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Reading Reviews for A Life Without Fear
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Mr.fudge The Hogwarts Express

23rd August 2016:
Please,please, please update this, it's amazing! I feel like its too short!

Author's Response: Oh no that's not what I intended! I just felt bad because I had multiple people from ff messaging me about an update and this is what I had! I might go back and add more, but it would be difficult since I'm already on to the next chapter.

Thank you for reading!

xx Sammi

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Review #2, by Elaine The Hogwarts Express

19th August 2016:
This is a wonderful story, and Charlotte seen to be a wonderful character. while I don't buy that the kids would be practically cast out of the family because of their sorting, it makes for an interesting plot point. (I'm 150% sure that Harry Potter would make sure that his kids knows how to treat other people well and wouldn't tolerate any sort of bullying, considering how he grew up)

It's a shame that Charlotte feels like an outsider because it honestly feels like it's by her own doing? Like, she felt as if she was a disappointment (and her parents and siblings maybe was disappointed at the start) so she completely decided to remove herself from them. It's a little disturbing that she was recruited as a spy as an eleven year old, and thinks that keeping this huge secrets from her parents are okay, cause it really isn't. The fact that she, Al and Scorpious was even approached at that age can't be exactly legal, and I kinda fear that they're being used, especially Al and Charlotte because they're so close to a lot of important people.

Anyway, can't wait to see where you take the rest of this story and I can't wait to see more of James, since he is my fave among the next gen. I hope to see a well rounded character and not the typical stupid prat, but actually someone Harry and Ginny would be proud of. :)

Author's Response: I completely agree with you that Harry wouldn't want a child of his or his friends for that matter, be excluded - but that isn't what I am trying to show. (Maybe I'm not going a good job of this). I want to emphasize the brutality of children. That subtly isn't their strong suit, and their parents subconsciously show their children their prejudices. Remember on the platform in Deathly how Ron talked to Rose about beating Scorpius on every test? That's what I'm trying to work on. Even though Harry says he wishes Albus to go wherever he's supposed to go - you can't help but not think Harry and Ginny would love to have Albus be in Gryffindor. How proud would Neville have been to have all of his children in his house even though Hannah was in Hufflepuff.

Annd that was a rant about that lol. Anyway, and as for the spying it has been mostly training so far. I'm trying to channel my inner Gallagher Girl. And as for parents permission...we'll get to that subject soon.

(And James is my favorite too)

xx Sammi

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Review #3, by redheadHermione The Hogwarts Express

18th August 2016:
Hi, this is a really awesome story! Your writing style is amazing too - formal but not too much. When are you planning on updating?

Author's Response: Thank you! And maybe when I'm drowning in college ):

(In a couple weeks most likely)

xx Sammi

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Review #4, by Tealskysea The Hogwarts Express

15th August 2016:
I just want to let you know that this is a brilliant plot, original and fascinating. I'd love it if you could update more of it, because the story is intriguing. The Wotters seem so cold cold to Charlotte, poor her, and she's always underestimated!

Author's Response: Oh my, thank you so much, my dear! Ah I know, I know, it takes me so long to post because I just want everything to be right. I've been rewriting this fanfiction for almost 4 years now and I feel like I owe something to Charlotte.

Once I find my routine, I swear I'll be posting more soon!

xx Sammi

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Review #5, by beka_wotter The Hogwarts Express

18th May 2016:
This is a new concept and it is very intruiging, I find it sad that even the Potters/Longbottom parents don't seem to care for their kids and have favourites just because of their house, but I do understand it works for the story haha, I like their fierce group though and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I think it's entirely possible for families to love their children, but have no interest in what they do as long as they are safe. This story circles around Charlotte's inability to let people in because she believes her heart to be broken. We're still at the beginning, my dear!

xx Sammi

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Review #6, by gigi The Hogwarts Express

5th March 2016:
I really enjoy your story, do you plan on updating any time soon? I want to know what happen!

Author's Response: I am as of right now re-writing. Slowly but surely new chapters will appear. Thank you for sticking with the story!


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Review #7, by Guest The Hogwarts Express

9th August 2015:
It's never a good thing to have the Wotter Clan on your trail. I have a feeling they're gonna have to be a lot more careful now. I feel like James will be most insistent on finding out what they're up to. And being head boy he can probably arrange the schedule so he'll patrol with her and have a good time to interrogate her. Other than that I love Charlotte. She seems super smart, talented and generally underestimated. Those are always the best characters. I feel bad that her family doesn't see her for who she is though, and couldn't accept her being a Ravenclaw. And I think that Charlottes weak spot for James might cause a problem. But then again if he's following her around he might finally realize how wonderful she is and they'll fall madly in love. Anyway, I hope you get the chance to update soon because I really love your story. It's something different but still really good quality

Author's Response: Oh my, thank you for caring about Charlotte! As of right now, I'm severely editing and re-writing some parts of the story. New chapters shall be posted soon, and I am so so so sorry for the wait.


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Review #8, by xxDobbyX Principium

1st July 2015:
I love the build up of your story but are you still writing it? Hope you are :-D

Author's Response: I am still writing, just with a slight delay.

Thanks for your kind words!!

xx - s

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Review #9, by Guest Principium

12th June 2015:
You have a really great story started here! Are you gonna continue it soon? Charlotte is great. I feel so bad that she doesn't get the recognition she deserves when she's so easy to like. And hm James is looking at Charlotte? Interesting. Anyway I can't wait to see what you'll do with this story! It's kinda disappointing but at the same time great that there are no similar stories found. I would love to read something as good as this but I've the uniqueness.You've got a great beginning and you've somehow managed to get readers hooked on the first chapter. Good luck, and happy writing!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for this!! It makes me feel a lot better when writing this that people actually want to read it. I have a couple chapters written but the problem is I dont have a beta so I have to wait a while before going back to correct mistake without wanting to break every 6 seconds.

But about Charlotte...well she is a very interesting character, I hope. And yes...is James looking at her?

Hope ya keep reading!!

xx - s

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Review #10, by XOdannieXO Principium

4th May 2015:
Interesting. Interesting, indeed ;D - I really enjoyed it; and I can't remember the last time, I read a work of art that had a Longbottom as its protagonist... I think I never did, before.

Keep it going, I would enjoy to see how everything will turn out for Charlotte and her obvious crush on James.. ;)

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much!! And yes, there is an obvious lack of Longbottom in the world Everyone needs to join the band wagon.

Thanks for reviewing!!

xx - s

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