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Review #1, by Katie Fate Speaks Loudly

13th September 2017:
Will there be more I sure hope there will be!?

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Review #2, by Bill Fate Speaks Loudly

31st July 2017:
Did you say you were posting this on a different site as well? If so where? Your story is great and I can't wait to see more!

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Review #3, by Chaotician Fate Speaks Loudly

5th July 2017:
I don't know how you make us keep expecting for more... good work. As ardent fan of Harry, I keep expecting Harry to awaken his wandmaster ability;)

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Review #4, by Bardic Magic Fate Speaks Loudly

30th June 2017:
Another fantastic, action-packed chapter! I can't tell you how much I enjoy your original characters...Ian, Kenneth, Thierry...the whole bunch. You have developed them into interesting individuals and have kept their unique characteristics throughout your stories. Excellent work!

I was starting to worry that you had abandoned the story, but was thrilled when you began posting again. I fully understand how RL can totally disrupt one's writing, being an HPFF author myself. As I am a big fan of your writing, I encourage you to keep up the excellent work, whether with this cast of characters or with a new cast. I would be interested (excited, ecstatic, beside-myself...!) to see what you would come up with if you started a new storyline with different original characters. Of course, another storyline with this cast would be incredible, also!!

I know this novel is coming to completion so, before I forget, I want to thank you for your time, effort and dedication in providing your readers with such a fantastic work of art! I know it is difficult sometimes to find the time to write, edit and post...but you are one of my favorite authors and I am more than willing to wait (with baited breath and my fingernails chewed to nubs) for the next chapter/novel/one-shot!!

Bardic Magic

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Review #5, by Bardic Magic Struck Through the Heart

9th May 2017:
Excellent chapter, as always! I love the plot lines and am eager to see where you take them.

I'm with Chaotician...I know you're busy, but I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter! Please find time to update your loyal followers!! :D

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Review #6, by Chaotician Struck Through the Heart

2nd March 2017:
I know you are busy... but being an avid follower of your work, can't wait for the next chapter. Excellent job on the way you are taking the plot line.
Being a Harry Potter fan I keep expecting, Harry to awaken new powers like wandmaster or chaotician, etc. 😄

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Review #7, by Bardic Magic A pledge to start the next term

24th September 2016:
I'm also very pleased that you've, once again, found time to post new chapters. As a fellow FF author, I know how Real Life can "get in the way" of our writing. I also know how it pains an author to leave one's readers hanging. So, "thank you" for another great chapter to a great story and "kudos" for your recent accomplishments/ adventures!

Also, I'd like to, once again, congratulate you on your ever-increasing mastery of writing in a second language. I have said it before and I'll say it again...I could never achieve your level of mastery of a second language, let alone, write and post on a fanfiction site! Well done!! Keep up the great work! I look forward to more exciting chapters!!

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Review #8, by Alexander A pledge to start the next term

21st September 2016:
I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but i just wanted to express how happy i am that you finally updated the story!!! Keep it up!

Author's Response: I will, as soon, as the chapters are validated. I also find myself a bit stumped by the limited size the chapters are supposed to be, so I had to cut my latest update into two parts. It is up for validation, right now.
Glad to see you're still enjoying the story, though.

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Review #9, by katie Homages and memories

22nd February 2016:
I hope there's more to come! Love your stories I'd hate to see them end.

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Review #10, by bill Homages and memories

29th December 2015:
Hope to see some new chapters soon! Love the story!

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Review #11, by AIP Alexander Of Halls, Homes and Gifts

15th October 2015:
I can't begin to explain how happy i was to see your new chapter!!! It literally made my day! When is the next chapter coming up? I hope its as awesome as this one. I still believe people underestimate your story way to much. It has one of the best plots and character developments ever, which i appreciate immensely. The only thing against it deals with the fact that it's as cannon as it gets, and it separates from what typical hpff writers tend to write about,but once you get to know your characters you really tend to ignore the rest. Keep posting those chapters!! i can't wait to see how the story plays out!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks that was very nice. Well, I'm glad you still enjoy the story. Just so you know, the next chapter is awaiting validation at the moment. It should be up very soon.

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Review #12, by katie Lights in the Great Hall, part 2

6th October 2015:
Any new news on the progression of the story?

Author's Response: I posted a new chapter. I have one more ready. “Thanks for your patience.

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Review #13, by katie Lights in the Great Hall, part 2

12th September 2015:
Hope those wee ones give you some time to write :-)

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Review #14, by katie Lights in the Great Hall, part 2

12th August 2015:
Still holding on ill check once a month. Make sure you keep those idea's bouncing around, I know when you do post is going to be awesome!

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Review #15, by katie Lights in the Great Hall, part 2

7th July 2015:
I hope everything is going well In life and with your writing, can't wait to read what's to come!

Author's Response: oh, everything is going very well, but the thing is... two daughters is quite the handful. My baby Erine has been born in April and her big sister doesn't want to be left out, so that leaves me no time to write. Also... plot bunnies sneaking into my brain. I should get a chance to post something before the end of the month, though. thanks for your continued support!

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Review #16, by AIP Alexander Lights in the Great Hall, part 2

8th June 2015:
Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the update! I've been dying from the suspense. It's been a while since your last update. Any chance it might be sometime soon?

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Review #17, by katie Lights in the Great Hall, part 2

28th May 2015:
Hope there's more to come soon! Love the story!

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Review #18, by Ms Michelle Radcliffe Scenes from a Memory

9th April 2015:
You mean i have to wait a minimum of two years storytime for them to make an appearance!!??!! : ( lol. Can't wait for the Silverleafs to kick some but!! :) but that also may mean that the adults wont figure out the whole situation for a few more years...That does mean that this story will continue for a few more storylines though!! :) I wasnt sure if this was going to be a trilogy or longer...

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Review #19, by katie Lights in the Great Hall, part 2

9th April 2015:
I love the mysterious twins! Another great chapter, as always keep up the marvelous story and can't wait for more!

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Review #20, by katie 'Tis the season (part 1)

6th April 2015:
Can't wait for the next one keep up the good work!

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Review #21, by Ms Mice Radcliffe Scenes from a Memory

22nd March 2015:
its about damn time!! I know it was last week that I looked for an update!! Imagine my surprise when I found THREE updated chapters!?!?! but Dun Dun Dun...Ian is finally figuring out that Ewan is right!!!

and im confused...Julie finaly told Kalindra about why she is ignoring Kenneth. and i was under the impression that they were at least talking again. Now you state in this chapter that Julie and Kalindra are still not talking...?

and now we need Julie to tell Professor Wroxton about the vision she had when she got Kenneths' letter so they can do the same thing with it that they did with the Maze of Ezra vision.

and i think that Alwena Silverleaf's Gran Gwanelle (is that it? ) or cousin Yannick Silverleaf (i prefer both tho even with Alex too ) should make an appearance and help out our adult heros with the whole Warlock situation. If you dont know what im talking about let me know : )

Author's Response: To be honest, I had so much trouble finishing this chapter, that I may have let a mistake slip. I'll check it out. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Wroxton, right now, can't do the same with Julie's vision about Kenneth because the actual event hasn't come to pass. I know, this is a lame excuse, hehehe. Julie is just too scared to be fully rational about the situation.

As for Alwena's Gran (Gwenaelle) and her cousin, they will show up, but not in that story. They will get involved during Alwena's final year in school. I am very familiar with the characters, since Wolf79 and I are sharing the same 'universe'. We have started to write our stories in parallel. So, yes, they are somewhere in France, right now, but they aren't going to be 'needed' in a while.

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Review #22, by AIP Alexander 'Tis the season, part 2

22nd March 2015:
Thank goodness your back! You don't know how hard this wait has been!! The two chapters were awesome but you know we're all waiting to see what Kenneth Lionheart is going to do next!!

Author's Response: Well, Kenneth is getting a lot more screen time in the next chapter to be posted, since the Ball will be more centered on him than on Ian, I'll confess. I'm working on the finishing touches on it as I speak. The updates should flow a little better, from now on, hopefully.
Thanks for the kind words and the continued support.

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Review #23, by katie 'Tis the season (part 1)

20th March 2015:
Haven't read the chapter yet bUt congratulations on the baby I also have two what a joy!

Author's Response: Thank you. It's true that I'm thrilled to have her join us soon. I've posted the second half of the chapter right now. I've finally overcome that block so the next two chapters are nearly good to go. hope you like this one.

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Review #24, by katie The Gift of Sight

16th March 2015:
What's the skinny!? Hope to see some new chapters!

Author's Response: I'm posting today! Thanks for your patience!!!

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Review #25, by katie The Gift of Sight

16th February 2015:
Can't.handle.it.need.more...going... to...die! Haha but really I hope the revisions you were working on are going well and how to see more of the story soon!

Author's Response: Hehehe... Hope you're still coping. I'm nearly done, but it's difficult to finally get that damn chapter done! It's fighting back, apparently.
Sorry for the wait.

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