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Review #1, by Marshal Silent Snow

10th January 2016:
Hi, sorry it has taken me so long to getting around to reviewing your story for the challenge. Life seemed to have gotten the better of me but I'm here now to leave a review. I enjoyed this read it was cute and simple. I like the unique take to after the war you wrote how simple shifts in the individual lives of Hermione and Draco drew them together in ways unexpected so to speak.

While not heavy on the holiday motif you did capture the feeling and essence of the season nicely and I enjoyed the read. Over all a very nice job.

Author's Response: Hey Marshal,

I totally understand. Thanks for the review and the challenge! I had fun writing this one :)

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Review #2, by Basilisk Silent Snow

30th December 2015:
Hello Frankie,

I can't believe that you escaped my Reviews for this long! I almost missed out!

I spent the year just sliding around the archieves and stopping whenever I came across a good story or great person. All these years of hiding away in the castle were so boring - they made me realize just how great stories can be. The imagination is a wonderful thing, don't you agree?

This little story of yours was the sweetest thing I read all day - and I read a lot!
It has everything I want from a story about the holidays - love, laughter, overcome differences, unity and, above all, forgiveness. I love how Hermione can see past everything that happened between them, and I love how she is the one taking control and asking him to go with her.
The bit about him not buying anything was interesting! I don't think I've ever seen him cut off his money before, but i do like that. Hermione is great, doing all the right things and they get along really well and then it all ends with a kiss.
You probably wouldn't guess - I love romance!

Ever yours,
The Basilisk

Author's Response: Basilisk!

I'm so glad you loved the story! Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by AngelEyez3954 Silent Snow

14th December 2015:
Hi Frankie,

This is a really sweet holiday story. I'll be honest, I've never been much for Dramione, as I feel like it can only be accomplished by writing Hermione and Draco as OOC. However, you do a very good job of changing my mind here! I found that both of them are true to the books, particularly in light of how Draco's story ended in DH.

I really liked the ending, particularly Draco calling her "Granger" even after kissing her! I also enjoyed your descriptions, as it brought the story to life more!

Great story, and great job on convincing me that Dramione is actually possible to write realistically!
For Day Twelve of the Advent Calendar

Author's Response: LJ

thank you so much for my review! I can't believe I changed your mind about this story. Wow. Thank you.

I hope you continue to read Dramione's because they are so fun!


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Review #4, by Stooge Silent Snow

10th December 2015:
Good storyline, except I feel that the characters speech was a bit archaic. Nice job though!

Author's Response: Stooge,
Thanks for the review :)

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Review #5, by Gabriella Hunter Silent Snow

9th December 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! :D

I had some trouble picking this time around because I remember reading your story, Revival and really liking it. Maybe I'll stop by again soon. Hm. I haven't read much Dramione lately so I thought this would be a nice change. :D

I wasn't sure what time frame you would use because I often see stories about them during Post-War. They're either graduated or trying to move forward so I like that they were still in school, Hermione was determined to get her education as well and that didn't really surprise me at all. I like here that you show that she's grown quite a bit, she acknowledges that there are things the other students wouldn't understand about her and it hints that she may have been lonely.

I of course knew that this was going to be a Dramione but I like the way you introduced Draco. He was kept mostly a mystery so even though I KNEW it was him, Hermione's descriptions highlighted how different he was and that almost made me believe that he was completely different. If that makes sense?

I liked that Hermione was the one to actually make a move and I thought that inviting him to Hogsmeade with her was actually pretty nice. It was very sweet that she wanted to spend time with him like that and I thought their interactions together were great.

Draco wasn't brimming with anger, he actually seemed grateful to be there with her and what really stood out to me was the fact that he didn't bring up their past history together. I thought that showed some major growth with him too and by the end, I was all warm and fuzzy. I thought you ended this on a sweet note and I'm glad that I stopped by!

Much love,


Author's Response: Gabbie,

Thank you for the kind review!! IT really made my day :) I always feel a sense of accomplishment when people who say they don't read Dramione come by and read my story. I feel so honored that you would take the time to read it and to review it! Thank you :)

I love post war Draco, I think he calms down a ton, and Hermione is just herself.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Review #6, by wolfgirl17 Silent Snow

8th December 2015:

YAY! You wrote a Dramione for me to devour! I'm so pleased! This was a wonderful little gem of a fic. I loved the little window into the Christmas spirit and Dramione goodness!

I really loved the way you had Hermione approach Draco and be nice to him because she'd begun to fancy him and couldn't resist being in his company. That kiss was so sweet and delicious. I might've melted!

I really liked the way, there at the end, you had her chide him about seeing her again if he thought he could go around snogging her like that. Such a sweet little story.

I absolutely loved it, hon.

Keep up the fabulous work, you fantastic fish, you!


Author's Response: Ellie!

Good gracious! This made my day when I saw it! You are so kind and such a sweet review from the Dramione queen is the absolute best! Of course I had to channel you for writing it ;)

Thank you so much for the review and the kind words!


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Review #7, by Jack Frost Silent Snow

8th December 2015:
My Dearest Frankie,

I'll bet you never excepted a frosty breeze to blow through your little Christmas gift to the HPFF archives. Didn't know I was on the loose again, did you?

Well here I am to menace your story and tell you a frosty tale or two!

Right off the bat, you captured my attention with this particular pairing. That Malfoy kid just wants to be me, don't you think? Look at him! White hair, frosty attitude! The little impersonator better watch himself or I might just whack him with a snowball.

And that attitude. He'll never be as bad as me, no matter how hard he tries.

I must admit, this idea of having a bad boy like me or him wooing a good girl like the Granger girl is one that has me intrigued. Everyone knows the bad boys love a good girl to corrupt with our wickedness. And she is well on her way to corruption. Staying behind like that without her friends just to be close to someone like him.

*clucks tongue knowingly*

Now, I would be lax in my mischief making ways if I didn't point out that there are a number of grammatical errors throughout the piece. Just little things like capital letters mid-sentence for ordinary nouns. A few sections were also missing words altogether or you've type things like "what" when you meant "was". If you've the time and the inclination to take my jeering on board, the piece could use a hard edit.

I like that you had the good girl approaching the bad boy. Typical. They can't resist us you know? Especially when we're silent and broody. It's like a lure they can't ignore.

That snog was hot! I especially like how he didn't even let her think about pulling away. I wouldn't have let her either.

All in all, quite the adorable story you've got on your hands here. Keep up the posting and the writing. There's nothing like a little Christmas cheer.

Have a Frosty Christmas and a chilly New Year!

Jack Frost

*leaves icicles all over your page and lobs a snowball over his shoulder*

Author's Response: Jack!

Thank you for the hilarious review. I was cracking up the whole time :) I went through and fixed some errors- I basically just put it in the queue without looking over it a second time, so thanks for pointing stuff out to me :)

Lots of warm hugs !


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