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Review #1, by LJPhobia Of Knights in Filthy Armour

6th February 2018:
Stayed up way to late reading this fic. Now I will have a terrible day at work, it is worth it. Great. Just great!

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Review #2, by Flip McCallister A Pool of Teenage Hormones

24th January 2018:
So far so good! I'm intrigued by the idea of James being snobby. Very interested to see where you go from here.

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Review #3, by Ellie Of Knights in Filthy Armour

18th January 2018:
I love this chapter so much! Please update soon! This is my favorite fic ever. Seth is such a refreshing OC, and your James is my favorite as well. I love the angst between them, it keeps me on the edge of my seat!

I think this is the third time I've reviewed, having only found the story a couple of months ago. But I really, really love it an check nearly everyday for updates!


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Review #4, by Abbie An Abundance of Potters Ė Part One

11th January 2018:
I feel a bit guilty seeing all the reviews that are begging you to update when I've just read 20 chapters in around 2 hours!

Great story so far! I keep trying to guess where the plot is going and, whilst I have picked up on a few things, you've kept surprising me!

And now onto the next 10 chapters!

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Review #5, by Abbie Hogwarts Again

11th January 2018:
Poor Seth's attempt at replying to Sam was giving me such second hand embarrassment it's unreal!

I really like the pace so far - you're introducing characters without giving much plot away. I can't wait to see how it unfolds!

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Review #6, by Abbie Legacy

11th January 2018:
I haven't read any Harry Potter fanfiction for about two year but I suddenly got the urge to read some today and this fanfic has been very highly requested.

Enjoyed the first chapter so far - it was very engaging and intriguing but not a lot was given away so I'm interested to see where you take the plot.

I'll try my very best to check in and review every couple of chapters or so but I'll most gallop ahead and forget!

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Review #7, by Selgoro Of Knights in Filthy Armour

5th January 2018:
omg!!! please finish the story. I am going insane with the cliffhanger. I absolutely love your story. Please write soon. I hope you have finished it. Ps. I hate Sam. He is the worst most selfish person ever.

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Review #8, by quietGOLD Of Knights in Filthy Armour

4th January 2018:
I've been meaning to read this for ages. I had a feeling -- a good feeling!! -- that this was going to be one of those fics that really punch you in the mouth. The best sort of fic, honestly. I even favourited it in advance, knowing that when the time came, when it was finally the right moment to read this story, it would knock me out.

It did.

Honestly, the whole thing was a thrill. I enjoyed the slow build at the beginning - something which made James and Seth's first few interactions much more enjoyable. I love how they were not immediately best friends, and how their relationship has had to overcome obvious tension (of every sort, honestly), to grow and change into something that is... so real? The regard James obviously has for Seth is apparent in every moment he offers her something genuine - especially when contrasted to the first parts of the story, and especially(!!) when compared to how he treats other women he is involved with 'romantically'. This is something that really sticks out, and it makes his character much more real and flawed and hell -- it makes my romance-reading little heart cackle a bit (while another part of me chants "Your mother and father raised you better why are you being such a .!!") It is nice to see his respect for Seth has changed him, and how his own influence has affected her as well.

Seth is a fantastic OC, of which I'm sure you know. The familial struggles, and the path she took to finally tell them NO; the moments of introspection which felt uncomfortably like reading someone's ACTUAL journal; her mistakes and triumphs -- one of my favourite being, thus far, her impromptu declaration of drinks when Lucas had done what he had.

That's only one thing though. There are a lot more.

But anyways - I just wanted to say that everything in this story is a wild ride, and a fun one at that. The cast of original characters are awesome. How you've portrayed the cast of canon characters is fantastic.

This was all a round about way of saying thank you for sharing your writing with us, and that should you consider publishing an original piece in the future, please let your readers know!

I'm excited to see where you take this story and look forward to your next installment.

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Review #9, by julianna_ls Of Knights in Filthy Armour

27th December 2017:
your story is perfect!! I hope you finished it.

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Review #10, by Anon Of Knights in Filthy Armour

15th December 2017:
So I've been keeping up with this since the very first chapter and it has become my favorite story ever on here! I'm always a bit worried that it might have been abandoned and then you come up again with another brilliant chapter.. Hopefully you're just taking your time and soon we'll have another great chapter! Can't wait for it though! ;)

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Review #11, by Cie Of Knights in Filthy Armour

10th December 2017:
I joined this site earlier and decided that this would be the first fanfic I read from here as I usually browse Fanfiction . net, but due to some issues with that site not loading, I found myself here. I hadn't been able to put this down since starting it around 10 pm tonight and it is already 4 am. Imagine my surprise to find that this is still in progress! Lol you must continue!! This is probably one of the best, if not the best, original fanfics I've read, and I've read a lot over the past few years! The first one I ever read was The Bracelet and no other fanfic has inspired me like this one has. So I definitely implore you to keep this one up! I typically never review, so this is a big deal for me! If you decide against it, please reply and let me know! Id like to know how this ends, my soul is crushed not being able to stay up longer to find out!! Kudos to you!

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Review #12, by Buttercup Of Knights in Filthy Armour

4th December 2017:
I began this not realising it was a WIP, which i don't usually read because if they are good I am frustrated i can't finish it on my own terms. This is good enough to be extremely frustrating, and it is a quirk of fanfiction that my frustration with being unable to finish this story is unable to be met by reading another - for nowhere else will i read about Seth, or Vala (who is the most interestingly mysterious character), or even James in way your have characterised him. It is a mark of an excellent fanfic when you can create your own unique world within the setting of someone elses, especially without going AU. I hope this is encouraging enough to prompt a new chapter soon, and that some conclusion might not be too far away. I'm not sure poor Seth can take much more before she has a complete mental breakdown.
Also hope your boyfriend gets well soon

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Review #13, by Shay_Gryff Of Knights in Filthy Armour

2nd December 2017:
Hey there!

I randomly returned to the site, found your story, and read all of it today. It's fabulous! I can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work :)


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Review #14, by Guest Of Knights in Filthy Armour

29th November 2017:
Please please please update! ❤

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Review #15, by Swiggityy_Swootyy Of Knights in Filthy Armour

29th November 2017:


You're an amazing author! Keep up the good work, darling!

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Review #16, by TNT  Of Knights in Filthy Armour

26th November 2017:
OMG ... I am so happy you're back!
I hope you and your boyfriend are doing great now.

I loved the chapter! Please keep on updating, even if they're slow.
I NEED this story to be finished! It's my favorite fanfiction ever.

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Review #17, by Rowan Of Knights in Filthy Armour

25th November 2017:
omg this is amazing pleasepleaseplease write more

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Review #18, by maraudeer Of Knights in Filthy Armour

23rd November 2017:
Wow I love this story so much! Your writing is so eloquent and full of beautiful awkward and hilarious moments its such a joy to read. All these plot twists have caught me by surprise, and I can't wait to hear more! I thought that maybe Felicity was the one who was the potioneer, yet that seems too simple an explanation. I'm so excited to find out! You are such a talented writer! Have a nice day!

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Review #19, by Anon Of Knights in Filthy Armour

12th November 2017:
Hey! I'm a little late but I just got to read the last chapter and was reminded once again why this is one of my favorite fics.. I love your characters and your writing and can't wait to the next update! Hopefully we get see more of albus and the whole poisoning situation, and more of vala and obviously more seth/james moments! :) Looking forward to read more, great chapter as always!

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Review #20, by Eve Of Knights in Filthy Armour

27th October 2017:
I am so so SO glad you're back!

Love this story, Seth is such an awesome character and I am also looking forward to what will happen with Lucas. Congrats!

Hope your boyfriend is doing better.

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Review #21, by crazyfan Of Knights in Filthy Armour

24th October 2017:
Omg! I'm obsessed with this story! Please please do update soon,I can't wait for the next chapter...

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Review #22, by electricclementine Of Knights in Filthy Armour

24th October 2017:
i made this account because i just wanted to say i love this story! i'm so invested in all of the characters lives and the dynamics between them, and i'm so curious as to what happens next. i'm not sure who's framing seth yet, but i have my suspicions hahaha like where's felicity gone and that person who was talking to lucas in hogsmeade?? anyway, thanks for writing this and i can't wait to read more soon!

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Review #23, by Drusella Of Knights in Filthy Armour

18th October 2017:
Ahhh this is so so so good. Definitely the best fan fiction I've read that focuses on James and Albus etc. Please update soon :)

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Review #24, by Candace Of Knights in Filthy Armour

11th October 2017:
Absolutely love this story and so excited that you still update it! It's one of the best fan fictions I've read on here

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Review #25, by morganthegreat Of Knights in Filthy Armour

8th October 2017:
ah. what a typical james move - saving the day, and of course, a typical seth reaction. so cliche but also you wrote it so well! i enjoyed the tension and angst.

i like the lead up to who maybe did this! i have a hint itís felicity or felicia (i canít remember her name, samís gf) because he gave her the potion, but she couldíve not have actually taken it and saved it for this moment!! i want to know more!!

iím wondering what the overarching plot is, like /why/ is she out to get seth exactly? just jealousy or something to do with their past?? i want to know more! i also want more background on jamesí past, personality, character. he seems a little too flat for a major character in my eyes, but who knows what youíll do with him!

kudos on another chapter! and i totally understand the woes that is life; things happen and priorities are shifted. it happens to everyone, me included with my own fanfic! you have a gracious reader here because this is such a great story, i find the plot super original and not what everyone else writes. keep us updated! i am patiently waiting :):):)


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