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Review #1, by dreamer13 Missed Connections

2nd March 2016:
absolutely adored this! i fell in love with their friendship and how close they were, and you made it very believable. favouriting this for sure, 10/10. cheers xx

Author's Response: Aww! Thanks so much for the lovely review! I'm so glad you liked this!


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Review #2, by blackzero Missed Connections

26th February 2016:
Awesome. I started to read for passing out my time on the way to home and the amount of emotions in the story made me almost cry.Good one.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this. Thank you so much for dropping by with a review!


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Review #3, by Jayna Missed Connections

29th January 2016:
Hey Stef! First off, I'm so sorry for how late this review is! I didn't think it would take this long for me to get a free moment, but anyway, better late than never!

So you were asking if the romance is believable enough, and to be honest, it's more believable to me than many romance stories where suddenly the guy asks the girl out and out of the blue she falls for him. In this story, I think you did a good job of establishing why they would fall in love with each other by including how they were there for each other and how they could trust as well as talk to each other. I mean, isn't that what relationships are all about?

I also loved the time-lapse form you used. I loved seeing how their friendship and romance developed throughout the years. I also thought it was interesting how you had them go through so many stages before finally admitting to each other that they were each others' first love. I hadn't really expected both of them to get married, and I especially hadn't anticipated a child! You definitely kept me on my toes, and I was really surprised that Lucius and Narcissa were still alive (I suppose magic does have it's perks :p) but also did a great job of making everything believable. In addition, I think part of what made it so believable and relatable was how unpredictable it was. You did a really good job of mimicking the twists and turns life offers, but I loved seeing the two of them get together in the end.

I think my favorite part overall was when Scorpius and Rose admitted that they had loved each other. I'm going to be honest, I didn't even see that coming. I guess I should have realized that something was going to happen, seeing as this story is an entry in the first kiss challenge, but I swear I was really surprised when they kissed and stuff. However, after reading that part, I realized that you had dropped a lot of clues along the way, and as soon as I read that it all made sense.

So basically, all I wanted to say was that this story was entirely believable, extremely cute, and I think you did a good job of flow, description, plot, and most of all, your characters were all really fleshed out and stuck to their established character.

Once again, I'm so sorry for the lateness of this review!


Author's Response: Hi Jayna! Thanks so much for the lovely review!

I'm so happy you liked this. Rose and Scorpius definitely trust each other a lot. I mean, they've been best friends forever. There's a lot of history between them.

I was debating between Lucius and Narcissa's anniversary or Draco and Astoria's anniversary, but the older pair won out. Scorpius and Rose were in their forties, so I don't even know how old his grandparents would have been, but I figured Dumbledore was still going at a hundred something, so maybe magic means you live longer. Especially if you've got lots of money.

I'm glad you enjoyed all the twists this story took. There were going to be more twists and turns before they finally got together, but I had to cut some down for length.

Anyway, thanks again for this lovely review!


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Review #4, by alicia and anne Missed Connections

12th January 2016:
Aww Rose is chubby! I love this! ARE THEY BOTH IN HUFFLEPUFF?! THose cute little cinammon rolls that they are!

I really hope that they are friends *nods* Ron is going to LOVE that hahahaha

They're best friends! They're so adorable! I love that they're this close to each other and I assume that there was a lot of interferance from other people over this friendship.




Who is this Kala? She may be perfectly lovely but she's not Rose! No! they're married but I want Rose and Scorpius together and I'm scared that they won't be and my little shipper heart will be destroyed at the end of this :(

Okay, my heart is destroyed by Kala being so sick :(

AND NOW ROSE IS MARRYING SOMEONE ELSE! Her and SCorpius seem to just be missing each other! and now I'm questioning if they were ever in love with each other :/ Am I reading too much into things?



YES!!! YES IT HAPPENED AND I AM SO HAPPY! I'm not sure if you could tell over all of the calmness that was this review. I am the master of calm *nods*


Author's Response: AHH! Tammi! This is such a lovely review! So sorry that it's taken me so long to respond, real life is a hassle.

Seriously though, this review makes me so happy. I read it when I'm feeling down.

Yes! Cinnamon roll Rose and Scorpius in Hufflepuff together! It was meant to be, after all, they're just too sweet for any other house.

Super awesome best friends Rose and Scorpius are my favourite. Platonic cuddles are the best!

Rose is leaving! She's gone off to the United States for a journalism internship with a top investigative journalist. That was no where in this story, it's just part of my extensive background on Rose here.

I am an intense Scorose shipper too, but I must say, I love Kala. She's so sweet and so good to Scorpius. But alas she falls ill :(

Rose married someone else! Muahahahahahaha!

So happy you liked this after all that I put you through! You certainly are the queen of calm ;)


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Review #5, by Meleessuhh Missed Connections

20th December 2015:
Hello there! This is Melissa for our review swap :)

I don't normally read Next-Gen but I wanted to read something different and you definitely didn't disappoint! It flows so smoothly from the beginning to the end, and for being a one-shot I was hoping for Rose and Scorpius to be together in every section. There were several twists and turns, from the first time Scorpius met Kala, to when Rose got married, to Kala's death up until the very end. Their friendship is very realistic and sweet, they always had an understanding for each other despite their feelings; they managed to remain close instead of upset or bitter when the other went a different way in life.

Even when the segments were short they had a strong impact. Each one was a significant event of their life, and it almost felt like it was a long trailer for a movie (If that makes any sense? Haha). There were several different points where I just went "GAH!" because I wanted them to say something and be together already. Seriously, this was beautifully done. And I love how they're both in Hufflepuff! That explains a lot of their personalities and fit perfectly with the story. Nice job! :)

Author's Response: Hi Melissa!

Thanks for the swap! I'm really glad you liked this. It took me quite a while to write and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I'm so happy you thought each segment had a big impact. I wrote a bunch more scenes than are here and spent a long time putting them all together and deciding which ones would make the final cut. I actually have twice as much material as is even shown here.

Rose and Scorpius are my true love. And I had such a fun time writing them as sweet Hufflepuffs. With the loyalty they show in their friendship and the unwavering love and kindness they show towards each other no matter what, I figured they couldn't possibly be anything else but Hufflepuffs.

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #6, by TearsIMustConceal Missed Connections

18th December 2015:
Hi there! Iím here with your requested review!

Iím sorry this took until now to do, something came up so Iím sorry I made you wait! So, Iím not the biggest ScoRose fan, I am more of a Teddy/Rose shipper myself but I really enjoyed this!

This was beautiful and I loved how it spanned their life, from Hogwarts to when they got older, through marriage, kids, divorce and deaths Ė it portrays everything that happens in life and youíve done it beautifully and realistically. I love the way you started when they were younger Ė I feel as though we watch them grow as the story progresses, itís lovely to see them become the people they are today and youíve really nailed their voices for their age Ė their dialogue and thoughts are perfect for each section of their lives and youíve really captured them perfectly.

Hufflepuff Rose and Scorpius! Such a twist on the usual ScoRose but I think it really gives your story a uniqueness!

As for their lives, I was convinced they would be together after Hogwarts but then Rose left and Scorpius met someone else and it all went pear shaped for the couple! And then Scorpiusí wife dying (so, so sad) and Rose marrying and then getting a divorce and coming back home, I was eagerly waiting for them to get together and then they go and admit their feelings and it was wonderful! Youíve paced this really well and itís so realistic Ė life gets in the way sometimes and itís only when you get older and things happen that you feel like youíve got nothing to lose but admit your feelings and I feel like this is what happened here! And for them to still harbor feelings for each other after all time, thatís true love!

I love how youíve let each of them grow into the person they were meant to be before you brought them back together Ė itís super realistic and I loved it!

This story was absolutely beautiful and good luck with the challenge (if it isn't already over and you've got the results!)


Author's Response: Hello Vicki!

Thanks so much for the review!

I'm so happy that you liked this story. It was a tough one to write because it spanned so long in their lives. I'm really happy you thought the dialogue was well done, that really was the hardest part. Making them sound and feel older as the story went on.

I left their house blank until the end when I realized that they could be nothing else but wonderful little Hufflepuffs in school.

It definitely all went pear shaped after graduation for them. But they did have happy lives apart from each other. Scorpius had a lovely marriage, but it ended tragically, and Rose did love her husband, but it just didn't work out. I guess that's how it goes in life sometimes.

But of course, they were meant to be and found each other at the end :)

Thanks again for the lovely review!


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Review #7, by ravenclaw_princess Missed Connections

6th December 2015:
Hello. I'm here for your requested last 'blushes sheepishly'.

To start off, this is a great one shot. I love how you chronicled their lives and how there first kiss wasn't shared in those youthful, lustful years, but much later in life after all their emotional upheavals. Their love for each other was always there, but going from friend to more than friends can be a hard thing to do, from the fear that things may change and you could lose them completely.

Each moment was a pivotal point in their history. For such short snippets, they reveal so much about the lives of all the characters. It was sad to see Scoprius getting married and know it wasn't to Rose, and then to later see Kala die was heart breaking. And then we see Rose getting married...and not to Scorpius. You sure know how to full things with heartache.

It's very sweet when they finally declare their love for each other, something they've been harbouring inside themselves for most of their lives. While the feelings make them feel seventeen again, they approach it as adults who have lived and are able to express their feelings without fear anymore. They know they will always be there for each other, no matter the outcome of their truthful declaration.

One of your concerns was if the romance was believable and it definitely is. It felt very real as it transcended so many years of their lives and while they had both been married to, and loved other people, their friendship and enduring love was unbreakable. This doesn't take anything away from the love between Scoprius and Kala as this is also shown to be a very deep and true, and unfortunately come to a tragic end. For Rose and Charlus, we don't really see them together and I get the impression they drifted apart.

Spelling and grammar were good. The story also flowed well. Sometimes fics structured with short segments can end up disjointed, but each segment here flowed really well into each other.

This is a beautiful story and I really enjoyed being taken along on the journey of Rose and Scoprius. I think they knew at 17 that they loved each other, but Rose wanted to travel and see the world, leaving Scoprius on his own. His love was always there, but he also had to move on. But later in life, Rose just wanted to be home, and home was where Scoprius was.

Well done

Author's Response: Hello Jacqui! Thanks so much for the lovely review!

I'm so happy you liked this story. It took me about a month to get it right. Each snippet of their lives was very carefully selected so that they were ALL important to the story. I'm glad you thought they flowed well too. That was a big concern of mine.

You definitely hit the nail on the head with your last comments. In the end, Rose wanted to go home and home was always where Scorpius was. That's exactly what I was going for with this one. Their lives before they got together were not lacking in any way, they just had to take their time finding each other.

When they were young, Scorpius and Rose definitely wanted different things. I guess this story was my way of giving each other them everything.

Thanks again for this lovely review!!


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Review #8, by Dirigible_Plums Missed Connections

27th November 2015:

It's Plums with your requested review. I'm actually quite excited to read this - it's been a while since I've read some good Scorose and I'm looking forward to this. :)

So I just finished it and you've done a great job with the challenge. I felt the same rollercoaster of emotions as Scorpius and Rose as they progressed through the years. I was so convinced that they'd be together by the end of Hogwarts, but then life separated them and Scorpius fell in love with Kala and everything that could've happened did. It sort of reminds me a little of the film 'Love, Rosie'. (And now I just saw the author's note that said it was partly inspired by it :P)

I loved the fact that the pair of them were Hufflepuffs here! Usually, I prefer Scorpius to be in Slytherin, but the shy demeanor he had in the beginning was just too sweet to dislike. He's very in touch with his emotions, an aspect of his personality that I appreciate because it just makes him all the more real and lovable. I like his transition from a small, shy boy to a steady, mature man. He still seems to have a quiet air about him, but there's something older in him when it comes to the later parts that I admire.

Come to think of it, I rather liked Rose's transition as well. She went from a confident, almost boisterous first year to a compassionate best friend that pushed her own feelings aside to comfort Scorpius to a woman with much more experience. It's not a lovely thought to know that the secure little girl went through the heartbreak of having her first love marry someone else and that it's not clear whether the lines around her eyes are from "laughing too hard or crying too much", but it's certainly very realistic.

And of course, they loved each other all along! Fics like this frustrate me because if they'd admitted their feelings in the beginning, it wouldn't have taken them so long to be happy with each other. But at the same time, Scorpius' love life didn't lack anything with Kala. He loved her and he gained a daughter from the marriage. And maybe Rose loved Charlus too, even if it did end in a divorce.

Usually, I'm not a fan of fics where there's several short scenes compiled into one chapter, but the style works well here. Even though there's only little glimpses into their lives, it still creates a wonderful picture of what went on.

Great job! Best of luck with the challenge!

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hi Plums!

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked this. It was a real challenge to write about Rose and Scorpius across so many years. Aging them properly was hard as they became older than I am quite quickly. I'm happy you liked it though.

I really wanted to keep Scorpius's quiet demeanor through his whole life. When he was a child, it came off as being shy, but I think as he grew up, it came off as him being introverted rather than just being shy and nervous all the time. He really grew into himself, I think.

Rose, quiet different from Scorpius, started out loud and vivacious. She stayed that way to some extent, I think. But the heartbreak in her life slowed her down. She was so ready for adventure and travels and never settling down when she was young, but by the end, she'd worn herself out. It was great fun to write her arch.

Scorpius and Rose had to go through a lot to get to where they are by the end, but I think they needed it all. Every step was the only way it could have been, you know?

Anyway, thanks so much for reviewing!


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Review #9, by Mr Penn Missed Connections

25th November 2015:
This is Penn from the reviews. Lets get started. Before anything else, you have done a lot of amazing reviews for my chapters so I hope I can repay the favour here Stef.

Love stories involving Scorpius and Rose are always my personal favourite, only if they show how much the world has changed in the Next-Gen era and this story is easily one of the best pieces I have read.

Rose stuffing biscuits into her pockets made me laugh actually. She is Ron's daughter after all, has to inherit some genes from him. You kept just the right bit of spark between them from the start without overdoing it and to see them going out with other people and not pinning away over lost love was actually pretty refreshing.

"The freckles that spelled out constellations on her skin. There were swirling galaxies inside her, he was sure of it, sure that she contained the whole universe in her hands" I literally jumped out of my bed in excitement when I read this line. Great penmanship Stef. Girl this was inspired.

Also, the short passages of theirs lives added to a pace that seems to be missing in stories that only explore the love lives of their characters. Bell was also a lovely addition.

The ending was personally to my liking. The hesitancy that Rose displays is lifelike. She certainly doesn't want to upset the status quo but she certainly wants more. Also you did the good job pointing out that while their teenage feeling of butterflies under the skin had subsided, they still needed each other in a very mature way now.

All in all, a real good work Stef. :)

P.S. This is the first review I have offered from the thread so please do respond and tell me how it was according to you and if there are bits I can improve upon in my reviewing.

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for the awesome review!

Don't worry about your review style. I think this is pretty great. As long as you sort of hit all the points of concern, it's good :)

So onto my reply!

I wish I could have made this longer, but it was for a challenge that had a word limit. The original story was actually over 8000 words long, which is just ridiculous I think. Anyway, there was way more about the biscuits in the original. Like Scorpius latches onto the Rose's habit and steals the biscuits from her, he requests that Bell send him biscuits while she's at Hogwarts. Anyway, suffice to say the biscuits were originally a big thing.

Eep, I'm so glad you liked that line! Andrew pointed it out in his review too, so I'm glad you also found it well written! It just sort of came to me in the most recent re-write of that section.

These short passages were such fun to write. I loved getting to work with this tiny ensemble of characters - Rose, Scorpius, Kala, Bellamy, and Charlus (though he never actually shows up). I got a chance though to explore each of them, even if it was in a very small way.

I'm happy you liked the end. It took the longest to write. They're an older couple, at a very different point in life than me, so it was challenging.

Thanks again for the review!!


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Review #10, by Gabriella Hunter Missed Connections

24th November 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! Sorry that it took me a minute to get to this but I was trying to write and then when that didn't work out, I sulked and watched some anime.

I'm here now though!

Wow, what a great story. I have to say that I am constantly blown away by you guys on here, I haven't read a story like this in a long time. It spans so many lives in just one chapter and I'm kind of reeling from just how joyfully beautiful this was. I honestly don't have enough words.

I like the differing POVs that you have going on here with Scorpius and Rose. We get a great sense of who they are as people and I really love that you span their emotional growth so well. I'm not sure who matured more because that would be an unfair thing to say, considering that they both went through a lot but you conveyed it all so wonderfully.

As a side note though: Holy crap, Hufflepuff Rose and Scorpius are the best! I have never seen them put in this House! You're awesome for that, this one detail makes your story very unique.

Anyway, I think the jumps in time were great too because you get a different idea of where they were in their lives. The subtle changes in them both as the years go on were a great way to show how strong their friendship was. I was SO sad when Rose went away for the first time and Scorpius's marriage took me by surprise too but I think that was a clever writing trick on your part.

I didn't expect it, my heart kind of died and then life just went on like it would in this situation, with the love still there. I think that having Scorpius's wife die, Rose marry someone else and THEN finally open up about their feelings for one another was pretty realistic. Love doesn't just fall into your lap when you want it to and it certainly takes a lot of courage to say what you feel. It's not the moment that matters, it's the heart behind it all.

So, with that I have to say that this was delightful. Thanks so much for suggesting it!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

This story has been such a long time in the making! It's been quite difficult getting that emotional growth right because in this story Rose and Scorpius grow older than I am. They experience things that I'm still years and years off from experiencing - like marriage, death, parenthood, just growing up in general really. Each section is short, but a lot of them come from longer bits I wrote, so there's a lot of emotional background to this that just isn't here. It was challenging writing those kinds of feelings.

And Hufflepuff Rose and Scorpius! As I was writing this, I left their house blank. I knew that I wanted them in the same house, but it wasn't until I'd written most of the story that realized that their loyalty to each other through all those years, that unbreakable friendship no matter what happened to them was distinctly Hufflepuff.

It was a lot of fun to write about their whole lifetimes. They grew up together, they watched each other get married to other people, Scorpius became a father, he became a widower, Rose got divorced. Lots a not-very-fun real life stuff. Their path to each other was long and complicated, but they made it.

Thanks so much for the lovely review Gabbie!!


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Review #11, by princesslily_36 Missed Connections

23rd November 2015:

princesslily32 from the forums here.

First of all, I love the way you didn't focus on one particular scene, but used a series of scenes and timelines to build up to their first kiss. The fic went through a lifetime, and needless to say, you have definitely made me ship ScoRose!!!

Based on the beginning I expected it to be a series of ScoRose moments which would end in them getting together in their final year or something. But you blew me over by getting Scorpius married to someone else and kept the suspense going. The friendship that lasted decades, the lives and people they went through before succumbing to their feelings for one another. Very wonderfully done with a perfect balance of dialogue and description. Your words made me go through all the emotions along with Scorpius and Rose. It was beautiful.

It was a really wonderful read. I am so glad I got a chance to R&R!

Thank you so much for entering the First Kiss Challenge :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks so much for the review and for choosing Missed Connections as first place for the challenge! It was the first challenge I entered, so this has been a great experience for me. The graphic is so beautiful too, I've displayed it on my profile!

I'm so happy you've started shipping Scorose. They are one of my OTPs. They're just so lovely together in all incarnations.

I never considered getting them together at the end of their Hogwarts careers. Going into this story, I always knew that it would span decades. I wanted Rose and Scorpius to really, really, really long for each other. I wanted to drag it out over years and years and watch as they got married and divorced and widowed and all sorts of things.

It was pretty fun going through their lifetime together. So thanks again for issuing this challenge!


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Review #12, by oldershouldknowbetter Missed Connections

18th November 2015:
Well here we go drew your name for the BvB and the first thing on your page I see is a new Rose/Scorpius one-shot that has no reviews as yet - WOOT!

And the start, wow so fantastic what a way to start. I love the Next Gen for this very reason, that so much can be done with them. There is so much potential in the characters to break the usual perceived norms of them all and write what you want. So we have a chubby Hufflepuff Rose and a scruffy Hufflepuff Scorpius. It's got me hooked already.

Then you skip ahead six years and it's already over. Argh Cherry_pop94 what are you doing with our fragile emotions. Scorpius is an emotional wreck because his 'the one' has left him and Rose comforts him - so far so bad, but you give us some hope with our intimate knowledge of Rose's emotions. She at least is really into the blonde boy, and he's either completely ignorant of it or he misinterprets it only as friendship. Whatever the eventual ending, we at least know that the pair are best of friends from this scene.

Then that old favourite of young romance rears it's head - the game of truth or dare. It makes me smile and you go down the usual road of having it reveal a secret that Rose would otherwise have liked to keep. Not that it's familiarity makes it any the less welcome and the way you have it resolved is wonderfully subtle. If only he knew.

Then you have a tender parting scene as Rose goes off to who knows where and the two finally profess their love, but it is to no avail, they must still part. This :-
Her light brown eyes, her bright red hair, the freckles that spelled out constellations on her skin. There were swirling galaxies inside her, he was sure of it, sure that she contained the whole universe in her hands.
Is going straight to QOTM for December, I kid-you-not, it's so beautifully phrased.

Oh no, it's then almost a year later and you have Scorpius bumping into a pretty, personable young girl who likes to read. I don't like this at all, and you cannot mollify me by bringing one of my favourite books into the equation - I still don't like where this is headed.

Then a year and a half passes and ... blast you are bringing tears to my eyes. It's obviously (but subtly too) Scorpius' wedding and it's not to Rose. Rose must be the 'best man' and is giving a speech saying Scorpius and Kala, the girl from the book store will be perfect for each other. *sniff* Her statement at the end that she will always be waiting for him is so sad, and somehow so inappropriate for a speech to the groom at the wedding - I wonder how it was received by the two families? ;)

But it doesn't stop the happiness of the pair as they have a beautiful little girl. Then it's a jump of eleven years and it's a jump into tragedy. The mum is sick and not expected to last six months. You put us into such an emotional quandary cherry_pop94, of course we always wanted Rose to get together with Scorpius, but we cannot be happy with the death of Scorpius's wife. So many emotions.

The young girl eleven, from the dates, and presumably on the cusp of her time at Hogwarts has to read at her mother's funeral. It's very sad.

Then you give us no solace, and not only us, but poor Scorpius too. It is his turn now to speak at Rose's wedding. NO. Why are you doing this to us; what have Rose and Scorpius done to you that you must punish them so? He repeats the words of Rose, and promises that he too will always be waiting for her.

There is a touching moment with his daughter as she tells him it's OK by her to find love again. I must say that Bell handles the matter with far more aplomb than a lot of girls her age might.

Then Rose is back and it's after a divorce too. The pair wanted different things, and it was Rose that wanted a home. Scorpius is there to greet her and they both have the same mutual attraction that they always had, and once more you give us hope. But in the next jump they are at a party, watching the still alive grandparents of Scorpius. In congratulating the pair upon their long lives together, we see that the two of them still haven't been honest with their feelings.

But it's not, long only a few months later, and Scorpius finally summons up the courage to tell her. To remind her of that wonderful almost moment in her bedroom back in their Hogwarts days. He has always loved her, yes he loved Kala too, but Rose has always had a place in his heart. Rose pushes him away, figuratively and I wonder about her reaction, shouldn't she be happy? But then your explanation makes so much sense. Rose has loved him for longer than he has actively, consciously loved her. So she, in an act of self-preservation, has had to harden her heart to him somewhat. Without building that shell around herself, she would have imploded long before now. So when this moment comes she is resistant to it, because if it all comes out and it cannot be, her heart will break forever. Wonderful stuff.

Fortunately there is a happy resolution and the two finally kiss. I like how you describe the event, how it lacks the raw emotions proscribed by the teenaged hormones, but it is no less romantic for the fact. The moment is spoilt by the sudden presence of the teenaged daughter - speaking as a parent of teenagers myself, I must say that that moment rang true more than anything else in the entire story for me. ;)

This is a great story and is a really good exploration of a late-blooming Rose and Scorpius romance. In a romance, an author should strive to do their best to keep the protagonists apart from each other - either literally or figuratively, physically or emotionally - for the majority of the story. You certainly have done so here and thereby written an excellent romance.


Author's Response: Hi Andrew! Thanks for the amazing review! I just posted this a few hours ago, to it's awesome to have a review already!

The freedom is definitely also my favourite part of Next-Gen. I've written about Rose and Scorpius in pretty much every house combination now except two delightful Hufflepuffs, so I was so excited to do this. Though their school days are not a huge part of this, I thought Hufflepuff just fit both their personalities so perfectly here. They were just screaming to be placed in Hufflepuff.

This was actually way, way, way longer before (like double length) and there was more with Scorpius's Hogwarts' girlfriend. Her name was Charlotte. Anyway, it's so painfully clear I think that Rose has feelings for Scorpius, that the one she's talking about in truth or dare is him, but he's just so oblivious the way teenage boys are. Absolutely maddening, I know.

Oh man thanks so much for your compliments about the next section! It took me so many re-writes to get that. The line you quoted actually came from the most recent re-write of this section. I can't believe you like it so much! And thanks for your most recent quote of the month nomination for Colors! I just cannot believe the love I am getting right now!!

And then a year later Scorpius meets Kala... I must say, I absolutely ADORE Kala. She's a wonderful person and unfortunately I don't get to explore much of her here since for the challenge this story had to be shorter than I hoped.

Yup, Rose is the best man at Scorpius's wedding. Her speech is totally a little bit inappropriate for a wedding, but I feel for her. In the longer version of this, it's made quite clear later that she still loves him. But I think it's still pretty evident from her speech about how she'll be waiting for him.

Oh Kala's illness :( Like I said, I love Kala's character so it made me so sad to have her pass away. After writing this scene, this story was way harder to write too as Rose and Scorpius's relationship had blossom organically after he grieves for his wife. She wasn't just anyone to him, she was his wife and the mother of his child.

Ahh Rose's wedding. There was meant to be a little more in the middle here, Rose's various relationships before her wedding, Rose was even going to adopt a child, but I got rid of all that for Rose to marry an adventurer named Charlus and then go travel the whole world. It sounds pretty fun to me.

One of my favourite scenes to write in this was the one where Bellamy talks to Scorpius about finding someone new to love. I think Bellamy's tired of living without a mother, she's tired of seeing her father sad and lonely, she's afraid for him when she's at Hogwarts too. She wants him to be happy, but he isn't sure if he can, but for her sake, he must try.

When Rose comes back after her divorce, I started getting excited. Because she's single, he's single and perhaps almost moved on from Kala, and maybe something can start happening. Lucius and Narcissa's party was my way of introducing that. They still love each other, very clearly, but they're older now with different responsibilities to think about. They've led different lives for a while, but Rose really is searching for the kind of life Scorpius has.

And then yippeee they kiss! I'm happy you liked that scene. As I'm sure you could tell from the challenge this is for, their entire 30 year journey was leading up to that moment when Rose and Scorpius finally accept what they have been hiding from each other for 30 years.

It was a huge challenge to write characters so much older and in such different stages of life than me. To write from the perspective of parents and someone who wants to settle down, to write about people who should know better, but to still kind of put that youthful romantic spark in it.

I'm glad you liked this story! I've been working on it for a while now!


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