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Review #1, by The Basilisk Fire Extinguisher

16th December 2015:
Hiss Hiss.

Guess who?

Oh, had I laughed anymore I would have compromised the integrity of Hogwarts's entire plumbing system, oh dear me.

I fancy the young Malfoy is in the right state mind when faced with all this disaster around him; which is to say 'on cake,' of course. It is a great shame there wasn't much cake. There is no bad time to think about cake. . . it's cake.

Admittedly, reading the original story, brought me not only very many emotions I didn't know ancient creatures who dwell in plumping could experience, but also confusion over why all these human maless seemed to be exceedingly tall. I fancied they were all brought up to express the full extent of their genetic potential.

In this parody, you've thoroughly brought to light so many preciouss. . . what's the word. . . 'quirks?' The story brings about a sentimental mood that may result in the re-reading of Ignite.

In this story you have made every ssingle line quotable. For that, I bow down to your incredible writing prowes. This is a most ssublime and gloriousss tale and I thoroughly adore it. It's supremely written. Well done, indeed.

Author's Response: Basilisk! You returned! You honour me with your slithery presence. And now I know that if I should ever need to divert you, to use cake.

It is, I fear, a problem with these young male humans that they must all be very tall; if they are not, they tend to get these insecurities. I worry I indulged them too much. I need more short male heroes. And couldn't resist mocking myself there.

You are too kind, Basilisk, to bestow me your attention like this, and I am immensely grateful.

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Review #2, by Guilty_ Fire Extinguisher

15th December 2015:
How have I never read this before?! SO GREAT. I had the goofiest grin reading this. I know most of this is silliness, but I think I might go re-read ignite now. I didn't realize how much I'd missed these guys in all their 16 year old angst! Loved it

Author's Response: It was pretty weird going back to the Ignite-era to mock, and remembering how cute and innocent they were back then.

It was a lot of fun to write, though. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by whykay Fire Extinguisher

5th December 2015:
:) :) If you were a lesser writer, we would have been ripping into the characters and plots which sounded like this (minus the irony and the spoof, of course). Fortunately, you are not a lesser writer. We are compelled to like everything you write.

(PS: I hope you got the reference from Ignite)

Hahahaha. Uh-oh, please laugh (need to save face). :D

Author's Response: I got my own reference! Um, after I searched for it. :-D

But yes, I had a LOT of fun poking, well, fun, at how bloody ridiculous my own work is sometimes. The Stygian Trilogy was always meant to be HIGH OCTANE DRAMA so I figured it would be easy to mock. But this was done out love and I hope other people can have a loving giggle at my expense every once in a while.

Thanks for reviewing! Worry not, I am laughing. :-P

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Review #4, by Roisin Fire Extinguisher

5th October 2015:

I genuinely snickered out loud throughout the whole thing :D

Oh man, where to begin... All the stuff about Albus! His and Scorpius' cuddliness! Methuselah GENERALLY. "BONK." Just remembering the line about Rose having ink on her face and drooling and Scorpius being transfixed is making me giggle out loud again.

This was SO GOOD. Like, everything parodied here is stuff I loved about Ignite, or is just part of writing (glossing over specific details of magic stuff), but was presented here in SUCH a funny way :D

I basically just want to quote every line back at you, because they were all FAB


Author's Response: I was very cruel to poor Albus. But I forever revel in mocking myself on how he is, as some people have said, 'too good to be true.' And some day someone who gets the full reference on the Methuselah song is going to come along, and they're going to find it hi-larious.

But SO GLAD you enjoyed! Especially as it was your Year Five parody that made me go, 'Yes, fine, I will do something COMPLETELY self-referential,' because I loved yours so obviously it COULD work.


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Review #5, by MargaretLane Fire Extinguisher

29th September 2015:
Love the comments about how he should have better things to do when people are dying, though I guess if it's going on for a while, he can't worry about it all the time.

Oh, you've said about "did the Potter have a muscular milkman?" I wonder if it should be "the Potters."

*grins at them debating if they're too middle class to call each other "mate"*

*laughs at the only responsible adult in the school being drunk* Drunken, irresponsible teachers DO seem pretty common at Hogwarts though.

Actually, I DO sort of care about Alfred the Great. When I was a kid, he used often be referenced in comics and stuff and THEY NEVER EXPLAINED. So I always kinda wondered about him.

Author's Response: Yeah, even in-story the whole 'mundane life in the face of crisis' was part of the intentional theme. When something is constant, you cannot focus on it all the time without going kind of mad. BUT I felt I had to contrast Scorpius' perpetual whimsy with HEY SCORP PEOPLE ARE DYING HERE COULD YOU FOCUS.

Dang typos.

Every time I worried about Lockett being an unbelievable teacher (though I did refer to her having been brought in at a bit short notice), I remembered how many terrible teachers were hired in canon.

Alfred the Great was a dude. Repelled the Viking invasion of the Kingdom of Wessex, clawed back most of England, and changed the face of infrastructure and government for his people. Alas for limited sources on such a period to learn more. But I love to imagine that such an era would have been rife in Muggle/Wizard crossover.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by MuggleMaybe Fire Extinguisher

29th September 2015:
I don't know if I understood all the jokes or not but I sure laughed a bunch reading this! (In a nice way. You know I loved Ignite! My review was all :wub: all the time.)

But the song! OH MY GOSH! SO FUNNY! And the rhymes are actually brilliant! I think I need to read more entries to this challenge. And also reread Ignite. And also read the rest of the trilogy. Yes. That.

Main point: this is amazing!

Author's Response: The challenge is producing some top lols. Run, don't walk to the forums.

The song was SO MUCH FUN to write! And very difficult to figure out the rhymes. The original has a much easier time with it as 'General' rhymes with so much, but 'aw' noises are oddly harder.

So glad you liked! And yes, read the rest of the trilogy. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Ohpl Fire Extinguisher

29th September 2015:
Loved this.Laughed out loud.Only someone with fabulous writing skills and a sense of the absurd could parody their own writing so brilliantly.

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed! Ignite has been called pretty funny but that stemmed generally from characters and me just letting dialogue flow; it's actually rather HARD to TRY to be funny. So, good to know it worked! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by BellaLestrange87 Fire Extinguisher

28th September 2015:
I get first review!

This is amazing.

I can't stop laughing. I'm very happy that I'm by myself in the basement with my laptop, otherwise my family might start to get concerned.

*wipes tears out of eyes* Oh, man. Scorpius and Albus, and their banter... And Professor Locket... bahahahahahah. And Methuselah's speech patterns! I loved them in Ignite because they were a quirky thing about his character that made me love him and I love how you adapted it to make fun of yourself.

Don't worry, I'm going to go get a thesaurus.

And I also loved your description of how Scorpius got nervous when he started thinking about how he was going to visit Rose. (I couldn't find the thesaurus.) This sentence: But there was only one more place for him to go, one more person for him to see, and Scorpius’ heart began to pound so hard in his chest he thought it might, just maybe, begin to melt that ice deep within him, like a frozen lump of ice. I remember you saying something similar to this, and I can't remember if it was in the Funny Things You Found While Editing thread, something else, or on Twitter, but you posted something about Scorpius's anger coiling inside him like an angry snake and I feel like this is a parody of that. (I officially can't breathe now. This is too funny.)

Way to ramble, Olivia.

‘I was up all night working on this!’ Rose rose to her feet, which is something that would be written more if her name weren’t Rose, thus cutting off all access to a very useful verb. - Oh my god this is brilliant. And Scorpius's hypothesizing about magic rituals! *rolls on floor laughing* And Rose mentioning Matt being unconscious until the sequel and the purpose that it serves... I can't. Stop. Laughing. Send help.

Love Scorpius and Selena bickering. Also, why is there a fire extinguisher in Hogwarts? Wouldn't they just use Aguamenti?

The action scene was really well-written. I don't know how to explain it, but it felt like a parody? Like, I love your action scenes in the (actual) Stygian Trilogy because they're action-y and go into the mind of the participants and the same time, and this was like "Albus hit the wizard on the head with a fire extinguisher. Bonk."

I found a typo:

Did the Potter have a suspiciously muscular milkman once? - did the Potters

I know this review was pretty much me just quoting you and saying how much I laughed and enjoyed this but I really did enjoy this and I would love if you parodied yourself again. (Well, I love everything you write (except when you kill people *sighs*))


Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed! I had to take the mickey out of myself with so much of this, though I honestly have no regrets about Ignite. Okay, some regrets, but I don't look back and go OH GOD WHAT DID I WRITE. This is all self-mockery in good fun.

Like, God knows I've met enough guys who were happy to adopt terminology not of their class/culture (two northern men unironically calling each other 'bro' is a thing I have witnessed). So Al and Scorpius aren't unbelievable. Just very silly.

As for Methuselah, there really is no reason why he speaks so ridiculously. My homage to other works got away from me, but it just PLEASED me so much as a quirky character trait.

The description of Scorpius being nervous is ENTIRELY a self-parody of that godawful line, yes. ANGER COILED LIKE AN ANGRY SNAKE. Jesus. Editing is your friend. A genuine technique for self-parody I used in writing this was just vomiting my most rubbish first draft prose, because enough slipped through the cracks on Ignite for it to be real. :D

'Rose rose to her feet' - these are genuinely problems I face.

It's probably a MAGIC fire extinguisher. Like, you don't want water on every kind of fire, so Aguamenti isn't a cure-all. So it's, like, an enchanted repository of spells and magical energy designed to emit an arcane substance to subdue all fire - yes I am mocking myself still.

I considered writing a more in-depth fight scene, but I think mocking my own propensity for silent casting and then making up spells so I can be smug about my Latin and Old English sufficed. Plus there was something pleasing about cutting off all the buildup with BONK, FIRE EXTINGUISHER.

Gah, typos even in my own cruddy parodies!

I guess I'd have to write more before I could parody myself. Though I suppose a parody of Starfall would have MORE history rubbish, even more random globe-trotting for no apparent reason, and I COULD parody Eva, which could be amazing. A parody of Oblivion would just mock everyone being miserable all the time.

Thanks for the review! :D :D

- Cath

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