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Review #1, by marauderfan Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

10th January 2017:
Yesss! I was so happy to discover that there was another instalment in the Chai series! Ahh, it has to be the fluffiest thing I've ever read and it was adorable and I loved it so much. And, as with all the others in the series, I'm very hungry now.

I love that Neville attempted to make a cake for Hannah, even though it failed, it's still adorable that he tried. And I love that he Apparated clear across the country in the middle of the night just because he missed her. Seriously, could these two be any cuter?

Hannah's description of cavemen learning about fire/ Neville attempting to cook was the funniest thing. I love the clever writing style, which I've noticed in all of your fics (that I've read), you have this wonderful humour that's not heavy handed, it's just really smart and quirky and it's a lot of fun to read.

Reading this story was like floating on a fluffy cloud made of hugs. I probably had a really goofy grin on my face the whole time just because this story was so darn cute.

I know I've said before, but I think most of the reviews I've left on this series have been as anons, so I'll say it again: you write Hannah so wonderfully, and your portrayal of her is my favorite of any I've ever read. This Hannah is my headcanon. You write Neville amazingly as well. Basically you just write amazingly. I loved this so much.

So... Chai 6 someday? ;)

Author's Response: I'm always so pleasantly surprised by the very warm response I receive for this series. One reason is because it is very fluffy. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it, and that it has, once again, made you exceptionally hungry.

Neville is one of the best human beings ever. His cake baking attempts just cement that title.

Aww! Thank you so much! Humour is difficult to write, because it doesn't appeal to people in the same way drama or angst does. If it's not your thing, then it's not your thing, you know? I'm blushing at the praise!

"A fluffy cloud made of hugs." I love it! That's sooo great!

Your favourite Hannah portrayal? Oh my goodness! I may just faint! That's so lovely of you to say! Thank you so much!

(There may be a Chai 6 someday...)

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Review #2, by protego_totalum Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

30th January 2016:
I just finished reading the chai series, and I have to say they are SO adorable. I loved them all. You are such a creative writer, and you definitely made me a Hannah/Neville fan. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! Very pleased to convert a new person to the ship ;P

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Review #3, by ReeBee Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

9th December 2015:
Hello there again after such a long time!! I've actually had my eye on this for a little while now! Being indian, the mention of chai and pakoras really gets me excited ;)

Anyway!! I love love love the premise for the story set up in the first section and the mention of how hannah runs the pub as sexy is actually so adorable! And hannah is so cute!!! Like the introduction is really likeable and I love how the first piece of dialogue she says is why are you wearing clothes!! how relatable huh ;)

Omg a Catastrophic Cake Failures could be the title of a one shot like it should be!!! I LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP!!! Im still trying to work out whether its more like an old married couple or like a new couple who are still exploring their love life :P Wait tell me theres another edition of this with how he proposed to her?? please?? AND because I'm reading this first, is Hannah indian because I love that!!! Wait her fancast is Alia Bhatt so please tell me that she's indian in this version?

EEK TELL ME THAT HANNAH GETS THE MATRON JOB!! AND OMG WRITE MORE!!! LIKE CAN U IMAGINE!! she gets the job and you write a more x rated scene for the smuttastic challenge on the forums AND THEN THEY HAVE LITTLE BABIES THAT I CAN SQUEAL OVER???

anyway thank u for writing such an amazing one shot which i have thoroughly enjoyed laughing and squealing over! :D we must swap again later?

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Curie! Yes indeed it has been such a long time!

Neville is so adorable and so much fun to write. He has all this love for Hannah, and it just spills out everywhere.

They're definitely more of an old married couple to me. But the spark is still definitely there, you know? I mean, she demands to know why he's wearing clothes! There are four other editions of this - this is number five in the series. So plenty of Neville and Hannah to go around.

Of course she gets the matron job! She is super qualified for it, and we all know that whoever the headmaster of Hogwarts is will totally be shipping Neville and Hannah, so they wouldn't want them to be apart.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Curie :)

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Review #4, by ScarlettANDJames Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

3rd October 2015:
hannah and neville are back yay!!! really liked this one! i hope you will continue their story, i love reading them!! i feel like their relationship is really normal and lovely, like they dont have this over the top drama alot of fics have and i find that really refreshing! xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! I'm so glad you've enjoyed Neville and Hannah through all five instalments. I didn't want an over the top sort of romance for these two since it doesn't fit their characters, but their love story is still special. Thank you so much for the support of this series :)

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Review #5, by manno_malfoy Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

25th September 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our swap!

Aww. I just can't with these two. I've been meaning to come back and check out the other stories in the chai series for a while now, wanting to see what you do to make each story different. And both made me feel gooey on the inside. Or like Hannah would put it, like melting chocolate.

There's something so electric between Neville and Hannah, this sort of chemistry that makes it so incredibly enjoyable to sit here and read about the two of them cooking and eating together. A huge part of that is owed, of course, to your wonderful execution throughout the story. You add just enough details about the food and the cooking process, and it adds SO MUCH to the story. It speaks to the foodie in me as well, and that's always a plus. And you write the way they interact with each other (especially physically) so well, and it's just so cute!

I'm sure I've mentioned this in my last review as well, but I LOVE what Hannah is doing with her life. She just wants to do something she really loves, and is not scared to switch careers when she's not get the satisfaction she is seeking. I just respect that a lot, and it makes me admire her.

I found this story even funnier than the 'carrots' story (which is the only other one I've read). Hannah thinking that Neville is just a dream but baffled by the fact that he's dressed was just the best!

Speaking of that part. You wrote:
The sound of rich chocolate

It seemed a little odd to me. Did you mean smell? But anyway, that was the only thing that caught my eyes. Everything else was perfect.

I really am enjoying these glimpses at Neville's and Hannah's relationship. The two that I've read so far are about crucial points, and as you've clarified, some time has passed since that first Valentine's. I can definitely see the development in their relationship. It's amazing to see them so insanely in love after all that time, and how they're keeping up the chai and food antics while making important decisions. It just does weird (good kind of weird) stuff to my heart.

I will definitely come back again for the other stories in the series. Hopefully, I can manage to read them in order. I could've done that this time, but I thought I'd review something recent for the swap!

I'm super glad I got the chance to read this tonight. It put such a big smile on my face and put me in a good mood, so thank you for that!


Author's Response: Hello! I'm so glad that you're back. And that Neville and Hannah continue to give all the gooey feels. They aim to please ;)

I think if I impress a foodie with this series, I've basically unlocked some sort of achievement. So much of this story is about the food, and I like to use it almost as another character. As for their chemistry, there is A LOT of it, and I'm so pleased that it comes across!

Hannah is way braver than me, for sure! I don't think I'd have the guts to switch my career the way she has! She's just all about living her best life.

I wanted to highlight how important food is in our lives, especially when it comes to the big decisions. And quite often, the type of food that features most prominently is something so humble, like a cup of tea.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, and I hope you enjoy the other Neville/Hannah installments!

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Review #6, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

13th August 2015:
Wow oh wow. I'm not even that much of a fluff person, but I really, really, really, loved this. Neville and Hannah were just... amazing. You captured all their love with just the right amount of humor and dorkiness, and it worked so well.

I loved so many lines in this story... whether because they were funny or just beautifully written: "she was in London, running the Leaky Cauldron with an efficiency and practicality that would put many an army to shame. It was sort of sexy." 'Hannah.' The sound of rich chocolate and warm familiarity wrapped around Hannah" "If this were a dream, she was pretty certain that he wouldnt be wearing pyjamas or anything, really." "Im going to be married to the sexy Matron, too! "In some ways, his years as an Auror had prepared him well for all the drama, the teenage angst, the wrangling of semi-dangerous plants, and the definitely-dangerous humans that were part of his job description."

Also, all the talk of food made me hungry. Way to go on that one. My mouth was just watering the whole time Hannah was cooking.

I've wanted to write about Neville and Hannah for awhile now, and I've even considered writing something about Hannah deciding to become the Matron at Hogwarts, but now I don't think I'll ever quite think of the idea again without picturing this story. I loved how they interacted with each other. The dreaming parts were pretty adorable.

One thing that caught my attention was the fact that both of them clearly missed each other very much-- that's what a lot of the story is about, really-- and yet when Hannah mentioned applying to be the Matron, it took a long while (at least, longer than I'd expected) for either of them to mention the fact that if she got the job they'd work in the same place. Maybe Neville is just totally selfless and wouldn't bring that up before Hannah did, but I felt like it would have been nice to at least hear him think about that even if he didn't say it right away.

Anyway, this was just such a lovely story and I'm so glad that I stumbled upon it. It was wonderfully written-- I loved the tidbits about the ultra-prepared house elves too. Well done!

Author's Response: Yayayayayay! I love it when people who usually don't read/like fluff read these stories and still enjoy it. That means so much to me. Thank you!

Wow! So many favourite lines! I'm really pleased!

Seriously, the real reason why I wrote this series is to make people hungry. It was the best decision that I wrote each story whilst I was hungry myself :P

WRITE IT. I'd read it :) There needs to be more Hannah (and Neville) out there in the world.

I was a little worried about how long it took me to get to the "I miss you heaps" part of the story. In the end, I chose to delay it - and I agree, it was a LONG time coming here - because it felt like it was something that they'd already discussed to death. They've been living like this for quite some time now, and although as readers this is the first time we see them in this situation, they've been here before. Writing the characters that way didn't feel like they were achieving anything productive by it. That's the only reason it comes up in the story so late.

Thank you so much for this very lovely review :)

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Review #7, by pointless_proclamations Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

12th August 2015:
800 words of heaven, this was 4630 words of heaven! [lame laugh] Believe it or not, I've said lamer things.

Is it a tad awkward to read about Professor Longbottom/plant boy and Madam. Longbottom/Matron of Hogwarts who put me in a body-bind at the Hospital Wing? A little. Am I wondering how this information came into your hands considering how private it seemed? Not really, but now that I mention it. . .

But was it not the most adorable thing I've ever read? Yes it was. I mean it wasn't. I mean, it was the most adorable thing I have ever read. The sweet sort of overwhelmed the awkwardness and it was just so. . . so amazing.

If you could possibly put in a word to Professor and Madam Longbottom to maybe adopt me--or at the very least, invite me to that wedding anniversary, that would be really nice because FOOD. So much good food. 800 words of heaven, I am ravenous.

I was alright living my life without knowing that Madam Longbottom dreams of naked Professor Longbottom, but now that that has been brought to my attention. . . HAHAHAHA!! You write really well, you know. Seriously well. Me poor heart can hardly handle all of this.

They are hands-down the best people in the world. The love between them is so evidently strong. I mean: "No, he didnt want more from his life. He just wanted Hannah." 800, mate, my feelings. And then: "More chai with you" Too much, 800, too much.

Also, "And as they sat there in the Hogwarts kitchen in the middle of the night, eating pakoras and drinking chai, Hannah and Neville fell in love all over again." That's marriage goals, 800. They're so good for each other, so good with each other.

Cheers, your fan, seriously your fan,
Jamie Nott

Slytherin Review Tag (especially Slytherin in its getting a Hufflepuff to do it however fictional he is. . . don't tell him I said so. ;) )

So much love, hugs, and chai,

Author's Response: I see what you did there, Jamie *smirky face* And I have no trouble believing you've said lamer things - I have read your adventures in wooing Devyn, after all.

I imagine that it would be incredibly awkward to be reading about your Herbology professor and Matron romancing it up, but I can't imagine that the student population of Hogwarts doesn't already gossip about them anyway. And you'll never know my secret ways of digging up private information such as this *hides internship with Rita Skeeter behind my back*

Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Cavity-inducing sweetness is what these two are all about!

I'm sure if you go up to Madam Longbottom looking particularly pathetic at the Hospital Wing, she'd hand you a cup of her chai, at the very least. I'm under the impression that instead of giving her patients Pepper Up Potion, she probably just gives them chicken soup. Also, yay for making you hungry! Achievement unlocked!

Hey, if I were married to Professor Longbottom, I'd probably dream of him naked... which is something that you probably didn't need to know. And thank you! That means a lot *blushes*

All my feels were lying on the floor writing some of the things that Neville says. I just hope that he doesn't dole out such advice to the Gryffindor boys because the dorkiness only works for some!

These two really are marriage goals aren't they? Mostly it's the chai, I think :P

Thanks for dropping by, Jamie! And tell Em I said hi, and also well done for putting her Slytherin powers to good use by press-ganging a Hufflepuff into participating in our review tag. She has some mad skills.

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Review #8, by EnigmaticEyes16 Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

12th August 2015:
I swear I loved this just as much as the last four! These one-shot are amazing, 800. And I've enjoyed reading every single one of them and exploring Hannah and Neville's relationship throughout.

I love how this began with Neville missing Hannah and wanting to surprise her. They've been together so long now and they still love each other so much, which is just super amazing and adorable to read. And of course, when he failed to make her a cake, he went to her anyway to tell her he failed at making her a cake, which is just ultimately adorable. I loved how she teased him about him only wanting her so she could feed him! They are so cute together it's not even funny!

And of course they go off to Hogwarts to use their amazing kitchens to cook some yummy food! I loved the interactions between Neville and Hannah. How he's able to help her now and working with Hannah's mother to be better. I love how he accidentally spilt his surprise for her! And then she reciprocated by giving him her own surprise. Of course, the second she said she had a surprise I thought she was already pregnant. I seriously did. I did not see the job opportunity coming at all. But that's so wonderful that they have the chance to work at Hogwarts together, since they clearly miss each other so much when they are apart. And the Herbology teacher and Matron probably work hand in hand considering any ingredients the Matron needs she can get from the Greenhouses most likely.

And the ending was just so freaking perfect. I loved Neville's last words. It just shows how much they enjoy spending time together. You know, they have a real relationship, that isn't just about the physical stuff or staying together because they are already together and have such a great, stable life. No, they just still love each other so much and enjoy each other's company more than ever that they can't even bear the thought of not being together.

Cheers to you, for writing the most adorable couple ever!


Author's Response: Yay! I'm always worried that things will get boring and repetitive in this series, since it's basically just me writing fluff around a recipe. I'm very pleased that things are still spicy (pun completely and utterly intended).

The time jump was a lot of fun to write. I kind of missed the awkwardness of new relationships and making big decisions, but I thought it was the right time to write Neville and Hannah in the "comfortable pyjama" stage. They've been married for a while now, but living apart is starting to take its toll. I wonder if it even occurred to Neville not to visit Hannah with his failed cake story. He could've totally gotten away with not saying anything at all and just trying again later. Although, I think Hannah was half-right with her theory that he just wanted her food.

A story with Neville and Hannah, and there's no romance in the kitchen? Not in my stories! It was a lot of fun writing them again in the kitchen, and I tried something a little different with this one, mixing up the points of view, just to keep the story fresh. I played with the idea of Hannah perhaps expecting a baby, but then I thought it was too soon - they hardly see each other! I can already hear all the gossip about the Herbology teacher and Matron already. Oh, the students are going to have a blast with this!

I'm so so so glad that they read as having a real relationship! It's not something that I've really strove for in my other romance stories, always choosing the grand, sweeping gestures, or the crazy schemes which never really happen in real life. But with Neville and Hannah, I wanted that sense of realism. They could be people you know!

Thanks so much for this wonderful review, Nix!

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Review #9, by Penelope Inkwell Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

11th August 2015:
YAY! More Chai!

Literally I am just so smiley right now. I love these two. They're just so fan-fluffin'-tastic :D

Neville! And his dream about battling the Devil's Snare with Hannah blasting blueberry muffins at it. Bwahahahaha!

And aw, it made me so side, the idea that they were married but were living apart. *sniffle*

Oh Neville and this cake. It's so sweet, but alas. You've got to appreciate that he never stops trying, though. It's so endearing.

hed somehow caused the cream cheese to regress into cream and cheese,
--I loved that line :)

And then he goes to see Hannah! They are so cute!

If this were a dream, she was pretty certain that he wouldnt be wearing pyjamas or anything, really.
--bwahahaha! Oh, if Neville could read these thoughts--the blushes would be out of control!

And he's learning how to cook from Hannah's mother to surprise her for their anniversary?! Neville is SO SWEET!!! I can't even handle it.

Okay, so I really love how you develop this Matron thing. At first, I was worried--I didn't want her to have to give up her dream for them to be together. But then you did make it quite clear that she had The Leaky Cauldron well in hand, and that she wanted a new challenge. And it sounds like just the job for her. AND she can keep the pub, too, and knows that she has excellent help. It's wonderful! And I kind of love the idea of Neville's children running around Hogwarts while they're really little. How sweet would that be? They might get to know it better than the Marauders!


Since his Auror days, hed become the type to take whatever opportunities arose. In the field, it had sometimes been the difference between losing an ear or keeping it, or passing on the paperwork to Dennis Creevey, one of the more junior Aurors.
--it seems like that second part of the sentence, about passing on the paperwork to Dennis, is missing something. Like maybe, "or between passing on the paperwork to Dennis Creevey, one of the more junior Aurors, and being stuck in the office overnight when he could be cuddling up with Hannah and a hot cup of chai." Or something. It just seems like there should be an example of the difference between handing off the paperwork and _.

She made a mental note to ask the housel elves about their supplier,
--there's a type here on "house"

Plus the sight of a child didnt want to make them scream and run away in terror.
--I think this is meant to be, "Plus, the sight of a child didn't make them want to scream and run away in terror." It seems like "want" might be in the wrong spot?

I LOVED getting to read more about Neville and Hannah. This is the Fluff that brings me life. Thank you so much for giving us another story (and making me really curious about fried vegetables for probably the first time in my life!)

YAY for Hannah and Neville living together at Hogwarts! Yay for their eventual anniversary feast! (which, I'm just sayin', if you ever wanted to write another Chai story, might make for a good setting? Maybe? *stares hopefully* *is sorry for being insatiable* *just really loves the Chai series*

Yay for chai!

Author's Response: MORE CHAI.

They are really fluffy, aren't they? I feel like they get fluffier and fluffier with each new story I write.

Neville is probably the dorkiest he's yet been in the series. He really let himself go after marriage, didn't he? :P

Neville tries. And what more could one want? He keeps on making the effort to bake. Maybe, one day, he'll succeed and Hannah may faint of surprise.

Haha, that cream cheese line! I don't think that's how cream cheese is made though, so it's a true wonder that Neville achieved such a thing.

Hannah probably does tell him those thoughts (at more appropriate times, I hope) and Neville probably does blush. And then he probably feels really good about himself, too.

Neville. Just. Ugh. He's just too much, and I'm the one writing him.

I definitely didn't want Hannah giving up her dream of being a big name in the Wizarding hospitality industry! Goodness, she put in so much effort. I'm really glad that the scene doesn't read that way. I made sure to really clearly outline her thought process and highlight that diversifying her interests has been her long-term goal. And OMG I didn't even think about Hannah and Neville's kids running around Hogwarts growing up! They're going to be the cutest! I hope they turn out to be completely mischievous little things who listen solemnly to Peeves for tutelage in the pranking arts.

Thanks for the CCs! Goodness, your CCs are like the best things ever because you catch all the weird phrasing and typos that I miss. I later go into my drafts and read through the passage that you've highlighted and yell TYPO! I'm not crazy, I promise.

Thanks so much for all the love and support you've shown this series! When I wrote the first one, I didn't expect it to become as popular as it has! And yay for fried vegetables!

ANOTHER Chai? I always set myself up for another one, don't I? But hmm... you never know...

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Review #10, by magnifique11 Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

11th August 2015:
This was so darn cute! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I loved your versions of Neville and Hannah, they felt so true and realistic to the characters. I'll have to check out the other Chais now, I think! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed reading it. And I hope you enjoy the rest of the Chais, too :)

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