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Review #1, by Lily Fallen Dandelions

10th August 2016:
Wow, this chapter was so moving. I love how you describe the point of transition from teenager to adulthood - it's awkward and all over the place and you don't know what you're doing or should be doing or even want to be doing and I think you cover this beautifully and realistically. Leila's dream of being a Healer, for one. Not everyone has the opportunity to follow their dreams even though people always say that you should. I'm not saying that you shouldn't try. It's just that some people seemingly have it handed to them while others have to work hard to eventually get to the point where they can try and fulfill their dreams.

I feel like Leila really gets this. Her situation with her grandmother, her feelings for James, the boy who seemingly has everything and with Lorcan, the boy who is fulfilling her dream of becoming a Healer. Her relationships are an important insight into who she is as a person.

I also love how you incorporate flowers and the medical. You really explore her interest in these subjects and it develops her as a character. I feel like she has some sort of disease though, maybe something to do with her blood? Something that might prevent her becoming a Healer in the long run? The scale of devastation would be tremendous on this front - at least, it would be for me. Of course, this is just me trying to look at the bigger picture!

Your way of writing is simply riveting, the story has a great pace and it's picking up now with the introduction of the potential conflict. I look forward to seeing what happens next and feel compelled to add that I am most definitely a Blotter fan! :)

P.S. I pronounce Leila a different way everytime I read it for some reason. While I like Li-la, I read it as Lee-la most of the time!

P.P.S Hope you can make sense of this rambly review!!

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Review #2, by Sarah Fallen Dandelions

10th May 2016:
I'm really looking forward to the next update. This story is amazing and its so confusing. I cant tell if I ship Leimes or Lorla. Its just...theyre both so cute. And is Leila okay, my theory is her sister or mum died and its her fault? But arghh... And I say lay-la, that not how everyone else pronounces it? Xxx

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Review #3, by justonemorefic A Gran(-deur) Day

5th March 2016:
DIANNE, I've been burning to come back.

I can't believe FENNEL is her last name. She is practically a plant already. A DIGESTIVE plant, I'm rolling. It's true though, her Gran wasn't responsible for that, but if my minimal knowledge of family names has taught me anything, it means she was descended from a fennel picker. Or you know, a fennel.

Nothing like afternoon firewhiskey. I would love to know more about the old folks of Hogsmeade! So many possible antics. They've seen it all—especially Harry, apparently, from how used they are to him. Baha, I love his little cameo that is really just a stream of cameras. She doesn't even get to see him!

Also GRAN AND FORTESCUE DATED, okay, that is too cute. Please tell me that together, they made like… lavender ice cream together. Or other flavors amongst the scarier plants of the wizarding world. But even cuter is Leila's reaction to her Gran's embarrassing stories. HIS LIPS—Gran has *clearly* not forgotten. I know you think this is sort of rambling, but when read by itself, Gran's passages are charming! I'd love to see her more involved in Leila's life.

Oh, enigmatic James Potter. I hope Leila doesn't get too caught up. And thank god Lorcan sent her a letter because to leave her lonely would be too much. It's so cute and earnest, and I can feel him missing her company.

I caught a few punctuation typos—commas at the end of dialogue, if you're so inclined to fix them. Also, "right this instance" -> "right this instant"

Hopping around for the review-a-thon—I hope I can come back to this!

For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Fallen Dandelions

5th March 2016:
I came back to the story page to tell you I binge read every chapter last night but I'm supposed to be doing my school work so I would come back and review all the chapters in between in the next few days! Imagine my delight when I found a new chapter! I just want to say that this story is easily my favorite story that I've read on the archives thus far (as indicated by the fact that it is in my favorites). Your characterization of Lorcan is my absolute favorite. James is a lovely character, as are the rest of the Weasley/Potters. I wish Gran was my actual Gran. OH MY GOODNESS! The lovish confession of James Potter was beautiful and magnificent and all that I want out of life.

Questions I had while reading:
What in the world did she take that resulted in five days of being gone? She must have been in an extreme state to have someone as sweet as Gran insist on it. My next question is the 'Her'...the story started with the 'Her' that I'm assuming it's Leila's mother and mentions sea water. If her mother drowned in front of her, which is the conclusion I'm jumping to, I can't really blame Leila for having this kind of break down. If James was waiting there for her today does that mean that he's been waiting for her for each of the five days? That's so terribly sad and sweet. The whole chapter was heart wrenching, really.

I mentally pronounce Leila like lay-lah because that's how the Leila I know pronounces it. I know it can also be lee-lah, but that's just not how I hear it.

Goodluck with your finals. I'll be totally fine crying for a month. Don't worry.

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Review #5, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Planting Ideas

5th March 2016:
“For the HPFF Review-A-Thon”

The next Madam Pudifoot’s! Imagine how many lovesick youngsters will—ow! What was that for?”

I can’t help but snort here and also declare that I am Team Lorcan in this ever looming love triangle.

Because there’s not enough galleons to look for in streets. If we hand people what they want, they would go bonkers over it but then it fades just as quickly as it started.”

Very true. People want what they can’t have or rather what other people are receiving. Lorcan would make a good businessman.

And a boyfriend.

And husband.

And…alright I’m getting ahead of myself.

Can we just forget adding James into the story? I’ve clearly fallen for Lorcan. Gah! I thought this chapter was a nice change of pace. Adding other notable characters and a different scene was nice. I like Bloom as a character too. I think she’s charming but not too charming where I could get sick of her with the next chapters to come. I also like the idea of Roxanne and Albus possibly popping up again in later chapters. I think more characters grounds the story.

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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Blossoming Openings

5th March 2016:
“For the HPFF Review-A-Thon”

Not until we magically enhanced the dandelions to blow across the street and charmed the board outside to read, ‘FREE BISCUITS AND TEA’.

Hey! You have to sell the product somehow. It’s all about advertising. If the masses like biscuits and tea then give them biscuits and tea.

Oh and to add to that, one of my Gran’s porcelains smashed right into the ground, sounding like my crushed hopes and dreams.

I actually really like this scene here. It sort of reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the movie but there’s this scene where the guy the lead character has a thing for comes into her store and she hits her head and it’s just embarrassing but it’s also endearing just like this scene here with Bloom and James.

I think you’re really great with dialogue and setting the scene. Everything flows nicely and the whole chapter was easy to read. I think it helps that the events also happen at the shop. There’s just something calming and inviting about a flower shop.

Sort of. I have horrible allergies so I’d be the sneezing customer.

Again the only thing I would say is this needs another read through. There were bits and pieces where you changed tenses so sometimes I had to read a sentence over again because it was slightly distracting.

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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Flowering Alternative

5th March 2016:
“For the HPFF Review-A-Thon”

But when you’re almost nineteen without a galleon in your pocket, how are you even supposed to afford a thousand ones for Healing School?

Preach girl. Been there. Still there actually.

“Turn your doomsday into bloomsday.”

I love this tagline.

This story is a cute idea. I’ve never read one on HPFF that involves a flower shop. Most people go straight for a bookstore so I appreciate the change of scenery. I enjoyed the friendship between Lorcan and Bloom. It’s very easy going and their exchanges just flow easily.

I really can’t say much because this chapter really set the scene of their friendship, the shop and what’s to come. I can say I found the chapter relatable. It’s hard to find a job after school. Sometimes you have to put your plans on hold and go for something else. I’m experiencing that problem right now so I can definitely feel for Bloom at the moment.

There were some things that needed a quick edit again. Someone else pointed it out in a review so I won't go into too much detail but beware of the dreaded tense change!

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Review #8, by Dirigible_Plums The Flowering Alternative

5th March 2016:

This is such a great concept. As you said in the author's note, a lot of us forget how difficult it can be to get a job straight after school or college, especially if you don't have much money, so I commend you for your realism. And I really like that you had Bloom open up a flowershop (especially one on the corner of Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley) since I haven't seen that one before. So often we see the typical waitress or bartender, but this is a refreshing change and reminds me that there are more shops than your standard Quality Quidditch Supplies, bookstores and Madame Malkin's.

I quite liked the friendship between Lorcan and Bloom. The way they had planned out their future together, but it wasn't working out is upsetting yet it is so accurate it hurts. How many times have I discussed the future with my friends, only to see that things were going in a different route?

Another thing I really liked was the little worldbuilding facts you included. Like the effect of levitating three boxes at once. Usually, I see magic as a quick and easy alternative so it's nice to see a little strain.

Your writing was very nearly perfect. Your style of writing is extremely good and easy to read, but you did switch tenses a few times. Here are a couple of examples:

- The setting sun reflected slightly on his glasses but I can see the satisfied look on his face, that he thinks too that this might be worthy.

- Because there nothing as wonderful as my garden back home. It was full of varying species of flowers (of course, there are also the magical herbs) and Lorcan’s just jealous he hasn’t had the hands of gardening.

Other than polishing that up, I don't think there's anything you need to do, just keep on writing the way you do! I hope this helps :)

Plums xo

(For the HPFF Review-a-thon)

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Review #9, by PaulaTheProkaryote Blossoming Openings

4th March 2016:
The indecency of those consumers! You don't eat a businesses delicious treats without making even a small purchase! Aha! They were Hufflepuffs! Thank you for not introducing all of the details immediately in the story, but rather forcing me to read on and find out for myself. I laughed when she lifted the hex off Lorcan just because she was feeling mushy from the tulip. Despite the lack of profit, I'm impressed by her attitude. She's the kind of character I'd want to be friends with in real life. She's a master of advertising with her clever sunflowers! I strongly relate with Lorcan's need to reorganize and clean up. Profits slightly above zero are still still profits and you can never go broke making a small profit! I've heard of golden hour, but I'd never heard of blue hour until now. The best line of this chapter was "Oh and to add to that, one of my Gran’s porcelains smashed right into the ground, sounding like my crushed hopes and dreams." I felt so bad for her dramatic self. Her first interaction with James seemed very organic and real. No one sails through chit chatting with an old crush that they've never even met. Your dialogue is amazing. If I had to pick one thing you excel at, it'd definitely be dialogue.

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Review #10, by PaulaTheProkaryote The Flowering Alternative

4th March 2016:
Hi! I'd like to post my review for the HPFF Review-A-Thon

The first thing I'd like to comment on is your fabulous use of description. The way you write makes it so easy to envision everything as it happens. I do feel sorry for Bloom for not being able to go straight to healer school, but maybe that's a sign that it wasn't really what she was supposed to do anyway. Gran sounds like a great character, what with her obsession with Lorcan's weight. I'm hoping to see her in future chapters. I loved the line "That there will always be more cobbled steps on the road, each step more wobbly than the last until it breaks completely." That's incredibly true and well put and frightening. I'm slightly concerned that Lorcan would even consider taking a year off of healer school just because she can't, no matter how briefly or unseriously. It shows how close they are, but it also makes me think they might be a bit too dependent on each other for their own good. I am, however, very pleased with her healthy response. The treatment of his sore bicep shows that she definitely has healer potential, but she could use those same skills for other careers. I like the way you made Lorcan very different from the dreamy Luna we all know and love. Some stories the Scamander boys paint them as the same as their mother and variation from that is refreshing. I'm madly in love with the tagline “Turn your doomsday into bloomsday.” That was absolutely hilarious and should actually be the tagline. Overall, I love the story so far and the portrayal of your characters. Bloom is very apt for her career choice. I'm excited to find out her first name though. I like the suspense and nagging in my head at the loss of such a minor detail.

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Review #11, by Jayne Another Tea for Two (Shattered Teacups)

20th February 2016:
I really liked Roxy and Scorp's banter this chapter, but am excited for the angst next chapter - can't wait.

Author's Response: Thank you! I really liked writing the both of them, too! Stay tuned. I am trying my best with the angst. *u*

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Review #12, by Giù9 Another Tea for Two (Shattered Teacups)

19th February 2016:
Yes! Finally! I've been waiting for an update for so long... Scorpius seems amazing and I loved all his interactions with Leila. I like that she has a number of people who she can rely on. Obviously Locarn is Locarn, but it's good to see the genuine bond with Scorpius and also Roxanne. She seems someone you can count on. I really liked them (although i missed James and Locarn). Do I have to worry about this "rollercoaster of flowers going down"??? XD I am always ready for angst and drama but please, don't break my heart *sigh*

One more thing. Thumbs up for the Albus spinoff!!! He is my favourite NGen. character and I can't get enough stories about him... So you already got a loyal reader for that one ;)

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for the wait! It's just that Uni's getting to me T^T ANYWAY, Scorp is amazing! Yes, I had to put that there because while B and S are super tight, I wanted Bloom to still have a number of people outside her and Lorcan's bubble. Esp since Healer S is busy. Uh oh.

I'm glad you like Roxy and Scorp although their appearances might be minimal. I'm writing them in the possible Albus spinoff and thank you, thank you for your advance support! I love you, fo realz.

I think the only thing you have to worry about that rollercoaster is whether I can pull it off nicely because writing angst pulls everything from me and I might end up angsty first before my OC. I can't promise anything about your heart. But! I promise I'll help glue it back together. If. *If*

Thank you, thank you for the sweet review! I hope I don't fail you! brb flailing and crying

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Review #13, by jamessiriuspotterforever Echinacea, her favourite

30th December 2015:
Wowowowowowow adorableness times infinity x
What?” He said innocently, shoving his hand on the apron pocket. He pulled out a bunch of sickles and dropped them on the counter, grinning at me. “They tipped me.” He burst out laughing.

I shook my head in disbelief. “What did you even tell them? Oh wait, I’m guessing you omitted that bit where you’re Harry Potter’s son.”

He waved a hand, dismissing it. “No point in telling. What I told them though,” He ducked his head to meet my eyes. “Was that we’re a recently married couple struggling for money.”

The scissors I was holding dropped in a thud and I gaped at him. “You—why—married?! I—“

He shrugged, hiding a smile (and failing!). “That’s to keep them off bay from doing—“He cleared his throat. “Inappropriate things.”

“You’re joking!”

He burst out laughing, reaching out to pinch my cheeks. He pulled on it. “You’re really cute.” He stated then narrowing his eyes at me, “You don’t flirt often, do you?”

I sputtered another bunch of incoherent words, aghast that he addressed it so straightforwardly. I knew it. He was tormenting me. Smarmy git.

“Hey, I was playing you.” He nudged me, smiling before fetching the trays and teapots left on the tea tables.

^ and yes they're fluffy and adorable. I love it when he's flirtatious. Oink oink 😂

Anyway the get to know you game was cute enough. And those married women better keep their hands to themselves cuz these two belong together aaah.

And finally he's back. Ma mans back. I'm.hyperventilating. Oh. My. God.

The fluff is suffocating. I'm such a drama queen right? Don't hate me. I can never give constructive reviews like normal people. Sorry ._.

On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I don't mind your reviews! I love them, really! I hope I don't kill you with the fluff! Thank you, really! Your reviews mean so much to me! *u*

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Review #14, by jamessiriuspotterforever A Box of Tagalongs

30th December 2015:
^ this is what I felt like after reading this chapter. Don't even know why I quit reading hp fanfic for a bit. Prolly the stress of finals and projects and such. But you did a good job in reminding me what I had been missing.
First off, the letter to S was cute as always. And how she talked about grandma liking Fortescue haha.
Next well, the nervous wreck of a guy was somewhat cute. I just hope someone flusters about what I like as much as that guy was doing for his girlfriend. Adorable xD
And lastly, James and bloom developments hmmm.
I almost burst out laughing. “Contrary to what you have been thinking, Mr. Potter, I’m not exactly your Mum,” We started grinning at each other. “So why would I be disappointed—“

He looked slightly embarrassed and it was adorable how he cared for such a petty thing.

“You really care for what everyone thinks, don’t you?” I looked up at him.

He smiled. “Not everyone. I only care for those who struck my fancy,” He winked and it suddenly dawned to me that he was flirting.

^ favourite scene. I can totally relate with her not being able to understand what to do when James Potter is flirting with her. Hello its James. Also I suck at flirting. Just suggestive half smiles and reddened cheeks when someone's dirty talking is my thing. Haha. Seems like its blooms too from the way she drops things she's holding when she's in close vicinity of James.

On to the next chapter.
P.S I loved the scene where James put the glasses back on her.

Author's Response: I hope school's treating you fine! Anyway, yes thank you! That's exactly how I talk to my friends, telling them the weirdest things that's been happening to my life so I'm pretty sure everything about Gran's dating life was worth sharing to Lorcan BAHA. B and S adores Gran very much. Everyone adores Gran, really.

Anyway, James is such an adorkable flirt. But no, he's not a flirt, really. He's just you know. Bah. One can never get the ways of adorable perfection cupcake-cinammon roll lovechild that is James Sirius Potter but I'm so glad you ship Blotter. Fluffs up my heart.

Shame B sucks at flirting and yes, when something shatters, it means someone's sorta flattered--> ew. Wherever did that come from?

THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY REVIEW! It means so much coming from youu.

P.S. I loved writing that scene. Wink, wink.

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Review #15, by m (pottered. once again: too lazy to log in :>) Custard Creams, Lemon Drizzles

28th December 2015:
Aww, this was so cute. i love lorcan and bloom's friendship so much!! their healer talk made me so happy for some reason lol. and ooo so does james really fancy her hmhmm. "i don't think so?" A QUESTION MARK. does this mean there's a chance :0 im excited aha and have i mentioned that i love your chapter titles? well, i love them. they're creative. also: i always forgot to mention in my previous reviews that i LOVE the cast for all the characters, like, wow they're so attractive and definitely suit the characters well. especially for bloom. xx


I try my best with the chapter titles. To which I have to admit that I spend more time mulling over than writing the actual fic itself

The face claims are too gorg for all of them esp Bloom! But Douglas Booth can be the perf James. *u*

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Review #16, by m Echinacea, her favourite

28th December 2015:
OHMYGOD LORCAN YES YES MY DARLING CHILD IM SO GLAD HES BACK!! I MISSED HIM AND HIS ENTRANCE WAS AMAZING. HE ALSO KNOWS HER FAV FLOWER, HOW CUTE. IM FREAKING OUT BECAUSE THAT WAS GREAT. I LOVED THIS CHAPTER SO MUCH. I GU-ess i should stop screaming now. ok ok so james is adorable and so is bloom and they're cute together, all flirty flirty heart eyes. but welp if it comes down to lorcan and james, im dead because they're both so suave and lovable.

Author's Response: I WANNA SCREAM TOO AND TELL YOU THAT YES THERE'S NO USE CHOOSING BETWEEN JAMES AND LORCAN AND FOR THAT, I resorted to just shipping the both of them: Sclotter.

Lorcan's glad you're glad he's back! Much lufff

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Review #17, by m (pottered. too lazy to sign in :0) A Box of Tagalongs

28th December 2015:
SOOO CUTE!!! why is james so charming, this is unacceptable. ok ok so 'your rain' 'your cloud' so adorable! i love that. i feel bad for laughing at greg aha i hope it all works out for him lol. and ooo does james fancy her wink wink. but im so happy he came to apologise, how cute. it's really refreshing how your fic james is so kind and sweet, completely different than how he's usually portrayed, so i love!! that.

Author's Response: I'm glad you noticed their closings! I mean, it's one of my fave teensy details of B and S's friendship!

I like writing James as this actual real kind and can be sweet person! I mean, he's kind of based on my older brother who can really be very mischievous and whatnot but he's really sweet too, y'know? I feel like James being the eldest Potter is like that, too!

I'm trying a little hard to make some parts of this story relatable hee.

Thank you again!!! & I totally get you being too lazy to sign in hah--> I do this too

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Review #18, by m A Gran(-deur) Day

28th December 2015:
i love bloom's gran aha and the moments with her were so fun and cute. but aw ): bloom ): and wth james. i guess everybody has their bad days, but why'd you be rude like that to her :< lorcan's letter tho!! the healer assigned to him reminds me of my physics teacher rip lol. im so sad for bloom ): that was heartbreaking, really. anyways, i think im team lorcan. i THINK. (because like lorcan is so adorable and their chemistry is A1)


My thank yous are not enough. U R WONDERFUL *u*

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Review #19, by m Statices, for Remembrance

28th December 2015:
james is so charming wow wow i completely understand bloom for being so infatuated by him, i would be too. i STILL don't know who to root for, lorcan or james? both are adorable.
but the last part aw ): that was so sad, i have tears in my eyes welp. anyways i loveee lorcan!!!

Author's Response: Ugh, James is a total babe! And yes, yes, it has always been B's problem to deal with all the feelings James brings in with him. She's probably staring at her hands full of feels, thinking, 'Oh no! What do I do?'

You can choose both of them! Hah I know I am ;)

You've been faithful reviewing, thank you very much! :')

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Review #20, by m Planting Ideas

28th December 2015:
omg aww i love lorcan so much ): i hope bloom gets to start healing school with him ):

Author's Response: Aww, I get this a lot! But don't be disappointed T^T. Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by m Blossoming Openings

28th December 2015:
ahh i just started reading this and i loveee it!! i love bloom and lorcan's friendship a lot! also the whole florist plot is so cute. James' character is pretty cute too, but i don't know who to vouch for aha; lorcan or james??? bloom's name is sooo cute i love love love it.

Author's Response: Aah! Thank youu. I wrote this story to fulfill my hopes and dreams of becoming a florist and having a dude best friend~ Maybe I am in an alternative universe! and AU me is probs writing a fanfic based from this life I'm having right now. Is me saying this weird?


Thank you, again! Much love!

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Review #22, by Lucy76 Custard Creams, Lemon Drizzles

6th December 2015:
I love Lorcan and Bloom together!!! They belong together I know it. This story is so good, I can't wait for more! I think B was jealous of not having Lorcan's attention, not James'. She loves Lorcan!! I hope!!

Author's Response: Squee~ Somehow, them belonging together has got me thinking of them being tied together in a huge cauldron screaming for help. Yikes. Where did that come from?

Oh well, thank you for the lovely review~

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Review #23, by Giù9 Custard Creams, Lemon Drizzles

6th December 2015:
This chapter surprised me! I thought Locarn would have been the one feeling uncomfortable with the other two, not B. It was nice though, I'm curious to know to what this awkwardness is due. It seems like she likes hanging out with both of them as long as they're not together. Can't wait for next chapter ;)

Author's Response: Hah! Yes well, the truest explanation to that is because of Sclotter--> I ship them.

Okay, no. I'm kidding. Lorcan and Ly grew up with the Wotter clan and y'know boys. They can talk about everything. Heh.

I know! B is confused to where she puts her attention! I mean, she can't handle two important people at the same time and well, let's hope she tries because I really liked writing them as a trio.

Thanks for the review! Chapter 9 will probs be next year. When the queue reopens. Merry Christmas~

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Review #24, by JC A Box of Tagalongs

2nd December 2015:
Hahaha "Jillian"! Love James and Leila! Sparks are a-flying!
Also, love Lorcan! He seems fantastic!!

Author's Response: I hope not enough to burn down the flower shop! That would be disastrous. But Lorcan would probs aguamenti it somehow. Let's hope he does. Teehee. Thanks again for the review~

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Review #25, by JC Blossoming Openings

2nd December 2015:
Hahaha this made me laugh! Poor Leila, she acts exactly like I do around boys I'm crushing on! I'm really enjoying the story... So glad I stumbled across this!

Author's Response: Supressing fangirl feels and internal screaming--> exactly her. I think she likes pretending her feelings don't exist haha and it's not helping her. Anyway, thank you for being such a lovely review~ :))

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