah, Neville. You have to love him. Although I do have trouble imagining him with a mustache for some reason.

Do wizards really have self-hygiene spells? That's taking the whole wand thing a little far, isn't it? Come on, wizards. Just use your hands. Really, it's not that hard.

I also love your line about angsty, pubescent children. 11-17...that about sums up the angsty pubescent age. :)

Although Hannah's encouragement speech is maybe a little cheesy, this is definitely a really cute story. I like imagining Neville wrestling with the spells (even though I think he should just pick up the toothbrush). I hope he and Hannah have some good snuggle time. :)

Actually, I would be very interested to read some Neville-as-teacher fics, if you ever think of writing any.


Author's Response: Hey Songs!

It's really hit and miss on the mustache. :)

I don't know if they do or not for sure, but in my head they definitely exist.

Haha. Right. 11-17 is pretty terrifying.

I'll have a look at Hannah's words and see if I can make them less cheesy.

I hope they have good snuggle time as well.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #8, by The Masked Marauder Getting Ready

17th January 2016:
It is I, the Masked Marauder!

What an interesting idea to write a story about bedtime. Personally, I prefer to stay up late because that's prime time for marauding. But bedtime is good too, I suppose.

The most wonderful thing about this story is the sweetness you show between Neville and Hannah. He is very lucky to have her! Then again, she is lucky to have him too. It's just so tender and knowing, the way they interact. The part about flossing really made me laugh!

Neville has a mustache? That's excellent. I have always felt mustaches had a magnificently marauder-like look to them.

Although this is a simple story in a way, you've captured the scene with just the right blend of humor and sincerity. It really comes to life and I am so happy to add this sweet moment to my head canon of these beloved characters.

Mischief Managed.
~ Masked Marauder

Author's Response: Hello Masked Marauder!

Thank you for stopping by!

I prefer to stay up late as well. Evidenced by the fact that I'm writing this review response at 1:30am.

He is very lucky to have Hannah.

Mustaches are amazing and I feel like a super cool guy like Neville might have one.

I'm happy that you felt the story was captured properly!

Thank you for the review!


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