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Review #1, by Liana The Rising Wizard

9th January 2018:
Good start. You have me interested in reading more.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by The_Proud_Snake_Girl Tears and Laughter

9th May 2017:
"But I still killed him. I'm-I'm a murderer. You're head auror; you should throw me in Azkaban." *Cringe* Anyway, 10/10. :) Although, I wanna know what you have against Slytherin. All of them are mindless, punch-happy thugs, or at least in this story.

Author's Response: Oh god yeah. Younger me viewed Slytherin the same way book Harry did. Slytherins will get better roles later on in the books, I promise. Presuming I ever write up to that point.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by The_Proud_Snake_Girl Slytherin's Office

9th May 2017:
"I have absolutely nothing against Slytherin house." What about all those times you insulted Slytherin?

Author's Response: *cringe* Yeah... though to be fair, that was Albus insulting Slytherin, not me, and he's a bit of an idiot. I plan for him to eventually come around and see Slytherin for the great house it is.

Also, when I first came up with the plot, it was over five years ago and I was a bit prejudiced myself back then. Don't worry, I've now seen the error of my ways. This is an old book.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by The_Proud_Snake_Girl Streamers and Newspapers

8th May 2017:
"Lily even sent him a happy birthday card that sang loudly whenever he opened it, so Albus kept it closed." Didn't Ginny do that to Harry with a get well card? :D

Author's Response: Yup, Ginny sure did! Except Lily didn't make hers nearly as romantic because that would be weird.

Thanks for the review! Glad you're enjoying it.

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Review #5, by The_Proud_Snake_Girl Birthday Discussions

8th May 2017:
“No, it’s for my pet hamster." LOL
"We know you’re not interested in the dark arts. If you were you’d be in Slytherin, not Gryffindor,” HEY! I'm Slytherin and I'm not evil!
“Good point, Slytherin is for losers!” You're gonna be sorry...
I'm not saying your story is bad, in fact you're a really good author, but can you PLEASE stop insulting Slytherin? It's my house, and I'm not evil, neither are any of my other Slytherin buddies. I'm not saying Voldemort wasn't evil, because he totally was, but I hate it when people say Slytherins are evil. You're still a really good author, but I don't like how you look down on Slytherins. I'm a Slytherin in Hogwarts, and a Horned River Serpent in Ilvermorny. I've also got a snake's attention by hissing at my freind once. Anyway, I'm really enjoying your story, but I would enjoy it more if you quit hating on Slytherin. 9/10, that's my rating.

Author's Response: Five years ago, when I first started this book, I was a prejudiced idiot when it came to Slytherin. Your annoyance is completely justified and I now know the error of my ways.

Also, keep in mind, that a lot of this is just what the Gryffindors think. Even back then, I never thought what these characters thought.

My best friend is also a Slytherin, so hating them now would be kind of stupid.

9/10 is not bad! Thanks!

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Review #6, by Janice McAshton The Weasley Gathering

8th May 2017:
“Hey, Al,” James said, as he sling-shotted a rubber band at his forehead, “What help do you need from your noble and glorious big brother? I can answer every question.” Noble and glorious? I think not. Anyway, lol 10/10

Author's Response: James can be a bit full of himself sometimes. :)

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Review #7, by Janice McAshton Christmas

7th May 2017:
"She often had first- years light the inside of ornaments to put in the great hall." Poor firsties! By the way, Lorcan and Lysander are twins.

Author's Response: I know that Lorcan and Lysander are twins now, but when I first started writing this book back in 2012 them being twins was not canon yet. So I'm just sticking with my version.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by Janice McAshton Rose Gets Detention

7th May 2017:
"Potter, dance like a monkey and sing so horribly that you scare the other team!” lol

Author's Response: That would be funny. :)

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Review #9, by writeyourheartout The Extraordinary Arrival

29th January 2015:
Hello again, Pheonix Potioneer, and Happy Belated Hot Seat Day! ^.^

Awww... Albus is such a sweet little kid. I think it's very fitting of him to feel upset about leaving home, because he seemed exceptionally close and reliant upon his dad in the epilogue. I think Harry is probably his safety net, and it must be hard to walk away from that for a school so far away, knowing they won't see each other again for months - even while surrounded by the familiar faces of his brother and cousins.

“Plus,” James added, “They announced at the end of last year that they aren’t using the sorting hat this year, because it got damaged. They’re going to have a big test instead, wrestling mountain trolls and that sort of stuff.” - LOL James is such a brat. Reminds me of my own older brother who, after I accidentally swallowed a black watermelon seed, convinced me that a watermelon would start growing in my stomach... I was so young. :-p

I can completely understand Albus' anxiety in regards to his expectations for the year. Having such a well-known father who has this great legacy certainly comes with its challenges. And I can definitely relate to people having high expectations for you and that, in turn, making you afraid of disappointing them. But, that said, I still think it's really sweet that Harry likes to tell people that Albus' is like him. Proud daddy. ^.^

He's so determined not to be a snake! Didn't he listen to his dad at the station!? :-p

Hagrid! Glad to see he's still working there. ♥

Awww, the Sorting Hat song was really cute! That's a tough challenge to take on, but I think you handled it well!

CLIFFHANGER! WHERE'S HE GET SORTED? I suppose I'll have to read on to find out, huh? ;)

One thing I noticed you did that felt a little inconsistent was whether or not Albus actually believed what James' said about the Sorting Hat being unusable this year. He seemed to really believe it at first when you wrote this: Albus’s heart sank. Now not only did he have to be worried about being away from home so long, and being sorted into Slytherin house, but also he had to worry about whatever test they were doing. - But later this thought happened: Was his dad right, in saying the sorting hat would listen when he said he didn’t want to be in Gryffindor? - He clearly begins worrying about the Hat again, so now I start to think he doesn't really believe James and knows he was probably just messing with him. But then this happens: As they continued forward he breathed a huge sigh of relief when he saw the sorting hat sitting on the stool, and not some huge obstacle course out in front of them with trolls and other horrible creatures. - So, as you can see, it goes back and forth a few times and is just unclear as to what he actually thinks. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that that confused me a bit, so you may want to be clearer, should you ever decide to edit this! ^.^

(Also, I believe Sorting Hat should be capitalized, but don't quote me on that because I unfortunately don't have my books on me at the moment!)

It was still a good chapter overall, though, and the ending was particularly clever! Keep it up!

Tanya ♥

Author's Response: If I went to boarding school when I was 11, I would have been terrified too, like Albus. He's very understandable.

I remember my brother telling me the same thing about the black watermelon seed too! Ah, the pains of having older brothers. Or was it my mom who said the thing about the watermelon seed? It might have been.

Yup, James can be a brat!

Albus did listen to his dad, but a one-minute conversation can't completely erase his (in my head canon) months-old fears. Plus, I think he paid more attention to the "you can choose what house to be in" than the "Slytherin is a great house" part.

I didn't really notice the inconsistencies until now- thank you for pointing that out! I might go back and edit it, but then I'll feel the urge to rewrite the entire story, and I've kind of moved on from it. Thank you for letting me know.

I just went to my bookshelf and looked up the Sorting Hat, and you are right! The books refers to it as "the Sorting Hat". I won't edit it this, but I'll be sure to change it on the sequel and all future stories. Thank you so much for this revelation!

Thanks for reviewing! And yes, of course there had to be a cliffhangers! I love cliffhangers.

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Review #10, by likeness_of_a_seabird The Feast

27th January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round three!

Ah-ha! Albus was sorted into Gryffindor! I have a feeling this might happen, but it’s great to have it confirmed. I see the Hat still believes it’s infallible, but I suppose it was charmed to be that way by the four Founders. Having something indecisive as a sorting method wouldn’t really work, now would it? I wonder, though, how many besides Harry (and now Albus) have managed to convince the Hat to put them (or not to put them, as the case may be) into a different House than what the Hat thinks is the best?

Albus’s new classmates seem very interesting (even if some of them initially stare at him and make him uncomfortable). I find it rather amusing that a muggle-born’s surname would be Mysticus. Talk about a coincidence, right? It was also nice of Rose and Al to assure Art that he would get used to everything in no time. And this David seems like a prankster to me, based on how he tricked Art into looking the punching telescope which I believe was bought from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. I guess I’ll have to wait to see whether my prediction is correct or not.

And James stole the Marauders Map! Really, this kid gets his hands on everything. If I were Harry, though, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the map was missing…

A great third chapter!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Yes, Albus is a Gryffindor! Hooray!

The Sorting Hat doesn't always let the students choose- Neville took ages because he wanted to be in Hufflepuff, and the hat decided he should be in Gryffindor. In my head canon, it only lets you choose when both houses would suit you well.

Ha, ha. I like the "Mysticus" surname too. It's not very subtle, is it? ;)

Art would get used to everything in no time. Harry adjusted pretty quick to the muggle world, and had no problem at all. Of course, that might be because he was too busy worrying about Voldemort most of the time.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by likeness_of_a_seabird The Extraordinary Arrival

10th January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round two! I'm so sorry this comes so late, I've been in London for the past four days!

Aw, Albus and Rose’s are going to Hogwarts! I really liked how Albus, despite Harry’s words, still frets about being sorted to Slytherin. It’s kind of cute how he sees all of these “omens” everywhere, starting from getting Salazar Slytherin’s chocolate frog card. I also liked how he kept comparing himself to Harry and how people would expect them to be exactly alike. I imagine that while Albus is most likely proud of his dad, he would find it much easier if he was just a regular boy instead of the son of the saviour of the wizarding world.

Boy, James is a bit of a brat, isn’t he? Tricking his brother into believing they would hold some kind of a test to sort the kids. Mean. I did like how awed Albus was when he saw Hogwarts for the first time. I imagine the effect is the same on every new student, regardless of whether they are from a magical family or not. And the portraits are telling the first years which house is better! Nice. I see Flitwick became the Headmaster after McGonagall. It suits him, somehow. I think he seems like the Headmaster type.

Now, which house will Albus finally be sorted in? Is it Slytherin like he fears, or will he be in Gryffindor like his parents and James? I guess we’ll have to wait till next chapter to find out…

- Emmi

Author's Response: You've been in London? Did you see the Big Ben? Did you go on the Eye? I suppose asking questions is useless since you can't really reply, and this is off-topic, but that's still awesome! I went to London a little less than a year ago.

Yeah, James can be a bit nasty, but he loves Al deep down.

Yes, where will Albus go? Hmmm.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by marauderfan Hufflepuff VS Gryffindor

8th January 2015:
Happy Hot Seat Day continued. :D

I can understand Art's dislike of Exploding Snap. I mean it sounds all fun in the books but when you think about it, it's like, an explosion happening right in front of your FACE.

Poor Albus feeling humiliated in class. All I can say is it's a good thing he never had to learn from Professor Snape (his namesake. Ahaha) But I'm with Rose on this. Professor Dire is mean, but I don't think he's EVIL in the sense of BWAHAHAHA DARK MAGIC. (yes that's a type. I'd be a scary Dark Wizard eh?)

Hehehe, I love the way you've written the house rivalry in here. Slytherins don't want Gryffindor to win so they're supporting Hufflepuff! Yeah! :D

Aw. Poor James. Public embarrassment. No pressure right? :p But I guess he does that enough to his brother/the rest of his family. That song sounds like just the type that Peeves would appreciate and I wouldn't be surprised to see ol' Peevesie singing it in subsequent chapters :p

It always confused me when they let Gryffindors be the commentator for matches in which Gryffindor is playing. I mean, Lee Jordan was an awesome commentator, but he was in no way objective. ahaha. Fred and Louis are much the same about their Gryffie bias! It's quite funny to read. :D

Yay for James' first goal!

Hufflepuff was too good -- Darn right they are! XD I know, I should feel bad for Albus that his team lost, but what can I do. You understand, though, being a fellow Puff. :p Anyway, I do like that Gryffindor isn't shown as winning all the time and the Puffs get some glory!

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: I would hate Exploding Snap too. Ugh. Explosions in my face... no thank you.

I don't like Dire either, but he isn't a bad person. He's just not likable, if that makes sense? (Or maybe he is a dark wizard and I'm bluffing... BWAHAHA!)

Yes, james is publicly embarrassed, but I don't think he'd mind as much as Albus.

I'm a Hufflepuff, so of course Hufflepuff had to win. How could they not? Just as Fred and Louis showed their Gryffindor bias, I'm showing my Hufflepuff bias.

Thank you so much for reviewing me TWICE!

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Review #13, by marauderfan Rose Gets Detention

8th January 2015:
Happy Review Hot Seat Day!!

Rose is getting just a touch overbearing, isn't she! I mean, stalking him at all times to make sure he's not alone. It's kind of her to look out for him, but I can understand why Albus is annoyed, hahaha.

“Who are you?” the leader of the group sneered -- For being a bully, this person is pretty thick. I mean, it'd take a decade of living under a rock to not know who Harry Potter's son is. Ahaha.

Woo! Roxanne is definitely a good person to have on your side! :P

Oh no, if the post is being watched then Albus can't tell his dad! He should have done it earlier! Gah! Well, now I guess he has a reason to stick his nose into things that are far bigger than an eleven-year-old should have to deal with. Or, he could devise a method of sending a letter without Filch reading it. I'm sure there are ways to do that. Send it via Thestral? :p

Awesome chapter! REading the next right away!

Author's Response: I don't think Rose understands the meaning of privacy. Basically, if you don't have any big secrets, there should be no reason for privacy, in her way of thinking! I'm not surprised at Albus getting annoyed.

The bully is a bit thick... but I still wouldn't want him as a huge enemy.

Yeah, Albus should have told his dad earlier. That's disappointing. It'd be difficult to get a thestral, seeming how he and his friends can't see them! Interesting idea though.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by It Must Be St. Nick! Birthday Discussions

6th January 2015:
Ho, ho, ho!

I'm glad that Art had a nice birthday - it's still today, so happy birthday to Art again! It was good that they could take a day away from the stress of the Zajecfer situation and make his day special for him. It was so cute that he was so surprised about the cake!

David is one of my favourite characters, I think! He's so funny and has some of the best lines!

I really liked the section about their theories for how Zajecfer disappeared in the middle of the castle. Considering their age I think they did quite well to come up with those different theories, and I don't think that David's theory about the potion was necessarily a bad one. I could imagine that the potion was somehow used to open the doorway.

I think Zajecfer is probably still in the castle somewhere too, hiding from them and preparing for his next plan. Which is worrying because it's been months now and Albus is still okay so far... so I'm worried about what he's planning.

Trust Rose to think of going to the library to look all of this up! She really is her mother's daughter. I hope that they find something although I don't think that they're likely to find something in the papers...

The show of friendship at the end was really sweet. I like the way you write this group of children!

Merry Christmas from Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Art's really shy when it comes to his friends doing awesome favors- he's still in awe over having such amazing friends, I think. Through his childhood he grew up with brothers who just liked to tease him, so having people who don't is a pleasant surprise.

David does have the best lines! I love his lines! I'm glad someone else agrees with me! (Is that too many exclamation marks?)

The library is really the best way to find out information. It's great.

I think Zajecfer likes to stall just to confuse people. ;) His plan is actually in action, just Albus doesn't realize it.

Thank you so much Santa!

And thank you thank you thank you for being a wonderful Secret Santa who goes on amazing reviewing sprees and is all-around cool! Thank you thank you thank you!

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Review #15, by Who Ate All the (Mince) Pies? Nighttime Wanderings

6th January 2015:
Ho, ho, ho!

I had a bit of a bad feeling about what was going to happen in this chapter, with the title making it clear they're going to be adventuring out at night - even with an Invisibility Cloak, that is not a good idea with a new dark lord on the loose!

Love the idea of George inventing a product that muffles your footsteps - I bet that's something he'd have loved to have at school! Although let's hope that Lord Zajecfer hasn't been sold any!

Haha, Umbridge is a brilliant name for Filch's next cat! A sort of homage from him to the teacher he admired... now that makes me wonder who Mrs. Norris was named after!

The House Elves were so cute! They're probably my favourite creatures in the series and I loved the way you included them here. They were so helpful!

I had to laugh at Albus's idea to levitate the cat to get it away from them, though. Rather like his uncle when he knocked out the mountain troll in the girls' toilets!

Lord Zajecfer's appearance was terrifying! I don't blame the poor boys for being scared, only in first year and just going to get their friend some cakes for his birthday, and they encounter the new dark lord - and not only that, the man who wants to kill Albus. Thank goodness they had the Invisibility Cloak, but things are even more mysterious now.

So it looks like my original assumption that Zajecfer was a student is wrong, if he's in his 20s... which makes it scarier that he got into the school, and just disappeared like that. Is this a secret part of the school called Slytherin's Office, perhaps? His appearance was scary too, why does he look like that?

A great chapter!

Merry Christmas from Secret Santa!

Author's Response: What would dark wizards do with Weasley products... *shudders* That would be a dangerous combination. Thank goodness Zajecfer thinks he's above products from a prank shop.

In my head canon, Mrs. Norris was named after a previous teacher (I'm guessing one in the long line of those who have taught DADA) who relished in the displeasure of her students.

I wasn't even thinking of the mountain troll when I wrote the scene with the levitating cat, but I suppose you're right.

Yes, Zajecfer is terrifying. If I faced that dude, I'd freak out completely.

Interesting theory that there's a secret part of the school called Slytherin's Office. ;)

Thanks for reviewing once again, Santa!

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Review #16, by Following Eight Reindeer (and Rudolph!) The Weasley Gathering

6th January 2015:
Ho, ho, ho! Just decorating your tree with some last minute presents before I take my week's holiday and begin preparing for Christmas in 2015!

I'm so very happy to see that I'm not the only one who wants Christmas to last for longer than it seems to - spending two chapters describing Albus's Christmas was simply wonderful!

It's a lovely idea to have all of the Weasley and Potter children joining together at Christmas, even if they can't be with the rest of their family. I liked the fact that Albus was finding it a bit difficult to be away from home - I can't imagine that it's easy for anyone to be away from home at Christmas, especially when they're still a child with a loving family.

The Room of Requirement was a great place to host the family gathering. I really liked the images of Christmas that it conjured up and the way you described it. The Quidditch pitch was just an added bonus!

The presents were really great, too - they seemed to fit who was giving the gifts and receiving them. James and Albus are very lucky to both have got one of those broomsticks! I liked the books going from the boys to Molly and Lucy, too. I've never seen them as twins before but I like that.

It was really great to get to see more of the cousins though, and Dominique made me laugh.

They had a really picture perfect Christmas so far, in spite of their families not being there - they got snow and had a snowball fight, and got to sit in front of the fire eating all those delicious sweets (I have to say, that passage made me hungry, but Mrs. Claus has put me on a diet after the amount of mince pies I recently consumed...)

But all of this is making me wonder if things are a bit TOO perfect... and will something bad happen soon?

I like the plan for Art's birthday. It's very sweet of them, although I'm a bit worried about them going out at night - there's potential for danger there!

*looks at date* It looks like it's Art's birthday today! Happy birthday, Art!

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Yes, Christmas is a big deal for Albus, OF COURSE you need to spend maximum time on the holiday!

I'm surprised nobody but myself has seen Molly and Lucy as twins. I've just always seen them that way, I don't know why.

I'd be throwing a fit if I didn't get to see my parents at Christmas, especially at that young of an age. Al handles the situation very well. It must be the air around Hogwarts addling his mind. ;)

Mrs. Claus has you on a diet? That's actually a really good idea! You do need to fit down the chimneys... maybe you should just use floo powder? That might be easier.

Christmas can't be too perfect. It's like, illegal for anything to happen on Christmas. That's why during the American Revolution, George Washington attacked the Brits on Christmas Eve, when all the British soldiers were drunk. (Sorry, sorry, history nerd alert...)

Yeah, I'm worried about them going out in the middle of the night too... *bites fingernails*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ART! And thank you for the review and the timeliness that coincides with a wonderful character's birthday!

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Review #17, by Hurrying Down the Chimney Christmas

6th January 2015:
Ho, ho, ho!

Well, this is definitely my favourite chapter by far - I wonder if you can guess why?

It's great to see the teachers getting into the Christmas spirit! I love the idea of them doing Christmas themed things in class - even Professor Dire is joining in with the fun, it seems!

I really liked all the build-up to Christmas, with the children talking about the different ways that they normally spend it and how excited they are for it. Even though it's technically just finished, it made me smile to read this chapter now!

I can't believe they have to stay at Hogwarts for the Christmas holidays - I wasn't expecting that to happen at all! I would have thought that the parents would complain, and even the teachers, because Flitwick doesn't seem the sort of person to make that decision without consulting other people. But Rose was clever for working it out before the others, and even the teachers.

Now I'm worried what's going to happen over the rest of the holidays. I think that making the pupils stay there means that Albus can't tell Harry, but at the same time it means he's slightly less protected, especially with Flitwick under the Imperius Curse.

*ponders* Maybe they could tell Neville?

I'm glad to see that they still had a good Christmas day as friends altogether though, and that they still get to spend time with some of their family. I'm looking forward to seeing the cousins gathering together, although I do feel sorry for poor Lily and Hugo at home, the only ones not at Hogwarts yet!

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Hmm, I have no idea why Santa would like a chapter about Christmas! None at all. ;)

I think the best part about Christmas is the build-up to it.

Yes, it is good that all the cousins got together for Christmas. They're good at making do.

Albus could tell Neville- but the idea hasn't formed in his head. Al thinks he can tell Harry, and only Harry. That's just the way his mind works.

Thanks for the review! And Merry Christmas again!

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Review #18, by Santa Baby Hufflepuff VS Gryffindor

6th January 2015:
Ho, ho, ho!

I feel sorry for Albus and the way that he's struggling so much with his classes, and he doesn't deserve to be punished by Professor Dire for it - at least he is trying, rather than not putting much effort in, which is more than I can say for his father at times. (Although I have to allow that Harry was often rather preoccupied by fighting Dark Wizards - and once the Dursleys unblocked the chimney I made sure he got his fair share of presents too.)

Professor Dire isn't being very fair to any of them, but I'm surprised that Rose doesn't seem too concerned that he's being unfair to Albus specifically. Although it's very like her to be the voice of reason amongst the boys and to point out that he doesn't show partiality to the Slytherins.

I wonder whether Professor Dire is involved. My first instinct was that no, he wasn't, because he was an obvious suspect. But you could be double-bluffing us and he's actually involved in all of this, but we're not likely to think it since Snape turned out to be good. Hmm. Very clever writing!

The Quidditch match was fantastic. I was expecting Gryffindor to win but I'm glad that they didn't because it's very easy to portray them as the best all the time. But you wrote the match really well - I would be terrified to write Quidditch but you had me reading through and following the match in my mind.

I liked the fact that Albus was nervous about the idea of playing and that he was kind of relieved not to be playing in the end.

Oh, Louis and Fred. I'll have to think about some coal for them next year... my elves must have missed this dreadful teasing! Although I find it realistic that while James teases Albus a lot, his older cousins would tease him as well.

The end of the match was written well too, and the celebrations for Slytherin. Louis's concern for Olivia was sweet too.

I'm curious to see what's going to happen next!

Author's Response: Yes, Harry didn't exactly try very much in Potions since he was doomed from the start... Albus isn't doomed, he just isn't good at Transfiguration so Professor Dire doesn't like him very much.

Yes, Gryffindor lost the game. But I am a Hufflepuff, so Hufflepuff had to win! I'm a biased writer.

Don't give Louis and Fred coal- they like to tease their cousins, but they aren't terrible.

Thank you for reviewing, Santa!

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Review #19, by The Big Fat Man with the Long White Beard Rose Gets Detention

6th January 2015:
Ho, ho, ho!

Well, Rose Weasley is yet another of those children who has always been on my 'nice' list, and the opening of this chapter was no surprise at all to an old man like me. She showed a lot of concern for her cousin at the beginning, when Albus woke up to her sat on the end of his bed. It was very sweet of her to try and make sure that somebody was watching Albus so that he was safe. It reminded me of her mother as well, back in the days when little Harry and Ron and Hermione (though really, they aren't so little now) were fighting the nasty man who called himself the Dark Lord.

Having read a lot of stories over the centuries, I am feeling rather suspicious about the quiet that seems to have followed the terrifying events of the last chapter. Even if things are quiet at the moment, perhaps it won't continue to be for long.

*laughs* I love the idea that all the Slytherin boys are scared of Roxanne, especially if they're normally bullies. It says a lot for Weasley women!

Albus sticking up for himself against those Slytherin boys made me smile, although I can't really say that breaking rules is the sort of thing that gets a young fellow onto the 'nice' list at this festive time of year. But it reminded me very much of his parents at the same age. I suspect that there will be a rivalry continuing between young Mr. Potter and young Mr. Malfoy after this.

Chris is making them work very hard at Quidditch practice! I really like the Quidditch scenes, but I felt sorry for young Albus with so much work to do, and he's still only a reserve. It seems like Chris is trying to channel some Oliver Wood spirit!

The other scenes with more 'normal' events, the conversations between Albus's friends and James popping up, were really good too.

And the mail is being watched? What is this? It's like Hogwarts is returning to the days of Umbridge, and I'm SO curious to know who ordered it, whether it was because of Flitwick being Imperiused or another reason, but it can't be good!

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Yes, Rose has a very good heart, doesn't she?

I actually prefer quietness as opposed to action, even if the quietness is because someone is planning something. But I know I'm probably the odd one out.

Roxanne as a pretty terrifying mean side. :)

I think you have to be incredibly ambitious to be a Quidditch Captain, so that's why Chris is so tough.

Yup, mail is being watched. Unfortunately. :(

Thank you for the review, Santa!

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Review #20, by Santa Claus Is Coming (Back) To Town! The Mysterious Man

5th January 2015:
Ho, ho, ho... oh no. The action begins!

The chapter started out like the other recent ones, and in a way I'd kind of forgotten how scary the first chapter was and that something bad was going to have to start happening soon. So it was like you lulled me into a (very) false sense of security with the opening.

I liked the descriptions of the way that Chris decided to do all of the try-outs and get the ones that were left to try their skills in the different positions. It makes sense since not everyone would know what position they'd be best at. Fred and Louis being clumsy made me laugh. It normally annoys me a bit when I see a Quidditch team made up completely of all the Weasley and Potter children.

Albus got a spot as a reserve! It's definitely a good idea to have a reserve for a team and I feel like that would have definitely helped the Quidditch teams in Harry's day. Now Albus will get to try out all the different positions.

The note was a bit mysterious. I couldn't understand why Flitwick would want to talk to Albus personally about it when it would normally be someone like Neville to deal with it. I was a bit suspicious at that point, but I didn't expect what happened.

Goblin is a great password for Flitwick to choose, though. I feel like he'd choose something which meant something to him.

The appearance of Molly and Lucy surprised me. Normally they seem to fight a lot in stories so it was a nice change to see them as quite similar characters.

I don't even know what to say about the section with Flitwick. It was TERRIFYING! I was honestly so scared about what was happening, especially because I suspect that this person is a student who is aiming to be the next Dark Lord. Poor Flitwick! I'm so curious about Lord Zajecfer and who it could be (I even tried to rearrange the letters in the name but it didn't work) and why exactly he wants to be a dark lord. I hope that Flitwick will be okay but I'm worried because his memory was wiped and he was cursed.

Albus was lucky to get away from that without being hurt himself.

No, he NEEDS to tell an adult. I can understand the fear of people not believing him but I'm sure his dad would and would be the best person to help. This is really serious.

But I suspect that would leave us without a story. And I get the idea that Albus has been so used to being compared to his father that he's decided he has to live up to his name and do things like him... which means no adult involvement.

This was probably my favourite chapter so far!

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Surprise! Darkness. Heh heh.

Yes, Fred and Louis are both clumsy. They didn't inherit Quidditch abilities.

Goblin does suit Flitwick pretty well.

Lucy is a bit more laid-back that Molly, but they do get along very well and are similar. They're also twins.

I hope Flitwick will be okay too. He's a tough guy- he lived through the war, after all. But still... I'm a bit worried. *bites nails nervously*

Albus definitely needs to tell an adult. He's being a bit stupid. But he is a Gryffindor and not a Ravenclaw, so I suppose that makes sense. He is being incredibly stupid and is underestimating the danger, and his dad didn't really get adult help for much. So yeah, it's probably going to end up being no adult involvement.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #21, by Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney... Flying

5th January 2015:
Well, dear friend, I bet you thought I'd forgotten about you, didn't you? I haven't, of course - I never forget about anybody, but I got - *ahem* - rather waylaid. Never fear, I'm back now to deliver the rest of your presents!

I was glad to read that Albus had something that he was looking forward to at Hogwarts. He seems to have been so anxious at a lot of it - his house, and now the Transfiguration lessons - that I was worried he wasn't going to enjoy his time there as much as he should do. And I'm wondering if I've missed something big happening between the Gryffindors and Slytherins or if Albus has just inherited his father's dislike for the house :P

I thought that Albus would be good at flying - it would be hard not to be, with Harry and Ginny as his parents, right? He must have had a lot more practice than the Muggle-born children could dream of.

*laughs* Rose's indignation about the lack of safety in the flying lessons was funny. I wonder if she'd have been so annoyed about it if she had found the lesson easier to handle. Although she's right and there is a distinct lack of safety at Hogwarts...

Hagrid is a really hard character to write convincingly, but like with the Sorting Hat song, you did a great job of writing his accent and the way that he's trying to help Albus and Rose and their friends get used to Hogwarts.

Glad to see that Fang's still around, although I'm not sure I'd want him slobbering over me...

Is there a reason David was embarrassed when he shook Hagrid's hand? Hmm. I'm wondering if I was meant to notice that or not... maybe somehow connected to the mystery?

And more flying and Quidditch! I think these scenes aren't easy to write but I love reading them - all these children flying round on broomsticks make my sleigh look a lot less practical, you know! But I wouldn't do away with my reindeer for all the world, of course! *looks guiltily at Donner and Blitzen*

Albus did a great job in the Quidditch tryouts. I'm glad that they seem to have changed the rule about getting onto the team in first year because I never really understood that anyway! He's worrying a lot though, and it won't be a bad thing if he doesn't get onto the team in first year.

I felt sorry for him when he said that if he did get on the team, it wouldn't be for his flying. It wouldn't be nice to think you couldn't get things on your own merit, but because of who your parents were.

Another cliffhanger! I'll have to pop by soon to find out if Albus will make it onto the team or not!

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

Author's Response: 8 new reviews! You are too kind to dear old me.

Albus just inherited his father's dislike, mostly. Hopefully he'll come around from that opinion eventually.

Rose doesn't have a point about safety at Hogwarts. They try, but it's not very safe...

Yes, Fang's still around. I think he's a bit magical, so he has a prolonged life.

You caught David's embarrassment at shaking Hagrid's hand! Good for you.

Santa, brooms may be a bit quicker, but brooms can't carry presents and things. You need a big sleigh to carry all those presents. By the way, do you have an undetectable extension charm on your bag? I've always wondered about that.

Albus is good at flying, isn't he?

And yes, another cliffhanger. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by HeyMrsPotter The Rising Wizard

29th December 2014:
Hi, Claudia! I'm really behind on the review hot seat, but I'm trying to catch up. Sorry it's late!

I think this is a really interesting opening chapter! I really love the idea of a next-gen Dark Lord type figure. When is life ever east for Harry after all? I'm currently wracking my brains to try and figure out who your bad guys are! The opening chapters where we are intorduced to them was really to the point, I liked that. Here are the bad guys and they're so evil they'll kill 10 muggle children at once just because they're there. Brutal!

I really love your balance here of giving away enough information so that readers know when your story takes place, and who it is going to involve, but there's enough there to leave me wanting more. I'm really intrigued about how your bad guys are going to rise to power, and how they'll get to James and Albus. I liked the warning that was given to Zac about not underestimating the boys though, I agree that was one of Voldy's downfalls.

All in all, a really good opening chapter to your story!


Author's Response: No worries, Dee! Did you really think I'd get worried over a late review? I'm just glad I have a review!

Yeah, the two guys are kind of evil, aren't they? You'd think they were the antagonists or something. (You get sarcasm, right? It's always really awkward when someone doesn't.)

Yes, Zac shouldn't underestimate the boys. They have Potter blood running through their veins, meaning they are incredibly lucky. Even James (the older one) "defied" Voldemort three times before he was killed. Most people don't get to survive one encounter.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by Story Claus Professor Dire

26th December 2014:
Ho, ho, ho! Don't you just love Christmas? It means I get time to read lovely stories like this one!

Art is very cute in this story. I liked the way that you showed his innocence and his lack of knowledge about the magical world, because for a Muggle-born, everything would be amazing like this. I'm just going to expect him to keep gasping at everything. He reminds me of the children who still believe in me and get to benefit from my magic - like you, my dear writer!

Harry's letter to Albus was very funny, and I could imagine him writing it. I liked the way that he decided that James would get to keep the Marauder's Map and had never been fooled for a minute about who had it. I think it's a good thing that he has a strong Disillusionment Charm now, as I feel like Albus is going to need the help and protection the cloak can offer if there's someone trying to kill him!

There's also something a bit symbolic about Harry handing the Invisibility Cloak over to his son, like in the Tale of the Three Brothers.

I feel sorry for the four of them, getting lost so early on in the day before lessons have even started. But Hogwarts is a massive castle and I've always thought it's a bit unfair to make the kids find their way round on the first day.

Peeves was brilliant in this. Glad to see he hasn't changed a bit since the books and is still intent on causing as much mischief as possible. Squirting the first years with black ink is probably his idea of a warm welcome to the school!

I'm glad that their first class was with Neville. I feel like he's probably one of the more understanding teachers.

The first day of lessons was quite tiring for Albus! And I think that there might be some important information in this chapter about the mystery too. I wonder if Rose's note-taking (that part is very like Hermione) will somehow help them in the future.

Professor Dire is... well, dire. As his name suggests. I don't think he's the bad guy, though, more like a Snape sort of figure. But I'm definitely intrigued about what will happen next!

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Yes, I love Christmas! Thank you for all the Christmas presents you gave me this year, Santa!

There is something symbolic about handing over the cloak- from son to son. It probably passed onto a daughter, or skipped a generation at one point, since their last name is no longer Peverell- but for the most part it passed from son to son.

Poltergeists never change.

Neville is a very understanding teacher, since Neville has probably been late to multiple classes in his time.

Professor Dire is different than Snape. He isn't nearly as biased as Snape is, and treats Slytherin house with the same attitude as he does other houses.

Merry Christmas Santa!

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Review #24, by Sleigh Racer (but don't tell Mother Claus!) Galleons, Books, Wands, and Jokes

26th December 2014:
Ho, ho, ho! It seems that the reindeer can scent carrots or something equally delicious in your story because they're determined for me to return to reading at the moment! And I hope you had a fantastic Christmas Day!

I really liked the sense of wonder that Albus still had when he was visiting Diagon Alley and all the different shops there. He's probably been quite a lot before - definitely more than Harry had at this age - but it's still exciting for him. It made me laugh that he tried to act as if he was comfortable in Gringotts, and probably failed miserably at that.

The family interactions were really nice, and I thought it was a good way to give us an idea of what the Potters are like as a family, with the way that they tease each other, especially James. And I can definitely imagine James as the oldest child trying to act as if he's too cool for all of this.

Albus going to get his wand was very interesting. There was something reminiscent of Harry's first appearance in Ollivander's shop about it, but at the same time it wasn't exactly the same. There were differences, like the fact that Ollivander's son ran the shop now, and he wasn't a clone of his father either.

I'm glad that you showed Albus doesn't know everything about the war. He's aware of what happened to some extent, and why his father is famous, but he doesn't know what happened to Ollivander during it.

*laughs at Albus blasting a whole in the floor* It seems even more disastrous that Harry's first attempts. But an elder wand is certainly interesting!

The visit to the joke shop was cute. I loved Albus's excitement and his boredom with the adults' conversation. Things like that remind us of his age. And James definitely seems like he's the sort to get into mischief.

Albus's owl sounds really cute. And I really liked the way that he chose the name for it. I wonder if naming owls after historical figures is going to become a trend in the Potter family.

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Yay! Santa's back!

The Potters go to Diagon Alley, but not too often. They don't usually have much of a reason. So Albus still feels that wonder.

Albus knows much about the war- but not everything. Ollivander probably never came up in conversation when Harry discussed the war- Ollivander's ordeal was probably overshadowed by other events.

An elder wand is interesting. It's the rarest wand wood.

Albus is a typical kid, who finds adult conversation boring. When I was his age by older brother started listening to adult conversation more and more and I couldn't understand what he found so interesting!

Thank you for the review!

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Review #25, by smsubramaniyan Birthday Discussions

24th December 2014:
I thought Albus is good at potions.. He would easily come up with the potion name..

Author's Response: Albus is good at Potions- but that doesn't mean he spends all his time reading about different types of potions, he just has a lot of natural ability. Besides, this potion isn't very common.

Thank you for the review!

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