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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Countdown to Christmas

10th February 2016:
It's me again! :D I saw your comment on my profile - that's so sweet and I'm so happy you liked the review! And now, I'm here with 2 more as your prize for getting a correct answer in 'Guess the Graphic'!

Sooo I've been wanting to read this ever since I saw the banner for the first time, but I couldn't remember who had written it!! So I was pleasantly surprised as I scrolled down your page looking for something to review, I just HAD to choose this! Again, I'll be reviewing as I go, so I'm sorry if I change topics quickly/too often!

First off, Daphne Greengrass! Such a little-written-about character, I LOVE reading stories with little-used characters! I can't wait to see what you've got in store, especially after reading that amazing Lavender/Oliver piece the other day!

Secondly, once again your words have picked me up out of my chair and transported me inside your story, it's as though I'm IN Daphne's office looking at the baubles and the mistletoe - you, my dear, are very talented!

And awww! I feel so sad for Daphne, never really having been shown/had the Christsmas spirit! I mean, I know some people just don't like Christmas for their own reasons, or don't celebrate it, but it's almost like Daphne's been deprived of it, you know? I really hope she's had a good dose of it by the end!

Wow. Having to write a story about the Crime Rate at Christmas certainly sounds like a punishment, and if Daphne weren't already lacking in the Christmas spirit, I'd think having to write that article would MAKE her lose the Christmas spirit! It's definitely not helping!

I hope you don't mind me mentioning this, but I did notice a couple of small typos in the paragraph that starts with "Daphne smirked before going back to her work". There's an extra "her" in the part that says "filing her through her notes", and where it says "it was not that easy", a "was" snuck in there between the "that" and the "easy". And, in the last sentence, there should probably be an "and" between "punishment" and "was". I'm not mentioning these to make you feel bad or criticize you or anything, your work is AMAZING! I just thought I'd bring them up because if it were me, I'd want to know, but please feel free to ignore them! (I always feel like such a jerk when I mention typos). :(

Hahaha Awww! Poor Tristan! I'm assuming he's her boyfriend, and I love that he's trying to get her in the Christmas spirit! And he's quite bold to decorate her flat knowing that she doesn't like Christmas! I just hope it pays off!

BAHAHAHAH! Eggnog is the devil's drink!! I hate to side with Daphne on this, but I kind of agree! XP But, I am sad that Tristan's first Christmas event didn't pass the test. :( But Daphne's reaction had me rolling. :P

AW!!! She's warming up to Christmas!!! Taking her to the park was an excellent idea, I just loved reading how awed she is by the decorations! And maybe the eggnog didn't do the trick, but I'm glad the wine did! And she's skating and having a great time... Ooh it's so exciting!! I can't wait to see what they do next! I hope she likes it as well!

Hahah YES! Christmas songs ARE the best, I'm so glad she liked them! And awww, poor thing, she's sick! :( I'll be honest, I was immediately afraid she was going to just hate anything he did that day, just because she was sick, but I'm really glad she didn't! It made me want to squee when she said it made her cry in a good way!

Awww, Daphne knows she had fun with the Christmas tree, even if she doesn't want to admit it! And EEK! She said "I'm getting a fake tree next year"... SO, THERE WILL BE A TREE NEXT YEAR?!?! YAY!! I'm so happy!

Hahaha, I loved the bit about Tristan not letting her decorate his tree! That made me chuckle! :D And, of course there's going to be a next year, Daphne should just give up the fight already :P. But *gasps* they're just friends?! That was a shock to me, I thought for sure they were a couple! Maybe they will be by the end of this? *Raises eyebrow* Okay let me finish reading! :P

EK I KNEW IT! I was pretty much flailing when they kissed!! And she's finally admitted that she had a good time the past few days! I felt so sorry when Tristan was leaving, but, after those last few moments, I get the feeling he'll be taking Daphne with him to his family's Christmas!

I just can't squee about this enough, I love it SO much! I knew when I saw the banner I was going to love it, and I did! This is another fantastic piece of yours, dear, and it's also going in my favorites! Well done!!!

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Review #2, by Marshal Countdown to Christmas

18th January 2016:
Interesting story. Kind of cute. I'm sorry it took me a while to getting around to reviewing the story. You did a nice job introducing the character to a first time reader without expecting them to know them from your other stories where they came from. I appreciate that. Of course there were points where a wee bit more detail would have been nice for those who are entering your universe for the fist time but it wasn't so much that it broke the story and honestly it was just a personal preference.

All the same nice job you did well incorporating a lot of wonderful Christmas traditions and bring the couple together. Good work.

Author's Response: Hi Marshal! thank you! and don't worry about it!!

Thank you! And yes, I think I rushed it a little to make sure I had it done for deadline so i'm definitely going to go back and fill it out a bit more, with details, etc.

Thank you! and thank you for the challenge! this was really fun to write!


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Review #3, by ReeBee Countdown to Christmas

15th December 2015:
oh my god Vicki so when I was making the banner, i was super curious because SAM CLAFLIN'S BONE STRUCTURE RIGHT? so I decided to red it and now i was to squee and run laps around the house shouting out like crazy man this was just too cute like my stomach is in knots and i can't type properly I'm literally going back and correcting each second word which has a typo. like omg.

first of all, the character. i love her!!! she's so like blank at the start when it comes to christmas but I love how she's still like a little kid when she really gets into it!!! LIKE ITS SO CUTE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! or maybe you do :P were you squeeing when you wrote this??? like actually though!! I literally love her so much especially when she gets into the Christmas spirit and everything like even the way she speaks is childish and its so cute!!!

AND TRISTAN OMG IT SUITS SAM CLAFLIN SO MUCH LIKE I CAN IMAGINE HIS FACE SAYING EVERYTHING THAT TRISTAN SAYS! I seriously think I need to go back and check out Columbiana like HE'S JUST SO ADORABLE. and the last scene is so cute I can't even man! like he's literally one of MY FAVOURITE MALE OCs EVER!!! :D


-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey Curie! haha, yes, how amazing is it? It's so enviable, I would do anything for bone structure like that! Aww, thank you! I was really unsure about it (like I am about most fics!) but i'm glad you enjoyed it - it turned out a little cheesier than usual and I know it won't win because for one, your challenge entry is just phenomenal but I did enjoy writing it!

Daphne is my favourite character ever. With Clara, my OC a close second. I honestly love her and she just comes to life for me! I just couldn't imagine not liking christmas so I was trying to think of ways I could make it happen and then the idea came to me and I knew she had to like it and act like a big kid like i do! I pretty much was :P

Haha, well I made a mistake there making him Tristan because he's my usual face claim for Teddy but he really is Tristan - he reminds of when he played Finnick and that's where it stems from - all the inspirations and feels come from him! He's not like that in Colombiana, not yet anyway but hopefully you'll still like him!

thank you so much for your amazingly happy review, you've made me so happy! And thanks for the totally awesome banner you made!


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Review #4, by alicia and anne Countdown to Christmas

14th December 2015:
Hello! I have finally finished work and I am here! :D

Yes! A Christmas story! I love Christmas stories so much! :D

Hahah poor Daphne, being followed by Dennis and Mistletoe, I would hide as well if I were her :P

I love the idea of them doing secret santa, I hope that she gets someone awesome, although I dread to think if it's Dennis haha, or Dennis has her!

I wonder why she doesn't like Christmas? She doesn't seem very full of Christmas cheer.

Awww I like that Tristan decorated her place for her, and I hope that she keeps it up and enjoys having a tree for the first time. And he's getting her into the christmas spirit! This is going to be so adorable!

I agree with Daphne! The only time I've ever tried eggnog I hated it, but that was years ago and I'm tempted to try it again. :P

It's making me so happy seeing him attempting to win her over to christmas! It's all so adorable and you've written this so well! I can't stop smiling at the attempts and feeling all of this christmas joy!

Awww this was brilliant! I loved this so much! Awww I can't stop smiling! Such a wonderful one shot!

Author's Response: Hey Tammi! Thanks for the swap!!

Me too! In fact, I love anything Christmassy so this challenge was something I had to do!

Haha, I had to mention Dennis and I could easily picture him with colin's camera, following Daphne around like a lost puppy. It's almost cute!

I never had anyone in mind but I think it would be hilarious is Dennis had her, could you imagine the present? Probably more mistletoe or something mushy!

She doesn't but I imagined her to not have had much christmas cheer outside of hogwarts - I don't picture Pureblood families particularly caring about Christmas except for the expensive presents and fancy balls!

Thank you! I wanted an original idea and I was reading something about things to do to get in the christmas spirit and I had to use the idea!!

I've never had eggnog but it does not appeal to me - I'd rather stick with hot chocolates thank you very much :P Oooh, maybe you should? You'll have to tell me if you do or not!

Thank you! It turned out more cheesy than planned but I think it worked! Aww, you're too kind Tammi!

Thank you so much for the review! You're making me blush here, Tammi!


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