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Review #1, by Raven Draco's POV

15th May 2015:
Oh that was amazing pls pls pls post the sequel soon and they do need a happy ending.pls post soon i m looking forward for which song u take this time ...once again its awesome

Author's Response: I'm currently writing the last part, I'll be posting it soon! Thank you for another review! I'm glad you liked it! :D

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Review #2, by proudravenclaw Draco's POV

10th May 2015:
I haven't read the first one-shot with Hermione's proposal but I intend to because I really loved the way you developped the characters. God, they're so stubborn.

I'm looking forward to the last part of their story in which they will (fingers crossed) have a happy ending. I would suggest you include both POV so that we can be in both their minds.

I think Draco deserves to be a little "tortured" before achieving in the end to win her over. It would be interesting to see his reactions to a possible new boyfriend of hers. Just saying ;)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading my story! ;) I'm currently writing the last installment and will be posting it as soon as I'm done! :) It will include both POV's :)

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Review #3, by LilyMoore Draco's POV

19th April 2015:
Love this!mi do hope you write another, they need a happy ending!

Author's Response: I'm still writing the last part :) Thank you for reading my story!

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Review #4, by fangirlfanatic Draco's POV

14th April 2015:
Please please write a conclusion. So many stories have them make up too quickly. But I can see so much how their stubbornness would keep them from being happy. Thus your story is more believable than a lot out there

Author's Response: Thank you! :) You nailed my point there :) Yep, stubborn to the core :)

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Review #5, by anony Draco's POV

14th April 2015:
this was really good. i hope you write a sequel wherein they get together! i really love your stories though i'm not much into reviewing. you are pretty cool!!!

Author's Response: Last part is currently being written! :) Thank you for reading my story and I'm glad you left me note! :)

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Review #6, by ArtsyTigs Draco's POV

13th April 2015:
Very lovely! Please don't stop here.

Author's Response: Last installment is currently in the works! :) Thank you for reading my story! :)

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Review #7, by Chrissy Draco's POV

13th April 2015:
This is totally off topic, but I had such a rough day!! But once I got home and saw that you had updated, I was the happiest girl :-) You have to write another story which is going to complete this love story!! I feel like we got an idea of how both Draco and Hermione feels. I think to see them getting a happy ending, would make a lot of readers happy :-)
Anyways, you did such a great job!! Hoping to see another one soon!!

Author's Response: I'm glad my story made you smile even for just a tiny bit :) I'm currently writing the last installment of this story and I'll try to post it as soon as its finished. Thank you for reading my stories! :)

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