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Review #1, by LoonyMooney Yet Another Party

23rd August 2016:
Great chapter, update soon please! :)

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Review #2, by CharmAurorG Yet Another Party

20th February 2016:
Hello there :) I just stumble upon your story and enjoyed it immensely. :) Hope you'll update soon. Keep up great work. :)


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Review #3, by Ginnypotter29 Yet Another Party

19th February 2016:
OMG YOU UPDATED AH!!! I lov.e this story so much James/OC stories are my favourite and this is the best by far, Bea and james are so perfect literally reading this put a huge smile on my face you've literally made my day, please update again soon because now you've reminded me of this story I am just obsessed as I was when I first read it!!! Would give a million out of 10 if I could!

Author's Response: OH Thanks for the beautiful message! I am such a terrible person for not updating for so long but I promise to do the next update this week!! Glad you love the story :D I'd give YOU a million out of 10 if i could!

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Review #4, by Derek An Unexpected Encounter

29th September 2015:
way over do for a chapter!

Author's Response: I know ... I'm the absolute worst! Someone's my real life gets in the way *shudder*. Will update TONIGHT - I've got it ready to go ;)

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Review #5, by LoonyMooney An Unexpected Encounter

10th September 2015:
Very addicting story! Please update :)

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Review #6, by Derek An Unexpected Encounter

10th July 2015:
Awesome chapter. Kind of funny how a big family sprawls out but is keen to James and Bea's interaction. Hugo's crush and Freds attraction and all the girls comments saying they didnt have a chance once James comes. Fred should be on a team or at least get a try out. Great job of bringing all the interaction of characters together. Missed Scorp though. Wanted to see Ron lose it abit

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Review #7, by Derek Prelude to an Unexpected Meeting

5th July 2015:
Awesome! I so hope you post real soon! This reunion and such with the family is going to fun to read. Especially if Scorp shows up with Rose and she can put all the pieces together.

Author's Response: The big one is now in validation... Prepare for a pretty eventful family reunion in just a day or so...!

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Review #8, by Derek Quidditch Offers

29th June 2015:
Hello. Way overdue for many chapters. Quit the mundane stuff for a little while and give James and Bea a few chapters...

Author's Response: I'm glad you're at least keen for them to feature more prominently together. Sorry for the delay, unfortunately sometimes life takes hold of the reigns and can run away from you - my time has not been my own. Updates will be flowing relatively frequently at the moment because I have a slight 'lull' in the insanity. More Bea/James chapters to come - in the sense that after the next one they are literally in every chapter together so hopefully that fills up your cup.

All the best!

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Review #9, by Yas Quidditch Offers

11th June 2015:
So I found your story today and read it already. I really love it :-)
I hope you have time to update it soon, as it is really a cliffhanger here.
I would love to know when happens when James and Bea meet again...

Author's Response: Hello! Once again, sorry for the big delay. I feel very guilty and chastised. All I can do is say that they meet in the chapter after the one currently awaiting validation so it's just a short wait!!! As far as what happens? Well let's just say that it's explosive ( ;) ) and catches everyone off guard! It certainly takes attention away from poor old Hugo's party, that's for sure...

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Review #10, by LoonyMooney Quidditch Offers

5th May 2015:
Great chapter.
Hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words! Update in waiting right now, and after that chapter they meet again! Keep reading!xx

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Review #11, by pfairy Quidditch Offers

14th April 2015:
Can't wait for more! I'm addicted!

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice review! i was having a terrible day until i read this, so you managed to bring a smile to my face :D xx

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Review #12, by kristyhes Quidditch Offers

29th March 2015:
Hello! Just wanted to say that I really liked this chapter. I love the way you describe James and the other characters as well. I'm really looking forward to when they will both meet. I assumed that they would given that Bea is staying with Hermione and Ron.

Waiting for the next update :)

Cee xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking time to write a lovely review! always warms my heart when i read about other people enjoying the story. i just wish i could spend ALL my time on this instead of the boring stuff i actually HAVE to do... ugh! xx

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Review #13, by Ginnypotter29 Tomorrow the Magic Begins

26th March 2015:
Such a great chapter except for the fact that James and bea have broken up I'm absolutely gutted! Your writing style is amazing and so funny but please for the sake of my sanity (and love for romcoms) let them realise they are both magic soon! It's killing me all the chances in which they've almost found out, please update soon as I can't wait to see how you wrote about her windless magic as well as (hopefully) having Bea meet Rose at the Weasley's house and figure everything out! (Please please please) I know this is my first review but I've been reading it from the start and I love it so much! Obviously you have some great plan for how they find out about each other but please let it be soon! It's so frustrating (but also like I said before your writing is so great) so anyway please update I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Wow thanks for the great review! I'm really glad you're enjoying and don't stress, not too long before they work it out :P I do enjoy the whole 'sliding doors' kind of element with them constantly getting so close to the truth haha! keep watching this space because the next chapter is in validation right now!xx

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Review #14, by lovelynessa Tomorrow the Magic Begins

24th March 2015:
I'm way too excited for the next chapter *heart eye emoji*...waiting on your next update! ;-)

Author's Response: Oh guys all the nice reviews. I'm blushing. Next chapter in validation now!

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Review #15, by JJJ1994 Tomorrow the Magic Begins

22nd March 2015:
Excellent chapter! The suspense is really building up! It's going to be a real shock when Bea and james realize whats actually going on! Keep updating! but no pressure:)

Author's Response: Oh guys all the nice reviews. I'm blushing. Next chapter in validation now!

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Review #16, by Derek The Worst Possible End to the Worst Possible First Date

8th March 2015:
Way too short of a chapter. Please get her to the Weasleys house so she can see James and Rose as kids and the whole other Wotters. She will see James in a whole new light.

Author's Response: Haha sorry! Sometimes I worry that I ramble too much so I throw in short ones here and there... No fear: keep an eye out for the next chapter (in validation now) because she's about to have a change of scene that sounds right up your alley!

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Review #17, by LoonyMooney First Dates are Always Awkward

2nd March 2015:
Great story. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Hello! yeah sorry for the long wait, I have been swamped with um... my real life unfortunately... but i've managed to find a spare window of time and have finally submitted the next chapter so it's not too far off! Glad you're enjoying. I'm always wondering if I should've done something differently but words of encouragement really keep me going :D

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Review #18, by Nonemesseswiththeweasleytwins First Dates are Always Awkward

23rd February 2015:
Another great chapter! :) hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Update on its way! Glad you're enjoying :D

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Review #19, by Jkrismyworld Meeting and Greeting

4th February 2015:
Nice one keep em coming!

Author's Response: Thanks for the encouragement, hopefully it goes somewhere good!

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Review #20, by ScoroseSuper Another Day, Another Hangover

25th January 2015:
Yippee!!! They met,. Looking forward to seeing them together more! Love where this is going. Update update update!

Author's Response: Haha yeah sorry, I ramble hey! I get so caught up in the actual characters and minute details that it can take me a while to get around to the action... promise lots more to come, just has to go through the validation!

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Review #21, by UmbridgeHater Pack Clean Knickers

25th January 2015:
Love the funny writing, james is a real card. I also liked the end with Harry and ginny so obviously still in love - I always thought they'd be one of those couples that embarrss their kids with PDAs!

Author's Response: Haha yeah, I love Ginny and Harry!

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Review #22, by BurningParchment Thinking Blue

25th January 2015:
I love your writing and I really like the idea of a witch who grew up in the muggle world - also like the expansion of the magic world to somewhere far away like Australia!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind review, keep reading lots more coming!

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Review #23, by RisingFromAshes Seeing Red

25th January 2015:
Haha I like this portrayal of Harry, he's just as broody and intense as a father as I imagined he would be! Can't wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: Yeah I always thought he was a bit of a brooder and would be a bit overbearing at times for his kids - wanting them to do their best and pushing them harder so I tried to portray him a bit like that without making him a douche!

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Review #24, by majhag682 Chance Encounters

23rd January 2015:
I just wanted to write and say that I love this story. I can't control my happiness every time you update.
Keep doing what you do!

Author's Response: Oh thank you for the lovely words! I can't say how amazing it is to hear people enjoying my story... it's really just an obsession that I decided to share in case anyone else enjoyed it, and turns out at least some of you do! Keep reading, lots more to come!

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Review #25, by JSPforever123 The Party: Part 2

14th January 2015:
loved it been waiting ages for an update so psyched your back

Author's Response: Haha thanks! sorry for the wait... i had tonnes on at uni and then christmas and i've been a bit slack coz it's actually written... i just had to edit and post lol! so glad you're enjoying it

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