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Review #1, by marauderfan Happy Christmas

14th December 2016:
I am so sad already at the thought of Dobby having to spend Christmas all by himself :( Nooo. Christmas can be a lonely season but Dobby is like the nicest and most self-sacrificing character ever and deserves the best Christmas. And wah, the idea of him sleeping in a dumpster :'( Paula I'm counting on your propensity to write fluff - I can read this sad beginning if I know it ends happily.

OKAY DOBBY GOT A THREE METER TALL TREE. That's taller than most rooms in most houses XD And way taller than Dobby. And I can't imagine it being any other way - Of course he'd get the most festive, huge tree he can possibly move! And a pinecone tree topper that he made into a star! That's awesome. (Random aside but my aunt has the coolest tree topper which is a plush owl. I feel like I need to write it into a fic.)

DUMBLEDORE VISITED, ahh this is so great, because Dumbledore probably has pretty lonely holidays as well, aside from the staff who stay on at Hogwarts during the break and so it's just lovely that he goes to visit Dobby who is also alone. I can't even imagine how starstruck Dobby would be. And then they start discussing knitting patterns omg this is so wonderful (and totally in character as well) and I love it. Also yay to Dobby getting a job!

ALL THE KNITTED BLANKETS AND JUMPERS ahh that is just so beautiful and thank you for delivering the enormous pile of fluff that I was craving when I started reading this fic. I adore it. Wonderful writing as always ♥

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Review #2, by AlwaysAddicted Happy Christmas

31st July 2016:
My heart. I have never found a story from Dobby's point of view before, so happy that you made this. Dumbledore's present to Dobby was perfect, and the arguing over wages and days off defiantly would have happened that way. Lovely!

Author's Response: Dobby is my sweet little baby! I haven't seen anything else in his perspective either but I would like to (hint, hint).

I love the idea of the haggling over wages and days off and I'm so glad that you did too!

Thank you so much for such a lovely review!

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Review #3, by Owlpost68 Happy Christmas

16th April 2016:
I wanted to read a story of yours to again thank you for your review :) I'm so glad I did! This was absolutely adorable and you really painted quite a picture of loneliness along with the newfound independence Dobby has. Dumbledore on the other hand is almost the opposite, it's almost as if he's been alone for years, decades even and though he's well respected, no one really notices. Hogwarts is his home, it's his family too.

I really got a kick out of the idea of Dobby and Dumbledore drinking mead and singing christmas carols lol, that was a great visual :D

This was so well done, I really enjoyed it. I entered the tis the season challenge too, it's cute, I hope you read it :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading it! Dobby is one of my favorite characters but I think there's a lot we take for granted when it comes to him. I like to imagine Dobby singing horrendously off key, but Dumbledore wouldn't mind at all. I'm so glad you liked it and your challenge entry was also fabulous! I was laughing the entire time I read it! It's definitely a holiday classic!

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Review #4, by Marshal Happy Christmas

10th January 2016:
Sorry it has taken me some time to get this review written up for you. Life got the better of me but I am glad that I got to come here and read this story this was quite lovely! You took such a unique and interesting view. I love the story you crafted here! It is so sweet and adorable. It think you got two very difficult characters to write down pat and honestly reading this story gave me a number of warm fuzzies and makes me feel like Christmas all over again.

Seriously a job very well done! I have a number of other reviews to get to but I am hoping to get the results up sooner than later.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely and positive review! I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by TreacleTart Happy Christmas

13th December 2015:
Advent Calendar - Day 12

Hi Paula,

Dropping by to review a Christmas story for the
advent calendar. I saw this and knew I had to read it because Dobby is one of my favorite characters and the idea of him celebrating his first Christmas as a free elf is intriguing.

I really love the details that you included about Dobby's home. Description is always my favorite part of any story, so I appreciated that I could actually visualize what you were describing. Even though he didn't have a lot of money, Dobby made himself a proper home and that makes me so happy. I could just see him hurrying around roasting his goose and decorating for the holidays.

The concept that Albus came to visit Dobby was amazing. I think he would be very aware that Dobby might be alone and want to help make his Christmas memorable. I also liked how you tied it in to his own loneliness as well. It added a bittersweet tinge to things, but it also made this feel like it could've been a missing moment right out of cannon.

That last moment where Dumbledore gives Dobby his Christmas present was perfect. I'm so glad that he showed up. Oh and the negotiations over the salary was very in line with cannon as well. You really nailed Dobby's character and he can be a tough one to write.

Now, I always try to leave just a touch of cc in each of my reviews, so here it goes...

One small thing I thought I'd mention. You say that Dumbledore had put his beloved in Azkaban, but Gellert was actually locked up in Nurmengard.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one-shot and thought it had a very festive feel. It was very heartwarming, so thanks for the good feels!

Happy Holidays!


Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked the story! Thank you for the thoughtful review. Especially thank you for the cc because I swear I knew that and typed Azkaban anyway! Maybe I should get a beta from now on!

Happy holidays!

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Review #6, by Pookha Happy Christmas

13th December 2015:
Super sweet and any story featuring Dobby will be faved if good, and this one is GOOD. I like the way DD visits and spends time with Dobby. He knows that Dobby is very much feeling the same way as he does and they can both enjoy each other's company.

Terrific characterization of Dobby and DD.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you feel that way! I've always thought holidays would be very difficult for Dumbledore so I wanted to express that. Thank you so much for the lovely review! :D

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Review #7, by May Happy Christmas

12th December 2015:
This is such a great Christmas story of dobby I enjoyed it

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it ! :) Thank you for the review!

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Review #8, by Sectumsempra7 Happy Christmas

12th December 2015:
Yay, that was a great story! :-)
Isn't Dobby just adorable ?

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Dobby is just the cutest character! :)

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