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Review #1, by BookDinosaur iv. four calling birds [december 18, 2024]

9th December 2015:

hello again. i love this. (how's that for short reviewing?)

ugh, you know how much i love the inclusiveness and the way that you have so many diverse characters populating your stories, and this is no exception. i love that this story casually has a transgender character in it, but it's not necessarily about her - it's just that she happens to be there, and she happens to be transgender. that needs to happen more often, both in media and in fic, i think

rita skeeter is great and i loved her little cameo, omg. and ginny's attitude towards rita was spot on. ginny is fearsome ♥

“Ginny probably put laxatives in her wine.”

you know, i really wouldn't put it past her. xD

also, i don't think that i've mentioned this in a review before but i very much admire how you're working in each line of the christmas song to each chapter - so far they're all very natural integrations and i'm defs looking forward to seeing where you go with some of the more out-there lines.

this was a lovely chapter and you should give us more soon!

♥ emily

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Review #2, by BookDinosaur iii. three french hens [december 27, 2026]

6th December 2015:

aw hello this has slightly restored my spirts they are hovering somewhere slightly below average levels of spirithood and i would like you to know that it is your fault

aaaccck, holly's dad is so sweet! it's so so obvious by the way that you write him that he loves holly so so much and that is the sweetest thing - and it says so much about you as a writer, that you can express all this love he has for his daughter without never having to resort to telling us about his love for holly, ack.

one day, he started collecting things that reminded him of her – fluffy bedsocks because she hated the cold, a teddy bear with a bowtie like the one she lost when she was seven, a tin of the loose-leaf chai tea she always ordered instead of coffee when she met him on campus, a woven bracelet that happened to be the same colours as the asexual pride flag

HE CARES SO MUCH and i am a puddle of feels omg

ahh, i hope it works out for the two of them this time? if they decide to make it a thing, ofc. my best wishes to them

♥ emily

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Review #3, by BookDinosaur ii. two turtle doves [december 25, 2011]

6th December 2015:
elisabethbethbeth? how?? dare? you?

i am confused this is so tragic?? chistmastime is meant to be cheerful and happy and full of love and joey and giving and all that other good stuff, but here you are breaking my heart over two little girl-twins who've lost each other during christmas and why? you are a cruel and terrible author and this is tragic.

my heart

omg, emily's child-ness (is there a word for this that i'm missing i bet there is) just broke my heart. the fact that she's so little and innocent and still a wee babby - it came out so strongly in the way that she wanted the two of them to match, and you are breaking my heart with this elisabeth no go away ur annoying

One of the turtle doves had fallen out of the tree and broken when they got home, and it was the one Laura made but their mum was about to cry again so Emily said it was hers and that Laura’s was still in the tree, and her mum took the broken dove and put it in the bin.

and as an ending, this was superb - i feel like it marks a bit of a change in her, a contrast in how she was so innocent before and now, how she's actively lying and hiding things so that her mum will feel better. :( i'm sad

ugh i am feeling so heartbroken for this character who shares my name (why did this have to happen at christmas??? you cruel author)

i feel like this maybe failed at being short but that's ok i needed to rant at you for being mean and also annoying

&hearts emily

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Review #4, by BookDinosaur i. a partridge in a pear tree [december 10, 2025]

6th December 2015:

hello hello i just finished watching a creepy hannibal film so this cuteness was very very welcome in my life

ack, julia is so hardcore. tattoos and piercings and colour-changing hair, oh my. and james is so awkward that it's sweet, bless him. it's adorable, even :P also, yes, some people do go overboard with their christmas decorations but honestly that is no reason to be a misery guts about it, james. tsk tsk.

oh my goodness, i love that when lucy tells him that she wants a payrise james actually considers her taking him to court. it appears that in any universe, lucy is nobody's doormat and i love it

presents and turkey and cousins and dumb knitted jumpers with Js on them

yes, this is what christmas is all about.

he was not a sensible man, even if he had spent the last twenty-three years of his life thinking he was

him. he's adorable.

elisabeth, this was so sweet and adorable and i love it, and i also managed to get my character limit to only just barely under 5000 - i'm getting there. i'm learning this art of leaving short reviews

♥ emily

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Review #5, by ScarlettANDJames iii. three french hens [december 27, 2026]

14th January 2015:
wonderful! i loved the doctor who reference and oh god emily's story is so very sad, but this was beautifully done ! xx

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #6, by Fonzzx iii. three french hens [december 27, 2026]

7th January 2015:

Author's Response: YES! i couldn't remember if i dropped that detail in tfwms/pfi or just alluded to it, but i guess it was the latter. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by Fonzzx ii. two turtle doves [december 25, 2011]

28th December 2014:
I've always been curious, how did Laura die? This was absolutely heartbreaking to read, by the way. I hope you know what you're doing to us readers :P

Author's Response: i know exactly what i'm doing to you readers because i'm doing the exact same thing to myself. and i've always planned on keeping her death somewhat ambiguous, but suffice it to say it was very sudden and unexpected.

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Review #8, by Veritaserum27 ii. two turtle doves [december 25, 2011]

28th December 2014:
Hey there Lisa,

So as soon as I saw who this story was about, I knew. I knew it was gonna be a tearjerker, but I read it anyway because you are such a fabulous writer and I also knew it would be a great story.

I love the idea for this, and I hope you continue to post one every day. I just hope that some of them are a bit more cheerful than this one.

Great job, because I always wanted to know Emily's back story. I just feel so sad that it happened around Christmastime - poor, poor Emily.

Thanks again, Lisa - for sharing your great talent with us!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by WhiteFeather i. a partridge in a pear tree [december 10, 2025]

27th December 2014:
This is lovely! I hope you continue to update this :)

Author's Response: thank you! i hope you've enjoyed the other chapters in this :)

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Review #10, by Veritaserum27 i. a partridge in a pear tree [december 10, 2025]

27th December 2014:

This was just... adorable. Love me some TFWMS-verse stories. I can't wait to read the rest of them. This is the way I imagined the two of them getting together. And as usual, your talent for dialogue is Christmas-tastic.

Sorry this review is so short!

Love ya!

♥ Beth

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