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Reading Reviews for Fluorescent Adolescent
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Review #1, by electricclementine something new

24th October 2017:
ok so i just spent 4 hours catching up with this story and another 5 minutes writing a review, but i accidentally deleted it... long story short, i appreciate all the muggle references, mini history and sociology lessons, and the friendships between the characters. i also have just realised all the skins references haha

great story, i can't wait to read more!

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Review #2, by Hatty something new

22nd September 2017:
I LOVE IT. ive been ill in bed all day and genuinely just read this entire story in one evening. BRING JAMES BACK I'm having such withdrawal symptoms and so hate Mikey and Effy together (sorry). James and Effy fight and shout and scream but they're that way because they care so much. this is fab, you are fab !! pls keep going, its been so long since i was so captured by a story. your characterisation is really unbelievable. so much love and so much luck for the rest of the story x

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Review #3, by Burberry something new

19th September 2017:
pls update! i love this story!

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Review #4, by Didi :)))))) something new

29th August 2017:
Oh my god I absolutely love this story - it's so well written and I
love Effy's wit and sass! I don't really like Mikey and Effy as a
couple - he seems too apathetic for her, since she's so lively
and opinionated whereas he just seems boring. James and
Eddy were such a good fit! But I didn't really understand why
Freddie Weasley and Eddy don't like each other? I like Alfie
Ronson a lot btw I find him to be a really nice character but idk
if that makes sense :) I love Rose in this, I find her
hilarious. But I also really like Aspen and Oscar, because they
just make me laugh so much! I really hope you carry on with
this story because so far I love it and it's probably one of my
favourite fan fictions that I've read. I liked your story with Louis
Weasley and Sylvia but I think this one is even better!! That
reminds me, I find Ruddy and Louis so funny, I hope you
include them lots!!

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Review #5, by JT4HP something new

27th August 2017:


Ugh. Ugh. And of course it's not like what you had with James, Effiy!!! Ugh.

I really can't handle this chapter because it's just SO OBVIOUS that Effy needs to dump Mikey and just figure her stuff out!!!

But like the writing was so good. So spot on. I really loved the scene between Mikey and Eff when they talked about going to the party. Your descriptions of Mikey's face and the 'lavender under his eyes' and it's all just SO GOOD.

Seriously, I love you. And FA. Have I mentioned that before? :)

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Review #6, by ochalke5 something new

20th August 2017:
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I cannot wait for your next update. Fabulous!


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Review #7, by rosmerta some aloe vera?

18th August 2017:
They have so much chemistry its actually palpable
when he says i really like you and she just ignores him it really makes me laugh hAHA AND Its so cute he's like why the hell isn't she responding love it so glad i have like 15 chapters to go

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Review #8, by FAfan more than nice

17th August 2017:
Omg omg omg I forgot about this bit
I heard you're more than nice!!!
How did he know?
And when she's like we're on the verge of something bigger that is honestly heart warming

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Review #9, by FAFan communism in mermish

17th August 2017:
Hahahaa when she suggests a pensive that makes me laugh so much. I'm re reading old chapters I swear there used to be a scene with the gryffindors and James tensing up as Fred announces albums is going some where with effy did you take that out? It was so good!!

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Review #10, by silverashes something new

15th August 2017:
Okay, so I've been reading this story for a VERY long time. But I also took a VERY long hiatus from this site (both reading and writing) due to the unfortunate time consuming black hole that is college. In saying that, I can also admit that I read the last 6 (ish...cannot remember the exact number) chapters of this story in the last day and a half.

I feel that the word 'stressed' is probably my best adjective, and I mean that in the best way possible. I am so entirely wrapped up in your characters and the plot that my palms sweat when I read this. I NEED James and Effy to be together, quite possibly more than they want to be together (definitely not, but using that for the emphasis). And I am HELLA stressed now that this whole Mikey situation has come into the mix. I will patiently sit through an earth shattering, blowout fight, between James and Effy, but I need some more of them together (pls pls pls). My heart and soul need it!

I will leave my begging and Effy/James loving for now to say that I adore all of your characters. Oscar, Poppy, Al, Aspen, Jasmine, Ruddy/Louis.AMAZE. I wish I had an infinite number of unread chapters in front of me. I just wanted to convey my utmost adoration of this story and your writing. I hope you update soon! You might be the story that brings me back to this site full-time.

xx Rachel

(if I could give this a 100k/10 I SO would)

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Review #11, by Anonymous something new

2nd August 2017:

Please...*insert puppy face here*

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Review #12, by morganthegreat something new

1st August 2017:
Yay! I've been waiting for a new chapter, I read your whole story in like only a couple days and now that I'm all caught up I gotta do the waiting game. I've finally just made an account as my other one I lost my user/pass - I reviewed the last chapter as "_slytherdor_" due to this.

Anyway! great chapter! Really loving the whole Al/Poppy relationship, and it totally makes sense she'd wanna keep it secret for a while. I have come to really love them!

As for Mikey and Effy...I really do like him as a character but also, I really love the dynamic between James and her, Mikey needs to find himself a girl that can better suit him. It seems as if there's less of the passion or intimacy that Effy seems to have with James. Who do you like more, personally?

Your description of the party is very high school-esque, so nicely done. Oh, as for Rose, I think she's great, a breath of fresh air, because not many people are like her! And Heath...I just imagine him being Heath Ledger in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, all mysterious and hot. I want some more of him here!! Hehe.

10/10 nicely done, can't wait for more!

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Review #13, by Roonil Wazlib something new

31st July 2017:
please PLEASE tell me that Aspen or somebody is going to accidentally send that letter to James so he can read it and know what Effy is going through. I want them to be together so bad you should definitely fast forward through this year and get to her graduation

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Review #14, by luna1306 something new

27th July 2017:
Am I the only one who finds is strange that Al and poppy just pretended like they didn't just witness Mickey being p*ssed off because Effy didn't want to have sex with him?
I mean to me this was like a really big deal and I expected a BIG fight over it.
Maybe next chapter?

△⃒⃘ luna

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Review #15, by Hasane something new

26th July 2017:
it's becoming frighteningly clear that effy doesn't know what the heck she's doing. her debilitating feelings are confusing but i /understand/. like on a level clear to me. this fic is the epitome of teenage adolescence, but it never applied to me, so i never understood what she was going through, even if there was that twinge of 'i get it.' like i totally get thinking 'where does the time go' and not knowing what to do with your future, and like generally being confused. of anything, i think it really struck me how out of the loop she is on her friends because she's being kinda self-absorbed right now. it happens to the best of us, but we snap out of it you know? i'm sure she will too.

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Review #16, by Please update asap i love this something new

25th July 2017:
So amazing. I need mikey and effy to just be friends and bring back james. I cant deal i need jammmesss

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Review #17, by dracoismyboyfriendguys something new

24th July 2017:
Hi, hi, hi!! Absolutely perfect chapter as per usual!
First and foremost- ALBUS AND POPPY! I'm ecstatic honestly, god I've been waiting for this for forever omg and it was so cute and perfect and I hope they go public soon or at least effy sees them together a lot because those interactions were so cute!!!
Okay, Effy and Mikey. Well, throughout I've really enjoyed their vibe but something was definitely off this chapter... Especially with Mikey wanting to have sex there... hmm f*ckboy alert methinks? Anywho, makes for some brill drama so I'm 100% digging it. Also I CANNOT believe that in the last chapter you made me think that she actually sent that letter to James!! I am eagerly awaiting his return, I just hope he hasn't found himself some other girl or I think my little Jeffy heart may not be able to cope.
The Quidditch tryout scene was really lovely, I love reading the more day-to-day life as well as the relationship drama so that was really fab and I think Eff is going to make a great captain- oh how quickly they grow up.
Do you remember in my last review how I was complaining about exams? Well, they generally went okay except Edexcel decided to royally screw us over with the prose questions- but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And you are absolutely right about music Right Now (hahaha get the Haim reference? I'm a real wit), Melodrama especially is just insane I love it.
As always, I'm looking forward to the next one immensely!!
Lots of love,
Alice xxx

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Review #18, by astoryending something new

21st July 2017:
It makes me so happy whenever I see a new chapter from you, so yay!

The thing that stand out to me right off the bat is how much Effy doesn't have it all together. How much she doesn't know what she wants, both in regards to relationships and life in general. I especially LOVE the way you describe her feeling so lost among friends who seem to have it totally figured out, because omg the ways in which I relate to that haha! That just make her so much more real to me, because you just NAIL it (and that truly isnít the case in sooo many FF that instead romanticise everything) and anchors it in reality beautifully. This is just shows why I'm drawn to this story; your writing is on point and beautiful and you make it so relatable!

And then there is Mikey and Effy. This is the chapter that made it crystal clear to me that Eff really needed that relationship to happen Ďcause how will she ever know what she want/is searching for (and doesnít want) without it. When youíre seventeen you have so many expectations on how a relationship will be and they very rarely reflect on the reality of said relationship. But I am so in awe on how you manage to capture how it really is, like seriously, this couldíve been mine or one of my friendís relationship at that age! I feel for them both sooo much but I think they both needed to see how ill-suited they are in a romantic relationship. Mikey suddenly appears more, not grown up, but more mature than Effy? I just think she needs some perspective. My heart aches for her but my love has doubled :)

I need to touch on Poppy and Albus real quick because 1) rooting for them so bad (Poppy is LIFE and I want to see more of her) but 2) secret relationships in my opinion (and, unfortunately experience) are such a bad idea!! I am crossing my fingers that they make it out on the other side more in love than ever before!

I am missing Jamesí arrogance Ďcause, you know MCM and all, so hoping his pretty face makes an appearance soon!

Big looove as always :)

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Review #19, by HarryGinnyLove88 something new

21st July 2017:
Finally al and poppy so right to each other.
But mickey no no i dont like. Hope they break up soon please?

When we hear from james?

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Review #20, by HarryGinnyLove88 crisp white shirt

21st July 2017:
Ooo i hope she Accidentally sent the letter to james "hint" ;)

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Review #21, by Irishseeker something new

20th July 2017:
Wow. This hurt.
James' absence is noticeable but you've really done a brilliant job of filling that painful void by really letting us see and feel everything Effy has been in the last two chapters.
You have really allowed us to feel everything she has been feeling and to make us feel for her dearly because the poor girl is having a really difficult time. Poor Eff :( plz bring Jeffy back

I'm really looking forward to whatever Scorpius and a certain J (;)) are up to, that's an equally hilarious and interesting pairing.

My heart just really feels for Effy. I just love how bare you've made her in the last two chapters. Such flawless writing has taken down the barriers completely because Effy is struggling and we can see that so strongly from the her not telling Aspen to the parallel between them and Poppy and Albus.
That killed me by the way, are you trying to kill me??
The way you express emotions and feelings and relationships directly and indirectly is such incredible writing it's just breathtaking. Who couldn't feel for Effy? The way you portray teenage angst and life and relationships is blissfully heartbreaking. Because if we haven't been Effy, we've seen it and relating to how she's feeling right now with Mikey and James is just so...sad. I can't think of another word for it because she's just so desperately trying to cling on and get through it because that's what we all have to do.
But everything coming down to that one person-that single detail just says it all and you really portray everything so well. Especially Mikey-even though team jeffy till I die 2017 - we have to feel for Mikey because he's had these feelings for so long and he finally gets his chance.
Rose is also just fantastic, her characterization is just so entertaining and acts as a good buffer amidst all the tension, emotions and heartbreak. Plus her/your views on boys are 1000% on point.
Also Louis and Aspen is very interesting. I'm interested to see where that goes.
Sorry if I've come off slightly mental, way too emotionally invested in this story and I'll continue to be, this update made my night because going to sleep with work in the morning kills me inside :)

Thank you so much for your effort and work, keep being you and can't wait for an update soon xx

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Review #22, by Allie something new

20th July 2017:
Good chapter! I miss James so very much I need him and Effy to grow up and get together. Up until this point it's been so right person wrong place and time. Firstly Mikey needs to go they're just not compatible as anything other than friends. Poppy and Albus however have a striking similarity to James and Effy - I assume this is deliberate. After getting shot of Mikey I need Effy to decide what she wants to do with her life realise she needs James and go and fight. For him! James has always been the one doing the fighting I feel and it's her turn to chase him down. I do feel I need a wee refresh on previous chapters so I'm going to go back for a skim read.
I look forward to where ever it is you're going with this story I doubt my needs with be fulfifilled I'm sure you have plenty of surprises but end game a happy James and happy Effy is essential.

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Review #23, by annimal16 something new

20th July 2017:
Hey. Love the popy and albus one. Deff dont like effi and mikey. Keep up the great work

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Review #24, by HarryGinnyLove88 whiny male protagonist

20th July 2017:
Oh no not Micket. Gaah james loves effy why she dont believe him even when james was drunk this make you yell the truth. Hope you end them soon and effy realise she loves james too ;)

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Review #25, by Cappuccino  something new

20th July 2017:
There is something about James that allows me to forgive him every time he says something wrong, every time he says something mean, every time he says nothing at all - and it frustrates me that despite all my efforts, I cannot seem to find it in myself to root for the less toxic relationship Effy has with Mikey.

Can't wait for the next update!!

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