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Review #1, by princesslily_36 Are We Best Friends?

8th January 2016:
Another masterpiece from you. I really can't use any other words to describe it. I love your descriptions and your words, you really capture the essence of the scene. Your dialogues flow so naturally. I particularly loved Fred's and Lia's characterizations. They seemed to complement each other, almost like Fred and George.

You took me through all of the emotions, like with the other stories, I lived each scene, especially the one at her mum's funeral. I liked that you wrote about depression, and how taking your life only hurts those around you. Lia's sorrow, her frustration... wonderfully portrayed.

I know this was for a totally platonic challenge, but you had me rooting for them to get together. Especially in the Age 21 scene: I was all 'Kiss her already!'. But then Age 24 had my heart sink again. Fred being all shaky and crying, it was so well written. I was hoping she wouldn't be dead, and thank god she wasn't.

I was still rooting for them to get together at the end. I'd love to go ahead and read A Box of Chocolates, if it's got Fred and Lia in it. You've got a new fan now :D


Author's Response: Ysh!

Your reviews are the best, you know that? You're totally making me blush here!

Fred and Lia are SO MUCH FUN to write. Anytime I write them together I really enjoy it. They do kind of remind me of Fred and George, but I've found that Lia's harsher personality (and Fred's much softer side) adds a different twist to it while still being fun and kind of keeping to the F&G energy. :)

Writing about depression and suicide was really hard, because I actually had to channel my own thoughts and experiences regarding the subject, and ended up worrying that it came across badly, so I'm glad that you liked the way I've written it!

Hehehehe, yes, it was written for the totally platonic challenge, and NO they won't ever get together. I've always intended for them to stay friends, and I actually really like the fact that their relationship toes that line... it gives me extra opportunities to mess with my readers.

Oh, did I say that out loud? Whoops!

Anyway, you really should go and read A Box of Chocolates! You'll probably really enjoy seeing Lia and James' rather complex relationship in that story. There's another really fun dynamic that I love writing!

Thank you so much for reading and leaving me such a lovely review, Ysh! You're amazing!!

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Review #2, by fwoopersong8 Are We Best Friends?

1st January 2016:
Hey there! It's Songs from the Totally Platonic Challenge :)

I have to say, I enjoyed reading through their friendship as they grew up. I feel like I really know the characters now. You almost made me cry when she was at her mom's funeral -- that was so sad! :(

I was confused in a few places. How did young Fred and Lia spend so much time together? Are the Weasleys and the Jordans neighbors? Secondly, how did Lia end up in a coma, and how did that turn out? Also, I was slightly confused starting out because Lily II was your declared character and she doesn't appear at all in this story.

As for CC, Fred and Lia push the lines of platonicality rather far...I know they're both interested in other people, but there did seem to be a lot of hand-holding and kissing involved. Obviously, this CC only applies to my challenge and not to the quality of the work as a whole. :)

This story is cute. I definitely enjoyed reading it. I wish I were familiar with the Supernatural fandom so I could spot the references!


Author's Response: Hey Songs!

I've got this whole universe in my head of all of my characters, so this story really was a chance for me to write out all of these moments between Fred and Lia that I'd imagined a long time ago - especially the scene with Lia's mom's funeral... I nearly cried writing it too!

Yeah, I guess I never specified some things, but that was sort of the point. It didn't matter how they spent so much time together (although I always imagined that Lee would've joined George at WWW at some point in time, which is why their kids spent so much time together) or how Lia ended up in the coma (I actually have no idea on that one).

And I'm sure that I told you that I changed characters before the deadline... sorry if that got lost at some point! I hope you weren't too confused though!

This is true, I guess there is a lot of hand holding and kissing (although that's really only Fred kissing Lia's forehead), which is something that I've always considered platonic as I've had friends that I've done that with. I guess I just didn't think about how that might look to other people.

I'm glad you liked this story though! Thanks so much for hosting such an awesome challenge and for reading and reviewing this story!

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Review #3, by victoria_anne Are We Best Friends?

23rd December 2015:
Hey there!

I don't watch Supernatural (I know, I know. I'll get around to it one day), but I still enjoyed this immensely. I absolutely love how I got to watch them grow up, and see their relationship between each other develop; they are the perfect example of children from George and Lee.

You've crafted the characters so perfectly that as soon as I read that they are featured in other stories of yours, I knew I had to check them out!

Author's Response: Hi Victoria!

*sigh* I guess I can get over the fact that you haven't seen SPN - especially because you left me such a wonderful review!

I'm so glad you liked this story and Fred and Lia - they've become two of my favorite characters to write, which is why they're in so many of my stories (How I Met Your Father, A Box of Chocolates, and Lia is in Lady Mondegreen). They'll inevitably show up in more at some point, I'm sure. :)

Thanks so much for R&R'ing! It really means a lot!

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Review #4, by The Basilisk Are We Best Friends?

20th December 2015:
Hiss Hiss, Guess Who? The Basilisk, for a review.

What a wonderful, wonderful piece, my dear. I must say, relationships between humans are complex, and I've come acros many pieces of writing in my travels exploring them, but the way you write this feeling of "friendship" with the "platonic" aspect is commendable.

Fred's characterisation was lovely and I had a great time reading him. It was easy to connect with him. Lia was wonderful too. The two fit like two pieces in a puzzle and you made a brilliant job of showcasing the purity and beauty of their friendship.

The writing style was lovely with the transition through the years. I loved how you showed them growing up "together" and how their bond developed through the years. The age 24 bit was the most touching scene I think - it showed how much Fred cared for Lia. She was his family. And you portrayed it extremely well. That's my favourite scene from the entire one-shot.

Rest, it flowed beautifully. The descriptions were superb and the dialogue was effortless and natural. I don't have anything else to sssay except that this made for a great read and I enjoyed it very much.

Hiss Hiss,
The Basilisk

Author's Response: Hello Basilisk!

Ah! I'm so glad that you like this! I really enjoyed the challenge of writing a platonic relationship, especially one that could also believably be considered a romantic one as well.

Thank you! Fred and Lia are easily some of my favorite characters to write within my little universe. They really do fit together SO well. :P

The age 24 bit was actually really hard for me because I had NO idea (still don't) what the context of that situation will be - I know I'll end up writing it at some point in time... I've got a novel planned that will include that moment eventually, but I'm not sure how and what will happen.

And for someone who has come up with WAY more details about events in my characters lives than what I write into my stories, it drives me nuts. :P

Anyway, thank you again for your wonderful review!! You're much sweeter than I thought you'd be, Basilisk!

Keep being amazing!

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