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Review #1, by The Ghost Of His Last Laugh My Whole World Changed.

3rd October 2015:
Hi Em! Thank you so much for your entry to the First Day of Term challenge. Sorry for the delay in reviewing your entry, but here it is.

I’ll start by saying how poetic your voice is. It’s very unique and easily recognizable. I think if someone put another piece you wrote in front of me I would know you wrote it just by how different your voice is. I especially liked the sentence “The brave sacrifice they made, however much a whisper, made my name so much louder and significant than others alike myself.” It’s so good!!

The only thing I can critique, which isn’t really a critique as much as a suggestion, is that there is so much room to expand on how Hogwarts opened up Teddy’s life. Maybe with anecdotes about Remus and Tonks, or just him mentioning them by name, would’ve been swell.

Some of your diction has a negative connotation on Hogwarts, which I don’t think is intentional? I could be wrong. For example, “Hogwarts, on my very first day, ripped me away from everything I was used to.” It makes it sound like a bad thing instead of shedding light on how Teddy really feels about the school, i.e. its positive effect on him.

Overall, I liked your entry a lot! I’m sorry the review is a little short; I don’t have much to point out or say, other than I really liked it! Thank you again for your entry.


Author's Response: Hi Joanie!

That's okay, don't worry about it!

Oh, thank you! No one's ever said that to me before! Thank you so much. I really enjoyed writing for this challenge, thank you for giving me the opportunity, I wouldn't have thought this up without it!

Yeah, I think you're right, in the end, I just wanted to make sure I could submit it! The queue was longer than I'd hoped and the deadline was getting very close, so I didn't expand on it too much. But I also tried to keep Remus and Tonks out of it, because you knew who it was I was talking about without even mentioning Teddy. I don't know, I just sort of decided I wouldn't put anyone's name and see how it went!

I think with that line I just wanted to reinforce that Hogwarts could be scary for him. Hogwarts rips everyone from their comfort zone and I figured that would be scary for Teddy, especially because, like 11 yr old Harry, people would expect so much from him!
But then I switched it because Hogwarts was more than amazing for Teddy, it helped him feel connected to his parents and the rest of his family. Hogwarts seems to bring people together, not apart, so any fears he had were gone as soon as he was there.
I hope that all makes sense. It might just make sense for me!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
That's fine. I review is a review! I appreciate them all!
Thank you for making the challenge!

Emz xxx

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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoy My Whole World Changed.

14th September 2015:
HI there lovely! YAY! I'm so happy I'm the first review on this!

So, I'm not sure if you remember that Hufflepuff Review Hot Seat that was literally FOREVER ago.. but, yeah.. I STILL owe you reviews from that *Hides in shame* I am SO SORRY it has taken me so long to get to these, but I promise I didn't forget about you! The link to your author's page has been on a sticky note on my laptop ever since, just waiting for me to come review you - and now here I am! I can only hope that these reviews will make up for my extreme tardiness!

I was definitely not prepared for the Remus/Tonks feels when I started reading this. But, though it was definitely sad to think about Teddy not growing up with his family, it also kind of brought a sense of joy, knowing that he now felt a deeper connection to them, knowing that, because of their sacrifice, Hogwarts is still around for young wizards like him to attend.

It was really nice to see the parallels between their time at Hogwarts, and Teddy's first entrance - it really reminds me of Harry and when he first set foot into Hogwarts, knowing nothing about his parents, but being able to experience the place they had met and grew to love each other.

Your description is amazing, and I think the repetition was amazing, also!

This is a wonderful little one-shot, dear, and I really enjoyed it! (And I'm so happy I got to be the first to review!) *hugs*

Author's Response: Hello there! It's very exciting!

I do remember and also have a list of people I should have done the same thing to! I completely understand! I don't mind though! It's all good!

I'm sorry, I don't think I ever mean the Remus/Tonks feels, it just happens when I write about Teddy! Hogwarts is always wonderful!

Aww! I'm really glad you're loving all the parallels!

Thank you so so much, you lovely!
*hugs back*

Emz xxx

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