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Review #1, by WriteThisLife (not logged in ooops) 2 May

11th August 2015:
omg this is so cute :') I love your writing! so good :) xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much :') I really appreciate it :) xx

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Review #2, by Dojh167 2 May

30th May 2015:
I liked how you started this piece with quick paced dialogue. Normally when I start a chapter this long I expect it to drag a bit, but you got the pace flowing right away.

You did a good job of creating strong characterizations for each of the characters in a short amount of time, including my personal favorite "Hugo “Nargles are Real” Weasley."

I thought it was an interesting re-examination of the little information we have about next generation characters that you chose to make the epilogue make-out session more of a pivotal incident, rather than just a typical happening, as I had assumed when I first read it.

I liked how you demonstrated the differences in both age and maturity for Teddy and Victoire. Victoire is a very believable mix of youthful emotions and mature temperament, and it makes a lot of sense that she would become more attractd to Teddy as he matured, although he was already older than her.

The superman reference was sweet, but did strike me as a bit off. Superman is a decidedly muggle super-hero, and it doesn't see like someone who had been raised by wizards would hear much about.

Their flirting is pretty thoroughly adorable. "Miss Milk is Icky!" I did feel a little frustrated by their angst, like "Stop whining guys and just get together!" Especially because in the beginning she seemed to be pining for him, and then when he showed up she was so resistant. I think you wrote it realistically, people and their feelings just annoy me sometimes ;)

I think that you did a good job of capturing all of the emotional nuances in your narration. The story went through several emotional shifts, and you did a good job of making every one of them feel romantic.

Good job! You've successfully made me feel guilty for breaking them up n the fic I'm planning.


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Review #3, by greenbirds 2 May

28th May 2015:
"It was a strange sort of crossroads we were at: wanting so desperately to move on, yet terrified to leave the past behind."

this is perfect. it's a stunning coming of age, young adult story, almost poetic in the way you interweave victoire's thoughts and memories and just the character of teddy in general. and then with the backdrop of the sinking sun by the black lake they sat by, and just your talent of writing and describing and telling a story. honestly breath-taking.
i'm quite speechless, but i feel obliged to leave a review half worthy of this one-shot. i loved how victoire's birthday was on the anniversary of remus and tonks' death; bittersweet, but like they said, a paradox. it just made total sense. i also loved molly, who i know is a secondary character in this- and is definitely pushed to the side by teddy and victoire's vivid and electric dialogue- but yeah, she's great. everything in this is great. i kind of want more, but you ended it so well! you are just infinitely talented, and what was meant to be a re-read of all that jazz has become a massive binge read of your fics. i'm so excited to carry on ♥

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Review #4, by silverashes 2 May

28th May 2015:
*cries* So, so good. Oh my gosh. I ADORE Teddy and Victoire. You did such a beautiful job with this story. I really enjoyed reading it. Their relationship was so perfectly created. Teddy cares about her so much; I absolutely love it.

Brilliant story! Thank you for sharing it with us all!

xx Rachel

Author's Response: aw thank you so much! i too adore teddy and victoire (as you can probably tell). i'm really glad you liked it; i had so much fun telling their story!

thanks for the lovely review! ♥

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Review #5, by Ann 2 May

11th September 2014:
Are you going to finish Thunder?

Author's Response: Yes, absolutely! :)

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Review #6, by dracoismyboyfriendguys 2 May

10th August 2014:
Hi! I loved this so much, I'm literally covered in goosebumps right now :') You should definitely venture further into tedtoire because your characterisation was perfect!
Love, Alice x

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it :') I'm definitely considering another Tedtoire one-shot, so thanks for the encouragement ♥

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Review #7, by rebelle 2 May

1st August 2014:
this was so cute! i absolutely love tedtoire and this was such an adorable little snapshot of them falling for each other -- or, well, victoire falling for teddy. him being her superman is honestly the cutest thing ever and omg i'm just going to gush over this one-shot for a while

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! I love Tedtoire too - I'm kind of obsessed with them right now, in fact. I hope you continue to gush over it lots and lots of times :) Thanks for the lovely review! ♥

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Review #8, by hai 2 May

19th July 2014:
ohmygod i loved that :))

and i loved the reference to 19 years later :))

and yess please update thunder :D

seriously though, this reminded me how much i love your writing

Author's Response: awww thank you :))

i'm glad you got the reference :))

thunder update is in the queue now!

you are too kind to me and i love you for it ♥

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