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Review #1, by guilty_pleasures Later That Day, Part 2

6th December 2014:
There I was thinking you'd taken away Scorp and left me for the year heartbroken (I'm still in denial though, believing he exists beyond the veil) but here you are giving us back some of Gabriel and Jen and Cal and Tanith and Tobias and it's all so perfect.

I loved this so much. Thank you

Author's Response: Couldn't comment on the other story here - oh, who am I kidding, I wouldn't say anything in Starfall review answers. ;)

Glad the gang here can alleviate your woes a little bit! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #2, by wicKeDwitch1316 Later That Day, Part 2

4th December 2014:

Just writing to let you know that you still have some loyal readers. I don't read any other fanfiction any more - I just come by to see if you've updated your stories. Reading about Toby, Tanith, Cal, and Gabe feels like coming home, much like reading the actual HP books themselves.

You're an incredibly talented writer and your stories (both the Anguis-verse and the Stygian trilogy) are among my favorite ever in all of fiction. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Author's Response: Amazing. Super thrilled to hear this, and we will have a few more odds and ends from the Anguisverse (I'm working on an edited, Deluxe Update of LAH itself), including more of this story.

Really glad you've enjoyed yourself with my writing, and absolutely no need to thank me. But, you're very welcome!

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Review #3, by Margravine Later That Day, Part 2

3rd December 2014:
I know I've been appallingly, awfully mIa.. but this makes me so happy. So, so happy.

I GET TANITH/TOBY. and to see what happened with Nat and Cal. and just generally all the moments in their entire lives I ever wanted (because you're totally going to cover all the weddings, and births, and happy moments, right?

Never mind, I will lap up eagerly whatever I can get. You're the only fanfic author I still follow. Fangirl til the end, Lady Slide.

Author's Response: Huzzah! So glad you've emerged from the ether for this!

I have various plans for the Anguisverse. Most stories won't be immediately surrounding prior events, so we'll see more than just aftermath, but I had too many questions on how this went down to not write it, and it felt like a fine place to start.

I shall write where there is a story. :D If the wedding goes fine, then what's to write? Muwahaha. I also have some other plans, like we might see a Revamped LAH in the future, maybe... *coughs*

Still, super glad you're along for the ride. 'til the end!

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Review #4, by whykay Later That Day, Part 2

2nd December 2014:
"Gabriel Doyle, My Awkward Silence" - ha! that was priceless.

Give me a day to day account of Gabe's life and I will be happy.


Author's Response: I knew that had to go down the moment I envisioned Jen needing to introduce Gabe immediately after receiving commiserations on how her boyfriend was dead. How awkward can you get? 'Thank you, yes, I grieved a lot, er, can I introduce my new boyfriend?'

We'll see more of Gabe than anyone else, I wager, between this and Stygian! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by whykay Later That Day, Part 1

18th November 2014:
Reading so much about Gabe ('be still, my beating heart' - hell, yeah!) almost ... almost makes me want to forgive you for Scorpius. But NO!! I loved that boy. And I want to see him in the third book, kicking ass and well, kicking alive. (pouts).

Author's Response: *flaps* Spoilers! Oh, who am I kidding, people who read this probably read the Stygian Trilogy. ;) There'll be more to this, probably to come once Starfall's done posting and Oblivion's still in the editing stage. Cheers for the review!

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Review #6, by guilty_pleasures Later That Day, Part 1

19th October 2014:
I'm so glad you're writing snippets of Anguisverse again! How could this not make my favourites list.

Excited to read more!

Author's Response: More will be posted probably once Starfall is finished. I have a few scribbles I've been trying to turn into something a la Latet, though I imagine a lot more will be 2-or-3 part short stories in this anthology. But I thought I'd start off with something simple.

Still, the first night for these guys will be concluded another time! Thanks for reviewing!

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