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Review #1, by Penelope Inkwell Most Days, He Was Okay.

18th August 2015:
Hey! You made me laugh and suffer this time!

My heart--poor George. I have so much trouble with George stories, post-Battle of Hogwarts. I love them, but then I also, like, can't handle the feels. I think you did a really good job of walking the line between George's natural humor and the necessary angst he would feel, in general without Fred, and specifically in this situation.

In just a few lines, you really paint Angelina as just the sort of person George needs. I can see why he would fall for her--it seems like she could bring some of the fun, lightheartedness back to his life.

I'm so fascinated by the different ways people write the George/Angelina ship, but I think you've done a lovely job with it. You made me sad and you made me smile, all within a rather short one-shot.

Poor George--all the sputtering. He really doesn't have a cool and casual bone in his body :)

Oh, and I loved the bit at the end, where Fred's reflection winks at him (it *would* be from a butterbeer bottle--appropriately festive). That was just a great little gem there, right at the end.

Good job! (as always)


Author's Response: I am both a comic genius and a horrible person. MUHAHAHA.

This story was one of the most difficult I've ever written because I wanted it to be funny - because it's George Weasley - but also a little sad - because it's George Weasley. THE FEELS KILL ME WHEN IT COMES TO GEORGE WEASLEY. I'm happy that you found that balance worked.

I really wished that I could have spent more words on Angelina, but I was trying to stick to a word limit. Also it was difficult to do since it's from George's POV and that they're already very old friends, so he doesn't feel the need to describe her in the way I would have liked (UGH GEORGE). I'm very happy indeed that her character still comes across!

I completely agree! They're one of the most diversely written couples I've read. I love it. I'm blushing that you feel my addition is worthy!

Fred has a great sense of class and context - even from beyond the grave ;)

Thanks so much for this lovely review, Penny :)

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Review #2, by EnigmaticEyes16 Most Days, He Was Okay.

10th August 2015:
Hi! Just stopping by to give you some review love for all your help with the House Cup this year!

800, this story was so adorable! I forgot how adorable your stories could be for a split second and was taken by surprise all over again by finally reading this! You know I loved your Chai series along with Like a House on Fire, and this was just as amazing as those!

I adore George and love how you've written him in this story. I honestly think he is the quieter twin and I like how Fred and him are basically polar opposites when it comes to being smooth and talking to girls. And I loved how much he cared for Angelina and how he was ashamed of being with her because he believed Fred was still in love with her when he died. I liked how she was finally able to calm George's nerves. And that there was really nothing for George to feel awkward about because Fred and Angelina had had a mutual break-up where they both knew they just weren't right for each other, but still cared about each other enough to be friends afterward. I'm so happy George didn't need the whole month to figure out his feelings for her and accept them.

I also loved the bit about George always seeing Fred in his own reflection. It makes sense, considering they are identical twins. Before Fred's death, he probably looked at Fred more than he looked at his own reflection so it's not weird at all that he would think he saw Fred when he looked at himself, especially when he couldn't see his lack of an ear. I adored the ending though, and how George could have sworn his reflection not only winked at him, but also had two ears, as if Fred was cheering him on from beyond the grave and was in full support of him being with Angelina. I thought that was the sweetest ending ever!

Anyway, this one-shot was amazing and I'm so glad I finally read it. I may have to go check out Plagued by Ardour as well because I'm very curious as to what that's about since it inspired this.

And thanks again for your help in the HC!


Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much Nix! It was such a fun time. The Common Room is so lively during the HC, it warms the heart.

I think there was a time where I'd be upset at being typecast, but now... YES. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I'M MAKING PEOPLE FEEL WARM SQUISHY THINGS IN THE VICINITY OF THEIR HEARTS.

George was the quieter twin to me as well, and I feel like he'd have become even quieter after Fred's death. And haha, I bet Fred was terrible with the ladies, but compared to George, maybe he was some sort of genius. I really wanted to show that quite aside from this imagined love triangle between him, his dead twin, and Angelina, George really respects and admires her as a person. Probably some of his hesitation comes from that. And Angelina is just so amazing. Please be my friend, Angelina!

Fred and George were so much the same person in a lot of ways, and a lot of their own identities were tied up in being twins. It made sense that George sees Fred in himself, but I wanted to show that he's using it as a coping mechanism most of the time, rather than it being a destructive force in his life. Also, I may or may not have teared up whilst writing that ending. And then promptly laughed maniacally at making other people react the same way :P

Thanks so much for the wonderful review :)

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Review #3, by merlins beard Most Days, He Was Okay.

22nd April 2015:
Hi. Here for our swap.

It was really hard to decide what story to pick until I found the George/Angelina one. I can never resist those.

I really like what you've come up with, it's a lot like my headcanon. I've always wanted to see them make each other happy after the miserable things that happened to them.

I really like that Angelina knows herself well and knows about her feelings but George doesn't realize his.

It was so sweet when Angelina agrees to give him time to think. There are not many stories where the characters are so reasonable. I really like that.

This was great, I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories soon.


Author's Response: Heya!

Ah, yes! George and Angelina are often irresistable!

Hi 5 for aligning headcanons! That's so cool.

I wanted Angelina to be in a better place than George, so that at least one of them goes into this relationship with a clear head and knowing what they want. That role fit Angelina well.

Yes! More people need to be reasonable about the demands they make on others, no matter what the relationship!

Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #4, by tangledconstellations Most Days, He Was Okay.

10th February 2015:

Ahh, this was so beautiful! I'm so glad I had the chance to read it! I've never really explored much of George and Angelina before, sort of accepting them as one of those couples that just are. But yet reading this it was really great to consider the bumps involved with them getting together. After all, its not just physical attraction they're dealing with - they've both got this connection to Fred and it's so sad that George naturally feels like he's doing something wrong by him in liking her.

They way you wrote George was spot on. He's hilarious! He's so inappropriate and awkward, but at the same time you've balanced that with the loneliness he feels and with him struggling with his grief. It was a really honest and convincing portrayal. At the same time Angelina was awesome too. It was sort of as though she had her head and her heart organised before George had, and she was willing to help him through his grief too. But that's not to say the situation wasn't weird for her too because I think it was. I think you've captured the complexity of the issue really really well.

Finally, your writing is such a pleasure to read. You've set up the scenes really well, really nicely. Even when you refer back to Christmas, or moments in the shop a few days previously, I still get a really clear idea of what you're showing me and how the situation played out, even if they're only portrayed as memories and mentioned in passing. What I think is especially great about this piece is the way that it is George through and through - your style is perfect for him and the way he talks, the way he repeats things - it's so George!

This was so good! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this :)

Laura ♥ xxx

Author's Response: I don't read much George/Angelina myself, so this was new territory for me. I'm glad that it had you considering them a little more! They have a few more bumps than your average couple, but I like to think they make it work.

I'm glad that you think George is in character. He was the hardest part of this story for me. It was a little difficult to balance the humour and the loss and the awkward feelings so I'm really pleased that you think everything works out with him. Angelina does have it worked out far more than George - they need at least one person between them who knows what's going on :P The situation is definitely weird for her, but she's more accepting of that than George.

Gah! Thank you so much! My writing style can sometimes get a little confusing for the reader, but I'm so pleased that you didn't find yourself getting lost. Woohoo!

Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Most Days, He Was Okay.

27th January 2015:
You can never deny a story that involves the twins. Even if one twin is sadly absent... because he's away. Like a holiday. Yeah, that's it. A holiday. *twitches*

Anyway... I loved this so, so much. Poor George, I hate it when he's sad. He's just not allowed to be, it's too weird to see. He must be happy all the time. With Angelina. Because she gets what he's going through and knows how to make him smile. Plus they're so totally in love. It's just a thing that is. :P

THE END! Aww! That was so perfect. Of course he didn't need the month to think about it. WE ALL SEE THE LOVE! AND NOW EVERYONE ELSE WILL BE LIKE I TOLD YOU SO WHEN THEY DANCE AND SNOG IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!! :D

So happy I read this!


Author's Response: It's hard to say no to a story with the twins, I completely agree. And of course Fred is on holiday! For a very long time. In the Bahamas.

I hate writing sad George. That's why I try to make him happy George but it took him so long to become happy George. Thank goodness Angelina came in and saved the day.

I'm glad you liked the ending! At first I thought it was too much but it seemed like a good way to tie it to the beginning. And imagery (in this case literally) can be fun. And you know everyone is just going to be like "about time, guys."

Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #6, by Fred Weasley's dashingly handsome ghost Most Days, He Was Okay.

24th January 2015:
Well, this was awkward.

I mean, Angelina was totally right, when we broke up it was totally amicable, but still...awkward.

Fred had always been better with the ladies. HAHA! I knew it! And I knew he knew it! Freddy-1 George-0. I told him this as often as I told him I was the better looking, funnier, cleverer of the two of us. I'm glad he's finally admitting it to himself.

Geroge being mopey is almost too much for me to bear, I'm glad that Ange was so forward with him and made him man up a bit. And what is this nonsense about George and Perce being close now?! Granted, Perce is much less of a git since the war, but he's still a pompous idiot. My ansence in his life has obviously addled his brain. Must go now, I need to get a message to mum somehow to get him checked out at St Mungos.

(Okay, I'm dropping character for just a moment because I HAVE to say that end part with the reflection winking and having two ears absolutely KILLED my feels. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS?!)

Author's Response: Indeed, Fred Weasley's ghost, you are very dashingly handsome. So dashingly handsome in fact that I fear that I must accuse of tautology for stating such an obvious fact.

I can't imagine how awkward this must be, but I can't imagine you also wanting all your loved ones to be living in the past. You're too cool for that.

Don't get too big a head about being the better twin. George still gets the girl ;)

It's all because of Angelina that they even got together. Go Angelina! And crazy things start to happen when people lose other people. Even Percy becomes tolerable.

(Ah! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I loved it ♥)

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Review #7, by alicia and anne Most Days, He Was Okay.

24th January 2015:
Okay, I'm already really sad and I've only just read the first few lines.

Oh George! Angelina means more to you than just being friends, he clearly likes her, although I understand why he's a bit worried about it.

oh my god that ending!! With the reflection winking at him and gah!! so many emotions!!!

You done amazing with this one shot, you really got across the sadness of the situation, George dealing with the guilt of Fred and the fact that he liked her but needed that push and it was just fantastic!!!

Loved this so much and now I'm just a big puddle of feels and so very happy!

Author's Response: It gets better, I promise! I hope only the beginning is sad - the rest of the story was supposed to be much happier.

I wanted George's reluctance to be relateable, even because of the its tragic circumstances. I hope that comes across.

All the emotions! Yay! This one-shot is the one that incites the most erratic of changes in feelings. But love is complicated and messy that way.

Thanks so much for the lovely review. I'm very happy that you liked it :) Transforming you into a puddle of feels is just a very happy bonus :P

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Review #8, by Maelody Most Days, He Was Okay.

20th January 2015:
H-How-how can you do that? D: This story has my emotions mixed all over the place! I want to be sad that George is so sad, and that the mirror thing made me sad, and that he felt bad about dating Fred's ex, and just everything. But I also wanted to be happy because he found happiness and Angelina was so understanding, and that ending... ARGH! Stop being so amazing all the time! (Don't really do that. I need your amazingness to read and cherish and love forever).

I love post Fred stories with George. I wrote one a while ago and never posted it because it is just far to scary to go down this road (depressing is more like it) but I think you've got yours down as simply beautiful. :) I'll have to check out Reebee's story to see how this sequels hers, but this does stand by itself perfectly well.

I'll admit, I was never a fan of George and Angelina being a thing. I'd love to say your story turned me around, but it doesn't. It makes me really appreciate her a lot more, though! :D I don't know, really. I don't think it's ever actually stated that Angelina and Fred dated and had a thing, but I think it is in most everyone's head-canon, and it is most definitely in mine. Something about her seeking George in that sense never seemed fair to me. He can't move on if he just clings to his brother's past and keeping him alive that way, and it always feels to me like Angelina just sort of went to George to fill her need of Fred.

Now what your story does is makes me appreciate the two characters in maybe the early start of a relationship. It's so sweet and cute, and completely understandable. And I know it's what happens in Rowling's world, but this is the one relationship that always made me feel a little uneasy.

It was cute, though. His constant battle between himself about what to look at and what not to look at. How he feels about her. How he doesn't feel about her. And the fact that 'Fred' winks and gives the OK in the end sort of eases the tension on this pair for me ;).

Either way, I do think this was a great story! It was wonderfully written and I nearly cried in the beginning when he was looking in that mirror, until I realized he was OK with it and using it to talk to his brother. :3 Hope my awkward love/hate relationship with George and Angelina wasn't too confusing! I promise, I still love this story for all that it is! Great job, dearest!


Author's Response: This wasn't supposed to be as angsty as it turned out! I'm terrible at angst so I thought I wasn't putting in too much. I'm terribly sorry. But I'm also very happy that you are feeling all the feels.

Post-Fred stories are always so sad, so I wanted to show that yes, George is sad, but he's moving on, albeit slowly. And through Angelina I wanted to demonstrate that other people also loved Fred and that George's pain isn't the only pain that counts.

That's okay if you don't ship it! I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the story as much as you did DESPITE that. Not every ship is for everyone. I had a little trouble getting my head around it, but it's growing on me. And of course, the angst angle is endless for this couple.

I understand where your unease comes from. I believe Rowling herself said that it could be a little messy because of it. But I guess it's also good in a way that it is in canon since it reflects reality. A lot of relationships are begun over a mutual loss, and things can get messy. The beauty of fanfiction is that we can explore these relationship dynamics. I've written my spin on the relationship, where I've really tried to emphasise that Angelina's love for George is separate to that she had for Fred, but there are plenty of great stories that explore what you've described.

That mirror scene is by far my favourite scene from this story. It was one of the strongest images I have of George post-Fred, and so I really wanted to include it. Thanks so much for the lovely review Mae :)

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Review #9, by Santa! Most Days, He Was Okay.

31st December 2014:
Hello, Santa here again!

Aww, this story is so sweet. George and Angelina's relationship is one that is rarely actually written about, especially the beginning of it. I think you did it really well though, with George's feelings. Obviously it would be hard on him, dating his dead twin's ex-girlfriend and I think you wrote his mental dilemma quite well.

George and Angelina's interactions were perfect. I especially loved how Angelina called George out on his guilt and moping- it's definitely something she would do. We saw her call out Fred and George for things they did in the books, so it was a good characterization with her.

Gah, they're so cute together! I love them, and George definitely deserves to be happy. You write the two of them really well and you have their characterizations perfect! Yay, I love this story :)
(Was that last part really necessary though? I mean really. You can't have a cute little one shot, and then throw that in!)

I'll be back soon with more presents!

Author's Response: Hello Santa! Nice to hear from you again! ^.^

I'm actually really surprised at how little George and Angelina there is out there, since they have so much room for drama and angst. I'm so pleased that you thought it was a job well done. I had fun writing this story, despite it being a little heavier than my usual fluff.

Ah! I'm glad you thought I wrote Angelina well! I was really worried about her since I only wrote about her from George's point of view, and he spent so much time agonising that I thought maybe her characterisation got lost somewhere in there.

George so deserves to be happy! It's one of the reasons I wrote this story, so that I could see George being happy in some way. And the last part was my favourite! I don't really write drama or angst, so I couldn't resist when I did get the chance!

I'm still no closer to learning of your identity BUT I SHALL FIND OUT. MARK MY WORDS.


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Review #10, by UnluckyStar57 Most Days, He Was Okay.

22nd December 2014:
Hi! I'm here with a review that you requested in early OCTOBER. Before I begin, I must extend my sincerest apologies to you for being so late in writing this review. Real life has taken hold of my every waking moment, sadly enough. I hope that this review was worth the wait!

So the first thing that I thought when I read this was that it would be tough to write a Georgelina. I've never actually read the pairing before, but I know that there are several issues with it, the biggest one being that Angelina was Fred's girlfriend at one point. However, I think that you pulled everything off very nicely (details after this paragraph), and I was completely convinced. I definitely ship it. :)

So, the mirror thing. Ugh, don't play with my heartstrings like that! George misses Fred so much, and making him look angstily in a mirror... That's just a little cruel. But the dichotomy between his thoughts of Fred and his thoughts of Angelina was very intriguing. It shows that no matter how much he tries to hold on to Fred, getting stuck in the memories and being reluctant to move on, at the end of everything, he's still living and he still has the ability to love another person. And how can he not love Angelina, with her personality? That's right, he can't. With the opening scene (it's sort of appropriate that I'm reviewing this just in time for Christmas), you've established that this pairing is more than just a match of two people brought together by shared grief over one person. It's actual loving and caring that make up the foundations of the relationship, and with that, I can see their love lasting for years.

And the New Year's party scene was really wonderful. I'm glad that all of this happened over the holidays, while people are falling in love and families are brought together. Angelina was really able to shine, and her no-nonsense attitude definitely got George out of his funk. I hope that it lasts for them. I really do. The last bit with the reflection was a REALLY awesome parallel to the beginning--like, WHOA. Very good. It's a paradox, almost--by letting Fred go, George actually kept his twin with him. I can see blue skies for him in the future!

You did such a wonderful job with this one-shot that I really want to go and read ReeBee's story when I find the time. I want to know how their relationship developed--because I'm sure the one-night stand thing was a culmination of many different events. All in all, this was fantastic. Thanks for your patience with my tardiness! :D


Author's Response: Haha, no worries! Life can get away from us :)

Georgelina was tough to write. I've wanted to for a long time but their relationship is complicated by the fact that she's Fred's ex, so it's really easy to fall head first into a cliche. Cliches aren't usually something from which I shy away, but since there are so few Georgelinas out there, I wanted to do it justice.

I'm a sucker for mirror scenes. They're hard for me to write since they're (naturally) very visually biased, but I wanted to give it a go, especially since the mirror can be used to great effect with George. You're completely right! He's basically being pulled apart by this fictitious relationship between Fred and Angelina. And thank you! I really wanted to emphasise that these two have more than Fred in common, since it's just not enough on which to build an entire long-lasting relationship.

There's just something about the holidays, isn't there? There's something in the air that brings people together, for which I am glad. And I'm really pleased by how well Angelina is being received. I was worried for her, feeling as if she might be falling into some sort of stereotypical blackhole, but I'm glad that everyone seems to think that that's not the case. And yes! I wanted the last scene with the reflection to be a little bittersweet. But George is ready to move on, and that's basically all Fred's ever wanted.

Thanks so much for this wonderful review! I really appreciate it :)

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Review #11, by marauderfan Most Days, He Was Okay.

8th December 2014:
Review tag!

Apparently I haven't been on your page in an unacceptably long time, because there's all these new stories I haven't seen that look super interesting. Anyway, this one.

I love George/Angelina and there really aren't that many stories about them. The beginning of this was just... agh. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to attempt getting over someone's death when every time you look in the mirror, you see them. He was just so broken. (I will probably always be annoyed at JKR for killing off one of the inseparable twins. Unfair.) But you wrote those emotions so well and how he feels guilty for liking Angelina when he thinks he has no right to - he's caught between his love and respect for his dead twin, and his feelings for Angelina.

Your Angelina is really wonderful, she is so strong and understanding and I love how she can really get through to George and bring him just a little bit out of that dark place he's in. Ha, I loved the end when it's a combination of sympathetic understanding and humour that finally works on him. So perfect. And those last few lines... aw! It's kind of like I just got kicked in the feels, but in a good way.

This was really such a great story. You are a wonderful writer :)

Author's Response: Haha! Yeah, it has been a while since I've seen you around the forums but don't worry - I'm a slow writer as usual :P

There seriously have to be more stories written about George and Angelina. Fred's death still angers me all these years later, but George was an interesting character to write because of it. I've never written someone like him before where I had to be careful about the way I balanced the humour and angst.

Angelina was a delight to write. I was worried that she'd come off as a little one-dimensional. I mean, we only ever see her from George's perspective, and half the time he's beating himself up over liking her, rather than describing her in a well-rounded way. I'm just glad she got through to him - I wasn't sure if they'd actually work out halfway through this story :P And George couldn't have anything less than a happy-sad ending.

Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #12, by BookDinosaur Most Days, He Was Okay.

6th December 2014:
Review Battle! :D

I haven't read much Gearoge/Angelina before, I don't think they're very common on the archives so I'm really glad that I chose this oneshot off your page to read!

The whole thing was just so amazing - your writing was polished and beautiful and the whole piece flowed so beautifully from the start to the end. Your characterisation was absolutely spot on as well, I can definitely imagine George looking into his mirror and seeing Fred, and then just imagining how painful that much be for him - god, that's so sad. :(

I love how George was so torn up about sleeping with Angelina as well, because his brother had loved her first, as far as he was concerned, it really does say a lot about how much the two of them loved each other and just wah are you trying to break my feels? And then at the same time though this did take place a while after the Battle of Hogwarts and you didn't go over-the-top ANGSTY angstfillery angst, which is something I'm giving you major kudos for.

To be honest, we didn't get much description of Angelina but the way that you had her speak and move and the details that George noticed about her managed to paint a really vivid picture of this understanding, strong woman, with flashes of the anger and passion that she displays about Quidditch in canon - seriously, I love the way you described these two, and the way that they interacted with each other.

AND OH MY GOSH the way that you decided to end this - seriously it was like a punch to the feels and I'm pretty sure that at this point you want to break them because wah that was so powerful and such a perfect ending to this oneshot and you are a wizard writer, I swear. Tell me your secrets. >:D

This is seriously an amazing oneshot, and I'm really glad that I popped into the review battle in time to catch you! :D

Author's Response: I haven't read much George/Angelina myself either, but they're a couple that I've wanted to write about for a long time. They're definitely not that prevalent on the archives, although they should be since there's just so much room for drama with them!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Pacing was something I struggled with in this story, so I'm so pleased that the final product doesn't read with all my frustrations attached. And George. OMG. My heart.

It was so interesting to write that dynamic between George and Angelina and Fred. It's as if George wants to leave everything that ever was Fred's untouched and preserved. That was a lot of fun to write. And I just couldn't bear making this completely angsty. I thought about it, but I'm really terrible at writing angst as well, so I tried for a balance between humour and angst.

I loved writing the way George loved Angelina. For him, it was the little things about her that made her real and perfect for him. And I'm just so relieved that she was an easy character to write! I was worried she might come off as a little one-dimensional, but I'm glad that wasn't the case.

That ending was supposed to hit people in the feels! I loved writing a happy-sad ending for George. It seemed like a sort of defining emotion for him, and the only thing that would really fit naturally.

Thanks so much for the lovely review! I'm so pleased you liked it :)

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Review #13, by I read sometimes.. ok all the time Most Days, He Was Okay.

10th November 2014:
So, I may have a little bit of tears in my eyes, because of your ending. It's amazing and I love it, and it's just perfect. I want to say thank you for your story, but I don't think it shows the amount of gratitude I have for it. I'm just so happy right now. Ok done with the rambling. Good story, right more, your awesome.

Author's Response: Aww! I hope it wasn't too bad! I'm so pleased that you liked this story. And I'm just very happy to share it. Thanks so much :)

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Review #14, by Roisin Most Days, He Was Okay.

25th October 2014:
!!! AW! I actually kind of teared up a little at that last line!

This is really REALLY well done. I just loved everything about it from beginning to end! The writing is incredibly polished and flawless, and George was simply fantastic. I loved seeing this more somber side of him, but that you still injected him with a lot of humor - albeit, situation appropriate humor.

The beginning was really gut-wrenching - the whole idea of grieving an identical twin got me RIGHT in the feels. And then the whole scene with Angelina was really effective. You wrote his ambivalence really well.

I'm just so glad I saw your swap request and read this, it's so so SO lovely and perfect and amazing! I wish I had more useful things to say, but I just got caught up in it from the beginning and didn't stop to take note of anything specifically. Your writing was so easy and flawlessly that I got completely engrossed. Well done!


Author's Response: That last line was supposed to hit you in the feels, so I'm oddly pleased :P

*blushes* Thank you so much! I wrote this surprisingly fast, so there was a really great chance that this read as a little rushed in places. George was a surprise. I haven't written a character like him before and so I was worried about balancing the angst and humour - I'm so pleased that it was okay.

Grief is such an intense emotion, and then for George it's just so much worse because IDENTICAL TWIN. I was quite scared to write George for a long time because of this. How do you do that kind of depth of emotion justice, but still keep the piece overall fun and hopeful?

Thanks so much for reading this! And your praise is useful! It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside, and confidence in writing is important.

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Review #15, by sleepingdragons Most Days, He Was Okay.

25th October 2014:
Hey, review swap here!

I really, really enjoyed this! Although it was just a one-shot, somehow I felt like this was something I'd been reading for ages, and that I already knew your characters really well.

I love that there was this balance between humour (eg. the bra bit, or George's social awkwardness) and the anguish and guilt George felt about having feelings for Angelina.

I also loved the bit at the start where George looks into the mirror and thinks 'he could delude himself into thinking Fred was still here...', and then the last two lines (omg the feels).


Author's Response: Ah! I'm so glad you felt that way! Characterisation is always hard, and it's harder in fewer words, so that you felt that you knew my characters for a lot longer than actuality, is a real compliment!

I didn't want the angst to be over the top, mainly because I don't write angst really very well. But balance is important, and I'm pleased that you found the balance to be right.

Those last lines gave me the feels too! Thanks so much for this lovely review :)

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Review #16, by casual_chaos Most Days, He Was Okay.

20th October 2014:
Hello! I'm finally here with your requested review!

I'll start with your mentioned concern. I've never read a George/Angelina fic before so I didn't have very specific expectations. Also, their relationship wasn't mentioned much in HP books so you basically had free reign with this pairing. From what I've read, the relationship you made George and Angelina have was sincere, quite sweet and equally challenged by some difficulties, which I could sum up to George being in a love triangle with the girl he's in love with and his own dead brother. It's a complicated situation to find yourself in and I think you captured George's feelings about it really well.

At the same time, you portrayed his affection toward Angelina in a truthful and charming way. I don't know if this answers your question, so to make it more clear: I really enjoyed my first time reading about this pairing and it has actually made me want to look out for more of Georgelina (Is this a thing?). So, kudos!

As for the characterization, I think you did a great job with both main characters. I loved how George's mind would constantly wander off to Angelina (and various parts of her body), it's how I imagine a boy having a major crush on a girl would think.

''His and hers. George and Angelina's. Had a nice ring to it -- no it did not.''

This made me laugh out loud, I could just picture him interrupting himself mid-thought, annoyed.

His concern about Fred was also captured nicely and what I loved most about it: you didn't go into crazy angst mode with making everything unnecessarily dramatic. Having Fred and Angelina breaking up a substantial amount of time before Fred's death probably helped in toning down the drama, and it really made me like the characters more.

As for Angelina, I think you portrayed her quite nicely through dialogue, way of speaking and moving about, as well as details that caught George's eye. She came across as someone cheerful, warm and understanding. Seeing how this was not a very long one-shot, it's quite an accomplishment.

The pacing was even and the writing clean and to the point so I have nothing but compliments for these two aspects. Even with this clear way of writing, you threw in a few lovely details, to spice things up. My favourite was:

' ''My scarf,''Angelina said, banging him on his back to help him clear his airways of butterbeer and embarrassment.' Great sentence!

Also, I found this really funny: ''I'm sort of glad you were though, otherwise you'd never have had the courage to make a move on me, although I was surprised that Percy of all people was your wingman.''

Percy as a wingman to George! Haha!

There were a few sentences that I found a bit clunky. It's nothing major but I thought I'd let you know in case you decided to edit later.

''These shoes make my legs look good, but no one is going to see them if I sit here in a dark corner with you talking all night.'' --- I'd suggest a comma between 'you' and 'talking'. Or maybe paraphrasing it so it flows more nicely.

''In the unexpected happiness his seeing her had caused, George had magnanimously given all the staff Boxing Day off.'' --- The first part of the sentence is a bit problematic. I'd suggest rewriting it in a simpler way, for example: 'Unexpectedly happy to see her' It doesn't have to be exactly like that, just something a bit less jumbled. :)

'''Why would I need help?'' he asked, shaking his head to get rid of thoughts of bras, or a particular bra.'

I think that at this point, you used the word 'bra' too many times. Up until this sentence, it didn't stood out, so I suggest using a different word or just paraphrasing this last bit so it doesn't involve the word 'bra'.

Okay, that's about it with CC. :D All in all, I quite enjoyed this story, I found the characters sincere and realistically portrayed, their relationship interesting and poignant and the writing enjoyable. Thank you for requesting! I hope this was of some use and I'd be happy to see you around on my thread again!

Author's Response: Heya!

That's the perfect way of putting George's view on things! He really is in a love triangle with Angelina and his dead brother - but he's the only one in that space which makes it a lot weirder for everyone involved. I'm glad that they came off as sincere. I didn't want them to be overly dramatic despite their issues.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the reading experience! I hope you find more that you like.

I imagine everyone who has a crush on someone keeps finding their thoughts wandering over to the object of their affections. But I don't often write from a male perspective, so I'm happy that you found it to be realistic.

And who else but Percy would be George's wingman? I couldn't think of anyone one less expected but more perfect than Percy for the job.

Thank you for the CCs! I've added them to my draft to be fixed when I update the story.

Thanks so much for this lovely review :)

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Review #17, by Unicorn_Charm Most Days, He Was Okay.

19th October 2014:
Oh my gosh! That last line! Why?? I was so happy for them and then that broke my heart, but made me smile, but had me feeling sad and ahh! The feels!

Ok. Now that I'm finshed with my psychotic ramblings.

I loved this!! LOVED this! I can barely form a coherent thought right now. This has officially penetrated my head-canon. I can't imagine this happening any other way! It was just perfect. :D

I imagine that George would have been extremely apprehensive about getting together with Angelina. I mean, it's not that she was just one of his brothers' exes, she was his twin's ex. That's a whole other level there. But, Angelina's persistence seemed to pay off. ;)

I really loved that Percy was his wing man haha. That was totally unexpected, but really sweet. It was great to read that George and Percy became closer after Fred's death. I can really see that being the case, being that Percy witnessed Fred being killed. :(

George's inner monologue was too funny, when he was noticing Angelina's... assets haha. His struggle with his feelings felt so real. They came across really, really well. You did such a fantastic job there!

Oh, just eveything about this was wonderful. It was sweet, funny, heartbreaking and beautiful. Flawless. Absolutely flawless! Thank you so much for doing the swap! I'm really glad I got a chance to read this. ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Yus! That last line. Because it made me feel happy-sad writing it.

I'm so happy you liked this! It was a lot of fun to write. Both George and Angelina were a delight. I'm so pleased to have added to your headcanon - a little honoured as well *blushes*

George lives in fear of impeding on anything that was Fred's. It's like Fred and Angelina are his OTP and his OTP is being broken up because of him. But a little more extreme than that.

I imagine that Percy and George became closer after Fred's death. I mean, Percy was there when he died, like you said, and they are close in age. And I can just imagine Percy having these moments where he can act like a normal human being.

The thing I struggled the most with this story was the humour. It's a little angsty, but George is still an inherently funny dude. It was fun including his inner monologue as a way to include humour.

Thanks so much for reading and leaving this lovely review :)

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Review #18, by Irishseeker Most Days, He Was Okay.

17th October 2014:
this was just brilliant. I can't really put it into words how great this was so just wow.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #19, by Aphoride Most Days, He Was Okay.

12th October 2014:
Hey there! Dropping by for Review Tag! :)

Okay, so I adore George/Angelina, and I love love love it when people don't make too big a thing out of the whole Fred situation, so this as a plot was pretty much perfect for me! :P

I loved how George was so torn up about the idea of sleeping with the girl his brother loved, even if he was dead - it shows this compassion and this love and still grief for Fred, which really gives an incredible depth to their relationship, you know? Also, it says a lot about George, that he's perhaps almost scared to care about her... I loved how Angelina sort of worked him through it, eventually just giving in at the party to telling him that it didn't matter, that she and Fred had broken up and loved each other as friends and that that was how Fred had loved her - it was like he really needed to hear that, almost like being given permission, except not, told that it was okay, almost... gah, not sure if I'm even making sense any more ;)

But no, the way you write George is amazing. Just so, so good!

Angelina was brilliant, too - I loved the way you described her, with a deep and mellow voice, and how she understood George and what he thought and that it would take time (well, it didn't in the end :P but she was willing to wait, if necessary). The little flare of anger when he just didn't get it as well was so brilliant - really reminded me of the fire we see from her in canon in book 5, you know? When she's so passionate and so determined and all...

Your details and descriptions were gorgeous. I loved all of the little asides George had, the way he spoke to Fred in the mirror, the way the end he saw Fred in his reflection, the little mentions of the lighting and the ring on Angelina's finger... it was all just so, so good! I'm almost annoyed I haven't read much of your writing before this because if it's this good I really should have!

I may have to stalk you in tag and see if I can catch you again :P I loved this to pieces! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Heya!

George and Angelina are one of those seriously underrated ships. There's all of this room for angst but you can also really downplay it. So many options!

George was a really interesting character to write. I've never written someone like him before, someone who couldn't move on with his life even if he tried. And then in walked Angelina and he's all like, "Well. This sucks."

Angelina was a delight to write on the other hand. She came so naturally and I'm glad you liked her!

Details are my bane so I'm super happy that you liked them!

Thanks so much for reading and leaving this lovely review :)

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Review #20, by Gabriella Hunter Most Days, He Was Okay.

8th October 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums with a random review, I thought I would stop by and see how your Georgelina was faring! I'm a HUGE Georgelina shipper by the way so I'm really glad to be reading someone else's work! This couple doesn't get a lot of love.

So, I've written two or three George/Angelina stories so far and what I really liked about this was how different your interpretation of them was from mine. I spotted a few similarities but otherwise, this came off as a very unique way to write this couple and I really enjoyed it!

George was so heartbreaking with all of his grief in the opening of this scene and his conflicting emotions in regards to Angelina were very well done. You didn't put a lot of emphasis on the fact that she had been Fred's ex but you linger very nicely on the pain of losing him. I wasn't able to really wrap my head around the scene for a while but I was really engrossed in his thought processes.

I think that this slightly awkward, panicky kind of George is great too. I liked that his mind kept wandering with various thoughts at once, it really showed how mixed his emotions were at the time and when Angelina joined him, I think they nearly exploded.

The nervousness and desire, guilt and fear were all written so nicely. Those are very realistic things for anyone to have at that moment but George's emotions were so poignant! I felt badly for him on one hand but on the other I wanted him to take a chance with her.

Angelina was a bit stubborn, direct and kind all at once and I really loved her character. I don't think many people think of her much outside of Quidditch but you've given her a lot of life and personality. It was good to see that she actually did care about George but you didn't reveal how deeply until later, which only had me rooting for them all the more.

I thought the end to this was very sweet too, George was able to accept his feelings and Angelina expressed her own pain. They loved each other, truly and I was glad that they took a chance on one another.

Also, sidenote: I'm a Percy enthusiast so I liked that you included just the slightest mention of him in this story too. I like the idea of George being closer to him after Fred's death and wrote something similar in my own story. So...mind meld! Unite!

Okay, what I also enjoyed about this fic was the way you handled Angelina's relationship with Fred. I've read a lot of stories where the two of them are super in love and that she only gets with George because of her grief. I'm SO glad that you didn't take this route here though! I liked that she admitted that their relationship had love but not the sort of love that she needed from George.


Anyway, this was pretty darn awesome! If you had the time, it would be lovely to know what you think of my George/Angelina. It's "This is Angelina" and "Memories" on my author's page, they could really use the love. :D

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Heya! Lovely to hear from you! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply :( You're right that this couple doesn't get much love but it's so weird because there's so much potential in them!

I'm oddly pleased that my interpretation was different from yours. I'll head on over to your page when I get the chance and read your stories, because GEORGELINA. I usually write really predictable stories, so I'm glad this came across as a little different!

I didn't want to linger on the fact that Angelina was Fred's ex - I wanted this story to be about George and Angelina, and not George and Angelina and Fred. A lot of stories focus on that aspect, and I feel as if that was the direction in which I wanted to go, I'd have to write something longer than a one-shot to do it complete justice.

Dorky George was so much fun to write! The twins are always shown as being super cool and together, but I wondered what George would be like without Fred. He's lost some of his confidence and a little of his identity, and I guess this is the way it's manifested.

I simply adored writing Angelina. I sort of wish I could date her - she's pretty awesome!

For George, so much of his relationship with Angelina is tied up with Fred, and I really wanted him to accept that AND that it's also something separate. Also I'm a sucker for happy endings, and of all people, George deserves a happy ending.

Percy doesn't get enough love. More stories about Percy must be written!

To me, Angelina starting a relationship with George because she was still in love with Fred is a super weird reason to enter a relationship, and I wanted to stay away from that. She wants to be with George because of George and not Fred. I'm pleased you liked that!

Thanks so much for this lovely review :)

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