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Review #1, by nott theodore Your dreamerís eyes light up the way they only do for me

17th June 2016:
Hello again! Ah, I'm so glad that there's a sequel to this story, because reading more of these two is making me smile so much. I hope you realise how much I'm now shipping Dominique and Imogen and want you to write more about them *hint hint*

I loved the way that you switched the narrator here, so that we saw the relationship from Imogen's point of view. It was great that you moved it on from the uncertainty of them possibly getting together to them being together, so that we could see them happy. There are so few stories which have happy LGBT+ relationships and it's great to read this one. I also loved the way that you used second person while Imogen was talking about Dominique, because it kind of connected us to her and the last piece really well.

Your description in this piece was so beautiful, too! I think my favourite line was 'I reach my hands up into the golden gloria that is your hair backlit by the sun'. The imagery in that one line was fantastic, and I loved the way that both pieces have focused on the beauty of the other's hair as one of the things they love about the other. The opening was lovely, too, with the details of what Imogen loves about Dominique - it kind of reflects Red Silk, although it's developed from there too.

This couple are just so happy and it was such a pleasure to read this story! I love the way that they relax together and are just clearly enjoying each other's company, bringing out the best in each other and having fun. It's exactly what they should be able to do when they're young and I love that they seem so happy and joyful here!

Sian :)
LGBTQA+ Review Event

Author's Response: Hello again! And yeah, I know, I know, I need to write more about these two! I have a sort of half-thought-out idea for a third story about them - featuring their first real fight! - but whenever I try to write it I just end up looking at an empty Word doc, hehe. Maybe I should mix it up and try to write something else about them... Hm.

Good point about how the second person kind of links us to Dominique and the first story! I love writing in this point of view, I wonder if there's a name for it. I tend to think of it as 'Second Person Directed', but maybe 'Mixed First and Second Person' would be more descriptive. Hm. Anyway, yeah, it was fun getting into Imogen's head instead. She and Dominique are quite different people, and it's fun to think about how they see each other. And yeah, I wanted to show how Imogen loves Dominique's hair too, because it was such an important part of 'Red Silk', but I also wanted to show how they're different and appreciate different things about each other.

And yes, happy girls in love! That's basically my motto for this pairing - which might be why I'm finding it so hard to write a little more angsty piece about them, I suppose...

Thank you for this review! You're always so thoughtful and have such interesting insights!


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Review #2, by Jheinx Your dreamerís eyes light up the way they only do for me

19th September 2015:
Im in love with these two

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! Me too! : )

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Review #3, by KJ Cartmell Your dreamerís eyes light up the way they only do for me

5th September 2015:
What a sweet little fragment! Young love is a wonderful thing, and it can be a challenge to capture it well. So what do we need? A little more, my friend: more description of the setting, the clothes, the two girls, the sense of light and smell and sound. Do this well, and you won't need to save the world from Dark Wizards. Young love is plenty on its own.

Author's Response: Thank you for this little note! As this was written for the Every Word Counts Challenge, I only had 500 words to capture as much as possible of Dominique's and Imogen's interactions. I chose to focus on Imogen's internal monologue, because that felt most natural for that character, and that meant that there wasn't much space for smell and sound and clothes, sadly. I do recognise that the lack of them makes the story a bit vacuous, but that was the choice I made.

Perhaps you'd like my other little 'fragment' about these characters, Red Silk, better? It's from Dominique's perspective, and she's a far more sensual person than Imogen.

Still, I'm happy that you could get some enjoyment from this little piece of 'young love,' and you're very welcome back!


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Review #4, by notreallyblonde44 Your dreamerís eyes light up the way they only do for me

3rd September 2015:
Hi Kapa!

Yay this ship. They get together! So adorable they seem so in love and happy and, more importantly, they bring out the best in each other (though this seems like the "honeymoon stage" of the relationship so I hope all these things are true haha). Very short and sweet with just enough description blended in with the feels.

I must admit, the first line was confusing to me. Is Imogen calm or not calm? o.O

Thanks for letting me know there was more Domogen!

Author's Response: Welcome back, again, Ellie! : )

Yes, this is definitely the 'honeymoon stage' of this still very new relationship! And they do bring out the best in each other, at least here... The next story I'm planning (as long as these finicky characters decide to cooperate) will be about their first row, and there they might bring out other things in each other, haha! But yes, very much in love, and I'm happy you say that there's "just enough description" because this is a much less description-focused story than Red Silk, and I'm happy to hear that it still works.

And haha, that's what I get for trying to be poetic! Imogen /is/ calm, and she's thinking about how she's only really calm when she's with Dom.

I'll make sure you know when the next Domogen is up!


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Review #5, by Frankie05 Your dreamerís eyes light up the way they only do for me

31st August 2015:
This story is so cute. I love the short and sweet challenge because it is so perfect! It makes a person with a fluffy heart so happy and I love reading the entries! And this story did not disappoint. A quick moment down by the lake where the protagonist, Imogen, is just filled with love for the person they are with. You do a fantastic job describing the scene and the feelings and I love that your characters are so in tune with each other that they believe the other can read their minds :)

Have you ever tried to kiss someone but it wasn't working because you were smiling so hard. I have and the way you described this was perfect. You captured a very sweet moment with those words!

And then the lover has decided that they want to go swimming in the lake. A free spirit. Your main character loves the wild side. And it turns out to be Dominique. This story was so cute. Great job! Good luck with the challenge. It made my fluffy heart happy!


Author's Response:
Hi, Frankie and thanks a bunch for this surprise review! I'm so happy I made you and your fluffy heart happy! I'm also so happy that the Short and Sweet Challenge came along and gave me the inspiration to write this, because I love Dominique and Imogen!

I've actually written about these two before, in another 500 word one shot called Red Silk. It's also pretty happy, though not quite as fluffy as this. You should definitely check that out too!

Thanks for the compliments regarding the descriptions. And yes, Dominique is definitely a very perceptive person in general, and when it concerns Imogen it goes into overdrive, so it really is like she can almost read her mind. I like that you describe them as 'in tune' with each other, that's a great way to phrase it. : )

I have actually had difficulty kissing for smile-related reasons, haha! I guess that's where that comes from, and I think it's a very relatable experience that a lot of us have shared. It's very much linked with new love in my mind, for some reason, so it fits great here.

Imogen /definitely/ loves the wild side, and Dominique is usually much calmer, but also definitely a free spirit. As I said, you should read Red Silk and compare how they come across there...

Thanks for the good luck wishes! I haven't read all the other entries this far, but the ones I've read are very good so I'm gonna need your well wishes! And thanks again for stopping bye!


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Review #6, by Claire Evergreen Your dreamerís eyes light up the way they only do for me

31st August 2015:
Hey! I loved the other one-shot so much that I had to come back for more. Plus, you left me such an amazing review that I felt bad for leaving you such a short one!

I'll admit, the point of view took me a minute to work out, but once I did, I really like the shift from the last one. Getting to see inside Imogen's head was really nice, I loved seeing her side of the relationship. Obviously we know that Dom was head over heels for her, but being able to see that Imogen was just as in love with her was fantastic, especially since it wasn't clear just how into Dom Imogen was in the last one-shot.

Everything about this was just adorable. I love that Imogen actually thinks that Dom can read minds and then tested it out. That was such a cute moment and I felt like it said a lot about her character. In the last one-shot, she seems kind of aloof and extremely confident, but here you see a lot more of her personality and I love it. You can see how vulnerable she is, like she isn't sure of how much Dom like her. It's just so cute and realistic and I love being able to see all side of her.

That whole last section was just so so so so adorable. All of her thoughts about Dom just melted my heart, I love how you've written the relationship between the two of them.

If you ever end up writing another one with these two, you have to let me know, I'd love to read it!


Author's Response: Hello again, Claire! It's great to have you back! : )

Yeah, the POV in this story is super weird. But, like, these two characters have minds of their own, I swear. Sometimes it feels like I'm just 'looking in' on their life and not actually make anything up myself. Wit this story I actually set out to write something maybe twice as long, about Dom and Imogen's first date and Imogen preparing for it, in third person... and see where I ended up! This is definitely some time after their first date, I'd say, haha! Buuut I had to write it this way, or Imogen just wouldn't cooperate, stubborn girl!

I think Imogen projects a lot of self-assurance to protect herself, but I also think she is genuinely pretty self-assured for reals too. But love makes us all a little more insecure, doesn't it? Especially when we're young. Like, Imogen is sixteen, and the schools 'objectively' most beautiful girl, who moreover is in the year above Imogen, is suddenly her girlfriend! It must seem a little too good to be true, haha. But she's also definitely much more secure in where she stands with Dom in this one, as she's willing to show her softer side and not just her 'cockiness'.

I'm actually already vaguely planning a third story about these lovebirds, where they have their first fight! Then we'll get to see Imogen's feistier side again, and we'll find out that Dom has some teeth too! So a little darker than these two first love fests, but a good relationship should be able to handle a few fights, right? I'll make sure to let you know when I get it on paper (or screen, rather, haha).


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Review #7, by alicia and anne Your dreamerís eyes light up the way they only do for me

30th August 2015:
I love second person so much, and you've done a wonderful job of it!

Awww I absolutely love them so much! They seem so happy together and I love how Imogen thinks that Dom is reading minds so tests that out haha.

I absolutely love the line "I love you so much my heart hurts" I am so happy about how much love they have for each other and you've done an absolutely amazing job at showing it.

This is just so brilliant! I need so much more of them!

I didn't even realise that this was only 500 words until I looked at the word count. You've done a fantastic job at this and it just seemed like so much more! I love this!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for this review, Tammi!

And go you for being super nice and reviewing all those stories, you're a champ!

I'm actually not sure if this could properly be called second person - It's really first person, it's just that the POV character is focusing so much on someone else... On the other hand, she does call Dom 'you' and not 'she' or, well, 'Dom' so it's a sort of pseudo second person I guess, haha. I'm super stoked that you think I did it well, too, because this was a style experiment for me, and the only reason I wrote this way was that Imogen demanded the story to be told like this.

They are definitely super happy together here. It's early in their relationship and a sort of 'honeymoon period' but I definitely think they're a great match and will do well together even after the infatuation fades... It's great to hear that I'm doing a good job at showing their happiness. : )

If you need more of the two of them, you should totally check out the story this is a sequel to, if you haven't already. It's called Red Silk, and is from Dominique's perspective (and in third person, because that's how she wanted her story told, these are some moody characters).

It's funny that you should mention that this feels longer than 500 words, because that's what a lot of people said about Red Silk too. Just as with that story I think the reason that it feels longer is that this is the length the story naturally ended up at when I sat down to write, I didn't have to force it at all.

Again, thanks for stopping by, your review-o-tastic you!


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