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Review #1, by MuggleMaybe Christmas Magic

19th April 2017:
Hello! I'm here to break Sam out of jail for CTF.

Aww! What an adorable story! Everyone should be so lucky as to have a Christmas like this, children and adults alike.

I have to admit, I haven't read any of your other stories about Albus and Flick. They seem like a very lovely couple. And Flick is clearly a very kind and sweet person, and playful too. Playful characters are a lot of fun to read. =) And the kids is this are so cute, too!

I can tell you have a very strong sense of these characters and how they interact with each other. It's really beautiful to find a write rwho can convey those dynamics so seamlessly.

And Santa. So sweet. I loved how you wrote the awe of the little kids. Four years old is SUCH a great age for make believe and holidays. I just want to snuggle up with those kiddos!

You included some very cute details. For example, that they call their bedroom The Purple Palace. And the owl attacking the christmas tree. They really breathe life into such a short story.

The mentions of other next generation characters were intriguing. Obviously Albus and Flick are a couple. And it seems Ria and James are a couple. James plays quidditch. And Victoire has kids, but it's only Albus and Victoire with kids out of all the weasley grandchildren. I really need to raid your author page to find out what else your next generation characters are up to, because i really enjoyed seeing how you wrote these characters.

Have you ever read The Giver? In that book, there's a scene where Jonas receives a memory of love, and it's a Christmas scene. I think this could have been that memory, because it is so so so full of love. It's simply a really beautiful little piece of writing.

Nice work. =)

Author's Response: Hi,

Aww thank you. I think everyone should have as much fun as Christmas as kids do, you're never too old for Christmas Magic!!

I adore writing these characters, because they've been a big part of my life lol. Thank you, I have definitely found it hard to write these characters because of other things which have happened and various things that I have had going on, so I'm glad they come across as so real in a way with the way they act.

I think the small details in stories/about characters make them more real and relatable. The kids in this story are the perfect age because they're just old enough to properly understand Santa and things and are still little enough to believe in the magic.

Yep, you have Flick and Al, and of course James and Ria. Currently Albus and Victoire are the only Weasley grandchildren who have children, but that may change soon haha. So far there are only really Albus/Flick stories and one for Dom and Rose currently set in this universe.

I haven't, but thank you so much for comparing this to that since that's an actually book lol. Thanks for R+R'ing and have a Merry Christmas!!


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Review #2, by Dojh167 Christmas Magic

19th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

I finally came back for one of your newer stories - the newest in fact! And boy am I glad itís fluff! Haha, but your drabble is the length of a longish chapter for me =P

In the beginning I was a bit confused about some details, like who the narrator was and how olds the kids were. At first I assumed they were pre-Hogwarts, but big words like ďnamesakeĒ threw that off. With the mention of the quidditch season I thought they may be hogwarts aged, and it wasnít until the second section that I knew they were graduated. You also have a couple OCs that I donít know how they fit in. Because you mention them without any detailed introduction, Iím guessing they perhaps appear as OCs in your other stories.

Twins for every Weasley/Prewett generation!

Waiiit, do they have a dog named padfoot??? &heats; ♥ ♥

Whose Nana Marge? Canít be Aunt Marge =P But I canít think of who else it would be.

In ďMy mother and step-dad; Patrick wereĒ the colon should be a comma, with another comma after Patrick

This was a really nice little fluffy oneshot. Itís nice to just let fluff be fluff sometimes, especially after all the trials everyone has faced. Even though I think I was missing a lot of context by not reading your other Flick stories, but I enjoyed seeing this little slice of holiday life for your characters =)


Author's Response: Hi,

I'm glad you're back lol. Fluff is one of my biggest weaknesses, especially with characters I love.

Things could have been a little clearer but yes the OC's appear in the other stories, this was just a little drabble/insight to their Christmas.

Of course, they couldn't not have twins. Yes, the Potter's, specifically Lily have a black dog called Padfoot.√ʬô¬•

Nana Marge, is Flick (my Oc's nana) I probably should have made it clearer as this can be read as a stand alone fic. But she's more prominent in my novel length story. Hope that clears things up.

Thanks for pointing that out, I always get confused with things like that. I'll be sure to change it!

Fluff is always the perfect cure for anything, haha. It doesn't really matter since this is sort of a stand alone story but there were probably little things you might not have got, from not having read the others but not to worry :)

Thanks for R+R'ing this little insight of Albus/Flick and Merry Christmas to you!!

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Review #3, by alexaemd123 Christmas Magic

9th February 2017:
Loved this short story too!!! It was cute and made me miss last Christmas! Please write a sequel soon! This story was really perfect and It makes me want so much more!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, I'm glad you liked the story. As for a sequel, it's gonna be a long wait I'm afraid. I'll get there eventually but for now it might only be one-shots within this universe.

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #4, by Girlygeek1991 Christmas Magic

13th January 2016:
I love your writing, and I check for updates almost weekly! I was thrilled to see a new post!

Author's Response: Aww thank you!

Bless you for checking weekly, I haven't been writing much so this story was a Christmas miracle lol. Hopefully there might be something new soon, fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading and reviewing my lovely x


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Review #5, by The Basilisk Christmas Magic

30th December 2015:
Hiss hiss!

What an exsssellent little Christmas sstory! I wish I had read it on Christmas day, it really gave me that warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling inssside. And before you ask, yesss, Basilisks can have warm and fuzzy feelings.

I liked the idea of seeing Al dressed up as Sssanta to surprise the kids, and I'd really love to see more stories from you set in this universe. It was very sweet and your characterization was very good!

I really liked this! I'll have to ssslither back to your author's page again sssoon!

Author's Response: Haha thank you!!

I was super Christmassy writing it, seemed fitting to post on Christmas day! :) Aww maybe Basilisks can be cute at times XD

I love this universe, especially my OC's and I'm I can get back writing again because I'd love to write more of them.

Thanks Mr Basilisk.


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