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Review #1, by Penelope Inkwell Just Another Tuesday

7th May 2016:
Slytherin Hot Seat Review #7

Hey again! It's me :)

So this was a fun, cute little piece! A little comic book nerdery/love.

Sirius being jealous of a superhero--what a goofball. I loved when she fired back at him with his Celestina Warbeck crush to show him how silly that was. His thoughts about Millie, as well as his jealousy over Batman, were definitely amusing. And it's always nice to have some Millie/Sirius banter. The inanimate object bit and their bat potion brainstorming were cute.

The Man-Bat Potion was a good way to tie the whole thing together. It was a unique idea to go along with a unique story. This whole piece is just a fun, zany time with Millie and Sirius, and it's so lighthearted and silly you can't help but smile. The student turning into a bat was a little horrifying, though. It was sweet of Sirius to lend him his cloak (and I'm sure many people would thank him for that, Blonde Man Bat not the least of them).

I don't know a ton about Batman (don't hate me), but I could still follow along with the exchanges in the story and still be amused. Sirius reading all her favorite comics is such a cute/totally weird couple thing to do.

I had a number of favorite quotes:

“Oh, I forgot. Your precious uber-hero.”

“If I wanted to be bat-like, I’d dress like Snivellus.”

Merlin’s plaid kilt, Potions health and safety should not sound that sexy, Sirius thought.

“I might have accidentally read all of your stupid comics,”

--what was especially funny about this was both the way I imagine Sirius' tone--embarrassed and begrudging and adorable--and the fact that Millie is so caught up in defending her favorite comic book character that she doesn't even immediately take in what he said. He read ALL of them. All. So clearly he didn't totally think they were stupid. Poor Sirius is just feeling a little grouchy in the face of Millie's favorite (fictional) leading man. ;)

But the winner, far and away, was Madame Pomfrey's:

“There’s always one every year.”
--Hahaha, I loved it! That line was brilliant!


Soon, they’d be hearing maniacal laughter in the background, this potion was that crazy.
--I think that, since both parts of this sentence could stand on their own, that comma should be a semicolon.

Cheerily ignoring his Valentine’s exasperation at him,
--"exasperation with him" might be more correct than "at"

--spelling = Transmogrifying (I agree with Sirius, though. It is a great word!) I know she says it's made up, so maybe the spelling thing was on purpose. But in that case it seemed unusual that she wouldn't mention the right way to say it.

In conclusion, this was a cute, creative idea for a little extra fun and fluffy time with Millius (or Sirillie? I really need to know what this ship name is). And it was nice to get a little snapshot into their confusing relationship, where they're both clearly into each other, but neither seems *quite* sure what they are. Fun times! Always a pleasure to spend time with these two. :)


Author's Response: So much comic book love! This was more a love story to the world of Batman, than the quagmire that is Millie and Sirius' relationship.

I loved writing Sirius this way! To be fair, I love writing him as an awkward turtle all the time, but this was especially fun. Of course Sirius would be unnecessarily jealous of something, and OF COURSE he'd choose the World's Greatest Detective. Go big, or go home, as they say.

I'm so very happy that you had fun reading the story. It's supposed to be a fun, zany piece, in the vein of comics such as Gotham Academy, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Sirius being a decent person to a fellow human being is always a plus :P

I'm also pleased that the story is comprehensible, even if you don't know a lot about Batman. Some of the references are very overt, whilst others are more subtle, because I wanted it to work for fans of all types!

Haha! Sirius definitely accidentally enjoyed all those comics! They would totally be his jam, if it weren't for the pesky matter that his girlfriend adored a certain fictional character :P

Madam Pomfrey has seen it all. There is no surprising her anymore.

Thanks for the wonderful review, as well as the CCs. Always wonderful to hear from you, Penny :)

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Review #2, by princesslily_36 Just Another Tuesday

17th March 2016:

Thank you so much for offering to swap :) Ah, yes, I spot my Sirius in the top three *clicks in excitedly* I haven't read Like House on Fire unfortunately (I probably should after this because I love it), and definitely not intune with the Batman fandom *sorry* but it's Sirius and I just HAD to read it!

Okay, so lasting impression - I love this. I SIMPLY LOVE this. Their banter is so infectious, and the story had me smiling all the way. The dialougues flowed effortlessly - his sass, her wit - it definitely added to every bit of making me ship them.

It was quite refreshing to read a situation in which the girl is obsessed about a comic, and the guy feels sidelined/jealous! More often than not, it is the guys with their comics and their videogames (not to stereotype or anything) but you've added a twist to that, and I love it. And I love Millie's and Sirius' characterization here!

Transmorgifying Potion That Turns You into a Bat - This cracked me up!

It was honestly too cute to see the little references to Sirius' attraction and feelings for her - like the slight brush of their hands, and his hair standing on the back of his neck when she whispers close to him. I can totally picture him as someone who would want to put off defining the relationship :D And reading the comics for her sake, yet refusing to admit it - super cute! And I never thought I'd see the day when Sirius would be jealous of a fictional character!

I always love reading the guy's PoV when it comes to romance, but Millie's here was just adorable - how she claims him to be the best snog, and subsequently forgot it all when he decided to insult her hero! I can definitely see why they're just too perfect for each other!

“If I wanted to be bat-like, I’d dress like Snivellus.” - Epic! This one had me laughing so hard that people next to me gave me weird looks (I'm supposed to be working on a super serious essay on antibiotics right now!)

As someone who is a sucker for fluff and romance, I did like the ending a lot - Millie initiating the kiss, and ensuring that Sirius was indeed her first choice, that was just so sweet.

So I realize I might have been a better reviewer if I was more familiar with Batman. But even without that I simply ADORE this little story, and I'm so glad I got a chance to read it!


Author's Response: Haha, Sirius is irresistible, so I completely understand ;)

Yay! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story! I really wanted the story to be accessible for readers who haven't read Like a House on Fire and/or don't know much about Batman.

I reckon that boys get jealous of girls' interest in things more often than we think. It's fun writing that situation and portraying how it can play out in a non-toxic, and relationship-building way.

Gosh, I love writing smitten Sirius. It is so much fun! I really believe he has the sort of personality to fall head over heels in love and be completely unashamed about it.

Guys' points of view in romances is one of my favourite tropes, too! What ARE they thinking?! The ultimate question. And Millie of course is so great, as well.

It hurt me to compare the World's Greatest Detective to Severus Snape, but I had to do it since I knew Sirius would. I'm super happy that it made you laugh hard enough to weird other people out!

Fluff and romance is the reason I live and breathe. Of course there was going to be a fluffy and romantic ending! Pleased you liked it!

Thanks so much for the lovely review, Ysh :)

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote Just Another Tuesday

6th March 2016:
For HPFF’s Review-a-Thon

First, I’d like to say that I’m glad you told me about this one shot because when I first started lurking around HPFF forums forever ago, I actually read Like a House on Fire. I may have left anon reviews, but I can’t even remember for sure. I’ll have to go back and reread it and actually review this time!

My favorite line of the entire story is probably “Course I have,” he replied. “But I’m under the impression that potions, as inanimate objects, don’t need it” because it truly embodies the sass of Sirius.

Millie is the kind of character that I’d like to be. She’s pure wit and attitude!

I think your strength is absolutely writing dialogue. It flows organically and never feels forced.

I like that the story focuses on his reactions to her because I find it much more endearing and sweet. I love his heart doing cartwheels and him mentally swooning.

Sirius is a precious boy for reading the comics. Despite his claims of sizing up the competition, I think it’s really about him taking an interest in her interests. Who wouldn’t want that in a valentine? Also, at this point they should just face the music and realize that they aren’t so much pretending anymore.

Another detail I really liked that’s completely minor is Millie saying the area would need to be cleaned with a neutralising potion. It reminded me of something you’d actually hear in a chemistry classroom. Tidbits like that really make a story in my opinion.

I adore the scene in which she settles his jealousy once and for all. I can’t blame him for getting a bit jealous. Sometimes I get very caught up in the lives of fictional characters. Overall, I completely loved the sweet little snapshot into their lives. It was well written and the imagery you conjured was fantastic! I really, really, really need to go back and reread now.

Author's Response: Hey Paula! Aww! That's so sweet! I am always surprised to learn the number of people who have actually read LaHoF. I don't know why - it's been on the archives for ages, but it still catches me off-guard.

Sirius' sass is some of the most fun writing. His sass is so much like my sass.

Millie is great. As I have written three stories featuring her, it is abundantly clear that I love her.

Thank you! I love writing dialogue, and perhaps that love shines through!

Gosh, I so love writing a smitten Sirius. There's something about making a tough character pure mush.

Of course it's because he wants to be interested in her interests! He's too smitten :P They really should face the music, I agree, but DRAMA.

My inner scientist loved writing that bit where they had to section off that part of the classroom. Hogwarts can be so dangerous without incorrectly made potions lying around!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Paula!

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Review #4, by looneylizzie Just Another Tuesday

5th February 2016:

I'm finally here reading and reviewing the entries for the Name that Fandom Challenge! So sorry that it took me so long!

Anyway, I've read a couple of chapters of Like a House on Fire before, but I really didn't feel like it was necessary to really understand and enjoy the relationship between Millie and Sirius - which is a good thing when you're writing a missing moment like this.

Although it does make me want to go back and finish Like a House on Fire...

Anyway, I have to say, this entire story cracked me up. I absolutely love Sirius and Millie's relationship (pseudo-relationship?) and the banter between them - it just flows so nicely and it's clear that they're very comfortable with each other, which made it easy to get caught up in the excitement of their relatively new relationship. #totallyshippingit ;)

Also, the changes in POV, from Sirius' to Millie's and back is really quite flawless. I mean, you manage to keep the flow of the story very even - time is passing at the same speed - while still making it clear whose POV it is through the little breaks you've inserted where things change. AND you're writing in 3rd person, which can make it even harder for a reader to distinguish a change in POV from one character to another - so the fact that you made it so easy to follow and created such smooth transitions is just amazing! Fantastic job!

As for the fandom - I'm not overly familiar with Batman, both in the comics and movies (he's my least favorite superhero. *dodges rotten fruit* sorry!) and everything I know is just from stuff I've picked up here and there, but I am amazed at how MANY references you managed to pack in here that I understood without needing to look it up! It felt like everything was very, very easy to recognize and understand without being too obvious or awkward. AMAZING!

Plus, you had some awesome references in there. I loved that Sirius thinks Alfred is sassy, and the description of Slughorn's “I’m a supervillain, hear my evil laugh and cower” look. And the fact that the potion actually turned someone into a Man-Bat (and yes, I got the Langstrom reference!) and that Sirius is actually jealous of Batman. And... well, basically everything!

Oh! Favorite lines -- Merlin’s plaid kilt, Potions health and safety should not sound that sexy, Sirius thought. -- BAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE IT.

“If I wanted to be bat-like, I’d dress like Snivellus.” -- I'm fairly certain I laughed for at least five minutes after I read that.

All in all this story killed me about a thousand times over. I laughed till I cried and I'm seriously impressed with how many Batman references you crammed into this story. There's a LOT, and they're all written in so flawlessly. GAH! I LOVE THIS STORY!

Thanks so much for writing for my challenge, and keep writing!!

Author's Response: I am always anxious to hear what my readers have to say about my writing, and I am actually terrible at returning them the same courtesy of ACTUALLY REPLYING TO THEM IN A TIMELY MANNER. So first off, I apologise for the terribly late response.

I'm super pleased that the story stands alone well. Needing to read a 39-chapter novel just to understand what's going on in a measly one-shot is an exceptionally large ask of someone.

Yay! I aim for laughs with this story! Adventure and shenanigans is what superheroes should be about. #ishipthemtoohard

I was a little worried about the point of view changes. I have a tendency to just go "POINT OF VIEW CHANGE NOW" with very little warning. It is fun to write from two different perspectives though. Glad it worked!

I relied a lot on Batman being a pop culture icon. There's a good mix of general references and more niche ones. The overall aim was for it to be fun, no matter how much or how little a fan you were of Batman. The main focus of the story however, is still Millie and Sirius. I'm pleased you enjoyed the references!

Alfred is the sassiest. There is no competition. Also yay for understanding the Langstrom reference! You can't have a Batman story without actual bats!

The Snivellus lines is one of my favourites, too!

Thanks for the wonderful review, Lizzie :)

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Review #5, by Your Secret Snowflake Just Another Tuesday

27th December 2015:

So, I have to admit that I haven't read Like a House on Fire yet, but hopefully I can get find some time to get around to it! I'm pretty new at reading marauder's fics, but I'm enjoying them so far! So, I really will add it to my reading list! And, I also thought this read fine as a standalone fic.

But, I can say that I'm a superhero fan, so that was so awesome to read incorporated into a story! There were a few references that I'm sure went over my head, but I loved and chuckled at the ones that I did get! I really liked how you managed to get the references in there so naturally, they didn't feel forced at all. I especially loved the potion! A very original idea, poor Kirk must have had a very interesting experience with it!

I really like how you've written your characters, Millie and Sirius get on so well and naturally, there's no awkward bits that I could point out at all. And, I absolutely love that Sirius is jealous of a fictional character! That's just SO adorable!!

So, pretty much, I loved reading this one shot!!

-Your Secret Snowflake

Author's Response: Like a House on Fire is ridiculously long. I wish anyone who tackles it good luck! There are some great Marauders fics out there - you are totally spoilt for choice.

Yay for a fellow superhero fan! There are a LOT of references - sometimes, when I reread this story, I miss a few. I got a little carried away, but it was too much fun not to include as many as humanly possible.

I feel like being jealous of a fictional character is a normal emotion. The great Sirius Black should feel us mere mortals' pain, too!

Thanks so much for this wonderful review!

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Review #6, by Mr Penn Just Another Tuesday

27th November 2015:
Hey.. Its Penn from the forums with your promised review. Lets dive right in...

When I saw that I was to review a story with Batman references loaded in, I squealed. I admit I have read none of the comics and became a fan of him only after Nolan came around but still I think he is pretty cool. (OK I admit that's a understatement)

Sirius is completely in character from the first to the last in this story. You have brought out almost everything about him I love. Cocky, self-indulgent, a trouble-seeker. What I actually enjoyed was that you showed him just a little insecure as well. Most people tend to overdo the cocky part of his character but you kept it human-like. Bravo. And the fact that the Hogwarts playboy takes time out to read all the Batman comics just to impress his girl was actually pretty cute.

The various Batman references like the Riddler, Red Hood, Robin, League of Shadows, ARGUS just had me purring along. Did I tell you I love Batman?

About your concerns, I personally found the story to be pretty fun and easy to understand. I don't think you have much to worry about.

Thanks for bringing this amazing story to my notice. I shall surely love to read more of your works. :D

Author's Response: Yay! A fellow Batman fan! I also came to the Batman fandom after watching Batman Begins. Those films are great! (And so is Batman.)

Ah, I'm so pleased that you like Sirius. I really love writing him. He's everything I'm not, but I love giving him these little quirks. Of course, reading all the Batman comics to impress his girlfriend is one of them. You can't be properly sarcastic about something you don't know.

Gah! Those references were so much fun to write! I'm glad you liked them as well. I think you caught most of them.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review :)

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Review #7, by EnigmaticEyes16 Just Another Tuesday

1st October 2015:
Hi! I am here for the Slytherin Review Tag!

While I've missed Like a House on Fire, and Like a Multiverse on Fire, I really enjoyed this little snippet into the lives of Millie and Sirius. I love the idea of Millie being super into comics, especially Batman, and Sirius being jealous of this fictional character as he figures out where he stands with Millie in their fake-but-not-really-anymore relationship.

I also thought the potion was pretty original as well. And I liked how they were making a potion that gives you bat-like qualities, which doesn't seem like something that would be used or needed all that often. And poor Kirk! To have to be turned into a bat unexpectedly, I wonder what that was like to go through? Reminds me of when Hermione unexpectedly turned into a cat. And how did he end up naked? And outside? Or did he go through another window to get there, and had just found his way back into the castle at that moment when Millie and Sirius were the corridor? Can you imagine if they hadn't been there to take him to the hospital wing? What if he'd not been discovered til the next morning by everyone? Turned into a man-bat and completely nude? The poor guy, that would be terrible.

Anyway, I thought this was an adorable little one-shot and I very much enjoyed revisiting Millie and Sirius again. Great job on this, 800!


Author's Response: Aww! Thank you so much, Nix! You've been there for so much of Millie and Sirius' adventures, so coming from you, this means a lot.

I can think of literally zero applications for a man-bat potion. The person who made it must have really been into bats. Which is cool, since bats are really cool animals. But still.

Thanks so much for the lovely review, Nix :)

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Review #8, by Marshal Just Another Tuesday

30th September 2015:
I consider myself to be a big Batman fan but at the same time some of the references you made were not as familiar to me. Of course, I was a late adopter into the comics and I have an obsession with Tim Drake Wayne. So my focus is always more on Tim than on the Bat himself though I've loved the comics since forever.

You were very clever with this story. I loved a lot of the references and actually laughed at them as I caught them. The interactions between Millie and Sirius were very realistic. You give a lot of fun humanity to Sirius that a lot of people gloss over like the yelp he gave and his uncertainty about certain things.

I also really like some of your sentence structures and word usage. There were moments I paused and went "I really like how that was worded." I should have taken notes to point them out specifically. I think one of them was when Mellie gave a sigh and it moved her hair how you worded that was really nice. There was another moment but I don't remember as it got lost in the reading of the story as a whole.

So again good job and I enjoyed the read.

Author's Response: Haha, I am also a very late adopter of comics. I did some "extensive" research on Wikipedia for this. The references aren't all that important though, but it's a fun game to play to see if you can find all of them. (Tim Drake is great, btw.)

I'm pleased that you enjoyed the story overall. I had so much fun writing this, and I'm glad that it came across. Sirius is always a fun character to write. I love breaking his stereotype, just a little, and making him a little closer to us mere mortals :P

Thanks so much for the wonderful review :)

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Review #9, by apondinabluebox Just Another Tuesday

27th September 2015:
Hi! I'm here for our review swap! (Sorry about the delay -- I wrote the first review, backspaced and lost the entire review >.< )

While I've heard of Batman and Robin and Gotham City (who hasn't?) and even my cat is called Batman thanks to his strong facial resemblance to the superhero's mask, I've never read the comics or seen the movies (although the latter's been on my infinite to-do list for quite some time). Nevertheless, I understood the references well; you did a great job in incorporating them so that they weren't just tacked onto the story but actually added a whole new dimension.

I really, really enjoyed your portrayal of Sirius -- he's so adorable here! I loved Millie's obsession with Batman (really good way of incorporating it into this story, by the way!) and Sirius feeling jealous. Brownie points to you for inverting the cliché so that it's the guy who's jealous, and for gently hinting to it at the beginning of the story so that when it's eventually addressed at the end, it isn't something that's suddenly come out of nowhere. Jealousy is a realistic, human flaw, and you wrote that excellently -- and woo for Millie comparing her obsession with Batman to Sirius' love for Celestina Warbeck. "It makes more sense when you put it that way," he muttered. Awww!

You tied everything together beautifully. The potion, the library, Kirk and the Man-Bat, James and Lily, Lily's penchant for Superman(?) (and her liking men in glasses). This was amazing, and if you don't at least place in that challenge, I'll eat my metaphorical hat. :D

*adds story to favourites*

Author's Response: Hello! Wow your cat's name is Batman? That's the coolest cat I've heard of! He's Bat-Cat! (Also the movies are great.)

I'm glad that the references work. It was so much fun including them, and I hoped they were part of pop culture enough to make sense even if someone has never read the comics or seen the films.

Sirius is a lot of fun to write - I think that shows :P Jealousy is definitely part of the whole spectrum of human emotion, and Sirius is particularly suited to it. Jealous Sirius is the best Sirius!

Lily is definitely a Superman sort of person. It's definitely the glasses :P

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, and the favouriting! It means a lot *hugs*

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Review #10, by carry on with your knitting Just Another Tuesday

27th September 2015:
Hello! :)

I'm here for our review swap :)

I'd just like to say first that marauders+superheroes = YES.
I love a bit of superhero fun when I'm not harry pottering! :) I'm guessing you're excited for batman vs superman? ;)

But any how back to the story! :')

I thought this was a brilliant little one shot! I haven't read the link story but I definitely will now that I have read this!! I thought it was brilliant the way you merged in all of the batman references so naturally! It was great fun to guess which characters you were describing :)

I thought it was hilarious as well! Which is a compliment coming from me because I havnt found a lot of genuinely funny fan fiction, but this really was hysterical!

Sirius is also blooming adorable in this! I love the jealous side you showed to him, it's like a weakness, and a lot of authors don't really write him like that so it was a really interesting read :)

I'm short I love it and it was a pleasure to read! I hope we can swap again some time :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Yesss! Marauders + superheroes = WOOHOO. I basically have two modes: Harry Potter and superheroes. There is no in between. (I was so pumped for BvS)

Thank you so much! Including all the Batman references was a lot of fun. I think I might have gotten a bit carried away. I HAVE NO REGRETS.

Yayayay! I am very happy indeed that you found the story funny. I enjoy writing humour but this is probably the first story I've written where I want people to laugh out loud.

Every time I think about Sirius in this story, I want to squish his cheeks. Yay for liking him!

Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #11, by Misty_Rey Just Another Tuesday

27th September 2015:
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL BATMAN DAY! *in Christian Bales' throaty voice*

"And here we go."

His thigh was flush with Millie’s. Sorry, this tripped me up a bit, especially as it was the opening line. I don't get it, what does it mean? I feel like there's a typo there somewhere.

With that out of the way, on to the review swap! As a standalone, having never read 'Like a House on Fire', it totally works! I think you showcased Millie and Sirius' unconventional relationship really well. Their banter was a joy to read, they bounced off each other in a way that was cute and real. Their respective personalities came across very clear as well: she the sharp and serious type and he the carefree and comical type. I'd compare them to superheroes but it's late and I'm too sleepy to think, I wouldn't do them justice.

That ending was super-cute though. Sirius jealous over a fictional character, who would have thought it. Don't worry Sirius, many RL boys probably feel the same way about you, ironically enough.

Dialogue is definitely your strong suit. Every quip was soaked in realism and wit. It felt like I was reading actual people having actual conversations, they were that natural. Not that your description skills aren't up to par because they are. You painted the scenes like comic panels and I could imagine them as they unfolded. There are so many to choose from but my favourite has to be the mention of Lily loving Superman over Batman because of course she would! That's Lily to a T.

I only really have two concerns. First, Sirius came off as a bit too mushy in the first section. I'm all for being in love but it got a wee bit distracting. They already had palpable chemistry. Second would be them finding the Man-Bat. This is more a personal preference than anything else but I was expecting more action, like Kyle being confused and out of control causing chaos and flying around wildly while Millie and Sirius have to think of a way to subdue him without harming him. Then I could have epic music playing in my head as they sprang into action like superheroes.

Those references. So many references. All the references are love. They didn't feel forced which could have happened in lesser hands. Here, they were charming, clever and most importantly had a purpose in every context you put them in.

This was an incredibly fitting tribute to the Dark Knight.


(Sorry I didn't include much Batman/DC references in my review. I would but it's late in the night and my brain isn't at its wittiest)

Author's Response: *Christian Bale's throaty voice* You're the reviewer this site deserves.

There probably is a typo there somewhere, but I just meant that his thigh was pressed up against hers - because why not.

Eeee! I'm super glad it works as a standalone! The other story is 39 chapters long - it would just be too much to ask people to read all of that first, and then come read this teeny tiny one-shot that's basically me nerding out over Batman. Haha, yeah it's hard to think of superhero parallels late at night, I completely agree! I guess she's Batman and he's the Flash.

I got a bit Inception-y there; Sirius, a fictional character, being jealous of a fictional character. Fictional-character-jealousy-ception!

Ah! Thank you so much! Dialogue is my jam so I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it. It's a lot of fun for me to write these characters speaking with each other. They have so much to say, and such wonderful and fun ways of saying it, so it makes my job rather easy. And Lily could really have no one else as her fave superhero!

Yeah, I agree that Sirius is maybe a little too mushy at the start. That sort of characterisation makes more sense in the longer fic, where I've had a number of chapters to set that part of him up, but I really didn't spend a lot of time on that to really make it work. And I wanted to write a cool action sequence too! But then my word count got out of hand, so I had to abandon that idea :( Perhaps next time.

SO. MANY. REFERENCES. I had a bajillion Wikipedia articles open to make sure I was crediting everyone properly. I'm very very pleased that they didn't feel forced.

Thanks so much for this very wonderful review :)

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