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Review #1, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon The Gifts: Harry

3rd April 2016:
Oh gosh I have so many feelings now. I was so sad when I read Hedwig's death for the first time, I think I had to stop and take a minute haha, I was so mad at JK! So this definitely brought up a lot of feels.

I really loved how Harry and everyone else had to refer to how Hedwig had 'left', that was so sweet! The way you wrote his Birthday and the happy atmosphere was also really lovely. This definitely put a smile on my face by the end, well done!

-Kate :)

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Review #2, by Jayna The Gifts: Harry

22nd March 2016:
Hey there Caity! I can't believe it took me so long to get to this. Well actually, given my history of dropping of the face of the Earth for weeks at a time, I can believe it. But anyway, I think this ultra fluffy piece was adorably cute.

The gift itself was a splendid idea, and although Harry doesn't call it Hedwig leaving in my headcanon, it makes a lot of sense in this one. I mean, she was his first real present and she died tragically, so it does make sense that it would leave an imprint on him like this. I guess I just thought it would be different because his parents died tragically too, but I guess it's different when your pet dies right in front of you.

Anyway, flow-wise, there are definitely some awkward parts. I struggle with flow as well, and although I don't know how to fix it, I can let you know some of the places that I think sound a little off.

First of all, the second paragraph sounds just a tad weird. I think it might be the "after all this time" part or that Ron and Hermione wouldn't really have to make up for anything because it wasn't really their fault. I also think that having Hugo and Rose exclaim "Thanks Ma" in unison is kind of off because I don't think it would really happen like that, with them saying the same thing at the same time. In addition, the part where you list out Bill and his family, Charlie's single, etc. sounds a little off and could be simplified to something like "Bill, Percy, George were all there with their respective families, and Arthur stood next to Charlie, who was going on about his latest girlfriend." Basically, I don't know how to fix it, but I think that it sounds a little funny as is.

Anyway, I really liked your happily ever after ending, it really ended on a sweet, fluffy note. I think my favorite part was the part when you mentioned Weasley Manor. It really showed how much the times have changed since the whole thing started, many, many years ago.

Overall, great job on this, and I love the idea. Again, sorry for the delay in getting this review done.


Author's Response: (tbh, I had forgotten I had requested, so don't beat ya self up)
Awh thank you so much!

I myself find it awkward at points when I go back and re-read it, so I may re-write it in April/July.


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Review #3, by TearsIMustConceal The Gifts: Harry

12th March 2016:
Hi Caity, I'm so sorry it's taken so long but i'm finally here with your requested review.

This is such a cute little one-shot! I love how it's Rose going to get the new owl, which was definitely Hermione's idea for a present for Harry - she obviously knew how much Hedwig meant to him and it just seems the kind of thing she would do.

I'm so glad Harry loved his present. It's not surprising he still hurts over Hedwig but I'm glad he really appreciated the new owl and that he was ready to have a new one.

This was a touching and super fluffy story and in 500 words, you managed to convey a lot of feelings. As for your concerns, I honestly don't think you have anything to worry about!


Author's Response: Hello Vicki!
Sorry for taking a while to respond, life gets in the way, as we all know!

Thank you! This is my first story, so it is a little nerve-racking getting reviews on it.

Harry (in my opinion), was always going be quite heart-broken over the loss of Hedwig, so I kinda needed to console myself, and I did it by writing this.


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Review #4, by ScarletSnidget The Gifts: Harry

3rd March 2016:
Okay, so to start, I've only read seven lines, and I'm starting to cry. She bought him a new Hedwig!
Okay, so I've finished. It's a bit short, isn't it? You just kind of rush on; it's more like a plan than story. Maybe you would consider making it a bit longer?
Well, as it's a short chapter, here's your short review.
I really liked the concept, though. :D

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing this Scarlet!

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Review #5, by Jen25 The Gifts: Harry

18th January 2016:
Awwh! I love how sweet,adorable,and fluffy this is! Thank you,Caity,for this wonderful contribution to the world of fluff fanfiction.

Author's Response: Thank you Jen for reading it!

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Review #6, by MadiMalfoy The Gifts: Harry

17th January 2016:
Hi Magenta! Super big apologies for getting around to this months after you requested it--school was keeping me really busy right after my thread filled up so HPFF took a backseat to all of that! But I'm back now for a bit so I finally got around to my review thread!

Your areas of concern were about the flow and any other things I wanted to mention. Congrats on completing the Every Word Counts challenge, though! That's something I still have yet to try because I tend to get long winded. So even though you only wrote 500 words, the smoothness is still there and the scenes don't feel choppy or abrupt at all.

This was such a nice, heartwarming story, too! Gifting Harry a snowy owl in honor of Hedwig is such a sweet idea and I'm quite glad you thought of it and decided to write about it! I'm very curious to see what Ron and Hermione get as well! Great job with this, I think you did splendidly with it. Feel free to request for anything else on your AP :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #7, by Unicorn_Charm The Gifts: Harry

30th December 2015:
Hiya! Here with your second prize review!!

Oh this was adorable! I love the idea that Harry was receiving another owl for his birthday. :) And I liked that it was told through Rose's POV and that she went and got him the owl. It gave the story almost like a childlike innocence quality. It left me feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzies.

I don't feel like Hedwig's death gets enough attention, with her being such a large part of Harry's life. There were many times throughout the series where she was his only friend and link to the magical world. So I do find it totally believable that he would have a difficult time talking about her, even that many years later. I'm sure her death was one of the hardest for Harry to deal with. Like on the same level as Dobby. :(

This was such a cute little oneshot! I really enjoyed reading it. :D I found just a little typo, and the while with big, fat tears running down his face. I think it was supposed to be "and with big fat tears..." :)

Great job!! Thanks again for playing!! I'll be doing this again sometime!

xoxo Meg

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Review #8, by Musing The Gifts: Harry

25th December 2015:
Hello Caity!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am sure you're having a fabulous time these holidays! I am here for leaving you a review for the QTR Holiday Fun.

This was such a sweet story! I really adore the overall thought for the story. Hedwig was Harry's first friend and he was understandably miserable after he lost it. It's so good that he received Iah and Harry welcomed it.

I love the way you describe the Ron and Hermione's antics through Rose's POV. The place where she hears Hermione shouting at Ron cracked me up. Haha!

There are a few formatting issues but other than that the overall idea is AMAZING. I am waiting to read the other parts. Update soon!

Lots of cakes and cookies,
-Emm ^_^

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Review #9, by Owlpost68 The Gifts: Harry

24th December 2015:
Hmm, I thought I had reviewed this a long time ago, but maybe not :P
Anyway, this was really cute, the idea was so thoughtful. I think the few things that I could criticize is all a matter of opinion, 'cause it could honestly go either way. Considering Harry had trouble talking about Hedwig's death, I would have thought getting him another owl like her would be too difficult, but then again, it could go the way it did here and he'd love it. Another thing I would have liked to know is why he picked the name Iah. He had picked Hedwig from something he'd read, was that another character he'd read about? Mostly, I really loved the feel of the story, it was very cute and thoughtful.

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Review #10, by ravenclaw_princess The Gifts: Harry

21st December 2015:
Merry Christmas. I have a gift for you as part of the Ravenclaw gift exchange :)

This is quite a touching story and Hermione (for some reason I don't think Ron would have come up with the idea), knew exactly what to get Harry. Harry seems to still love Hedwig a lot and probably blames himself for her death, but he was also ready to accept a new owl into his life. It was definitely a nice surprise for him.

I don't envy poor Rose for flooing with an owl in tow. I'm sure that was quite an interesting experience. Rose must have been very excited about the gift seeing as she's the one who picked out the owl and then gave it to Harry.

You've managed to say a lot in 500 words and you've also captured a very tender moment for the family. Well done.


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Review #11, by cherry_pop94 The Gifts: Harry

19th December 2015:

I'm here for the Ravenclaw gift thread!

This was such a sweet little story! I'm so happy that Harry got all this loveliness and happiness on his birthday, especially since he never had particularly good birthdays growing up.

It's so sad to think that Hedwig's death still hurts him so much twenty years later, but he's got such a loving and supportive family around him!

You did a lovely job with this sweet little story! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!


Author's Response: Thank you so much Cherry!

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Review #12, by The Basilisk The Gifts: Harry

12th December 2015:
Short and sssweeet. That is the way of thingsss sometimesss. It is such a thoughtful gift to give Harry the owl. It is not sssomething many people would think to have as a gift for Harry. Ssso I commend your choice and find it to be quite fitting.

Nice work on the story. I would sssay I would love to sssee more but I know you were limited on the wordsss becuassse of the challenge ssso that in mind well done.

Author's Response: Thanksss Basssilisssk!

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Review #13, by Seasons_Greetings The Gifts: Harry

5th December 2015:
Hello Caitlin!

Here with another surprise for you!

I do love a good story that leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside. This certainly did so. Hedwig was Harry's lifeline for so many years, so of course he'd still miss her and think of her. What Rose did was just so touching and thoughtful. I also really loved the name he picked out for her.

Well now that I'm all cheerful, I'm off to make a batch of Mulled Cider.

Wishing you happy holidays!


Author's Response: Hello SG

Thank you for the review!

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Review #14, by Sinterklaas The Gifts: Harry

3rd December 2015:
And a great Ho, Ho, Hello to you!

How sweet this was -- it was certainly in the spirit of the holiday. What better reason for the season than to spread the gift of love and joy! I hope that Iah continues to bring Harry that wondrous gift of happiness, while he mourns the loss of his dear friend Hedwig.

Have a fabulous Holiday Season!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Sinter!


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Review #15, by Gail Welin The Gifts: Harry

26th November 2015:
Hi Caitlin!

I'm here from the forums with your requested review. :)

Congratulations on your first fanfiction!

I really like the idea you based this tid bit on, it's really cute. Keeping it to 500 words is quite the impressive feat though it may have restricted your writing in this case; you bring forth quite a few intriguing elements that raise a whole load of questions!
For example: why is Rose, unsupervised minor, out buying the family's birthday present for Harry? What the heck is the 'Weasley Manor' (seriously, you can't drop that without describing at least the background, it's too interesting! :p)? And why did Harry choose an Egyptian name for an arctic owl - it means moon and is a gorgeous name, but why Egypt?

"Rose could hear her mother yelling at Ron, telling him to hurry up otherwise they’d be late for their best friend’s birthday. And if they were, be ready to run."
These sentences are a bit weird; it feels like Rose refers to her father as "Ron". You could go with something like "Rose could hear her mother yelling (Ron, hurry up or we'll be late for Harry's birthday! And if we are, be ready to run!) and chuckled at her parents' antics, heading towards the commotion." to clearly separate Rose's POV from Hermione's words. :)

~“Ah dears, hello! Put the owl over here with the rest of the presents”.
“Thanks Ma!”~ I do not understand why they are saying thank you? And that made me wonder why nobody bothered to thank Rose for flooing all the way down to Diagon Alley to buy the owl. Rude family, much? (What family isn't? Haha :p)

"He knew automatically who it was from" I thought the owl is a present from the entire family? Or is it just from the Hermione/Ron part of the Weasley clan? And if that's the case, why does Harry immediately think it'd come from the two?

"big, fat tears running down his face" I know this is written in Rose's POV but still, it's a pretty undelicate way to describe Harry's tears of joy. :\

Characterisation-wise: You did not specify your take on canon but as stated in my thread, it is my default. I'm surprised Hermione or Ron (but really, especially Hermione) would let their eleven to twelve year old child go to Diagon Alley without at least one person accompanying her. Also I feel that after seeing an owl that looks just like Hedwig, whose loss is still so unbearable they all claim she "left", Harry would not start crying and squealing with joy. There'd be a moment of shock, a moment of pain, tears of sadness and quiet happiness, the emotions so deep and in such a turmoil that he'd be almost completely at loss for words.

Here are few technical issues I spotted:
~[...]5 Sickles please”.~, ~the presents”.~, ~put up with us”.~ The period should be right after 'please', inside your quotation marks (I'm using this ~ symbol instead of my quotation marks as an attempt to make this less confusing to the eyes), like you do with an exclamation mark here ~This is the best present ever, besides Hedwig!”~.
"20 minutes" should be written out. Always spell out numbers beginning a sentence. :)
"Arthur, Bill & co, Charlie(still single), Percy and the girls, George & family were all there." Don't use the ampersand (&) in prosa. It's great as a space saver on paper or if the symbol is fitting, but try not to use it in narration.

Your areas of concern were a bit vague so I hope my review can be helpful to you as I tried to take note of a little bit of everything.
This was an entertaining read and I'd love to see where you're heading with this idea! Ron and Hermione are also going to get gifts, right? :)


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Review #16, by alicia and anne The Gifts: Harry

18th November 2015:
Aww this was so adorable! I loved this so much!

I'm so happy that Harry got the owl as a gift for his birthday, and poor guy, still badly affected by Hedwig dying (I would be too)

This is so cute, and I'm glad that it came from Ron and Hermione's family, it wouldn't have meant as much if it was coming from someone else.

Keep up the wonderful work! This was brilliant!

Author's Response: Yeah, everyone is still affected by her death (we muggles I mean).

I couldn't imagine Iah coming from anyone else, it would have come across as insensitive. As it's from Ron and Hermione, it's touching.

Thank you for your wonderful adjective use.


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Review #17, by notreallyblonde44 The Gifts: Harry

20th October 2015:
Hey rosehedwig243! I see this is your first fanfic, yay! Welcome to the forums and archives and HPFF love! Let me know if you ever have a question or need something, I’m a PM away ;)

Oh Weasley Manor – they really went up in the economic world!

Aww what a sweet story, Harry got all emotional~~ What a good idea, poor Harry. He lost everyone, including his first magical friend. I’m glad the family (and you as author) came up with giving him a new owl. The warm happy feels :)

A few minor things:
Summary: ‘20 years after the final battle, It's the Golden Trio's birthdays and each receive a special gift. This is Harry's.’ –its not It’s

14 Galleons and 5 Sickles please”. – the period goes inside the quotation marks

Which Molly? Her grandma or her cousin? They call her Ma – so I assume grandmum, but that wasn’t too clear.

I don’t have much CC as this is your first fic and it’s too short to say much about. I suggest adding more spacing between dialogue so it can be read easier, but really it was adorable and you had some cool turn of phrases in here like “Greetings were made” and “resplendent” – enjoy fanfic life!


Author's Response: In regards to the manor, I have this headcanon that during Ron's time as an Auror, he and his team made a big bust, resulting in a large raise, meaning that they could buy the manor.

It is the Weasley matriarch in question.

Thanks for the concrit,

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Review #18, by Gabriella Hunter The Gifts: Harry

16th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and it's nice to meet you. I don't think we've ever spoken before now!

I really like the idea behind this story, I don't think I've seen it before. I really get nervous about writing the main Trio because I don't have much experience with them but you've written them all so nicely. I'm sure that we'll get to know them all as the story progresses so I'm not really bothered by them not speaking much. I think the intent behind this was sweet, I love the idea of the family coming together for birthdays and the thought behind Harry's gift was so touching. Rose seems like a sweet girl here too and I was so happy that Harry was pleased by having a new owl too. I'm curious to find out how the birthday gifts go for everyone else too! :)

My only CC would be just to break up your paragraphs but other than that, nice job! :D

Much love,


Author's Response: Thank you Gabbie!

Yeah, I'm trying to work on the formatting, but it's not my forte.

The other gifts are WIPs, but they will appear!

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Review #19, by Dirigible_Plums The Gifts: Harry

15th October 2015:

It's Plums here to drop off your requested review :) As soon as I saw the banner and the summary, I just knew what his present would be and my heart hurt. I mean, even after all these years, Hedwig's death hits ME hard, let alone Harry. Oh, the feels.

It's a really sweet fic, this one. I love the fact that Ron and Hermione know Harry well enough to understand his pain. After all, Hedwig was essentially Harry's first friend, the one creature that he had for company every summer while he was stuck at Privet Drive. The fact that they want to make it better after all this time is so sweet.

Iah is a beautiful name, by the way. It sounds so lovely.

Onto the concrit we go. I noticed a spelling mistake in the one shot: 'Chuckling at her parent’s’ [parents'] antics'. There were also a couple of words missed out in sentences e.g. 'And if they were, [to] be ready to run.' Furthermore, I would revise this sentence a little to: 'Her dear Uncle Harry jumped up, gathered Ron and Hermione in a bear hug, and [all] the while big, fat tears [ran] down his face.'

I remember my first one shot that I uploaded onto HPFF clearly (I actually still have it up for sentimental reasons) and remember the struggles of proper formatting well. I'd recommend reading over the preview to ensure that there's proper spacing between each paragraph to appeal to readers visually. It can do you lots of good :)

I hope this helps. Congratulations on your first fic!

Plums xo

Author's Response: It did help a lot! I've been procrastinating replying, but now that I'm about to request a review for my other one-shot, I felt I should reply!

Earlier today, actually I went back and re-formatted it, and it looks much better.


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Review #20, by Rumpelstiltskin The Gifts: Harry

12th October 2015:

This was very sweet!

I hadn't thought about when or if Harry would ever buy another owl after Hedwig died. It makes perfect sense why he'd prefer to say that she'd simply left, rather than died. Harry had experienced so much death before and during the war that...well, I'm not sure how he handled it all, really.

You've displayed so much love in such a small amount of space, so kudos for that! The Weasley-Potter clan is shown as such a warm, caring family, and anyone would be extremely lucky to be a part of that!

Like I said, this was so sweet ♥ ! It most definitely made me smile! Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response: Hello Rumpel!

Thank you!
I find it heart-warming to hear that in the situation I've grown up in, I can still bring joy to others around the world.
I loved sharing it with you!

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Review #21, by Veritaserum27 The Gifts: Harry

11th October 2015:
Hi there!

I just saw your story posted in the Ravenclaw Updates thread and I thought I'd stop by. I'm going to count this for the BvB this month!

Aw, this story was so sweet. I really liked how Rose was the one to buy the owl for Harry. You've done a great job with showing how the next generation of kids are growing up. I got the feeling that this was Rose's very first "big task" given to her by her parents. I also feel like Rose and Harry are very close (I agree - I think there would be a special bond between those two!).

The joy that Harry expresses is infectious - and you set it up so nicely by explaining in the beginning part of the story how everyone always talked about Hedwig's death as she simply "left." I was so excited to see him happy with another owl, and I love the name!

This is a really great first story! As far as a little bit of constructive criticism, I'd probably only put one Author's Note - either at the beginning or the end and perhaps separate it by a horizontal line, so it's more obvious where the story ends (or begins).

I'm wondering if you're planning on doing a series of stories with this? Based on the story summary, you said that the trio gets birthday gifts twenty years later. I'm looking forward to reading about Ron and Hermione, too!

Cool story idea!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Thank you for noticing it in the Story Update thread!
It's kinda my headcanon that Harry & Ginny are Rose's godparents, but don't ask me why. It's way too complicated.
Yes, Ron and Hermione's gifts will come, just not yet.
Again, thank you so much for your kind words!

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Review #22, by ScorpiusRose17 The Gifts: Harry

27th September 2015:

I am finally here with your review! I am sorry it has taken me this long. Real life has been busy.

I thought this was a lovely snapshot of Harry's birthday. I liked the fact that they gave him an owl because of how near and dear Hedwig really was to him. I think all of us cried or felt some strong emotions when she died in Deathly Hallows.

I think if it was rushed at all, it would be when they arrive at the Burrow. I guess you could have included some more description like what were the other cousins Rose's age doing as they waited? I don't think they would sit patiently waiting, so a bit of description could have fleshed this out.

One other thing that I found odd, was that Rose had gone to Diagon Alley by herself to purchase the owl. I believe that her parents could trust her and that she would be mature enough to do this at 12, but I wonder if they would be so easy to let their guard down being who they are.

Those a just a couple of things to think about.

I really liked the Owl's name Iah and what it means. I also thought it was great that they blindfolded him before presenting the owl. You did a good job for your first story!! :)

Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Hi Jenn!
I'm sorry for taking so long to answer you! Life has also been EXTREMELY busy for me!

Thank you! I'd had a headcanon for a couple of years of the Weasleys somehow replacing Hedwig, and so I decided to make it my first fanfic.

You're giving me a plunny about the teenagers now!
I don't find it odd, as since I was eleven I was allowed to do errands for my parents, as they knew where I was going. I also believe that Hermione would have taught her little girl a couple of self-defence spells just in case.

Thank you for your kind words,


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Review #23, by carry on with your knitting The Gifts: Harry

21st September 2015:
Heyy :)

I'm here for our review swap :)

This was such a sweet little story! First of all, I thought the idea of giving Harry another owl as a birthday present 20 years later was adorable! They way you described the owl was lovely as well :) It's not a replacement for Hedwig, but Harry was still happy which is great.

I also loved the way you described Ron and Hermione bickering when Rose got home, this is definitely something I picture! And set a playful mood :)

Overall its a lovely little one shot! :) Will you be doing more for the Ron and Hermione, I thought something was mentioned about that in the description? :)

I would definitely recommend getting a banner from TDA to catch peoples eye when they're going through the searches :)

Katie :)

Ps great name for the owl! ;D

Author's Response: Hi Katie,
I def get your reference to the owl, haha!
I was not at all expecting this to be my first posted here, but it became a bit of a plot bunny! So glad about the bickering scene as I was unsure about the way it got across. There will be 'The Gifts: Ron' and 'The Gifts: Hermione', but they haven't been written yet.
A banner has just been requested, it just needs to be approved by a moderator then it will appear on the wanted banners topic list! Yay!

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