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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin Becoming a Longbottom

2nd June 2015:
Erm... Sorry... I arrived a bit late...
Happy birthday!!!

Oh, this was so sweet!!!
I loved your portrayal of all the characters. Neville and Hanna are just so adorable, and Augusta's affection is so endearing in its sincerity. I found the way she compared Neville and Hanna to Alice and Frank so moving and sweet, and I loved the way she considered Hanna to already be part of the family!

I'd been wondering what the letter was about... I didn't expect this... Poor Alice... The Longbottoms' fate was just so unfair!!!
Hanna's reaction was, once again, terribly sweet! She cares so much for all of them... So adorable!

I loved Neville proposing to her in that way, and their decision to get married right away in St. Mungo's. I must admit that I didn't find it exactly verosimilar (surely they could've arranged things a tiny bit better, let at least her father and a few close friends be present, too...) but it worked well with the purpose of your story, so I really don't mind! :)

All in all, brilliant work! Loved it so much!
Happy (delayed) birthday again!

Author's Response: AH! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY REVIEW. It means a lot to me.

I used to love writing Hannah and Neville. I can't find myself to do it anymore but there's something about their love I find very innocent and I adore. Plus, Augusta has been one of my favorite characters to create in my head.

I agree and I've gotten some flak for the proposal and the outcome but I think at the time it worked for my writing. Plus, I also wanted something choppy. You're not exactly thinking straight, you know, when tragedy happens. I also think they just wanted a Longbottom experience. Something to share between themselves because I can't really see Neville wanting everyone there to see his dying mother. I get that Harry and others would know and they would be there for him but I think that moment needed to be shared between a family and members that all had an understanding of the people in the room and a connection, even though in reality there isn't really one with Frank and Alice. So sad.

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #2, by HappyMollyWeasley, CTF, Round 8, Attack Becoming a Longbottom

18th April 2015:
Hi Deeds!

I'm fairly new to the Neville/Hanna ship, but it's a good one. I like this sweet little story.

Augusta Longbottom is awesome in this story. We know little about her from the books. The canon picure of an old-fashioned stern witch is portrayed through the comments from Neville as a child. She might very well be outspoken like this too.

It's very beautiful, and very sweet of Hanna and Neville to get married on the spot, with no preparations what so ever, in order to let Alice and Frank be there. Hanna loves Neville very dearly, I can tell. They're both unconventional, as is Augusta, and although the setting is sad and tragic, the feeling of the story is light and happy. A marriage starting like that is bound to be a hppy one, at least in the fairytales...

The pace is fast in this story, maybe a little rushed at times, but I don't mind, as it mirrors the feeling of the situation.

Thanks for sharing this!


Author's Response: Hello! Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love Neville/Hannah. I would say they are my OTP but then there's Draco/Astoria and Hermione/Ron. Anyway, I think some parts are rushed but that's kind of what I was going for. It was a split second decision, he wants to marry her, Alice is dying, Hannah wants her there. So she gets a proposal, bad news, and a wedding all in one dinner. Heck, they didn't even finish dinner! Poor food.

I'll admit I am a little obsessed with Augusta. I truly am. I think she's a funny woman and she likes to bust everyones chops so I enjoy writing her.

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