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Review #1, by princesslily_36 Blue and Bronze

12th December 2015:

First of all, goergeous banner. That's what made me click in this time :D

Yay! Kindoms and Princesses. This is my kind of story. I love your language Stefi. You are an amazing writer. You have such a wonderful way with words. Your other fic explored next gen, and this is founders, your versatility is admirable! You wove everything into this fic - romance, drama, friendship, love, betrayal, sadness. A lifetime of emotions!

This story played in my head like a movie. Your descriptions were so crisp and precise. I loved it. I realized the Snow White reference, but it was woven so well into the plot. I did feel like I was reading a fairy tale, with all the magical creatures and the meadows! Your description of the kind hag's death was amazing. How she was weakening with time, and how the squire watched on feeling bad. It was really chilling. The hag's sacrifice kind of made me draw parallels to Lily's sacrifice for Harry, especially since the hag was there for Rowena and took care of her when she had no one.

Brilliant work. I loved it!

Author's Response: Hi Ysh!

Thanks again for another wonderful review!

I'm quite proud of this one. It's the very first Founders story I've ever written. Fairy tales have always appealed to me, so I put a ton of that mythology into this - Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. And tons of medieval imagery that I just think is so beautiful.

Sacrifice is definitely a big thing in this. It's a concept that comes up in a lot of fairy tales and so I thought it fit perfectly here. That the hag had to trade her life for the life of her loved one. I was definitely very inspired by Lily Potter's love magic and I'm glad you noticed that!

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #2, by StarlightAsteria Blue and Bronze

22nd September 2015:
Hi again!

As I loved Aeropagitica so much, I thought I'd take a look at some of your other work and this completely drew me in! I'm a bit of a Founder's fan (comes from doing so much mediaeval European history) and I love fairy tales, how they have that darkness as well as light, especially what I suppose we'd call the original versions, rather than the watered down more modern versions (if that makes sense?) so I was really excited by this, and I can tell you, you really don't disappoint.

I absolutely loved your reference to the tale of the Lady and the Unicorn as well - the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries are some of my favourite pieces of art ever, and I don't think it's such a well known story, so obscure nerd that I am, I did kind of fangirl at the way you just wove it in so seamlessly!

I also think your style in this is absolutely bang on - I think the common trap with 'fairy-tale' writing is to tell rather than show, and you absolutely don't do that. The mix of fairy-tale and realism, in Rowena's parents attitude to the role of women, to the conquering king arrogantly asking for her hand in marriage, with Arthurian elements of the old crones, and the Snow White/Sleeping beauty references, is masterfully done.

By the way, can I tell you how much I love the kindly old hag - there's so much symbolism and reference to the mediaeval French romances (because that is just how I have to think of this story - the loyal knight/lover, courtly love (really sweet - just, the feels! - the kindly old hag as mentor and friend and willing sacrifice - the return home to a home that has been irrevocably altered - the quest to save Rowena... fabulous. Really, really good, and really original.

I know you said that this isn't your Rowena head canon, but it totally is mine now - because even though it's a fairy tale, it reads like some sort of legend, it somehow fits realistically into the Europe of the High Middle Ages. If you ever feel inclined to write something similar about the other Founders, I'd really like to read it!

Anyway, I'm so glad I read this :) Favouriting immediately!

Celi xxx

Author's Response: Hello Celi!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I haven't logged on in such a long time, so this was wonderful to see :)

I'm so glad you noticed all the little things I dropped into this. The Lady and the Unicorn is such a beautiful tapestry. I definitely drew on that and a few other medieval tapestries for some imagery inspiration. I got pretty nervous about historical elements of this, as I'm definitely no expert in this era, so I'm glad you thought it was good!

I've always loved fairy tales too, so a lot of these magical elements just sort of naturally found their way into the story. They just felt like they all fit, you know what I mean? And of course, you've got all your usual fairy tale bits in - magic, princesses, kingdoms, magical creatures, sacrifice, true love.

I'm actually working on writing these for the other three founders, but it's proving much more difficult than the original. So far, all I've got is a basic outline for Helga Hufflepuff written up.

Thanks so much for reading and favouriting! You really are the sweetest!


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Review #3, by carry on with your knitting Blue and Bronze

28th August 2015:
I'm here for the review swap, sorry it took so long, real life got in the way!

This is the first founders fic I have ever read and I loved it!

I thought the way you wrote it in the style of a fairytale was brilliant! It really worked well and it reminded me a lot of the Grimm brothers stories, especially with the darker moments. I can really picture wizarding families telling this story to their children at bedtime or something, it's great! :)

I really loved the description of the meadow and all of the magical creatures! I could feel the magic myself and I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. In my head the story built up this really beautiful illustration of it and I could totally picture it all!

I also loved the character of the hag! I thought it was really touching that she sacrificed herself and I thought the way the princess could melt her heart really emphasised how pure the princess was! :)

This was a really cool price of writing and I'm glad I got to read it! It would be cool if you did the other founder in this style ;)

Brilliant job and a massive well done!

(Carry on with your knitting)

Author's Response: Hello Katie!

Thank you so much for the lovely review!!

The other founders you say? Well, I do love fairy tales... hmm ;)

I'm really happy this fairy tale worked for you. I was pretty nervous about it, as I personally am sort of particular about my Founders stories (I don't like anachronisms). But I do absolutely adore fairy tales :)

Thank you again for such a wonderful lovely review!!


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Review #4, by Felpata Lupin Blue and Bronze

31st July 2015:
Hi Stefanie! Here for our swap!

I don't read much Founders Era usually, but this immediatly caught my eye. And let me tell you, you really did a wonderful job with this!

I loved the fairytale style. Your descriptions were stunning and nearly poetic. Everything about this, even the darkest parts, was just so delicate and sweet. I absolutely adored it!

I loved how you mixed the HP world with the classic fairytale plot. Poor Rowena, exiled by her own family when she's only a child, because they can't understand her magic. And then living in the forest, with only the magical creatures for company. The parallel with Snow White is very evident here.

It broke my heart when she got back to her kingdom only to find it conquered and her parents executed. And it broke my heart even more when she lost control of her magic and destroyed everything.

I loved your twist on the true-love-kiss theme and the fact that it was the hag's willing sacrifice that saved her in the end. We know that someone's sacrifice for the people they loved is one of the strongest magic that exists!

I loved that you closed the story with the diadem, it was a nice way to link this back to the Rowena Ravenclaw we know!

Beautiful story! Thanks so much for the swap!
Tons of love,

Author's Response: Hello Chiara!

Thank you for such a lovely review! This was actually my first attempt at founders era. It's a little daunting isn't it? To write about not only magic, but a time period that it so vastly different from our own. I've tried to avoid any anachronisms here by avoiding really specific descriptions of things like clothing, architecture, and speech.

I've always absolutely adored fairy tales, so I just had to work it into my writing. Founders, with their medieval setting, seemed like the perfect way to work in fairy tales.

There's a little hint of the Lily Potter patented love magic here too. I just feel like that whole thing is plucked straight out of a fairy tale. Love sacrifice is just such a beautiful plot point from canon, I just had to put it in a little.

Anyway, I'm so happy you enjoyed this story!


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Review #5, by RavenclawFTW Blue and Bronze

21st July 2015:
Hey Stef! Here for BvB.

I'd just like to start by saying WOW. That was a really, really great one shot, and I'm so impressed by how you wove together so many references! The style you wrote this in was perfect, and it would fit on the pages of a children's fairy tale book. At the same time, you managed to capture tons of details and evoke a powerful image in my mind. It was really well written and I'm very glad to have read it!

Going into this, I didn't really know what to expect-- I don't read Founders stuff very much, but I was really intrigued by how it focused solely on the origins of Rowena and didn't really mention the others (unless the boy is supposed to be Gryffindor or something, but I like how you've left that up for interpretation as well!). I've never really considered Rowena's origins so this was a really thought provoking story for me. You could definitely see how she was going to become what we know her as-- intelligent, fierce, curious...this has her younger, more naive and accepting, but the events within it (her poisoning, her family passing away) point towards how she grows up and hardens. At least, that's how I've always interpreted her!

Anyway, this was a wonderful piece! I love how you've named it like a fairytale as well...gosh you got the tone and style down so perfectly! You go! :D


Author's Response: Hello J!

Thanks for another lovely review!

I'm so happy you liked this story. I loved writing about Rowena in her teenage year. I mean, she didn't pop out of the womb full of wisdom, so it was pretty interesting writing about how she became the person she is as an adult. She definitely hardens from her experiences, but I see her, at her core, as a kind, caring person still. I based her off Luna a bit, since I think she's the epitome of Ravenclaw.

I never intended for the boy to be Gryffindor, but I can definitely see where that interpretation would come from. He certainly is brave, chasing Rowena into the dark forest. But his character is definitely open to interpretation!

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #6, by AngelEyez3954 Blue and Bronze

20th July 2015:
Hi Stefanie! I'm here from the BvB Review Battle.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this; I definitely have not read a fairy tale on this site before...and I'll be honest, Founders Era isn't typically my style...but I really liked your story.

Your descriptions contain just the right amount of detail, and the prose is very reminiscent of the old school fairy tales.

I realized that the princess in question was Rowena Ravenclaw when you mentioned her family's colors were blue and bronze; however I am rather surprised she would embrace these colors after being turned out by her parents.

All in all, great job on this story. I'm definitely interested in reading more of what you have to offer!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks so much for the review!

This was really new for me too! I've never read or written much Founders before this, so this was definitely a challenge. I'm glad you thought it turned out well!

I definitely see Rowena, at this point in her life, very loyal to her family, despite what they did to her. But, at the same time, the colours also represent her kingdom, not just her family. So that's why she used them. Moreover, there was definitely just a stronger sense of filial piety in this time.

Anyway, I hope to see you in my reviews again! Thanks for reading!


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Review #7, by maskedmuggle Blue and Bronze

18th July 2015:
Hey again!

I really, really, really liked this. Founders x fairy tale = amazing, in my opinion, because this was such a brilliant tale about Rowena Ravenclaw. I don't even know where to start with what I liked about this, so sorry if this review is a bit all over the place. I really loved how you got the time period so right. It definitely felt like this was years ago, with the descriptive language you used. I also loved how you really portrayed the fairy tale aspect of this so well - it really shone through with the similarity to Sleeping Beauty/Snow White and the magical words you used - kingdom, unicorn, fairies.. everything just felt so fantastical!

Despite the happy ending, there were also some moments here that were truly saddening, so it was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions - much like how life is. The way the princess/Rowena was kicked out of her home felt a bit abrupt, but it still feels mostly believable that they would reject her like that due to old time beliefs of needing a son. It was so lovely how she had a friendly hag as a companion to continue to teach her, and it was seriously so heartbreaking when she sacrificed herself in exchange for the princess' life. I also loved the introduction of the squire as he seems like just the perfect romantic hero of this story. The way the squire and the princess instantly connected and were in love together was very fairy tale like so it worked well here for the happy ending.

I just really liked the plot of this, and how well you adopted it into the magical world while combining it with the fairy tales we know. There was a bit of drama, and I loved the linkages to Ravenclaw - the blue and bronze.. the lovely diadem! I just thoroughly enjoyed reading this! It's not my usual thing, but I was definitely drawn into it from the start and found it compelling to the end. Really great job with the writing! I'm really loving all your one-shots, so I hope to check out your novels soon! ♥

- Charlotte

Author's Response: Hi Charlotte! These reviews are making my day right now! Thank you so much! Also, sorry for any typos in this reponse as I'm using my phone and I'm sort of a dinosaur.

I'm so glad you liked this so much! I'm a little insecure about this piece as its far out of my comfort zone, so I'm really happy it worked for you!

This little fairy tale has been a few months in the making. It was important to me that it made sense for the founders era, as that's a but of a pet peeve of mine. Though in this, I actively made the choice not to describe clothing or architecture as I didn't want to be anachronistic.

Anyway, thank you again for such a lovely review :) you're the best!


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Review #8, by Diogenissa Blue and Bronze

15th July 2015:
Hai Stefanie! Am back for # 2 of our swap!

First of all, I feel I MUST apologize for this taking several days to get to you. I most certainly did not intend to take this long so I'm sorry about that. :-(

Strange? Nothing strange about this at all--I really liked this! It's a lovely fairytale taken from two, with a dash of Founders that you mixed together and made into something entirely your own! It was vivid and lovely, rather colorful and descriptive! You did a really good job.

This was a lot of fun--I had no problems at all visualizing it in my head. It also seems to me that Rowena would be the perfect Founder for the two stories you selected, as well as the blending of her blue / bronze colors within the flag and ending it perfectly with the diadem.

Overall this was lovely and it was indeed fun and entertaining! I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to this if you ever decide to do one as I'm now curious as to what happens to the princess and the squire!

Again I apologize for taking so long and thank you so much for the swap--it was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again sometime! :-)

Karen xoxo

Author's Response: Hi Karen!

Don't worry about the time, real life just gets in the way sometimes!

I'm so happy that this story has had such a positive response! You're the first one to review my sort of new and improved version of this story.

Rowena in this story is quite different from how I normally picture her. First of all, I don't usually think about Rowena Ravenclaw (or amy of the founders) as children. She still has those core Ravenclaw traits though - intelligence, curiosity. But she's also young and naive, so I suppose that's a little different for her.

I have thought about writing a sequel to this, and adding the other founders in, but I'm not sure if nows the time. Maybe in the future.

Thank you again for the lovely review!


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Review #9, by TreacleTart Blue and Bronze

10th July 2015:
Hey Stef!

So I have a lot to say about this one, so I apologize in advance if this review becomes somewhat incoherent. I'll try my best to keep it organized.

I love the idea of meshing Snow White and Sleeping Beauty together. The two stories are very similar to a certain extent, so it seems to work quite well.

Even better was the way you worked Rowena's story into it. It still felt like the old classic fairy tales that we know from childhood, but with some added elements that really made things interesting.

I absolutely adore your choice of making the first hag a kind person. Usually, hags are always portrayed as evil, so I really appreciated that break in the pattern. The bond that grew between the hag and Rowena was a beautiful thing and in a way reminded me of Angelina Jolie's version of Malificent.

The way you set up the end of the Ravenclaw family was a unique choice as well. It's not often that we think of the heroine of the story accidentally killing the entire village, but it works with what you're trying to do.

My biggest criticism of this would be that you had a tendency to get overly repetitive in this. For example, you start a ton of sentences with "So" "And so" or "But so". That sentence structure works well with in the fairytale telling, but using it so frequently affects the rhythm of the story. In general, I think restructuring some of the sentences in this chapter to break up that repetition would take this to another level.

All in all, I think this was well worth the time and am happy to see you break out of your comfort zone. I quite enjoyed your interpretation of the Brothers Grimm. Good work!


Author's Response: Hey Kaitlin!

I've always loved fairy tales (dark Grimm originals and Disney reboots), so I've been playing with this idea for a while. This is mostly elements from Sleeping Beauty, but of course, there's Snow White too - the poison apple, the hag, the runaway princess. But I guess my story is a little bit darker than a Disney tale, I mean, no Disney heroine accidentally kills everyone.

I worried that accidentally doing anything might be a non-Rowena Ravenclaw thing to do, but I guess just because she's the smartest, doesn't mean she can't be impulsive or out of control (especially as a teenager).

I've already gone back and fixed the repetitiveness in this story, so I new version should be up soon. Thanks for pointing that out. I always find these sorts of comments really useful!

Thanks again Kaitlin, you leave such wonderful and helpful reviews always!


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