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Review #1, by adluvshp His name is...

9th April 2017:
Aw, this was such an adorable little one-shot. I have turned this into a podcast before but did not get time to review it, so I am glad i can do so now. Lily is so cutely written and Harry as a father is superb. His care and concern for his kids and wanting to give them the best gift is absolutely heartwarming. The way he felt for the little black puppy as soon as he saw it and took it in and cared for it was oh so sweet. And then Lily's excitement at seeing it and how much she immediately loved the puppy was so believable and adorable. I am glad Ginny agreed to keep it too, and of course, if they are naming it Snuffles it would melt anyone's heart. You are missed, Sirius. It was also really nice to see the dynamics of the Potter family - Harry, his wife, and his kids. They all seemed very happy and relaxed and I am glad harry got the life he deserved here, with nothing to worry him, and how he still is the same person inside with so much goodness in his heart and his care for others. The playful nature of Lily and the wife persona that Ginny has is also on point, and I loved how they all went to celebrate christmas at the burrow - their bonds are still intact. A very happy and lovely christmas fic!

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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm His name is...

9th April 2017:
CTF Review

Lizzie, my love! It's been far too long since I've stopped by your page!

Oh my god, Lizzie, I can't! This was the fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed, and I loved every second of it. I'm such a huge animal lover, that I literally almost cried when you were describing the poor little puppy. :( It was so little and broken! I'm so glad that Harry heard it and took it in. I mean, of course he wouldn't have left it there, but he made it part of the family. My heart! It's melty!

As soon as you described the black fur, when we first saw it, my mind immediately went to Sirius, and I knew then and there that there would be no way that he wouldn't have kept it. And no way Ginny would say no. ;)

Oh, and can I just saw that this, the seemingly never ending soup of teenage angst that normally filled his house when they were home. legit made me laugh out loud. You have such a great way with words, especially when it comes to humor hahaha.

I have to admit, my reaction would have been the same as Lily’s. I would have shrieked and hugged the little thing as tightly as I could. I want a puppy now! You made me want a puppy! And I was already told no, because we already have two cats! Lizzie! You're going to get me in trouble!

But the ending made the whole thing for me. Harry named him Snuffles!! Aw! ♥ I can't deal with the level of sweetness.

I love this so much! It was unbelievably heartwarming and just filled with all the sweet fluff that you are so amazing at writing. Loved it!

Tons of tackling hugs,

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Review #3, by MrsJaydeMalfoy His name is...

29th June 2016:
I'm sorry this has taken so long, but I at least wanted to leave one more hot seat review for you! And, when I saw the banner and the title of this story, I just couldn't say no! I absolutely ADORE dogs, they are so precious, and I don't see very many fics about puppies / pets; I just couldn't pass this up!

And the first comment I have to make is that I'm quite disappointed that there's no puppy in this box. That author's note had me hopeful :P

This, once again, is just the cutest, sweetest, fluffiest little piece, Lizzie! I love it to bits! I think the idea was very original and your description allowed me to clearly imagine everything in my head, from the poor puppy's appearance when Harry found him to Lily's face when she opened the box!

And the ending. "Snuffles"... really? I mean, are you actually TRYING to kill me with feels?! (I'm kidding of course - Snuffles is a wonderful name! But still, the feels!)

All in all, this was another wonderful, fabulous story dear, I really enjoyed it!

Thank you again, SO much, for contributing to HPFF! ♥

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Review #4, by marauderfan His name is...

22nd May 2016:
Hi Lizzie! I realize there are stories with fewer reviews on your page that I should stop by instead, but like, how can I resist a story about PUPPIES. (Answer: I cannot.)

Awww. I have no words, just a big smile on my face :D This is SO CUTE. I love that Harry rescued an abandoned puppy and helped it get back to health. I had a rescue cat for a while and can totally relate, there's no way to not get attached, and I can't blame Harry. Besides, that'd be the BEST christmas present ever! How lucky is Lily?? What a wonderful surprise!

I loved the way you described Weasley Christmases too, with so many of the family there and the rule that no one can open any presents until everyone is there- leads to a big celebration. I have to say though, after Lily's present anything else would seem anticlimactic :P

This was such an adorable story and I absolutely loved it! ♥

Author's Response: Oh don't worry, I can totally understand choosing to review this story over others - I know very few who can resist the power of a puppy! :D

Awe! Thank you!! I'm so glad that you liked this story!!

Weasley Christmases are basically Christmases with my family. I LOVE Christmas and it's all because of that.

Hehehe, that's probably true. But I'd feel horrible if little Snuffles was left in a box while everyone opened their presents first. I mean, can you imagine how long that'd take for everyone? The poor thing would be stuck in there forever!!

Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful review! You're absolutely amazing!!
Keep writing!

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Review #5, by victoria_anne His name is...

21st May 2016:
A story for Kaitlin? A puppy? No way could I pass this one!

Oh man, imagine Christmas shopping for the Weasley family! My wallet ran away and hid just thinking about it!


Kind of.

A house full of teenage angst ha ha! :D I'm glad they all get a break from it at Christmas ;)

OH MY GOODNESS THEY NAMED HIM SNUFFLES! Ohhh my heart. It hurts, but it's happy.
You write the cutest, most amazing stories (is there any angst on your author page? I'm a bit scared to find out now ha ha! But I will, because I'll be on your page all weekend ;))

Amazing work Lizzie ♥

Author's Response: Bianca!!

Haha! I know! How could ANYONE pass this story up, right? :P

AHAHAHAHA! I didn't even THINK about that! That's so ironic! Harry finds a puppy under the stairs, just like he was... oh, that's just perfect!

Awe, thanks! I'm glad you like all my fluff. Heaven knows I have a LOT of it! :P And yes, there is angst - I do hope you find it! *cackles evilly*

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Bianca! You're amazing!!

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Review #6, by blackzero His name is...

2nd April 2016:
It was so sweet and I almost.forgot that Sirius and Snuffles thing.Superb

Author's Response: Awe! Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! :D

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #7, by Cupid His name is...

14th February 2016:
Hello, hello, hello! :) Happy Valentine's Day - always the best day, of course! - and here is the first of your presents!

Okay, I gotta admit first off that I'm not at all a puppy person. I don't like dogs, don't really find puppies that cute... but, despite that, I loved this. It's so sweet, and I love the whole emphasis on family - it's something which is never really talked about much in fic or in books in general, and so I loved that you talked about it here, even if just a bit.

This was just the perfect Christmas story, though: with Harry struggling so much to buy presents for Lily, which is so perfectly in character for him. It's so funny and sweet to see him struggling with something so normal, you know? And the solution he finds is so sweet - that poor puppy! Awww, I love that Harry calls him Snuffles, haha, and it's so lovely that he gets a home at the end.

Your writing is so lovely, in this, too - the perfect balance of description and dialogue, and it all flows so perfectly. I've never read much of your stuff before (hint? :P) but it's so good, and regretting that a bit now. Your characterisation is so on point and every word you use it so right for it.

This is such a cute one-shot! So perfect for Valentine's Day, even if is written for Advent ;)

Cupid xx

Author's Response: Hello Secret Cupid! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Oh! You're not a puppy person?! For shame! I'll try not to be too insulted by this. :P

But I'm glad that you like this story anyway! And that's a valid point on stories about family in fanfic - I didn't realize it until now.

Although I do have A LOT of stories that are family oriented. But I guess that's just me. :P

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my dear! All of your reviews were fantastic! :D

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Review #8, by nott theodore His name is...

6th February 2016:
Hola! Five of six :D

So, I know this is a Christmas story, but in my mind it's acceptable to read and write Christmas-themed stories all year round, so hopefully you don't mind me stopping by and reading this!

This is such an adorable story! Really, the idea seems really simple but you executed it really well and told a heart-warming story. I have lots of warm, fuzzy feels and a big smile on my face right now.

I totally sympathise with Harry! I absolutely love buying presents but sometimes some people are really difficult to buy for and you just have no ideas for them. I mean, I've never fought a dragon so I'm not entirely sure it compares with that, but I'll take Harry's word for it :P I liked that comparison, though - it made me laugh.

Then when he found the puppy, it really felt like all of his problems had been solved. The description of the little thing was so cute and I just wanted to reach through the screen and give it a hug! I honestly can't understand people who abandon dogs and don't take care of them, because they're so cute and loving. I really liked the way that he showed his caring side straight away by taking it in first to make it healthier, and then to give to Lily as a present.

Haha, I think almost everyone acts like a six year old at Christmas, don't they? (Or is that just me? Maybe Christmas just makes me revert to being a child again :P)

I did notice a couple of typos, so I just thought I'd point those out - I hope you don't mind!
You say brother's and Weasley's when it should be brothers and Weasleys because they're both plural. Nothing major and easily fixable, but I thought I'd let you know :)

The Christmas day scene was so lovely - it made me smile to think of all of them together celebrating Christmas and all of the kids getting to open their presents and celebrate together. A Weasley Christmas would seriously be so much fun!

Lily's reaction when she opened her present to find out that she'd got a puppy for Christmas was just perfect. She was so excited and happy to get him and it was so lovely to think that he'd have a safe, loving home again (like Kaitlin's dog Elvis :D). I also loved the humour here, with the way that Ginny said the puppy convinced her rather than Harry. That was laced throughout the story and just really helped to make this story even better.

The ending ♥ It was so lovely to think of Harry calling the puppy Snuffles and that name returning in a much happier context. I think Sirius would have appreciated it, too!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian!

Of course it's acceptable to read Christmas stories all year round! Who doesn't love a good Christmas story?!

Thanks for mentioning those typos - I've definitely got them notes and will go back and fix them ASAP. :D

I'm so glad that you liked this story, Sian! I do love writing fluff, but I love it even more when people love reading it! :D

You're fantastic, Sian! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story! I love it when you leave reviews for me!

Keep writing and being amazing!!

(Also, sorry that this is such a short response to such a wonderful review!)

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Review #9, by Marshal His name is...

4th February 2016:
So apparently I have an addiction to Christmas stories. You would think I’d be done with the season now after reading so many wonderful Christmas stories for the challenge but apparently I’m not. I hopped onto your Author page to pick a story to read and review to reward you for your honorable mention in the Tis the Season challenge.

I saw the summary of the story and remembered how much I loved your story “What Matters Most” and I couldn’t help myself. Needless to say I loved this story. It was so sweet and precious. You made the dog sound so incredibly adorable and I was in love with him from the start. Of course I’m a sucker for black dogs having grown up with them but the ending was so perfect and amazing! The end, the name of the dog, you had me in near tears. That was the most sweet and precious thing ever. It very much warmed my heart and made for a wonderful ending.

Author's Response: Marshal!

Oh, don't worry, I don't think there's a problem with having an addiction to Christmas stories - totally have one. :D

I'm so glad that you liked this story, and Snuffles! I had a lot of fun writing this one with him in it. :)

Thanks for your wonderful review! Keep writing!

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Review #10, by kitcath His name is...

17th January 2016:
Aw, it's adorable! I love dogs so this is really heartwarming to read! I also really like the way you manage to subtly remind the reader of the past and the original works with the name of the puppy ^^ I hope Lily (who's 14, right?) will not be too disappointed that she can't bring him to Hogwarts, haha x)
Good job anyways, it's a very sweet oneshot!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks! I'm a pretty big fan of puppies myself, and it seems right that Harry would eventually get a puppy and name it Snuffles.

Lily is 14 - although she won't be disappointed when she has to go back to school, because she'll end up sneaking him in anyway! How it happens will go into more detail in my novel - How I Met Your Father - although I haven't written that far yet. :)

But Snuffles does make an appearance in Into the Lion's Den and I've got another one-shot that I'm writing about him at Hogwarts!

Anyway, thanks for not only R&R'ing, but for the wonderful banner for this story as well! :D

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Review #11, by alicia and anne His name is...

11th January 2016:
Look at Harry being ahead of schedule for Christmas, I'm very impressed and a little jealous. I am never prepared that early.

Poor guy though, it must be really difficult to think of what to buy his teenage daughter. I do not envy him there, although maybe he should ask Ginny for some advice? :P

Awww! There's a puppy! Who's is it? Where did it come from? Oh no it's skin and bones! I know that Harry will look after it and nurse it back to health.


You are amazing! :D

Author's Response: Tammi!!


This review made me laugh so hard when I first saw it. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and for leaving me such an amazing review!!

Keep writing my dear!

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Review #12, by princesslily_36 His name is...

8th January 2016:
Hey Lizzie,

I'm here to deliver the rest of the reviews I owe you for the First Kiss Challenge. I'm sorry it took so long :(

As an ardent puppy-lover I was quite eager to read this story. Ooh, I loved how Harry was so sweet and gentle to the poor lost puppy! Lily's reaction reminded me so much of my own when my parents brought home the first puppy that I had grown up with. The whole christmas scene unfolded so naturally, I felt like I was part of the scene.

My favorite part, is towards the end. Snuffles. Damn, that made my heart clench. I suppose that was intentional, what with it being a black dog. I'm so glad it is a happy puppy ending :D

Hope you enjoyed your holidays, sorry once again for the late review.

Loads of Love

Author's Response: Ysh!

Oh, what puppy-lover COULDN'T like this story? :P

You got a puppy when you were growing up?! I'm jealous - I'd have loved that. This is probably me writing out my inner childhood fantasy I guess. :)

Thanks for leaving such a wonderful review Ysh! You're fantastic and don't forget to keep writing!

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Review #13, by TreacleTart His name is...

7th January 2016:
Hey Lizzie,

I don't even know where to begin this, so I apologize of this is a whole lot of rambling. I really honestly didn't expect this, but I'm just so filled by warm fuzzies at the fact that you wrote a story for me, and that it was inspired by Elvis. Not sure if I've told you lately or not, but I absolutely adore you. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift.

Now onto the actual story!

I absolutely love that Harry happened to find this little black pup under his doorstep. It's like the little guy knew that they were all animal lovers. :) When you described the condition that the dog was in I felt really sad. I mean it sounds like he'd been neglected for quite awhile.

AND THEN THE PUPPIES REACTION WHEN HARRY PICKED HIM UP *sniffles* Nope, those aren't tears forming in my eyes. I'm totally not about to start sobbing.

You did a great job of capturing the joy and excitement that kids feel at Christmas. Lily bouncing on the bed actually reminded me of how I used to wake up my parents on Christmas morning. They always wanted to sleep in, but I'd be jumping on the bed at 5am ready to open presents.


Then the ending. Gah. Way to punch me right in the feels. Of course it would be Snuffles because what else would Harry name a black dog? This is pretty much my new head cannon now.

In closing, I just want to thank you for being such a lovely, kind, supportive friend. I'm glad that we've been united by HPFF because otherwise I would've lost out on a wonderful friend. Thank you so much for this story!


Author's Response: Kaitlin!

:D I'M SO GLAD THAT YOU LIKED THIS STORY!! The idea totally came to me when we had to write for the Advent Calendar and you told us about Elvis at the same time. Harry adopting a puppy and calling it Sirius has been my headcanon for a long time, so it just seemed SO appropriate to write a story inspired by you and Elvis!

I'm so glad that I've gotten to get to know you through HPFF! You're one of the best people I know and it's such an honor to call you my friend!

Keep writing, hun!

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Review #14, by Freddie His name is...

7th January 2016:
loved it and write more.

Author's Response: Awe! Thanks! I'll definitely keep writing!


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