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Review #1, by ginerva_molly_weasley Truly a New Generation

18th July 2013:
This is one of the best ScoRose wedding scenes that I've read so I don't know what you're talking about when you say that it's not brilliant! Also if you're new to fanfiction this is a fabulous place to start so keep writing next generation which is wonderful!

One thing I did notice through this was the wrong spelling of both 'Lily' and 'minute' but that isn't a major thing but it would be worth going back over and changing them as it can really bug some people. Also I found the spacing really off putting as it took a lot to go through.

The second thoughts was a really nice touch as I think that every woman gets like that on their wedding day so I loved the realism in it and then by the time she went to Ron she knew that she was doing the right thing!

The description of her dress and the venue was really wonderful as I really loved the vividness and I felt like I could really picture the dress right in front of me which I completely loved!

Also the vows. Like how do you write such cuteness together. I would have no chance writing vows as cute as that which is completely wonderful. I also loved the humour with James' wooping and them talking so much about their lives at Hogwarts which was wonderful.

The last bit was just an overload of cuteness with them saying 'Mr and Mrs Malfoy' it was wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's taken me an awfully long time to reply as I forgot my password and was having trouble getting a new one but all is fine now. Thank you so much for your review I will take everything you said on board! There is also another wedding one shot coming along soon:) x

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Review #2, by maskedmuggle Truly a New Generation

18th July 2013:

Wow. Ahh! I'm filled with such a happiness right now and I'm literally squealing out loud at HOW ROMANTIC this was! THEIR VOWS were just so beautiful!! I would be tearing up too, how can you not? This was just so beautiful too: They are bonded together by the strongest most powerful magic of all: love. It's such a simple, but such a powerful sentence! But anyway - THEIR VOWS/SPEECHES. I don't know, there was just something about them that was just.. *feelings*. I loved that little anecdote that Scorp told about being pushed into the lake, hehe.

Anyway, I definitely can't tell that you're new to all this - because this is a really well written fic that I really enjoyed/loved reading! I did spot like two spelling errors, but apart from that, the romantic element in this fic was just fantastic. You made ScoRose seem perfect together :)

- Charlotte

Author's Response: Thank you you are so nice!! I'm so glad you felt this way about it as that is exactly what I was aiming for! Thank you so much and yes I will watch out for spelling mistakes ahaa! Grammar isn't my strongest point! Xx

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Review #3, by Lily Truly a New Generation

20th June 2013:
I like it! You should do lots more.

Author's Response: You really think so? Wow! Thank you:)

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Review #4, by Dahlia Bailey Truly a New Generation

9th June 2013:
This is SO,SO, SO beautiful. You did a great job on this! XD I love Rose and Scorpius deeply, so be grateful for this compliment!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much!:)

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Review #5, by itsonlyjamespotter Truly a New Generation

29th May 2013:
this is sosososososo cute! Its fabby! Keep writing! You are doing a fab job ~ Hannah xx

Author's Response: Thank you!!:)

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