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Review #1, by The Basilisk Overshadowed

12th December 2015:
Hiss Hiss, Guess who? It's I, the Basilisk, here to petrify you with a review.

Wow, what a beautiful little one-shot. I've never Pansy/Daphne before but you've portrayed the ship in a very believable fashion and made me root for them.

I loved your dialogue here. It's quirky, fresh and engaging to read. And of course, the deceptions. Daphne's thought process is lovely to read and I had a great time getting into her head. Your characterisation is very good as I connected with her very quickly.

I also loved the friendship between Theo and Daphne. Poor Slytherins. Their lives are so complex, but it's also typical high school despite everything and you've captured their entangled relationships realistically.

The ending was so sweet. Loved the idea of stolen moments. All in all, this cute little one-shot made my cold snake-y heart skip a little. If I could smile, I would. Great job!

Hiss Hiss
The Basilisk

Author's Response: Ooh, a Basilisk review! Thank you Basilisk!

I admit, Pansy/Daphne had never occurred to *me* before, but the story was requested and so I gave it my best shot! I'm glad the result made them believable and compelling.

Daphne was a pleasure to hop into the mind of; I wanted to write a very Slytherin-y character who still went, in her own way, against the status quo. I enjoyed writing Theo Nott and his complexities a *lot*.

I am glad to warm the heart of the cold, cold Basilisk, though the Basilisk is very kind for bestowing me its non-petrifying attention.


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Review #2, by Lady May Overshadowed

18th April 2015:
Hi Slide *waves*

I'm Lady May, the protector of the month May. I have been told by a friend over at the forums, that many members do not openly express their love for my month, and therefore I am here to encourage you to do so. I will leave you a review, in hopes of you understanding how important it is to spread love about the most fantastic month of the year.

Wow. The only word that comes to mind is wow. This was so beautiful and ... I'm speechless! It's just amazing. I think this has got to be one of the best one-shots I have ever read. It was so very, very beautiful.

First of all, I have never seen this pairing before, so I've never read any stories with these two as a couple. And it's a little strange thinking about it now, because it really did seem natural for them to bond. You know, because they're both Slytherin girls in a middle of a war, coming from pureblood families, and they probably did struggle a lot with pressure from their family about proving their loyalties. So I definitely liked them together, in fact I think I ship them now. And that is saying something, because I don't really like Pansy all that much. But I did like her a little more after reading this.

I really like their relationship - that is starts as something Daphne is kind of pressured into, then turns into a friendship and then ultimately love, because spending time with each other have made them realize that they are more alike than they initially thought. It is very realistic, because most people I know that are in a relationship started as friends but then it turned into something more.

I think Daphne represents a different kind of Slytherin than the one we usually see in the book. She's really on "the good side", but she pretends otherwise to keep herself alive. She actually reminds me a little of Sansa Stark, if you've read A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, because they're both generally disliked when all they do really is to survive. They're survivors that do as their told to keep themselves alive, and that is just as much a hero in my eyes as someone that recklessly, although bravely, goes against the crowd and what they're told to do, and loses their life for that very reason. Not all heroes swing swords, as someone wise once said. And bravery comes in different froms, it takes bravery act against everything you believe in in hopes of survival, and to make sure you do not get caught for it. So yes, I really like Daphne.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to go now. There are many more members that needs to be told to cherish the month May, and I have to do that now. But if you decide to spread a little love of the month over at the forums, maybe you could say hi to my friend over there for me. She can't reveal her name for safety reasons, but she asked me to give you this clue:

Your clue:

If you really want to know
If you really want to find
I'm a with the loyal and hardworking
And the exceptionally kind

May, May be a very beautiful month for you, and may you cherish it forever.


Lady May

Author's Response: Highly belated replies...

You honour me with your attention, Lady May, all the way now in... October. I shall have to embrace the spirit of sharing in which this review was left.

And I'm very glad you enjoyed the story! It's an unusual couple, and I admit I only did it because that was what was suggested to me. But once I found a hook, they were pretty easy to write. Pansy in particular was a character I was keen to unwrap the layers of; she's so two-dimensional in canon, and I wanted to see more.

I like slow-burning romances, which made a one-shot tough. I've not written something with this much transition of time without scene breaks, so it's great to know that worked out well.

The comparison between Daphne and Sansa is quite apt; they both have a very rich and very internal thought process, but how they appear is just how they need to appear to get through vicious circumstances. And survival is, indeed, her priority.

Thank you very much for this review!

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Review #3, by TidalDragon Overshadowed

24th February 2015:
Howdy! Sorry it's taken so long to arrive, but
here I am!

Regretfully I don't think I'll be able to match
your length (though you greatly deserve it)
precisely because I thought this story was
absolutely brilliant.

From beginning to end you did an exceptional
job of balancing the descriptions, inner
thoughts, and dialogue well so that none
dramatically overwhelmed the other. But it was
also nice that the balance wasn't forced - it
ebbed and flowed very naturally with the story.
When Daphne was without Pansy, dialogue as a
whole was less prevalent reinforcing the
loneliness - when they were together it was
there more, cementing the connection.

What was also nice about the story is how you
maintained the characterizations and allowed
the relationship and later feelings to develop
between Daphne and Pansy in a natural way.
Those characterizations meant that at times I
still found myself wondering what direction we
were really going in (though my instincts -
because I don't usually read summaries for the
exchange - were right, at least re:
Daphne/Pansy) until the "reveal" conversations
about and between Daphne and Theo. The
simplicity allowed the flame that rose to feel
completely organic rather than forced, as
romances so often seem to in FF (especially
stories shorter than novel-length).

Truth - I need to remember this story when CR
and site-wide award seasons roll back around
because it deserves loads of recognition!

Author's Response: Sooo glad you enjoyed the story. I wasn't sure it would be everyone's cup of tea, and I don't tend to write pure romance very often, so it's good to know this one's come off well. I'm also very nervous about putting the passage of time into seamless prose like this; I prefer to just do scene cuts, and this has NO scene cuts, which was kind of experimental for me, so I'm glad it all flows and such.

There being less dialogue when D/P weren't together to exemplify loneliness was totally not intentional - I MEAN IT WAS INTENTIONAL I AM VERY CLEVER. *coughs*

I'm quite pleased you read this without knowing the summary; an audience loaded to expect a pairing can read things into it, but that your instincts still lead you to a slash pairing does mean I did my job right. Which is always nice to know! That it didn't feel forced in a comparatively short work (well, short for ME!) is very heartening.

Thank you so much for the review, and the kind words. It's all massively appreciated.

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Review #4, by whykay Overshadowed

2nd February 2015:
Good one! I don' think Pansy has been ever depicted as a human. :) Great choice of characters. Anyway, isn't Astoria Daphne's younger sister? Is it the same Astoria from the Stygian trilogy? Cuz I'd find it hard to believe that Scorp didn't have Daphne - Pansy behind him when he was down.

Author's Response: Wasn't my choice of characters, I was challenged to write Pansy/Daphne on the forums - and was tickled by, yes, trying to present Pansy as a likable, relatable person! While I tend to write everything existing in the same wider cosmology in my head, I have no real thoughts on how these guys interact with the Stygian world. Even if they stayed together, I doubt Draco would want his sister-in-law and her lesbian lover, his ex-girlfriend, involved in his son's life!! I could see the two flitting off abroad and not coming back after the war, anyway.

Cheers for the review.

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Review #5, by BellaLestrange87 Overshadowed

2nd February 2015:
I think it's fitting that I get first review on this, since I did request it and all.

So I knew when I requested this that it would be perfect but this is awesome and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN I EXPECTED AND I LOVE IT.

I love the Slytherins here! I mean, I love reading stories about them anyway, because I seem to have a thing for morally ambiguous characters, but I think you've nailed their pureblood elitist society on the head. Very hard. Okay, that was quite possibly the worst pun I've made in a long time. Pansy is perfectly Pansy, and I love how awesomely you've characterized her. It's kind of nice to see her be the same rude, superior snob that she is to the Gryffindors around her Slytherin housemates, who are just as good as her. And I love that Daphne isn't really a big part of the elitism and prefers to stay off to the side. For some reason, whenever I think of the Greengrasses I think of them as staying off to the side and not participating directly in the war.

And Pansy just won't give up on Draco, won't she? Even though it's been six years and he's not really showed much genuine interest, and obviously has better things on his mind. And by better I mean depressing impossible Death Eater mission. Although her sending Tracey around makes it seem like she's stalking him, which is rather creepy.

I love their conversation in the bathroom! Pansy seems so controlling that it's no wonder Draco doesn't want her, preoccupied as he is with trying to assassinate Dumbledore. And Daphne won't have any of it. I like how strong she is and how she won't give in. And this line - Warning. Draco Malfoy is showing signs of independent thought. Call the Aurors. It was perfect and it made me laugh so hard you have no idea. And I see how cleverly you've set up their bonding time! And it fits in so well with canon - Pansy in the books I think conducted the Weasley is Our King choir instead of watching the games. Now I know why she deliberately had her back to the pitch.

Hm... I wonder if there is a general 'we're not fighting but we actually are' couple look. Hogwarts has its fair share of drama and no doubt the students are probably aware of it, as Daphne mentions it.

And I don't know why Daphne was so surprised by Pansy. I have to admit, it's not what I expected from her, but obviously she presents a different front to the Slytherins that she would to Harry and his POV. And she seems so focused on something so trivial. I'd say that I never spent that much time on extracurriculars except... here I am writing a review longer than some of the essays I wrote for school. *looks awkward* There's no school today. It snowed too much. I have an excuse.

Thatíd be even more turgid than watching yet another end-of-year Gryffindor victory. This made me laugh, probably because the 'yet another end-of-year Gryffindor victory' ends up happening. I love how the Slytherins resent this, after, what? Seven years of their domination before Harry showed up and Dumbledore's favouritism took effect?

I love how Daphne starts subtly noticing Pansy. Obviously with a gigantic one-shot like this you have time to let it slowly develop, but I'm glad you didn't just plop them together in the bathroom with blankets so they could have a cuddle and kiss. I don't even know why I thought that, though, since with a writer of your calibre you certainly know what you're doing and you're a lot better than I am so I'll just stop typing now.

Pansy definitely seems torn here. She obviously likes Draco, but now she's attracted to Daphne and can't show it because she just spent all that time going after him. And she's so perfectly awkward here - these 'you're pretty' and 'I like you' conversations never go smoothly and they're always awkward and filled with nerves. I like how she's still Pansy, though, and attacks Hermione and her bushy head of hair.

I think I know exactly what those errands are: Imperiusing Madam Rosmerta for this attempt. Much as I don't like Pansy, it does suck that all that effort went to waste. Admittedly, this is a Pansy/Daphne, not a Draco/Pansy. But I love how Pansy said that all her efforts were because her father wanted her to marry Draco, and not because she actually liked him. It made her seem more human to me, someone who wanted to do her family proud and not a mean *insert bad word* who chases after Draco.

I love how Theo is perceptive here and can tell what's going on. Daphne and Pansy obviously have feelings for each other, even if they haven't acknowledged them yet, and Daphne pointedly ignoring her 'boyfriend' made it pretty obvious to him, and to anybody who might have been paying attention, exactly what was going on between them. And Pansy later in the bathroom was right - they didn't seem to be a very hands-on couple. You'd think two TEENAGERS in a relationship would be all over each other.

And Pansy's mother's story! I like what you've done with Mrs. Parkinson. Even though it sounds cruel, I was sort of expecting you to be cruel, honestly. Reading the Stygian trilogy made me expect that. *crosses arms and pouts* Scorpius is alive. I know it. You've humanized Pansy and made her a person, not a caricature of horrible girls that teased JKR at school.

YES THAT KISS WAS PERFECT! But I love how they realized that pureblood society would not react well to lesbian relationships immediately, and how their feelings are warring with their family's expectations. And I only have about 400 characters left so I should probably stop going off track. I love how you've categorized the Slytherins - they're stuck between a rock and a hard place and can't count on the ones they love if they make a 'wrong' choice, unlike the rest of Hogwarts.

I have 200 characters left so I'm going to end with this is awesome and thank you for writing and for mentioning me in the Author's Note and this is the longest review I've ever written.


Author's Response: Well this is LONGEST REVIEW EVER THANK YOU. And also thank you for suggesting this, as I had such a BLAST writing it when everything came together.

I love Slytherins, despite being ambivalent at best about Draco, but I love presenting them as nuanced even within their prejudice. Pansy and Daphne aren't against pureblood supremacy, they just don't care enough to FIGHT for it, and they certainly don't want to die for it. Also Daphne has mellowed out a bit from Theo's influence.

Daphne being off to the side was influenced partly because I liked the idea of her being the 'lesser' sister in the eyes of society, and also JK's Pottermore comments about Astoria likely being a levelling influence on Scorpius and not always the daughter-in-law the Malfoys would want. So I'd figured the Greengrasses would not be as virulently determined to be up to their elbows in Voldemort's cause (but probably paying lip service).

By the start of the story, Pansy is so entangled with Draco that she's not sure where her feelings begin and where obligation and habit do. I didn't think of her as sending Tracey to spy, so much as Tracey spotting this and IMMEDIATELY rushing off to tell Pansy as a bit of a suck-up.

I figure Pansy is different to a lot of different people. She puts on various faces and various fronts for social expectations, and Daphne can be quite isolated. Daphne assumed she had Pansy figured out, and didn't look twice until now. Also I reckon Pansy has probably GROWN UP over the years - while I assume we don't see her as a bully as much in later books because the characters have more important things to worry about, I think it's possible she just had better things to do. So I think she's grown up some, and until now Daphne had no reason to notice.

I think reviewing my fics is a way better option than school, but I've been accused of undermining people's academic progress before. *whistles innocently* Not my fault what people read!

I wasn't going to plop them together, but you MAY have noticed I prefer long fiction, and so while you could probably bludgeon someone about the head with a one-shot of this size, condensing discovery, attraction, explosion, resolution into one single story was a PACING CHALLENGE for me and I appreciate you appreciating it. :D

Theo and Daphne are terrible at being a fake relationship. I think they're not very physically demonstrative people anyway, but then again, teenagers and their hormones should have taken care of that. Thankfully for them, most people don't care to analyse or question - until Pansy does.

I meant to mention that in the notes about Pansy's mother - this was not my original idea. I cannot for the LIFE of me remember where I read that idea about her mother being Kissed, and I would literally wager it was over ten years ago. But it was a headcanon or an off-hand mention in a fic I read somewhere (not even a whole fic, so I have no chance of remembering), and it was so vivid and horrendous it really lodged in my own headcanon.

I suppose I have one-up on JKR in terms of memories of horrible girl bullies. I made peace with mine, in time. It makes it easier to look back at such archetypes and find the humanity. Not that all of them improve.

It was hard to find the intolerance in pureblood society, but I figure that if the purebloods are right now so BIG on appeasing Voldemort, families would be extra-keen to clamp down on anything that went against the status quo. Thus I reckon a lesbian relationship, when the families are hoping to tighten bonds with one another and help propragate the 'threatened' pureblood lineages, would be seen as a Problem. Maybe they'll come around in time! Who knows. I have no real idea how these two crazy kids work things out.

I'd like to think they stay together and leave Britain when the war is done to lead exotic lives abroad!

Anyhoo, this was a great review, so super thanks for that and super thanks for requesting the idea!

~ Cath

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