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Reading Reviews for Identity Politics
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Review #1, by Shinicha A Formidable Candidate

6th April 2016:
They're backkk! I'm SO happy to read this! I'm sorry to keep this review short (I'm on the phone - awkward to type); anyway it's a great start to a promising sequel. I felt reminded of of both Corbyn and Sanders with Hermoine's social-reformist programme, and liked how you played with the different class interests via the persona of Zabini. (also loved the union elves :D ) The talk of crisis after a "post-war-boom" also is very up-to-date (though I've always wondered what a crisis in a wizarding society, where the productive forces are more or less unlimited, would look like). The social commentary as you once called it is much more direct in this chapter than ever before... but I disgress somewhat!
Perry didn't have much 'screen'-time in this one, which is why I look forward to him all the more.
This Rick character somehow seems super-sleezy and I can't bring myself to trust him!
Also, I vaguely remember the sherlock episode where sherlock dismisses all cases and in the end they fit together in one big picture. Will this be the case here as well?? So much to look forward to :)

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Review #2, by Really? A Formidable Candidate

11th January 2016:
Wait! Hermione had a violent war criminal and Death eater in her home? The same Death Eater that poisoned her husband and fought to keep them from escaping Malfoy Manor? The same Death Eater who identified both herself and Ron? Holy cow has she lost all moral and ethical sense. its also incredibly abusive to her husband to have his victimizer in their home.

Hermione has become the very worst of people to take political support from war criminal. I don't think I've ever been so disgusted with a version of Hermione before.

Author's Response: I can totally understand your shock, which is why I think characters at the event were so surprised to see Draco there. I'll point out, though, that Draco showed up on his own accord - it's not like Hermione invited him or anything. In the text, it's never even stated that she knew he was there.

I wonder if you've read "Study in Silver"? This story is a sequel, and there's a bit of postwar character development for Draco that this is following from. It may all seem a lot more shocking without that context.

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Review #3, by cherry_pop94 A Drop in Numbers

25th December 2015:
Oh the casual racism dripping in everyone's voices. Of course everyone was mixing up the black men despite huge differences between them. Blaise and Rick, really? I'm with Roxanne on that one, the age difference alone...

And Dung at the end. You know when people look around both ways, lean in close, and then whisper with word 'black'? That's what I picture Dung is doing.

And that robe fitting! Merlin! I don't know how anyone remembers all those rules. No lace, no velvet, feathers, veils, black robes. And I thought remember the rules of white tie was a hassle.

I'm very excited for this wedding. It seems like it'll be a wild night for everyone! So many people in attendance - Rick, Roxanne, Perry, Blaise, Astoria, Daphne, maybe Draco too?

Can't wait for the next chapter, Roisin!


Author's Response: Eek, people having trouble distinguishing members of a different race is a HUGE problem. Like, I was reading some stories from the Innocence Project (which helps acquit convicts on Death Row using new DNA evidence), and pretty much ALL of them were convicted because of a false witness identification. AWFUL!

And YESYESYES that is EXACTLY what I was thinking with Dung. UGH, that is SO annoying and happens ALL the time! Like, "WHY ARE YOU LOWERING YOUR VOICE?"

Heehee, I had a lot of fun with all those rules, because I feel like an historically judgmental group would love to have ways to more quickly sum someone up.

Working on the next chapter now, and will post just as soon as I balance all the moving parts! Thank you sosososo much for this review blitz :D


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Review #4, by cherry_pop94 A List of Ten

25th December 2015:
I have wondered about wands. They're incredibly expensive, didn't Harry pay 10 galleons for his? And then when Ron's broke in second year, there was no replacement for him. His family couldn't afford it, so Ron had to use a broken wand at school. Which sounds both unfair and dangerous.

They're so absolutely essential for wizarding life it just seems absurd to me that they're not cheaper and more accessible. Are they subsidized by the Ministry? Do you just pay whatever Ollivander wants to charge? Are there charities to buy wands for underprivileged wizards?

And there's some kind of pureblood monopoly going on with them! Definitely very shady sounding business Blaise... Albus is definitely onto something. Getting a monopoly on wand woods ensures that purebloods keep power.

It's truly incredible how much complexity you've woven into this story. Study in Silver looked at how separating the muggle world from the wizarding world could affect magical innovation, there was insight into the court system, talk on scientific ethics. This one's already looked so much at politics, at system oppression, the woes of capitalism! And Knockturn Alley's gentrification!

Your worldbuilding is marvelous. I cannot believe how rich and real this world is. It's got real life problems in it, but there's still the whimsy magic touch we all know and love.

On to the next chapter (it's the last one, what will I do without more of this?)!


Author's Response: I figure wands have to be pretty expensive because SO much specialized work goes into them, and they're the sort of thing that people really only buy one of in their life. I think it's pretty rare that someone ever gets a new one. So yeah, basically the biggest investment a wizard ever makes in their life. Personally, I think they should be subsidized by the Ministry. A wandsmith needs to be properly compensated for their work, but it's not fair to make it unaffordable when it's such a basic need in the magical world.

Hahahah, it hadn't even occurred to me how much this story deals with capitalism! I think it probably has to do with the fact that we have a Democratic Socialist running for president in the US right now, so a lot of these issues are VERY on my mind. Like, in this story, every keeps saying that "Blood Status" is over because open prejudice isn't tolerated anymore, but that doesn't mean that /systemic/ oppression isn't still in place.

I'm really glad you think I balanced Problems with Whimsy here, because I think that was what was so great about the original Potter books.

These reviews really have filled me with such joy!

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Review #5, by cherry_pop94 A Conspiracy Theory

25th December 2015:
Hello again Roisin!

Turns out I'll finish what you've got so far in one sitting. As I suspected though.

This is another great chapter. Your characterization, everything from his mannerisms, his speech patterns, his thoughts, was spot on. He's elderly and confused, jumping through time. It was almost painful to read about how much Harry, Ron, and Hermione not returning from the Ministry all those years ago hurt him. And not just because Death Eaters came to torture him, but because he'd just grown so fond of them. Especially Hermione.

It's lovely that he's such a big supporter of her now. I can see why he'd be a suspect, but I do hope they're wrong about the elven conspiracy. But even if they're right, I will always love Kreacher.

I also loved the bit where Roxanne asks Perry if it was cocaine or heroin. You can hear the anger and worry in her voice. Your writing always plays out so clearly in my head. It's so vivid, like a movie scene or something. I can picture every move, ever word. It's such a rare thing!

I'm happy that Roxanne and Perry have full control of the investigation now, but she's right, it's a daunting prospect. They're responsible now and Blaise continues to be terrible.

Can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: It's SO relieving to here you thought I did Kreacher well! I was really nervous about writing him correctly. And YES, the fact that the trio never came back always unsettled me, and I felt SO bad for Kreacher! Like, he had dinner ready for them D: And the fact they couldn't go back was because Grimmauld might have become accessible to Death Eaters, so I was all like "OH NO KREACHER NO!" It also broke my heart to write a story that was basically my worst case scenario :( That poor elf had been through so much already!

"But even if they're right, I will always love Kreacher." I definitely wanted to play with sympathy here, where it's easier to like the suspects than the would-be-victim.

That line was lifted almost exactly from a Sherlock Holmes story - I'd been wanting to use it ever since I came up with this idea. And can I say how STOKED I am to hear that it plays in your head? That's like, probably the biggest worry in writing: will the reader be able to see it? Will the voice come across? It's SO encouraging to hear that it did!

Roxanne is definitely a very /responsible/ person, and takes things very seriously, so I thought this would be a really interesting position to put her in.

It really means so much to me that you're enjoying this!

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Review #6, by cherry_pop94 A Conflict of Interests

25th December 2015:
The game is on! THE GAME IS ON.

This was a great chapter. I can imagine a murder investigation really puts a damper on fundraisers. I love how analytical Roxanne is. And now she and Perry are on the case!

I can understand why so many people would suspect Draco, but I have to agree with Roxanne. It doesn't seem that he did this. I'm sure it's part of some complex scheme and I just cannot wait to find out what that scheme is!

Rick seems great. But something tells me not to trust anyone still. But I have to say, I love Rick and Roxanne as a couple. They'd be such a power couple, wouldn't they? And his reasoning for choosing Slytherin was very interesting. I do think though that he has a lot of Slytherin in him. He's clearly ambitious, very cunning if he's a political campaign manager.

The comments about Roxanne and Rick being among the few children of Order members is a great point. It's so true, but never occurred to me before. There's the Weasley family children, Neville's kids, Luna's kids, Rick, and Teddy. Who else is there, really? And Neville and Luna were never in the Order. That certainly would give them a different perspective on a war that they never fought in, but I'm certain has greatly informed their lives.

Perry's so cute at the end. How excited he is that the game is back on. I'm just as excited as he is.

I can't wait to see how this mystery unfolds!


Author's Response: YAAS! I was really hoping that line would get people pumped!

Everything is so delicate with political campaigns that even a whiff of drama can be disastrous. An attempted murder at a fundraiser is rather more than a whiff.

I think, for a lot of people, Draco would be the most convenient suspect. Like, blame the attempted murder of someone you despise on someone else you despise. Then it seems like an outside thing, disconnected to Hermione or her people.

"Power Couple" is exactly the right phrase - that's probably why Ron was all *nudge nudge* about introducing her to Rick. And yeah, he would have to be ambitious and cunning and subtle to be an effective strategist. And as someone with a penchant for change and progress, he'd be more down to get sorted into Slytherin than, say, Harry, who wanted nothing to do with them.

You know, I don't think Neville and Hannah ever had children. At least JKR's Pottermore info never mentions any (which doesn't mean fanfic writers can't invent some). But yeah, the Order didn't exactly have a great survival rate, and as Roxanne is related to all of the Weasleys, Rick would basically be the only other Order child to share in a lot of her experiences. I suppose there are Luna's kids, but I think JKR suggested they were significantly younger than the NextGen Weasleys. Rick's also a good choice of boyfriend, because he too comes from a famous family (former Minister's son and all), so he'd be able to understand what that's like and relate.

Yay cute Perry! I really felt like I was gambling with this character because he can be SO obnoxious, I wasn't sure whether readers would like him or hate him. I'm super glad you think he's adorable too :)


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Review #7, by cherry_pop94 A Formidable Candidate

25th December 2015:
Hello Roisin!

The sequel’s here! I’m so excited about this! I wish I’d known sooner though, but here I am and I cannot wait to get into this. Perry and Roxanne are back with another marvelous adventure!

The beginning is great. It has the same feel as the beginning of Philosopher’s Stone. Not just with the peeping neighbours, but just your tone is very reminiscent of it. And Perry’s become a celebrity huh? Well, the trial was quite the spectacle, so I can definitely understand that. I really like how you’ve played with celebrity in this series. Roxanne dealt with it as a Weasley and as the centre of a St Mungo’s scandal, but I see the attention has gone to Perry now too!

What’s this I hear about a female Doctor who looks like Roxanne? I don’t actually watch Doctor Who, but I’ve got friends who’ve constantly complained that there are no female doctors! I’m happy that in your future, there’s some representation! A black, female doctor!

I love how separated their flat is. The bit about how even the cigarette smoke is sequestered off made me chuckle. I can totally see Roxanne finally putting her foot down about his messy habits. I’m glad they’ve made this arrangement. It’s definitely best for the both of them!

Ah! When you said werewolf stalking Baskerville Manor! I squealed a little! That’s going to become something right? And I remember Moriarty from Study in Silver! Eep, I’m so excited for this, you have no idea.

Their interactions about the cases and letters was great. Perry’s just so funny and witty. ‘Any case involving a bloody goose’ I’m dreadfully curious what jewel thief case involves a goose. I love how he just says all the answers as if they’re the most obvious thing in the world. And how Roxanne drug tests him. Their relationship is lovely. He obviously needs her.

Hermione’s running for Minister of Magic? I’m very into political dramas right now, honestly Roisin, it’s like you figure out what exactly will interest me the most and then write that! I cannot be more excited about this! Political strategies, Ministry campaigns! Murder?? Rick Shacklebolt seems like an interesting guy. Anyone that young and managing a Ministerial campaign is bound to have some tricks up his sleeve… or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Scandal. Either way, great scene! And then Draco shows up! Good in crisis… I wonder, what sort of crisis is he anticipating? Or is he just being cautious? It’s interesting nonetheless that he’s supporting his old adversary, especially as you say, many purebloods are opposing her.

And Hermione’s speech. Roxanne’s right, she’s more than formidable. She’s an incredible power, a warrior, as she says. Her speech. Wow. You can feel the passion that Hermione has for her causes, she’s not just paying it lip service. God I cannot wait to see her campaign unfold. I’m a political nerd in real life, for TV shows, and now this! Seriously, I LOVE this!! And Blaise! I see that Draco’s support of Hermione seems genuine with his interactions with Blaise. What is he even doing there?

Blaise has been poisoned has he? So I imagine Perry and Roxanne will be tasked with investigating that? He is, he is such a terrible person, but he does deserve to know who tried to poison him. I imagine that caused quite the raucous at Hermione’s benefit!

Once again, I’m so so so excited to be reading this Roisin! It’s everything I want out of a story, it’s like you’ve read my mind! Sorry for not dropping by when it first was posted, but I’ve just found it. And I’ve missed you on the forums!

Anyway, I’ll be back very soon for more reviews for this incredible story!


Author's Response: Stefanie!

Hee, yes, I was definitely tryna channel the beginning of Philosopher's Stone here. My beta even accidentally called the neighbor "Mrs Dursley" without realizing :P

Haha, yeah, there are three things every Doctor Who fan is waiting for: female Doctor, Doctor of color, and GINGER Doctor (been a running gag for a long time). And then, of course, Roxanne is all 3!

Much of the first story was Roxanne just getting to know Perry, and the plot only covered about a week so she was only just beginning to move in. Here, I definitely wanted to show more of them cohabitating and falling into a rhythm.

That goose reference is another Sherlock Holmes story (like the Baskersville reference), and the "stepdad catfishing" thing was a nod to "A Case of Identity" - which inspired the name for this story.

I am SUCH a politics nerd, so I couldn't resist throwing in some campaign stuff here. I don't think you're wrong about Rick, and I realize now that I may have been subtly influenced by Scandal as well ;) As for Draco's crisis, I feel like he's just very especially sensitized after the war. Like, everyone else is complacent and feels like things are good, but he has a harder time ever relaxing because he's still so tortured by his involvement. I think that's also the reason he supports Hermione, because he's very much doing penance for his actions.

I'm SO glad you liked Hermione's speech! I really wanted it to be /affecting/ and seem genuinely /passionate/, and I spent a lot of time fretting over the pace and length and all to get it right. I worked on a campaign for a really passionate progressive, and definitely took inspiration from his events for that.

Hee, I loved the idea of charging Roxanne and Perry with a case helping someone they didn't actually like. I hope you like what I do with that!

Thanks so so so so much for dropping by and leaving all these reviews! I'm so stoked to settle in and respond to all of them now :D


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Review #8, by brilliant A Drop in Numbers

22nd December 2015:
absolutely loving this, such a shame you don't have as many reviews as you should. So far i think this fic lives up to Study in Silver, and i'm so glad i can carry on reading about Perry and Roxanne- they're such creative characters. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much :D It's so great to hear that you like it!

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Review #9, by Ohpl A List of Ten

5th December 2015:
Love this sequel . All your characters are interesting and well written. The speed of your updates is terrific. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Eek, sorry it's taken me longer to update the next chapter! Lots of moving parts to the plot, and I want to make sure it all works well. I'm so glad you like it though, thank you for reviewing!

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Review #10, by mymischiefmanaged A Formidable Candidate

30th November 2015:
Roisin! I had no idea you were writing a sequel. This is so exciting. I'm reviewing as I read so sorry if this turns into an incoherent ramble but yay more Roxanne and Perry.

Love the neighbours sniffing about the loiterers outside. It's very Mr Dursley at the beginning of Philosopher's Stone. You always do such a good job of channeling bits of J.K in your world building. The 'something of a celebrity' comment made me laugh.

Perry mid doctor who marathon is adorable, and I like that there's a black female doctor. I love the tiny details you slip in to all your stories. Also all the dirty cups were a nice touch - they could definitely have just refilled the cups they were using rather than start a new one each time.

pahaha Baskerville. Your Perry is wonderful.

I'm intrigued by Rick Shacklebolt. It feels like Ron could almost be matchmaking here? He seems nice for now but I think there could be slightly more to him.

And YES Draco Malfoy supporting Hermione's campaign. Love love love it. And that's so nice that he's giving it to Roxanne, obviously feeling uncomfortable here. I wonder if his support is partly due to the family's acceptance of his son?

Hermione's long list of titles made me smile.

Summerby's 'post blood status' society reminds me of people who say they 'don't see race' or 'don't see gender' as an excuse to not acknowledge the prejudice around them. It's like he's trying to convince people prejudice doesn't exist by not including it in his language.

Zabini's a nasty character. I like how Hermione just pointedly ignores him. Very cool, calm and collected. She's done a lot of growing up but that's to be expected.

And the Hermione as a warrior imagery is fab.

Ooo and Zabini's been poisoned! This is such a good first chapter Roisin! You've set this up to be potentially more exciting than SiS, and I love seeing Roxanne more comfortable than she was then. I want to know what happens next!

From what I could tell, grammar and everything seems flawless, and I can't fault your plot building here. You're brilliant at openings and this definitely didn't disappoint! Very excited to read on.

As always, send over anything if you want me to have a look. I'm trying to be more contactable :S

Loved reading! Emma x

Author's Response: Emma! Yayayay!

Ha, yes, definitely went a Dursleyish direction with the neighbors. And HEE, glad you picked up on the fact that a Doctor who resembles Roxanne would be a fan's "when's that gonna happen" trifecta: female, person of color, GINGER.

Oh yes, Ron was definitely being very "hey look at this successful guy around your age who isn't related to you *nudge nudge*" there :P

I'm glad you suspected that personal motivation for Draco supporting Hermione. It's for sure a reason I imagined for him, but not one Roxanne really realized.

Hee, Hermione Granger: Boss Witch. And YES, the 'post blood status' comment was definitely a reference to like, 'the US is post-racial' rhetoric.

It's funny that you mention Hermione being cool in the face of Zabini's heckling. Writing that scene was really interesting, because canon Hermione was always quick to action if she felt like someone was being a prat (talking back to Umbridge, slapping Draco, etc). Here, I wanted to imagine how a few decades of experience might have affected her, and I wanted to write her in such a way where her passions do get ignited, yet she stays on track. Like, Zabini's harassment makes her sharper, because it does upset her, but she doesn't fly off the handle.

Yayayay I'm so glad you like it! Unlike SiS, I actually have a plan for this whole plot in advance of writing it all out :P I would LOVE it if you were down to look it over. Lemme scurry to go share you on the doc now!

Thank you so much for the review and support and yay :)

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