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Review #1, by doraremuslupin Thinking Out Loud

18th December 2016:
Wow! I love it, do you have writing another remus/tonks? I would love to read it!

Author's Response: Hello, thank you so much for your review. I'm enthralled that you like my story. Unfortunately, I don't have any other Remus/Tonks stories but hopefully will in the future.


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Review #2, by ReluctantMuggle Thinking Out Loud

2nd December 2015:
Love this so far! Are you going to continue it?

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Review #3, by princesslily_36 Thinking Out Loud

4th November 2015:
Hey, I'm princesslily32 from the forums. I came across your fic in one of the reviews offered posts and I was intrigued, so I came over to take a look.

I simply loved it! You have managed to capture the playfulness of Tonks and show her serious and mature side of her as well. And I like the conversation between Remus and Tonks after Tonks storms out with the firewhiskey. Something about Remus in that scene strikes me as so real and canon.He was reluctant, slightly flirtatious and mature all in the same scene.

When I reached the end and read your A/N I was shocked to see you hadn't written in a long time. This was beautifully donw. I'm so glad I randomly clicked on it :) Looking forward to seeing more of Remus :D

Oh and I know you didn't request a review but I did notice some minute errors I would like to point out.

In one place you've written "he’s a werewolf" when Tonks is thinking it. I think it should be "He was A werewolf"
Also, I'm not sure if disencourage is a word or did you mean discourage?

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Review #4, by SunshineDaisies Thinking Out Loud

10th October 2015:

I am finally here for your requested review. I'm so, so sorry it took me this long. I got a new job and it's been exhausting. Now on to your story!

I really love the structure of this. It was so nice to see Tonks as a baby, I especially loved how close she was with her dad. The parallels between the two relationships were done really well, and I think that choosing to display Andromeda and Ted's relationship through Ted's stories was particularly effective. Rather than seeing the difficulties her parents actually faced, she only heard stories about them, and saw that in the end, everything was happily ever after. I think it gives the story a really interesting perspective. You can see how Tonks is hopelessly optimistic, and her parents obviously think it's a very naive way of thinking. But of course Tonks thinks that way, it's how her father has taught her.

I think you've done a really great job of keeping Tonks's character intact. She is sort of hopelessly optimistic throughout the books, but it's never something that makes her seem foolish. It's written much more as a strength, and it's almost like she wears it as a badge of honor. Even when she looses her metamorphagus powers, she's still able to produce a patronus, and I think that says a lot about who she is as a person, and I think you've done an excellent job of replicating that in your story. I also really love how you incorporated her losing her abilities into the story, and you didn't bring them all back at once. It was a nice addition :)

It's a bit more difficult for me to comment on Remus, simply because we didn't see a ton of him in this story. He definitely seemed in character from what we see in canon, but he didn't seem to jump off the page quite as much as Tonks did. Granted, that could definitely be a difference in personality-- Tonks is a bit more lively than Remus is. I'd like to have seen him a bit more humorous and a bit more in love with Tonks, but I think that's just a personal preference.

I think your description was lovely, you managed to paint the necessary pictures without it being super obvious. I'm not sure that makes sense the way I intend it to, but it works very well for the story.

On a sort of description related note- I really loved Ted's stories. Those were gorgeous :)

I think the flashbacks worked really well, and none of the transitions made the story too choppy. I actually think it flowed really wonderfully! Aaaand consistency is perfect.

I don't really think I have anything to add in the way of CC. I saw like, one typo but I don't even remember where it was.

Overall, really lovely story! :D

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Review #5, by Gabriella Hunter Thinking Out Loud

6th September 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with our swap! I am sorry that it took me a minute but thank you so much for the great review for "Grey." That raelly meant a lot. :3

I don't honestly read a lot of stories about Tonks and that is a shame. I think that she was such a versatile and engaging woman and I suppose that I get a little too sad reading about what might have been. I would really like to say, though that I enjoyed how you didn't give this a foreboding air. We all know that Tonks relationship with Remus was hard but I like that you show, especially at the end that there was hope too. What I think makes this story stand out though is the very beginning, with Tonks talking to her father. Ted sounds wonderful and I really love his explanations for how and why their world worked the way it did and to a child, I know that it had to be a magical experience. I think that you wrote those scenes, especially with the werewolf mythology (Did you create that yourself or did you take it from actual lore? If not, it's simply beautiful) so splendidly. I am also impressed by the way you handled Tonks talking to her parents about her relationship with Remus. It wasn't overblown and dramatic, which made it all the more powerful so by the time she's back with Remus, you can still feel the edges of it. Remus of course and his excuses not to be with her is something that I don't think I would be able to personally handle but Tonks is such an opitimist. A delight, really and I don't understand how Remus could not just worship her. I suppose a bit of that happened towards the end (Hehehehe) but the back and forth between them must have been exhausting.


But anyway, this is a lovely story and I commend you for excellent characterization, gorgeous description and the perfect amount of humor. :D

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

I actually wrote this story because I felt as though I didn't see too many Remus/Tonks stories. And the ones I found were mostly angsty (which is fine), but I wanted something that's a bit on the brighter side. And this happened.

You have no idea how relieved I am to hear dynamics between all the characters work. I was so worried all the time I was writing the scene between Remus and Tonks that it'd come of as though he's treating her like a child. And I had to keep reminding myself that they're equals in the relationship. If anything, Tonks might even be a bit more rational than Remus when it comes to this.

As for Ted and Nymphadora (I always feel like I need to switch to her full name when I'm talking about her as a child, I'm not sure why! But anyway!), they probably were what I had the most fun with while writing this story. It was my first time exploring a father-daughter relationship in writing. So I'm glad it worked out.

But yes, the mythology is mine, and now that people are telling me that it actually makes sense, I'm quite proud of it. I'm beyond overjoyed that it comes off well!

What I felt was important while writing the fight scene between Tonks and her parents was to keep in mind that she isn't really a child or a teenager. She's her own woman, she's fighting in a war, she lives in her own flat. So it can't be just bickering; it had to be rational. And I was concerned that I may have overdone or underdone it, so thank you for the reassurance!

And once again, thank you so much for the lovely review and for the swap! It made me so happy! So thank you!


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Review #6, by Aphoride Thinking Out Loud

6th September 2015:
Hey there, Manno! :) Dropping by from BvB! I'm so glad I spotted you in it (and had free time to drop by) because I've seen this around the forums and really wanted to stop by and check it out, so it's so great I got a chance! :D

I love Remus/Tonks as a pairing - they're so wonderful, really, and they complement each other so well, too - so I was so excited to see this was that. The way you write them is so good, too - there's this beautiful complexity to them both, which I love, and which really rings true with what I remember of them in the books, too. I love how you referenced Remus' 'too poor, too old, too dangerous' lines, too - the conversations in italics were so well inserted into the main body of the story, and just worked so well in getting it all across. You get Remus' character exactly, with his self-deprecating state, and always thinking he's not good enough for her but never quite thinking about what she wants - and how she keeps trying to persuade him of that. It's so sad, and so horrible that he's so convinced of that, you know, and you do so well at getting all those emotions of out it, through your writing - especially your description.

I also love the way you structured this. Like, it's not that common to split it up into sections with two separate timelines, in a way, which then combine together, you know, but it's so good and so well done, and I just love how you used it so further the story and to show the adorable moments of Tonks with her parents when she was young and things. It was just so sweet, and balanced out the angst in the main storyline so well.

I gotta mention her parents, too - I really, really loved how you kinda tied her parents' relationship into hers, in a way, and drew the parallels between them, because they really are there, and I just love anything which makes connections like that :P

Your writing in this was so lovely, too - you brought the emotions out perfectly in this, your description was so gorgeous. I especially loved the snippets when Ted was telling her stories, especially the one about the moon and the werewolves. I think that's the most beautiful description and explanation of werewolves I've ever read. It was so lovely! Your dialogue is so impressive, too - really, from this, it's impossible to tell you took a break from writing ;)

It's so great to see you back - especially if you keep writing things like this! ;) :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: LAURA! Hello! You have no idea how happy this review has made me. I squealed in the middle of a family gathering and everyone looked at me, and I couldn't explain. But yeah. Eek!

I love Remus/Tonks as well, and that made me so nervous about the execution and how they came off. I haven't really written about either of them before but I thought that it's about time I did anyway! So I'm super glad to hear that they worked out.

Also, the conversations in italics were last minute edits, and I did worry that they just dragged the whole thing out pointlessly. But, at the same time, I wanted a way to show Tonks's struggle so far, and explain why she was still fighting for it.

Oh, and the story about the werewolves is probably what I'm most proud of in this story. So you have no idea how happy I am that you liked it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the awesome review! It means so much to me!


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Review #7, by carry on with your knitting Thinking Out Loud

4th September 2015:
I'm here for the review swap! Sorry it took so long but I've been travelling all day :')

I really I enjoyed reading this :) the parallels you made between ted and andromeda and Tonks and lupin were spot on and I jad never really thought of that before :)

I loved how passionate you wrote Tonks! I could just feel the love that she felt and it was so sweet and pure and strong, I wish I could find someone I feel like that about! :') I also adored the way she referred to remus as her moon with pulling her in and pushing her away! That part was beautiful to read :)

I think my favourite part was the story ted told to tonks about why werewolves transform, it was so sweet and perfect to help a child understand!

I did notice a few typos here and there, but nothing a read through won't fix and it didn't take away from it at all! :) also at one point I think you called tonks, andromeda, but other than that nook or flaws at all!

It was great to read, brilliant job! :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hello! It's no problem at all!

I'm glad that the comparison between Tonks/Remus and Ted/Andromeda made sense. I just believe that no one has a stronger influence on a person's way of dealing with emotions than parents. I'm also very delighted to hear that the metaphor words!

Thank you for the lovely, lovely review and for a great swap! :D


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Review #8, by Dirigible_Plums Thinking Out Loud

3rd September 2015:

I'm here for our review swap. It would've come earlier, but my phone died partway through reading so I had to wait a while.

This is the first Remus/Tonks fic that I've read. I don't have anything against the pair; I just never got 'round to reading anything that centred around their relationship. However, I can say that I think you've done it well. Your portrayals of the characters were spot-on, even if Remus was only on for a short scene. Tonks was exactly how I imagined her to be at this point: a little emotional because of the stress, defensive, happy because Remus finally relented and still trying to crack a few jokes to cover her awkwardness.

I particularly like the extended metaphor about the moon. It was a beautiful way to describe the rocky start to their relationship and tie it into one of the biggest factors that affected it. His lycanthropy is obviously such a significant aspect of their relationship and the metaphor really respected that.

Some concrit: there were a couple of times you changed tenses.

'Tonks was going back to her parents house for the first time in three days, which is [was] the longest she had been away from home ever since she had left Hogwarts.'

'Tonks decided that being funny was good way to assure her mother that she’s [she was] okay.'

' Could she hear Tonks’s young heart flutter at the thought of all she has [had] been through over the past three days'

' Who knows? [knew]'

And the final mistake, I spotted was:

' He took the bottle from her to fill his glass up a bit more while Andromeda [Tonks] raised a suggestive eyebrow'.

Thank you for the review swap :)

Dirigible_Plums xo

Author's Response: Hello! I apologise for taking a bit to respond!

Since this was your first Remus/Tonks, I really do hope that it has left a good impression. I love those two.

I didn't intend on giving Remus such a small part, but I felt that showing how much Tonks would fight for this relationship would say a lot about it. But I'm very relieved to hear that Remus came off well.

I'm also so excited to hear that the moon metaphor worked out. I was worried it might be a bit cliche, comparing him to the moon and all. Which is why I tried to add a few more details into it, and hope for the best.

Many thanks for the con-crit. I have gone over the chapter and corrected the things you've pointed out already, so I really do appreciate it!

Also thanks for agreeing to swap with me! I really did enjoy this!


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Review #9, by Penelope Inkwell Thinking Out Loud

3rd September 2015:
Hello hello! Penny here for our review swap!

So, I was really excited to see that this was a Tonks/Remus story. I love those two. Their deaths at the Battle of Hogwarts positively gutted me. AND it included Tedromeda, which is one of my favorite pairings! (by the way, I loved the brief description of their love story!) So I knew from the beginning that I was probably going to like this. :)

One thing that I really loved was the way that you portrayed Andromeda. We can see that she cares for her daughter, and worries about her. We see her kindness in patching up the Marauders after they got hurt during Remus' transformations. But she still comes across as a bit cold and very proper. I love how her background as a Pureblood witch--as Tonks says, not just from any Pureblood family, but from the House of Black--really shines through. Dinner is on the table at a precise hour, she glares at items that are out of place, and her speech is crisp and proper while Ted is more relaxed. Your characterization there was just really excellent, and I could tell you'd put a lot of thought into it.

I also loved the comparison of Ted and Andromeda's relationship with Remus and Tonks'. It's probably true that the environment of love and acceptance and overcoming the odds is what allowed Tonks to fall in love with someone like Remus, and to follow her heart in spite of all the barriers.

Ted's storytelling was great--he makes such a good dad! Yet another reason why I love Tedromeda! And the way you portrayed Tiny Tonks--nosy and willing to open doors for anyone and knowing which parent to go to to avoid trouble--it was just adorable. I also loved that her hair was lavender there, because it seems like such a peaceful color, like you could tell that she just really loved her father and their story time and her home.

I think the bit at the end, with Remus, was very realistic, too. He could get bogged down in the fact that Tonks' parents don't really approve, but he doesn't because (a) he was probably expecting that, and (b) Tonks needs comfort, and he makes that his priority. It's one of those moments when you can really see that he loves her, because Remus Lupin rarely passes up an opportunity to bash himself, but he does here, for Tonks' sake. Their conversation about how he hasn't decided it's a good thing--he's just given up on fighting it--was a good one, because it's where I imagine they'd be at that point. If he had fully reconciled himself to the relationship, he wouldn't have left later on. But still, he is trying, and he does love her. And they're just cute (he cleaned her flat! How Remus!)


So, as a rule, I always try to give CC, because as a writer I find it really helpful. But I'm a nitpicky person, so I just always like to assure people that the fact that I found a few things to fix absolutely does not mean I didn't enjoy the story. Often I give the most CC on the stories I like best, actually. And of course you're free to take or leave it; I'm just offering it up :)

Could she hear Tonks’s young heart flutter at the thought of all she has been through...?"
--This switches the tense from past to present. In this case, "all she has been through" should be "all she had been through"

she didn’t look as though she was old enough to have a daughter who's twenty-four.
--this also switches from past to present. It would be better to say, "to have a daughter who was twenty-four."

target it with contempt
--I really liked this idea--it was a great detail to add to Andromeda's characterization. However, "contempt" kind of implies that she's looking down on Ted, rather than merely displeased with the location of the coat. "Distaste" or "disdain" might be better, here

after all it went down at Hogwarts
--I think this is meant to be "after all that went down at Hogwarts." I love how casual that sounds. It really shows off the difference between Ted and Andromeda's backgrounds so nicely!

she failed to change it’s colour.
--it's = its

He took the bottle from her to fill his glass up a bit more while Andromeda raised a suggestive eyebrow and said, “I still have one particularly convincing point I’d like to make.”
--Andromeda should be Tonks

This is probably the tenth time you sigh since you’ve come back.”
--sigh = sighed

I really enjoyed this story and I think you did a very good job with it. It was well-written, and all the characters and their actions were perfectly believable. The little characterization details really are what sold it for me. Really good work! I'm so glad we swapped and I got to read this :D


Author's Response: Hello Penny! I'm really, really grateful for this amazing review! And I do appreciate the CC a lot. I'm definitely going over this story again soon and editing these things you've pointed out. So thank you for that!

This might not be very relevant to this review, but we kind of have the same taste in ships, and that excites me!

Andromeda is one of the characters that I'm very interested in because of how complex she is. Therefore, I was worried about her the most because I wanted to portray her as well as possible. I think you caught the vibe that I was going for with her perfectly, so... -insert sigh of relief here-

The second character that was driving me crazy with worry was Remus. I thought about him getting upset that Andromeda and Ted didn't really approve, but I felt like he's mature enough to fully understand why. Not only that, he'd probably agree with them even. And I went for it this way. I'm glad to hear that it worked out.

One of the skills that I really need to hone down is writing romantic scenes. Hearing that the bit with Remus and Tonks is "cute" makes me want to do a little pirouette in celebration. Really. You just made my day by saying that!

Once again, thank you so much for this wonderfully helpful review. I did grin the whole time I was reading it. And I'm very happy that we swapped as well! Thank you for coming by! :D


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