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Review #1, by victoria_anne Hugo

10th April 2016:
Hello lovely ♥

I skipped to Hugo because.. well.. I heart him forever.

Aw it was Molly he saw die? :( that's sad, but I'm glad he was there at the end and that she smiled, that's a lovely detail.

I love the way you write Hugo. I feel it's very him to be scared of the thestrals for a long time, to not tell anyone that he can see them.

And then at the end, he accepts them as he accepts death, that's lovely closure ♥

A short and sweet piece, I'll have to come back to read the other two!

Love Bianca

Author's Response: My favourite thing about this piece is that people can read them out of order! I think you might be one of the first people to do that though... Yay for you!

I leave it up to the readers to decide which grandmother dies. I know which one it is, but it's up to the readers in the end.

Thank you! Hugo was tough to write because he's basically an OC. Thanks for liking him.

Thanks so much for this lovely review, Bianca :)

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Review #2, by Secret Cupid Sirius

15th February 2016:
Holy cow! You sure know how to pack a punch! The power and imagery of this little fic! It's ability to leave me with so many questions and emotions!

The thought of exactly how LONG Bellatrix was at her awful deeds is dreadful. And can people so flippantly forgive him in some fics, knowing everything he did before his "change of heart?"

It breaks my heart to know what Sirius had to go through as a kid and teen, but I'm also so grateful he had the Potters to run to that welcomed him with loving arms. (Too bad Harry couldn't do that. I mean, I know the Weasleys were there for him and his real family, but unlike Sirius, he couldn't just leave the Dursleys behind once and for all and move in with them.)

Now, I had wanted to read all of this, and a few more of your stories and leave you secret cupid reviews, but sadly, family duties are calling again and I'm not going to make it before the deadline. But, I promise I'll come back and finish as myself in a bit.

Great writing! This has been lots of fun!

Author's Response: This fic is one of the most experimental things I have ever written. I am always so surprised when people enjoy it.

I love the idea of born-evil Bellatrix. She's the perfect evil partner-in-crime for Voldemort, and it was cool to get a surprising opportunity to explore that here. And Lucius... yeah. He's a weasel. And not in a nice way AT ALL.

To me, Sirius is the person he is thanks to the Potters. He could've turned out like Snape BUT HE DIDN'T. Thank Merlin for the Potters!

That is alright! Thank you so much for all you reviews! They have been lovely and wonderful and I appreciate all of them! *hugs*

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Review #3, by CassiePotter Sirius

5th September 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
I loved this! I've never read a story that used thestrals as a big part of the plot, so this immediately caught my eye, and I was really intrigued by it. I thought it was really cool that you chose to write characters from three different eras, who all have this one thing in common, so I'm definitely going to read the rest of this to see who you write for the Harry's generation and Next Gen.
I thought you did a wonderful job writing Sirius. I'm really impressed that he went back home for Christmas, since he probably wanted to be anywhere in the world but there. It's horrific that he saw his cousin and Lucius torture a Muggle girl to death, and I can't blame him for leaving after that!
One line that stuck out to me was this one- And it must be love, because I could think of no other reason why each person tolerated the other.
It was just so well-written. It shows that Sirius doesn't understand his family, and doesn't understand how they can stand to be around each other, but assumes it must be love because he has no idea what else would allow them to be happy when they were around one another.
This was a really great start to this story, and I'll definitely be reading more! Thank you so much for the swap!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Heya! Thanks for swinging by!

I never thought I could write a story where thestrals were such a big part of the plot. It was challenging but still lots of fun.

The last time Sirius ever did anything for the Black family was probably go back for Christmas this one time. Never again. *cries* Thank you so much for thinking I wrote Sirius well! I'd written him before this as well, but as a romantic comedy character, so the aspects of his personality on which I focused were of course very different.

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #4, by GodricísFamulus Sirius

24th May 2015:
I'm glad that brave Sirius found safe home after young boy witnessed the horrible scene. He doesn't deserve it.

You really understand how Christmas eve gathering was like in the entire noble and most ancient House of Black. I can't stand full of hatred without love for each other, like Sirius, too.

I've tried to understand Bellatrix and Lucius. But I made a conclusion. I can't save her madness. I wish Lucius will awake to what is right before it's too late.

I felt the awkwardness of Sirius when he ran into the Potters. The conversation between them was so poetic with lots of descriptions in short words rhythmically. I'm looking forward to reading next chapter of this collection.

Author's Response: Ah! I'm so sorry that it's taken me so flipping long to reply to your wonderful reviews! I really appreciated them ♥

Yes, brave Sirius does deserve a safe place!

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black are full of some kooky people with rather skewed ideas of what family holidays should consist. I'm pleased that you feel that I understand them, though.

No one can save her from her madness. She is one crazy lady, and I think she rather enjoys herself that way. And there may be a glimmer of hope for Lucius. Perhaps his own family will save him.

Yes! Things are a little awkward for Sirius. He's so lost and alone, but as is typical for him, he's trying to hide that behind indifference and a little bravado. But the Potters get it. And more importantly, they accept him for who he is. Thanks so much for the lovely review *hugs*

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Review #5, by Selene Sirius

4th May 2015:
Welp! Happy mood gone now!

I really like how this played out though. I was a little worried when I saw the 500 word count but this was so so good. You really did make every word count.

Its so heartbreaking to see this unknown Muggle being tortured and killed on such a joyous holiday. This is not quality family bonding time people! Bond over Clue or Monopoly!

The scene with the Potters is such a stark contrast. I felt a twinge of apprehension for Sirius when Mrs Potter cut him off, but it was all okay! They wouldn't leave him out in the cold. I've always felt that Sirius was a second child to them. You are not alone Sirius Black.

The only little thing I noticed that could probably be fixed later is Christmas Day. You have day lowercase and I think when referring to the actual holiday its uppercase. Excellent job though!

Thank you for the wonderful read.

Author's Response: Ah, sorry! I apologise. I don't really write sad stories that often, so I'm also kind of glad that it worked in making you sad. But also - you are sad, so that's also not good.

Haha, thank you! I've written a few stories in 500 words now, and every time I go to write one, I think to myself: how am I going to make everything I want say fit into this teeny tiny word count? And then I remember: oh right, I can't write description to save my life. Problem solved!

Bellatrix and Lucius are nasty pieces of work, especially here. The Blacks definitely have a twisted meaning of what it means to bond. And Monopoly tears families apart - I speak from experience :P

Sirius needs like all the hugs all the time, and the Potters realised this. I'm pleased that the feeling came across. They're much nicer people than his biological family, for certain. No traditional yuletide muggle tortures here!

Thanks for that CC! And thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #6, by adluvshp Hugo

27th January 2015:
Hey! Hot Seat review xD

I really liked this. It was so cute. I have rarely read any fics with Hugo being the main character so I enjoyed your characterisation of him. I felt touched that he was by his grandmother's side when she was dying (makes me wonder whether it was Molly or Mrs Granger). His initial fear of thestrals and them representing his pain was also very well conveyed.

I loved the ending bit! The image of the foal was adorable in my mind the way you described it. It sniffing the apple and Hugo giving it to it was just super cute. I'm glad Hugo thus overcame his dislike/fear of the creatures. After all, it's not their fault that they're only seen when one sees death.

All in all, great little chapter and awesome story. I loved how you picked characters from three different generations for this collection of one-shots. The theme was interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Good job!


Author's Response: *waves cheerily*

Hugo is rarely chosen as a main character, and that's the biggest reason I picked him. He's not so popular as Sirius and Neville, so I could really focus on his introspection rather than canon-compliant characterisation. I leave it up to the reader to decide which grandmother it is!

Good! I was going for adorable. All baby animals are adorable, and thestrals are no exception. And you can't hate such an innocent creature such as a thestral foal, so it seemed like a good way to show Hugo's change of heart.

Thanks so much for your lovely review :)

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Review #7, by Lostmyheart Hugo

26th January 2015:
This is just too sweet! And poor Hugo, for living with the memory of seeing his grandmother die. I assume it was Molly? Because she's the only one I can imagine die with a smile, since her family meant the world to her.

Ah, this chapter means the end of your mini-series, and that saddens me a bit. I really enjoyed these three chapters, and how you started them the same way, but still kept it different with each chapter. Sirius started with 'I am', Neville started with 'You are', and this started with 'He is'. Forgive me for not knowing what the different writing styles are called, I don't know the english words for them. But I really should check it out :)

Thank you for these wonderful short stories! You're incredible.

- Avi

Author's Response: I'm letting the reader decide which grandmother it was. I wrote with a specific one in mind, but I leave it up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Indeed, the end is nigh. I wrote these stories exceptionally fast, and all in one go as well - kind of like the way Peter Jackson shoots his trilogies :P I'm very glad you enjoyed the stories. They're quite different to my usual fare. Thanks once again ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #8, by Lostmyheart Neville

26th January 2015:
Are you crazy, I love this writing style of yours! I love how simple you write these chapters, yet they mean so much! They're so deep. *grins at my own tacky comments, but they're true*

I've always loved Neville, and I was so happy to see his development throughout the years, and slowly he became this good person we all saw in him, when he stood up to his friends.

I can see it so clearly now, how those words of his grandfathers kept repeat themselves, encouraging him when he felt weakest.
It almost encouraged me! Haha :)

I loved this chapter, and how you wrote it.

- Avi

Author's Response: 500 words means that I have permission not to include a lot of flourishes and fanciness. I can just focus on the core of the story and no one is going to be like "there should be more of this or that" BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE THE WORDS. MUHAHAHA. And it's great that you think they're deep. I was aiming for deep, but it can be hard with such a small wordcount.

I was so scared to write Neville. He's such a well-loved character and I didn't want to do wrong by him. I'm glad that I waited this long to write him though. I had to wait patiently for the right story for him to come by.

They should encourage you! I felt so pumped after writing this story. SO PUMPED. Thank you, Neville's grandfather.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #9, by Lostmyheart Sirius

26th January 2015:
This... I really have no word to describe it, because I feel it was adorable yet dark at the same time. Because the death of that poor muggle, and then the unconditional love from the Potters. Of course they'd make him stay! No good human being leaves a sixteen year old out in the street.

I love the Potters.

The moment Sirius felt something cracked back into place, in his chest, I somehow felt my heart swell. And despite the shortness of the chapter, it was a wonderful read! You're so talented, 800.

- Avi

Author's Response: That's a really good way to describe the entire series! Adorable yet dark at the same time. I think that's the kind of feeling I was going for (maybe?).

And the Potters are great. Everyone should love the Potters.

Gah! *blushes* *swoons* Thank you so much Avi! That means a lot ♥

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Review #10, by alicia and anne Sirius

24th January 2015:
Ahh! a Sirius chapter! I love Sirius (I've got my eye on your Sirius story and I'm quite excited to start reading that one :P)

Oh no! Poor Sirius having to see a sight as bad as that, and I'm glad that he left, although I wished that he had left before he was forced to see such horrors *hugs him tightly*

And I'm so glad that he had the Potters to take him in. He deserves to have a loving family that would support him and be there for him. Although I'm sad that he can now see Thestrals.

Can't wait to read more! :D

Author's Response: Everyone loves a good Sirius fic every now and again, I think. But fair warning - this Sirius and the Sirius in my novel are very different. I focus on completely different aspects of his personality in the two stories. But the novel is still a lot of fun :P

Hugs. That's what the poor boy needs. All the hugs all the time. Don't ever stop hugging Sirius.

The Potters are literally the best. How can one family be so awesome? Their family awesomeness only rivals that of the Weasleys.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #11, by Maelody Hugo

20th January 2015:
OK, first to get this part off my chest:

"almost peacefully tearing a hunk of raw meat with its fangs"

So I know as a thestral, this can be nothing but a peaceful act, but to an outsider, that just made me laugh.

To the beauty of it now. :3

I was shocked to see Hugo's name. (I love that each of these are done in first, second, and third person by the way. You're amazing!) I didn't want to imagine who it was he saw die. Then you said his grandmother and then didn't go into detail on WHICH grandmother it was! I swear to all that is good I'm not a terrible person, but please tell me it was Hermione's mother who we never really got to know and not our beloved Mrs. Weasley!?!?!? D:

I love how beautiful that whole forest bit was, though. Seriously. It actually reminded me a lot of Luna and how we get to know her. Hugo's just hiding from his big ol' family after all. ;) But the way he stumbles across them, and how it brings back that memory not for the bad, but for the good, is just so sweet. I love that! (Sincerely hating that hearts don't work because they do weird things to reviews right now)

This is one of my favorite collections and I think you did a fantastic job with it! Have I told you yet that I think you're wonderful? No? Well, you're wonderful. :p Don't forget that! And don't ever stop writing!


Author's Response: Eating must look really gross to anyone but another thestral. I can't imagine them to be graceful eaters. Carnivores rarely are.

Hugo was an unexpected choice, I know. I'd chosen two really well-known characters for the first two stories, so I wanted to choose a not-so-popular character for the third. This way, I could focus on the introspection rather than getting caught up in keeping him canon-compliant. And I intentionally don't mention which grandmother it is - I leave it to the readers about how much they want to break their hearts. I know who it is for me though.

That forest scene is very inspired by Luna and her relationship with the thestrals. I like the way she views them, and I wanted to somehow include that here. Hugo's story was probably the one I wanted to write the most because of that.

STAHP. You're making me blush furiously! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments. I'm very happy that you're enjoying my stories.

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Review #12, by Maelody Neville

20th January 2015:
D'aaaw! Nevvie-pooh gets some recognition! *squish!*

So I think this one hits harder than the last. I don't know why, because Sirius actually is one of my absolute favorite characters, but I guess it has to do with the fact we don't see much of Neville's feelings. This just sums up what he's been feeling and then some perfectly!

I love when you write in second person. It's so strong and I think the meaning you create comes out ten times stronger. Especially with the 'be brave, be strong' bit. I loved it all the more!

I wanted to hug him when it went into depth on how he was scared others would find out he was scared. Poor thing. Too busy worrying what others think of him after everything is said and done to worry about what it is he is doing right here and right now! It's sort of sad to think that he didn't see himself as strong all those other times. Not until he saw that Voldemort was finally gone and he had something to do with that anyway. My poor sweet, innocent and naive Nevvie-pooh!

Seriously though, I do love this one a lot. It shows a lot of character development, and plenty of strength within a character we all already know and love. That's what makes this one so magical to me. :3 Well done, dearest! You continue to do nothing but impress me!


Author's Response: My first Neville story! I'd always been really scared to write him because I didn't feel as if I could do his character justice, but this story came surprisingly easily to me. I was very glad for that, and so I felt a lot more comfortable writing him in the Chai series after.

This story does pack more of an emotional punch, you're right. But I wrote it that way. I wanted Sirius to be quiet where he's usually loud, and Neville to be loud when he's usually quiet. It's an interesting sort of juxtaposition between these first two stories that isn't there in the third.

This is only the second time I've written in second person, so thank you! It's not a voice that comes easy to me, so I only rarely use it.

I wanted to address one of the themes of the books, about how courage isn't the lack of fear, but doing what you must despite it. To me, Neville displays that theme better than Harry. It's such an integral part of his personality.

Most people's favourite is this one - so you're not alone. Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #13, by Maelody Sirius

20th January 2015:
Hiya! Are you tired of me yet, dear? :p

Anyway, I think the idea of this one is really interesting! I thought it'd be more like an encounter with thestrals, but I like this idea better. But I have SO many questions!

Like, why were they hurting/killing a Muggle woman? Was it for fun? Was it because they were told to? Who was she in a scale of importance to kill? Just two reckless and young adults power hungry and drunk? How sad. :(

That ending, tho. My favorite part was where Mr Potter said 'son'. That hit me hard. The chills crawled all over my body. Nicely said, my dear. I'm glad Sirius has a better home, though. And that it was never questioned rather he belonged with them or not. :3

Oh, also, before I forget, I love that the family 'must be in love' with one another because there's no way any other person could tolerate their behavior if they were anyone else. That was nicely put, too. Though that reminds me, what ever was the reason that his mother called for him to come home for Christmas? To keep up with appearances?

I look forward to your responses! :D This was great! I'm off to read the other two installments real quick!


Author's Response: I shall never tire of you Mae, no matter how long it takes me to answer all of your amazing reviews.

A lot of people wrote about thestrals for the House Cup challenge, I think because they're the most obviously misunderstood creatures in canon. I wanted to see if I could carry a theme through three completely separate stories. I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

They were hurting the muggle woman because they like to torture. It's entertainment for them. I also imagine that it's like a good check for the senior members of Voldemort's gang to see if others are still wholly committed to the cause.

I wrote this story for that ending. I wanted to hug Sirius so much whilst writing this. I never explore this side of him in Like a House on Fire, which is a great disservice to his character, but it's not something that really ever came up since it doesn't really service the plot. I enjoyed writing about this here even more because of that.

It feels that way sometimes, doesn't it? That line is mostly Sirius trying to make sense of it all. It's hard to understand the crazy that is his family. And yes, he was probably called home to keep up appearances. But this was just too much.

Thanks for the lovely review. I hope I answered your questions sufficiently - they might have become lost amongst all that waffling.

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Review #14, by adluvshp Neville

18th January 2015:
Hello! Here for Snake review tag.

This was so very good. I loved your characterisation of Neville. In such short words, I see him grow from the scared insecure boy into a confident brave man. The concept of his grandfather dying and telling him those words, and then those words reiterating throughout the story was very good and powerful. I liked how you breezed through the years this way.

The writing style was very good and I had a great time reading this. I like Neville as a character and the theme of this was nice. Great job all in all!


Author's Response: Heya! *waves*

Ah! Thank you! I was REALLY nervous about writing Neville. He's such a well-loved and admired character, and I just wanted to do him justice. I hope I've achieved that.

I'm very pleased that you enjoyed reading this. Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #15, by wolfgirl17 Sirius

21st November 2014:
Ooh you gave me goosebumps with this one. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #16, by adluvshp Sirius

21st November 2014:
Hey! Here for review tag!

Wow, this was just, wow. I have no words. My heart broke reading this. You captured young Sirius' personality so beautifully. His pain, his hatred for his family, his sense of loneliness, everything was perfect. I loved how you gave the story of Sirius leaving home an original spin - of why he did it that day - and it was painful and interesting and just awesome. It is also intriguing how you've based this entire collection on the theme of death/thestrals, morbid but interesting!

I really, really am glad that I read this because it was an awesome piece of writing. Good work!


Author's Response: Heya!

This is probably the darkest piece I've ever written, so I was really nervous about posting this. I'm glad you liked it. Getting Sirius' feelings across in so few words was a challenge. And I'm quite surprised by how well this theme worked out actually! Thanks so much for the wonderful review :)

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Review #17, by Chazzie Hugo

19th October 2014:
Wow. Just wow. That was really amazing. I loved the way you did first person, second person, and third person in accordance to the chapter number ;) it was really brilliant. So many people wrote about Thestrals during the House Cup, and yet each story is so unique and fantastic. I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading the different takes on these creatures. These chapters were so sad and yet so beautiful. I really congratulate you, especially given that you used so few words.
Super job of this!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had a lot of fun with the persons - like it was an inside joke I had with myself :P A lot of people did write about the thestrals, I think because they're the most obviously misunderstood animals in canon. But there are some really great stories out there about them. Thank you for your lovely review :)

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Review #18, by AdinaPuff Sirius

3rd August 2014:

So while this was short, it was incredibly touching. I felt my heart tug for Sirius, and his suffering. I never thought about that being a reason for him leaving. Normally, it's him having a screaming match with his parents. But this? An entirely different attempt, and I loved it. I can see this happen, and while I wasn't sure why the muggle was there, I suppose Bella doesn't need a reason, now does she? And then the Potters taking them in. And man, those final lines. They really got to me. THE FEELS.

Great little one-shot here. I LOVED it. So so much!

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hello!

I'm very happy that you liked it! Sirius is one of my favourite characters, and there were parts where I hated to put him through some of things that I put him through. But it's part of what makes him what he is, so they had to be included. I played around with a few ideas about why he might leave. I eventually settled for something not dramatic at all. He's a drama queen in all other aspects of his life but this one. I didn't include why the muggle was there because yes, Bellatrix doesn't really need a reason, but more importantly, Sirius wouldn't know why, or if he did, he wouldn't understand, and therefore the reason wasn't important anyway.

Thank you for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #19, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Hugo

12th July 2014:
Hey again!

This is again a chapter full of mixed emotion. I was so sad for Hugo... seeing the Thestrals when his friends can't must be so hard for him. I was also sad to hear it was his grandma! I don't know whether I want to know which one... my first instinct was Molly, although witches and wizards do generally live longer so I was wondering if it was Hermione's mother. Either way, it's sad for him.

There was a sad undertone to this the whole way through until the very end and I think you did an awesome job of carrying that through. Hugo's not constantly bawling his eyes out, but instead you have him really trying to deal with the pain, and for the most part, I think he deals with it well. The ending was good though... I was glad he got over his dislike of the thestrals, once he saw how good they could be. It probably helped that the pain over losing his grandma had lessened slightly, but either way, it was good to see him overcome it.

Great job once again!
Lauren :)
House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: I think death is weird that way. It doesn't leave you feeling just one thing, and it's worse because it changes over time. I really wanted to capture that feeling in this story. Hugo's story was my favourite to write. And I wrote this with one particular grandmother in mind, but I didn't say which so that the reader could choose - or not. But yes, it's sad either way :(

There's this sort of melancholy aura attached to thestrals that you can't help but include when writing them, I felt. I wanted to write them in a positive light, but I still managed to make things sad! I'm glad you liked Hugo's grief. I wanted it to feel realistic and a sort of normal part of his life, like he just carried this thing around with him like we carry schoolbooks or the knowledge of how to tie a shoelace.

Thank you for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #20, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Neville

12th July 2014:
Hey again.

This chapter. Oh, my heart goes out to Neville. He really doesn't give himself enough credit for what he does! Especially the last one! He steps out, and talks down to Lord Voldemort. I mean come on! You don't get braver than that!

I think Neville's grandad would have been proud of him... I'm not sure if this is canon or not but I liked it anyway. It was well thought out. What I also liked was how you took us through the different scenes in Nevilles life where he did these things. Standing up for himself, his friends and his family. And of course leading the rebellion. He doesn't seem to understand though that being afraid inside doesn't lessen his bravery. I'm sure the bravest people in the world are sometimes scared to death inside!

Neville's characterisation was well done. You retained the shy boy we know but also gave him the boldness and bravery from the later books. You did a great job!

Lauren :)
House cup review 2014

Author's Response: Neville. *sighs* There's just so many words that can be written about Neville. It was difficult just writing 500. And he definitely deserves more credit! Harry literally could not have defeated Voldemort without Neville!

I think his grandfather would have been seriously proud of him as well. I remember reading in the fifth book that Neville can see thestrals and it's because of his grandfather. It's been a while since I read OotP though so I might be getting confused. It was quite challenging choosing which scenes to focus on - there's just so many!

I'm so pleased that you like his characterisation! It was the thing I was most worried about with this story.

Thanks for the wonderful review :)

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Review #21, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Sirius

12th July 2014:
Hey there.

Wow, I'm so impressed with the emotion you managed to pack into this! And in so few words too! I'm completely blown away.

Poor Sirius. I feel so sorry for him growing up in such a hateful family. I think you did a good job of getting his feelings about them across! You can tell he completely detests being around them!

Then we have the Potters. Obviously we know this happens from canon but I was relieved you ended the chapter on a high note after the awful scene he witnessed with the muggle. I wasn't surprised to see who was behind the attacks... I think you got both Bellatrix and Lucius's reactions to the killing of the poor girl spot on. Of course the Potters take him in and you can just tell he gets a bit of hope and faith in humanity back as he sits with them and they take him in. Yeah, definitely a perfect ending!

Great job!

Lauren :)
House cup review 2014

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!

Goodness. Sirius needs a hug like all the time - especially here. And I'm pleased that it came across how much he didn't like being a Black.

I couldn't leave Sirius feeling sad and horrible like that. His relationship with the Potters is just so important, and I think no more so than in this point in his life, where he feels as if he has no family. I'm also very happy that you liked Bellatrix and Lucius' characterisations - I've never written them before so it was a leap into the void, so to speak!

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #22, by MissesWeasley123 Hugo

12th July 2014:
ok brb crying my heart out. This story has managed to rather effectively destroy my feels. AND AHA LET ME TRIUMPH IN MY GENIUSNESS! first person, second person, and then third person. I swear I should be a Claw :P Just kidding Claws are insufferable most of the time shh :P This one was even more sad, because it wasn't canon, so we couldn't exactly expect anything... AND WHY DID YOU KILL MOLLY WHYYY. You're a meanie.

One of the things I loved about this story was not only the connection of Thestrals, but also the fact that it arches over three generations, and this one was definitely least expected and so it hurt a bit more, and took me by surprise. Your style of writing is flawless as ever. I really, really enjoyed reading this story. Congrats to you for managing to get it in so quickly, and such fab quality too.

House Cup 2014 Review
Go Lionsss ♥

Author's Response: How could I resist? First person... second person... How could I make the third one anything but third person? The opportunity was too good to pass up! And I never said it was Molly! I wrote it with Molly in mind, but I purposefully didn't write that because I wanted the readers to be able to choose. YOU HAVE MADE YOUR CHOICE THOUGH SO NOW YOU CAN CRY WITH ME.

This third story is my favourite of the three. And even though the stories didn't have to be connected, I really wanted to challenge myself and connect them. So I chose three eras and connected them through thestrals. I'm glad you liked it - even though this last one hurt :(

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #23, by MissesWeasley123 Neville

12th July 2014:
ERMAHGERD NEVILLE FEELS! This is a cruel chapter. First of all, guilt is the worst feeling ever! And that too with Neville, ahhh. You are definitely trying to make me sad this morning aren't you :P

I think it was brilliant, how Thestrals and death have had such a.. positive impact on his life! The Be brave, be strong throughout I think really encompasses Neville's life and the things he has gone through excellently. Ohh, and a change in style! Last chappie was first person, this was second... Hm, I wonder if the next one is in third person ;) Haha, you're a genius you know.

You were beaten, you were broken, but you were not dead. No, you'd only die when you gave up. -- I don't know why, but this line gave me so many emotions. It's like, "YES NEVILLE, MY BABY GO YOU GO YOU NEVILLE!" but it's also painfully saddening :( I don't know, you're just giving me some mixed reactions lol. Great work as always, had fun reading! I'm really gutted these stories didn't win the task :(

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: ALL THE NEVILLE FEELS. This was the easiest story to write, actually. Guilt is horrible, but it's something that I could connect with in Neville, and I felt that it was a big part of what held him back.

I wanted to show the thestrals in a more neutral light. Death is such a natural part of life, and I couldn't quite make myself write it as something dark and evil and bad - too close to writing a Voldemort story then :P But through the thestrals, I wanted to show that death could impact people in a sort of good way. And Neville was just perf for this!

Neville in general gave me a bad case of "OMG MY FEELS. WHY ARE THEY ON THE FLOOR?" so I'm happy that some of that translated into the writing! And aww! That's really sweet of you, though the winners were all super fantastic :D

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #24, by MissesWeasley123 Sirius

12th July 2014:
Hello! Wahh, I love your writing style! It's choppy, but in a good way, which is why I had so much fun writing waterfall. in your style (though it kinda failed it was like .0001% of your style so def not haha) but wow!

It's so intense, how you showed that Sirius could see Thestrals! We're told not many can see them, but it makes sense for him to be able to as he's from the house of Black, where these things are so common. That entire scene of torture was so intense and thrilling, but also sick in a way as well, which brings me to another point.

You used first person so well, that you made me feel whatever Sirius was feeling. That's something ... really brilliant. Honestly. Not only are you able to include thestrals in this, but it's such a valid reason too for him to leave the house, and your descriptions are wow. In a way you don't describe too much, but just enough which gives an even more massive blow.

The ending was so bittersweet-- he has a family ready to accept him but then the circumstances as well :9 feels, yo, feels. Great writing, had fun reading and now, onward!

House Cup 2014

Author's Response: Heya! I'm inordinately pleased you like my writing style! I think it suits shorter pieces more than longer ones, so it's good that I enjoy writing 500 word stories. And OMG WATERFALL WAS AMAZING. I loved it so much *hugs*

Yeah, Sirius' story is probably the most intense of the three. His has the most diverse range of emotions and they're all quite... well, intense.

And goodness. It was quite difficult writing Sirius, which is odd since I've written him before with ease. I think it's because I've never written him in this way before. It was horrible having to put him through a situation like that! And I hate description - I often just forget to include it. I'm very happy that it plays to my advantage here!

After all that, Sirius deserved a happy ending... sort of. But it's the smallest things that count the most, and I wanted to show that here. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #25, by maskedmuggle Hugo

12th July 2014:

This was a great third story to end off your collection. What I loved about your collection was that you linked them all together with the use of the thestrals, and were also able to link the thestrals to the individual story. I also really liked how the first story was first person, second story was second person and this third story is third person. It's just an interesting thing to note and you did an amazing job writing each. Despite the different characters, all three stories felt a sense of cohesiveness and consistency, which is always nice in a story collection.

I liked your Hugo here. His interaction with the thestrals, particularly the young one, was really nicely written. Overall I really enjoyed reading this story, and your whole story collection.

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: And you were right! It was in third person indeed! You cannot imagine how happy I was to be able to match the persons with the chapter numbers :P

Thestrals are one of my favourite animals from canon, so why include them only once if I could include them EVERYWHERE?

I'm happy you like Hugo - his was my favourite story to write, so I have quite the soft spot for him.

Thank you for reading and reviewing :)

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