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Review #1, by Devon The Return of TPG

11th February 2018:
Definitely interested in reading tje fight club story. Louis' character would be awesome

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Review #2, by HarryGinnyLove88 The End

8th February 2018:
I really hope you write a sequel..wanna know what happens all of them...Bri Al Dom Fred James Les Mel Lou Scorp Rose Lil Hugh they where great and i loved reading this.:)

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Review #3, by Devon Blonde is Bad

7th February 2018:
Love this story! I love the characters and the length is great

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Review #4, by Lobelia Saville-Baggins The End

13th January 2018:
well, then. Congratulations on writing a satisfying ending and giving our heros the love and happiness they deserve!

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Review #5, by NARCIS The End

1st January 2018:
I just read this story throughout the week and oh my. Your writing improved as the chapters went on and the plot twists just got better and better. There was enough plots and fluff at the same time to satisfy me! Ugh absolutely loved it!! All 57 chapters. My favourite redemption arc in a fanfic so far being Dominique now!! I will forever love your take on Fred Weasley. He was an absolute darl and a great comical relief in all his scenes. Great work/story!!

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Review #6, by NW2017 Winner Winner

7th September 2017:
Howling with laughter! Fantastic end to the chapter!

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Review #7, by BBHP Blonde is Bad

27th July 2017:
I have been laughing out loud the entire time I've been reading this story. It's hilarious! I love the characters and their funny personalities.

Author's Response: After having completed this story, it is so nice to still see people enjoying it!

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Review #8, by TwentyOnePotters The End

27th June 2017:
This was a beautiful story and I'm glad you wrote it. Thank you for taking me on this journey and I hope to read your other books.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and leaving such sweet reviews! You truly make me smile even months after finishing this!

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Review #9, by TwentyOnePotters Just Friends

22nd June 2017:
I'm nay about this relationship. They need to be together not practically using each other for a snog call. But I can see why your writing it like this so good job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your input! xx

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Review #10, by TwentyOnePotters Borrowing is not Stealing

22nd June 2017:
The first chapter is good and the characters all have diverse personalities. Only bad thing is grammar may need to work on that.

Author's Response: I totally agree on you about my grammar! I wrote the beginning of this three years ago so naturally my grammar is a bit worse.

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Review #11, by BBHP The Shoe Exchange

12th June 2017:
Okay, this is hilarious. Do you get your ideas from personal experiences? Because this is too good to be made up. I'm having a blast reading this.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think it is entertaining! Some are of personal experiences but a lot are made up! Sometimes I just start writing and things just come up! LOL

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Review #12, by LoveAnnie98 The End

30th May 2017:
Oh my god...

I can't believe this is over!! This has been my absolute favorite fanfiction for ageeesss now, ever since I read the first chapter and almost cried laughing! Every time someone mentions liking Harry Potter fanfiction I recommend this story... you are so amazing at writing, and your characters feel so alive!!

Brielle has always been my spirit animal and I love her to bits- I'll miss her loads (she's probably one of my favourite fictional characaters ever!!)

Thank you so much for giving all of us this story. It is truly a work of art and i can't believe this story has come to an end!

Thanks again, if I had a spare unicorn I'd give it to you as a present but instead have a pie on me in honor of Brielle ❤️

Author's Response: OMG

Okay, wow, thank you so much! It has been a few months since I have finished this love child of mine and to come on here and see such sweet reviews make me smile!

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Review #13, by hopey110 The End

15th May 2017:
I'm in actually tears. This story has meant so much to me over the years.. I just-
I can't believe it's over.
But they have their ending, and you're right. It's not done. Their story lives on, not in some epilogue that doesn't do the character's justice, but in our imaginations and the thousands of possibilities that creates.
I read this today, and I graduate high school in 3 days. It hurts, but it makes me unbelievably happy. I started reading this three years ago, but now I'm here, going off to college.
Thanks for having Bri inspire me.
Don't ever stop writing.

Author's Response: You are incredible. Honestly.
I started writing this in high school and it became my life and then it wasn't and then it was again and then it wasn't. I went back and forth writing it but always came back because ever time I logged onto this site I saw reviews from people like you whom are so kind-hearted and sweet.
I hope your graduation went well! You are going to thrive at college - open yourself to all the possibilities and live your life to the fullest just like Bri!

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Review #14, by Violet Potter 434 The End

30th April 2017:
I'm crying
I'm actually crying
real tears running down my face and all
you seriously cannot end story-even if it is the authors note with the words :

the invisible thief is completed

-even if you have lovingly underlined, 'italic'd' and 'bolded' it-

this is actually too much for me right now, I will have to finish this review tomorrow, very sorry, currently 10pm on Friday 28th April

and I'm too sad to currently write more


okay so I know it says up there that I would come back yesterday... but turns out I was too sad (and busy) to even open my laptop last night, so this is me writing on Sunday the 30th


omg though

I have so much to say

as I feel we have all gathered


seriously this story is my go to story when I'm sad

it just cheers me up so well

especially the earlier chapters with the whole shoe stealing bits

they honestly make me laugh way more than they should

I think I left my first review on this story back in 2015 and I guess that means that's when I first read it

and I have loved it since

I can only describe it as perfect

other than making it never end(which is now impossible you meanie), there's not a single thing I'd change

the characters have been amazingly written from day one and they really come to life in my head-Freddie and James in particular

you make the simplest of things- things I wouldn't even think to write about- come to life like I'm there myself bits like leslies beanie- yes I still remember that funniness

you have a great skill when it comes to writing, and your humour and sarcasm is 'top notch'
and btw I mean it, in fact I mean every single word I've said in this review with all my small brain

its just all so good
and the more I so much think about it all
the more I get sad and nostalgic and want to read it all again

which I'm gunna spend tomorrow doing


I'll try and leave another review cause I feel this isn't quite giving this the goodbye it deservers

I wish I could write this funnily and this well but unfortunately I will never be at this standard-unless you teach me...pretty please?

just remember to write more for me, don't think for a second this means you can abandon me

and remember I love this more than words can describe

seriously this can make me happy any day, I've had some very 'rubbish' things going on these past two years and this never fails to cheer me up

so I will eternally thank you for this

love from me xxx

Author's Response: Wow, I honestly don't know how to respond to this because it so beautiful but please know not only your kind words but YOU mean so much to me. Honestly.

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Review #15, by MalfoyMannor The End

27th April 2017:
This story was the absolute cutest thing ever and I will always love it because of the hilarious as ever Brielle Patil.

Reading this was a journey that just made me laugh and it was absolutely just the best.

I remember finding this gem about 2 years ago and loving it immediately because of how humorous and fluffy it was. Along with how you wrote all of the characters and the personality traits you gave them. Characters that I hated and loved even though they weren't real.

A romance that was so cute and adorably sweet.

The ending being so sweet and loving how you left it open to whatever that could possibly happen.

After all of this rambling I bid my farewell to The Invisible Thief. A story that I kept on coming back to and loving the story every time because I just needed to know what happened next to Brielle Patil her dramatically hilarious life :)

Author's Response: Brielle Patil and her dramatically hilarious life will continue to live on through amazing people like you!

Thank you xx

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Review #16, by hopey110 Knowing

5th March 2017:
This story continues to pull my heart string so darn hard. I know for a fact I'm going to ball when you publish that last chapter. I can't believe it will all actually be over. Wow. All good things must end. I can't wait!

Author's Response: Thank you sm! xx

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Review #17, by Violet Potter 434 Knowing

25th February 2017:
honey, the box of tissues was already out
you seriously needed to say that at the beginning of the chapter
jokes-although I did tear up a bit

amazing chapter as per the norm

that last bit was sooo beautiful,
I mean, Id guessed what the charm was but I was not expecting the bit speechy bit-hence the tearing up of me

btw I know you love me, I'm fabulous
jokes but did you see what I did there?

anyways I'm expecting one exceptional ending chapter, which will most likely happen you being an outstanding writer-but if not; be warned I will find where you live

oh and that new story...
I need more by you, you can't close this without promising me a new one

so yeah, please , please, please make the last one perfect like normal for me

love you too!
from me xx

Author's Response: Thank you sm! xx

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Review #18, by jane Knowing

23rd February 2017:
aw :):):) this chapter was so cute

I love this story and I'm kinda sad for it to end, but I want to read how you end it :)

what was their ship name again? Bribus? Albelle? I don't remember if there was one :)

to sum it up this story is just everything I love. humor, fluff, and love :)

Author's Response: Bribus for life! xx

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Review #19, by blackzero Knowing

22nd February 2017:
I thought she was expecting.Never mind it was good to see your hero and herione confessed there undying love.Please when writing the last chapter do include what happens to everybody.Thank you for all your hardwork.God Bless Thanks.My Eyes are getring watery.

Author's Response: Oh gosh that would be an interesting turn of events! xx

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Review #20, by AbraxanUnicorn Knowing

22nd February 2017:
Hurrah! I'm so glad to read another chapter of this story! I'm happy you found the time and motivation to continue it as it's one of my favourites on this site. I'll be very sad when you finish it :(

Such a cute chapter! Brielle's craziness is back with a vengeance :) I've missed her zany inner monologue!

And oh!! They love each other! At last! Sigh

Author's Response: Omg, thank you so much!

Zany - I love that word! xx

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Review #21, by WizardsOnlyFools Library Discoveries

9th January 2017:
I feel like it should be impossible for Fred to be as dumb as he is and still be able to progress through school, haha. That being said, I love it anytime that dynamic duo brings out the dramatics.

It's true that this chapter was kind of filler-y, but it's clearly setting up some big reveal about the real meaning behind the Potter charm (still not entirely sure what it could be...), so it works as long as the last few aren't too far away! :P

As for an epilogue and follow-up story, yes please! I'd love to see more of your writing and what changes occur in James. Will he mature a bit more (hopefully not TOO much, as I said before, I enjoy the theatrics too much)? What career path will he follow? Will he stick close to his family/friends or will he drift apart? So many possibilities! I look forward to reading all about it.

Keep 'em coming! :D

Author's Response: Fred is a mystery to us all!

I just submitted a new chapter, sorry for the wait but it explains the charm!

Ah, thank you for being so supportive!!! I will be making an epilogue and hopefully another story.


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Review #22, by madness Library Discoveries

3rd January 2017:
Ahh thanks for the suspense haha

Author's Response: Thanks for the read! xx

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Review #23, by Strawberries202 Library Discoveries

1st January 2017:
Hmm... a bracelet? I wonder what that could be about? It honestly makes me curious, hence what you were probably going for. I bet it has some significant meaning behind it. Anyway back to what I was originally gonna say, What's going on with Brielle and Albus? I hope they actually get together soon! It's making me anxious!

But anyway thank you for making such a funny story! This is one of the funniest stories I have read in awhile. It still makes me wanna laugh every time!

Looking forward to what happens next! :)


Author's Response: Actually, a charm! She got a bracelet from all the Wotters for the holidays. Yes, you are right!! Don't worry - everything will be resolved soon :-)

Aw, thank you so much!


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Review #24, by Violet Potter 434 Library Discoveries

1st January 2017:
you know sometimes you're an utter genius-
sometimes being most times
for example you wrote this

and then you say something
and you turn soo sooo sooo stupid

I mean what the hell were you thinking when you asked if we wanted an epilogue


and then you make it worse by asking if we'd like another story with the same characters?!?!?

at this point i'm seriously considering how much brain you have left


or at least I do and I like to think i'm important enough to say this for the general amount of readers

if they believe otherwise-they're more stupid than you

incase you're having a not so clever moment-in the most polite way possible-
that's a yes to an epilogue aaannnddd another story

and because I've nearly written nearly 1000 characters and haven't actually mentioned this actual chapter I'm reviewing then I guess i'd better start...just as soon as

and that's as far as I got because I finished the first 1000... another I've just realised I kept going when I meant to stop sooo...

well as usual I LOVED this story and as you asked

the way I feel about this chapter is a feeling of great joy and happiness-shut up I don't care If they mean the same thing- it truly was an amazing chapter

special could be a good word

outstanding could be another

I have a few ideas about the whole charm thing-by the way I loved how you wrote james and fred- and what they're warning a certain him about

basically i'm either right or wrong I guess only time will tell...hopefully not too much time cause that would mean you haven't updated quick enough but yeah my subtle hinting is getting worse

also completely and utterly fine with you making this story fact could you be a complete sweetheart and make it 100or so chapters.

woudn't that be gorgeous?

I think it would be

anyways i have things to be talking to-including a lovely wall I found yesterday-really comfy to lean on

so I must leave this here for now
I apologise profusely

but it is what it is

and I apologise for not reading and reviewing this quicker-I saw the update either last night or this morning-I cant remember sorry time blurs-. but unfortunately i simply had to( i feel I've gone posh suddenly)...finish reading this other story which then turned out to be uncompleted with the writer out of sight, mind and time for 2 years-please never do this to me

anyways be the time I got to the end of an unfinished story this had gone from 3rd in the most recently updated to 22nd

just a useless fact I thought i'd waste your time with

anyways-gosh I say that a lot- I love this asper the usual
you should write more
just for me cause as we covered earlier,i'm a VIP

love from me xxx

ps. does this count as a "super long" review or should I work harder next time?

pps. you know sometimes I wonder how much these reviews annoy you-please rate on a scale of 1-29

ppps. yes I know that's annoying scale but deal with it we all know you love me

ps. I've just had a great idea
i'm gunna write a review one day for you in gobbledegook and make you translate it only for it to say utter rubbish:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

ps. okay i'm going now xxx

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, I love this review so much.

You are literally amazing thank you for taking your time to write this all. Your review annoys me not at all, in fact it makes me smile!

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Review #25, by hopey110 Piecing it Together

24th December 2016:
I started reading this story my sophomore year of high school. I read all that was uploaded, extremely quickly. Laughing, sobbing, and just generally enjoying this amazing story. But then then the updates came less frequent.. And I read other fan fictions, died in high school (secretly wishing I was at hogwarts).

Invisible Theif was one of the very first next gen fan fictions I read! And it is still one of my favorite ones. Something is so down to earth about it. Bri is real, and I think that's what hit home for so many people.

Your story is 210,000 words that's only 40,000 less then Order of the Pheonix, which was the biggest book in the HP series. Be freaking proud. I would be!

I'm now half way done with my senior year of high school. I was scrolling through the Next Gen section on here, and your story popped up. 10,000 uber crazy emotions came into my body.

So I started from the beginning, and once again it's a story that has actually touched me. And now once again, I'm at the end, of what you have written.

The authors note at the end of your last chapter actually made me cry.. Please, stay inspired, finish this. Don't leave Bri, Albus, Dom, Amelia, Leslie, James, Fred, Louis, Scorpius, and Rose frozen in time, without an ending.

Everyone deserve an ending, no matter what it takes to get there.

To you, to us.. These people are real, and we need to know what happens.

Finish this for all us.

Thanks for inspiring me,

Hope, your Mega Uber Fan.

Author's Response: I just wanted to let you know that I was in such an writers block and reading your review really pulled me through to publish the next chapter of The Invisible Thief. I have been in such a rut with my writing and your kind words really warmed me.

I never thought about the length of my story - after reading your comparison I am so shocked. It really is crazy to think of it like that. Wow!

I really hope you are loving senior year. It is a great year - don't take anything for granted. I know high school can suck sometimes but just spend your time with the people you love and make you happy. Don't care about irrelevant people because in a few short months you'll be rid of them and you'll be able to start anew!

I will not leave OUR beloved characters frozen in time. I promise you that. They will receive their proper ending.

Thank YOU for inspiring me. Honestly.

With much love and I hope to hear from you soon


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