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Review #1, by Murishka21 Scars

23rd January 2018:
I donít know what to say. I sat here for a while thinking about it. This was just a really good chapter. I love how it played out. They couldnít be more perfect together. I suppose I need to go back and read the story over since youíve made changes. I canít wait for the next chapter. You are my favorite author by far.

Author's Response: Aw thank you that is really nice to hear. That chapter was so hard to write and I've never written anything like that before and I really wasn't sure how much I would get away with. I was totally expecting to reject my chapter for being too graphic so I was so happy I got to post it as it was without having to make any changes.
The changes aren't huge and don't affect the story at all, just some minor editing to fix silly mistakes, and I've altered or re- written a few scenes but they are still the same in essence. The early chapters are the most different with less Ron bashing. I guess back when I wrote it Ron must have done something to annoy me because I was really mean about him and I do like Ron, I just never thought he was suited to Hermione. I've edited up to chapter 16 so I've got 14 left to edit and then I can start on chapter 31. Hopefully won't be too long.
Thanks again for taking the time to review. It's what makes spending hours and hours of writing worth it. To know that people are reading and actually enjoying it, so a massive thanks.

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Review #2, by DaFossil Scars

17th January 2018:
So glad to see this updated. Love the story, am just going crazy trying to figure out who attacked Hermione.

Author's Response: Thanks. It feels so good to be writing again. However I am going through and editing previous chapters just to go back and get a feel for the story again and to make sure I don't duplicate any conversations.
Yeah when I wrote that I actually had a few people in mind but I know now who it was and why they did it. All will be revealed.

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Review #3, by Murishka21 Quidditch

3rd December 2017:
Another good chapter. So very sweet. I canít wait to see what happens next. I hope we get another chapter soon. I keep an eye out for updates when I can.

Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing. It's nice to see that people are still reading and leaving reviews even though I've been so awful by leaving everyone hanging and not updating. Hopefully you can get a new chapter in the next week or so.

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Review #4, by Daniela Quidditch

19th September 2017:
hi! i have been following this story since 2014. Its been 3 years and I came back to this story now to see if it was done. and surprisingly its not :( But thats ok!! I am just happy you are not giving up. I love this story and I will stay tuned til the end. Please publish soon :)

Author's Response: Yeah I'm disappointed and annoyed myself that I haven't been writing. I do think about the story often and think about picking up my laptop again, but then there always seems to be something else to do and life gets in the way. On average it takes about 1-2 weeks to write and edit a chapter if I write about 1000 words a night so it is very time consuming. I've gotten back into writing again and I hope I can get a few more chapters out before life gets crazy again. I'm desperate to finish this story. I just want to know that I can actually complete something, so I won't be giving up no matter how long it takes me.

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Review #5, by ghanima77 Quidditch

24th June 2017:
Ok, I was terribly slow to realize that a new chapter had posted, but what a great chapter! It's a wonderful bridge. You really captured Hermione's feelings of loss at the absence of her best friends but also her transition to a separate path than Ron and Harry's. I'm looking forward to seeing where this new road leads Hermione and Draco.

Author's Response: It took for me ever to update so don't worry about it. Yeah I'm trying to keep true to what J.K. Rowling has said and we know that Harry and Ron never sat their NEWTS and went on to be aurors, so I'm trying to stay to that in some way. If it was being totally true to her work then they would never have gone back to Hogwarts at all, but I couldn't face a Hogwarts with no Harry and Ron at all, so I compromised and they were in it for half the year. Thanks for taking the time to review.

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Review #6, by DaFossil Quidditch

13th February 2017:
So glad when I saw the update for this story. Enjoyed it and can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thanks you for reading and responding. Hopefully I can keep writing and won't keep you waiting for too long.

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Review #7, by Rainbowtui Quidditch

13th February 2017:
I really liked this story, I tend to avoid reading stories with characters from the books in them, to try to not mess with my vision of them, but your novel caught my interest, my attention. Apart from the occasional grammatical/spelling errors I loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and taking the time to review.

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Review #8, by jenna Quidditch

12th February 2017:
Hello, absolutely made my day when I happen to see that this story had been updated! I do think this was a really good bridge chapter, showing where they are in the relationship at this point.Now i'm ready to see the last act! I have a strong attachment to this, it was the first story I read and followed on this site, and I so look forward to seeing how this will conclude. I've read alot of Dramione, but I've really enjoyed this "Draco and Hermione's" chemistry and the development of their relationship.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. yeah I'm interested to see how it will conclude as well. I'm working on it so hopefully I can keep writing and give everyone an ending. There's nothing worse than an unfinished story.

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Review #9, by Amanda Leaving

30th November 2016:
Hello! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this story. I truly believe that people can change and I've always wished Draco would just turn out good in the end, I believe in him a lot and in this story you're giving us this oportunity and I'm really enjoying it. So what I really wanted to say is don't stop writing it, you have such a gift, you're such an awesome writer! It just feels totaly empty not being able to continue reading the story, to not knowing what's going to happen.. I'd pretty much enjoy if you just repplied this comment, so I know you're still alive and still wishes to keep it up, ok? Well, other than that, thank you for making me live in a different world from the book, in a different reality. It's been really amazing.

Author's Response: Lol yes I'm still alive and I'm still trying to write this story. Believe it or not I have been trying to work on this story a lot since I last updated, nearly a year ago. I still think about this story all the time and I pick up my laptop every few weeks, write a few lines that I hate and then I give up again. I'm just having the hardest time with this chapter. I kind of know what I want to happen but I just can't seem to write it. Hopefully I'll get some time over the Christmas holidays to work on this and I'll be able to get this chapter written. It's really frustrating cos I think the next few chapters will be awesome, I just can't seem to get past this one.
Anyway thanks for the lovely comments. I agree, I wish Draco had changed more in the end of the book. I think him and Hermione being together would truly have shown that he changed and that good can beat evil. So thanks for the review, it's nice to know that people still want me to finish this story. x

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Review #10, by GeekMom13 Leaving

29th November 2016:
People change with the right influence and I loved this story. I hope one day you finish it. Yes, Draco WAS a racist etc... But you added a party to his story that could change anyone. You took the time to really add so much to his story.
I always felt keeping him as a bad guy was a cop out in the series. I really wished that jkr had left off the flash forward, so much of it was just forced. This feels more natural. Evolution after pain

Author's Response: Yeah I hope I get it finished too. I am desperate to finish it but unfortunately I have had year long writer's block which sucks.
Thanks for your lovely comments. I'd read a few fan fictions and I just felt that Draco changed too quickly or Hermione got together with Draco who hadn't changed. I guess I wanted to explain and justify why Draco had changed. I always felt that he had changed by the end of the book and I just wanted to explain the reason behind it so that it felt natural and right for him and Hermione to end up together.
I really wish he had changed more in the end and I guess in the Cursed Child we see that he has changed and no longer holds his previous beliefs, even if he hasn't changed as much as we perhaps would like.
Anyway the final chapter and the Cursed Child gives me a lot to think about. It's strange when my story is so much in my head and then you read a different version with Draco and Astoria and a very strange Hermione and Ron (doesn't work any better in the Cursed Child than it did in the original novels) when all you really want is for Hermione and Draco to be together because they make so much more sense together. However I'm rambling now so all I'll say is I really hope I give you a conclusion to this story soon.

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Review #11, by Murishka21 Leaving

30th April 2016:
Awww! Awesome chapter. I love that they have finally worked things out and are getting closer together.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the lovely review. Yeah it's nice that they are finally together, but what's not so nice is that I seem to absolutely rubbish at writing them happy together. Clearly I do well with drama. Having a bit of a crisis with the current chapter. I guess I just need to find my inner happy. x

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Review #12, by Emma Anderson Leaving

15th February 2016:
I could not stop reading this and i only started yesterday lol. Brillant story. Cannot wait for next chapter. ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review and I'm very impressed that you managed to read it so quickly. That is a very big compliment.
So sorry to have kept you waiting for so long though. I hopefully try not to keep you waiting for too much longer. x

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Review #13, by ms simone Leaving

10th February 2016:
love every moment of the chapie!! the scene with hermione saying good bye to harry and ron!! love she bare her soul to draco!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you. Can you believe that originally I wasn't actually going to write the goodby scene between them. I realised pretty quickly that I would be an idiot if I didn't. Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the lovely review and keep an eye out for the next chapter. X

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Review #14, by Piyashree Leaving

8th February 2016:
Well first of all I have read your all chapters so far. And am totally in love with this story. I complete love the draco you are portraying in this story. What am not liking is Hermione still had some doubt somewhere. But you cleared that thing in this part. Am really happy dat hermione has started to open her heart to draco. I have always thought that draco would have been so much different if not for his father stupid upbringing. And I really believe that people can change. All they need is somehing to push them in right direction. And after all that draco witnessed in war and before the war when voldemort and death eaters were staying at his home that was more than enought to change anyone's perspective towards life. So I totally agree wid ypur idea of the changed draco. Now I read your note below this chapter saying that someone had give you horrible review regarding your idea of Draco's character. All I want to say is that don't let them get to you. You are doing and awesome work with this story. Some people thinks that a person can not change but they r wrong. I just want you to keep writing. I would love to read more of this beautiful and wonderful story. By the way there is one part of your story that I love the most. It was the Christmas gift draco gave Mione. That beautiful rose. I just totally and complete fall in luv with that chapter. Now I don't know what to say anymore. I hope u got my point. I totally and complete love your story. And m dying to read more chapters of this beautiful journey.

Author's Response: Thanks. I feel like Hermione couldn't just immediately trust Draco, I mean why would she after everything that they had been through. She's a very smart person and even though she was willing to give Draco a chance she would always have been that little bit guarded just to protect herself incase he hurt her.
As for the rose, well my favourite story is 'Beauty and the Beast' so I took a bit of inspiration from that. I didn't want him to just buy her jewellery. I wanted it be meaningful and I just thought that this suited.
As for writing, well I'm having major issues just now. I'm answering this just now because I've just started this chapter yet again and came to a dead end. Nothing seems to be working just now. It might look like I've been doing nothing all year, but I have revisited this story at least once a month and I just can't seem to get anywhere with it. I just can't get this chapter to work and I'm getting totally frustrated because I don't really know what I want to say. I know what I want to happen but it's just all coming out crap.
Anyway thanks for reviewing and so worry for venting. x

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Review #15, by lesti Leaving

7th February 2016:
really great story so far, keep up the great work! this is in my top three fave stories on this site, the first is of course 'playing house with Malfoy' sorry, its just such a great story. BUT this could be in joint first, if not, its defiantly in second. your writing is great and don't let anyone get you down. I was a writer on this site, but a bad review made my delete my story:( anyway, this story has inspired my to write again and I will soon be putting up a new story, cant wait! love this story so much:) can't wait till the update

Author's Response: Hey don't worry about it. It's a nice comment to even be in someone's top list. And 'Playing House With Malfoy' is my favourite on this site at the moment too. It's actually the only story I'm currently reading and I can't wait for the updates to find out how it ends. I love those characters and the situation that they are in and I love the version of Draco. To be compared with a story like that is a huge compliment so thanks.
Also thanks for your comments. Bad reviews suck. This person just basically had a dig at the entire premise of my story and then got rather personal in their response. I get that by putting a story on here we expose ourselves to criticism, but I don't think people realise how hurtful and demotivating their comments can be. I'm sorry that you felt you had to delete your story because of someone else's narrow minded view. It sucks that people can't appreciate how much thought, effort and time goes into writing and all they can do is criticise. As a teacher we are always told to mark using a system called 2 stars and a wish. You say two things that they did well and one thing to work on. It can be a real pain, but I certainly appreciate how you can give constructive criticism to someone and still give them a comment too. It helps to soften the blow and still keeps them enthusiastic and motivated.
Anyway I'll try not to be too long with an update, but I am having a few issues trying to figure out what I want to happen next. But thanks for the awesome review. I really appreciate it. x

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Review #16, by lesti Tired of Pretending

6th February 2016:
love it so cute relationship goals:)

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the review. Yeah if only things like that happened in real like and to me. I can keep on wishing I guess. x

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Review #17, by courage14 Offers

2nd February 2016:
Okay, so ugh I already reviewed the chapter after this, I know, I'm being ridiculous, I just had to say something, and I can't figure this site out. So I'm just gonna be a bit of a thorn in your side. Cause I like your style. :)
So theories:
Do you think Ron and Draco are just too much alike to get along? and that's why in just about EVERYTHING, it's not so much Harry vs. Draco but Ron vs. Draco? They both are brave enough to stand apart, but not brave enough to completely go against their families. And that's why in EVERY DANG DRAMOINE They hate each other so much? Cause the fight is rarely caused by Hermione herself (well, this one it is, but anyways...)I feel like they just don't like each other and it had less to do with family feuds or disagreements than it appears.
How do I add you to favorite authors?
Again, newbee here. Wish I knew about this before. But I honestly can't figure it out!!!
Anyways, sorry I'm a bit of a pain, but I REALLY like this story, and I like the opportunity to comment that as a reader, I don't usually get to do!
Anyways, have a fantastic day!
Oh, and by the way, I leave the country and electronics behind in the beginning of May for a year and a half. Not to rush or anything, but how probable would it be if I contacted you then (if you're not done of course) to get a few spoilers? Just a bit?
Anyway, thanks again for your beautiful brain-child! :)

Author's Response: Don't be silly. I always appreciate reviews, especially ones like this that really make me think about the characters. Ok first things first, favourite authors. I didn't know but I've played around and if you click on my penname beside the title of the story it should take you to a page with all the stories I've written, the grand total of one. Anyway it should say my penname at the top and beside it says favourite. I'√ā¬ôm guessing you click that. And thanks by the way for trying to add me. Much appreciated.
So Ron and Draco. I don't know. I've never really given it much thought. I guess they have a lot of similarities but they are complete opposites too. They are both pure blood and would do anything for their families.
I hate to say it but I think most if it comes down to class and wealth. Draco prides himself on being from one of the oldest and greatest wizarding families. He lives in the manor, has wealthy parents, is used to being the best, getting what he wants, he's clever, he never has to work for anything and he honestly does think that he is better than others. The wizarding world doesn't have royalty, but I think Draco's family would be almost the nobility and see themselves as above everyone else. Ron has a large family and has to fight for attention and recognition from his parents. He has to work hard for everything he gets. Nothing comes easily for Ron. He is poor and always has second hand things. He resents Harry for the things he has and probably resents Draco too and how easy his life is. Part of the dislike is probably passed on from their parents too. Ron has been told from birth that Slytherins are evil and it's common knowledge that the Malfoys were death eaters and involved in the dark arts. The Weasleys were on the opposite side of the war and Ron probably grew up hearing the odd comment from his dad about the Malfoys. The Malfoys we know, think the Weasley's are an embarrassment to the wizarding world. Arthur Weasley holds a job of no importance in the ministry, they are of no use to the Malfoys socially and My Weasley is known for his curiosity about muggles which we know the Malfoys hate. The values they've been brought up are very different.
I also think for both of them, first impressions have stuck. Draco made the offer of friendship to Harry on his first day at Hogwarts. If you think about it Draco probably never had the chance to meet kids or make his own friends before. He probably played with whoever his parents said he could. This could have been the first time he ever tried to make friends with someone and he was publicly rejected and humiliated. Harry chose Ron, who Draco think is inferior. Draco probably hadn't given Ron much notice up until this point. Why would he? Ron is beneath him? So this starts a jealousy and hatred for Ron as Draco can't understand why Harry would pick Ron over him. Draco also embarrasses Ron by pointing out his hand me down robes and through many other cruel jibes over the years, cements their mutual hatred.
I do think that Harry and Draco could have been friends if circumstances had been different. In the epilogue, I think we see that they have a mutual respect and understanding for each other.
As for what I'm writing next. I'm happy to share my ideas so far, but my ideas do change constantly, so who knows if what I'm thinking will be the actual ending. I'√ā¬ôm also not sure how I would go about contacting you directly cos I don't think I can give out e- mail or anything on here. I'll look into it though. I hope you have fun doing whatever you're doing in May, but I should hopefully have a few chapters up before that.
So thanks again for the review and feel free to contact me any time. x

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Review #18, by A Leaving

1st February 2016:
Hi there, you lovely author. I just wanted to say; I really truly enjoy this work of yours!

I'm sorry about the bad comment though. I really hope the good ones will make it up to you in the end!

I wanted to write to you about the bad review you received.

Firstly, people change. The person shouldn't call you naive for thinking that. I would actually say that the person responsible for the review is the naive one, thinking every human has to stay narrow minded. Especially thinking Draco (who is actually highly intelligent) would stay the same arrogant bully his whole life. Humans learn from their mistakes and gain experiences their whole life. None is the same that they were 10 years ago. Especially not when going through puberty, as Draco did through his Hogwarts years. Draco was a horrible person, and did awful things to all of them, yes. But I never saw him as truly mean or evil. He was raised in an environment based on hatred and learned from a young age that some people are worth more than others. But in puberty everyone takes a bit of distance from their parents and I don't think it's "childish" of you to believe Draco would later realise his parents are wrong and go against his loved ones beliefs. I would say that is you seeing the better in the characters. Which only open minded and thoughtful people have the power to.

And, Hermione being selfish & unkind? Absolutely ridiculous! You shouldn't listen to a word from that review, I mean come on...Hermione is one of the most thoughtful and intellectual young women weI've ever gotten to know through books! She cares deeply for others, proved many times in the the books and in your fic.

Ron would have a very hard time accepting Hermione and Draco. But he loves Hermione, and in the end, I believe even he will come around.

Harry is a very very understanding person who I'm sure would accept Draco after some explaining. I even believe Draco and Harry could possibly become great friends. They have a LOT in common actually, and are both a quite broken. Both grew up with abusive adults and narrow minded people, and they love quidditch and are both resourceful and competitive which could give them a quite interesting friendship. I also feel like they would understand each other so good. I feel like they could really help each other heal from emotional trauma. They've both seen so much death and they've been forced to make hard decisions an carry to much responsibilities at a young age.

Also, you are absolutely right about J.K Rowling. The queen herself has on multiply occasions told us that Draco left his parents beliefs and tried to raise his son with better views.

I think it's great that you try to keep the original characters like their true self. I appreciate that. However, you are writing fanfiction, and it is all up to you what you do with your fiction. I feel like the person doesn't really get all.

I don't know if this comment made any sense what so ever. It's one in the morning, but I read your note & had to comment this...and it became this long xD

Author's Response: Wow, no thanks your comment is awesome and I wish I could write as much back but I'm limited by character count.
I guess I just don't understand why people are so against the fact that Draco can change. He was never the big 'evil' in this book. As a teacher I'm a firm believer that home environment and parents values have the biggest impact on children's own beliefs, especially when they're young. With education and life experience views, values and opinions can change especially as teenagers. Draco was brought up idolising his father and following in his footsteps. The reality of life and war teach him that we are all the same and the death eater life is not everything he thought it would be. We know he's changed. I just wish some people could accept that.
I always wondered what would have happened if Harry and Draco became friends. With everything Hagrid and Ron told Harry about Slytherins, he was already prejudiced against them so Draco never really stood a chance. Draco's only real friends were Crabbe and Goyle who were never really on the same level as him. Draco at 11 years old probably tries to make the first friend of his own that isn't the kid of his parents friends and he is publicly rejected and humiliated. Draco was willing to be Harry's friend but after that, he got jealous and resentful which led to the hatred and name calling between the two. I always wondered if Harry had been placed in Slytherin if Draco would have made Harry arrogant and hate muggle borns or if Harry would actually have made Draco kinder and more tolerant. I guess we'll never know.

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Review #19, by courage14 Leaving

31st January 2016:
Draco definitely changed. I prefer this, actually. It makes more sense from a literary point of view. Think of the greats: Pride and Prejudice, Beauty and the Beast, etc. The girl finds more peace with one who challenges her mentally than a "friend." And it shows people change.
Your story is great- I look forward to every chapter! Don't let the nay-sayers get you down. You're doing great!!! :)

Author's Response: I always thought Draco had changed. Of course he was cocky, arrogant and proud in the first five books, but in book 6 and 7 i think we see a real change in him. You can clearly tell he's not comfortable with what he's a part of and just can't get out of it. We can see he can't kill Dumledore, can't watch when Professor Burbage is killed in front of his eyes. He doesn't turn Harry, Ron and Hermione over to Voldemort at the manor which would have got his family back into Voldemort's good graces. In the final battle we see him and hos family clearly uncomfortable and knowing they are on the wrong side. I'm not saying the things he did were ok or that it excuses what he did, but how many of us would honestly have the courage to stand up to the most evil and ruthless wizard in history, knowing that the second we did both you and everyone you loved would be tortured and killed. Draco protected himself and his family. He's not a hero, but then he's not a Gryffindor where bravery is a prominent trait. He shows traces of bravery, but at the end of the day cunning and self- preservation are who Syltherins are. Sorry off on a complete tangent there.
Anyway, yes, Hermione with Ron never worked for me and I think they would have an incredible ordinary, comfortable and boring life. Ron would never challenge Hermione. She needs someone smart and ambitious who will challenge her. Whilst Draco may not be a knight in shining armour, he will challenge her. They might argue, but people who really care about each other do argue.
I also totally agree about books like Pride and Prejudice and Beauty and the Beast, my favourite film and my favourite books. A strong female character needs a strong male beside her. It might not be someone she ever envisioned herself with and they might not have got off to the best starts, but it becomes true love. I love the idea of looking beyond the hate and prejudice to find that the person you love is right in front of you. Apparently though these great literary writers are just naive though.
Anyway thanks for your review. It's nice to know that I'm not on completely the wrong track here. It just takes one comment, whether they intend it to be or not, to completely make you lose motivation and questions everything you've written. I guess I was completely confused why some people don't understand why people can change. Anyway once again, thanks and I hope the next chapter doesn't take too long. x

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Review #20, by menabear Leaving

30th January 2016:
I'm definitely enjoying this story, and you should ignore that person who obviously didn't read the books very closely, and doesn't believe in the good in people. I also wanted to tell you that this is the first story I'm favoriting; it's amazingly well written, and this is the first story that actually wrote according to every character's personality traits (except I feel Molly would be stronger than you portray her here, but this isn't a real issue for me) and actually tell Hermione's story, every aspect of her perspective in a really accurate and complete way. I don't know quite how to put it, but you did good haha I hope you aren't deterred by people who don't have any sort of common sense ~ can't wait for the next chapters!

Author's Response: Aw thank you. I guess I just wasn't having the best week last week and this was just the final nail in the coffin. Your review came at the perfect time. I try not to let it get to me, but it is disheartening and it sad but it really only does take one person, or one comment (or in this case 2) to make you lose motivation. Really makes you wonder why you've bothered with the entire story of you've got the characters so completely wrong. Like I said, I had an awful day at work and then came home excited about posting the next chapter and opened up that message. It just made a sucky day even suckier.
As for Molly, I think when I was writing her she's grieving for her son and trying to hold it together, but you are probably right. I guess I just didn't put a huge amount of thought into her. It was the first chapter with Harry and Ron and I was more focused on trying to get them right. Molly was kind of secondary, but I can definitely go back and look at her character again and do some edits when I get a chance.
So thanks for your review. Like I said, it really cheered me up. : ) x

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Review #21, by Sparkles for days Leaving

29th January 2016:
I'm not sure that review was all that mean. Perhaps the childish mention was but there is a strong strain of Naivetť in a lot of fanfics. The thing is the reviewer was essentially correct regarding Draco's actual character. They things they said are what the character actually is. They did also point out that though he is a terrible human being that sometimes people do fall in love with terrible human beings so they weren't saying the Draco/Hermione part couldn't happen. Only that the people around Hermione would hate her for it and that's realistically, probably true; particularly Harry and Ron who know more about the bad things he's done than any of them. The Weasley's would be beyond furious too along with almost all of their friends. That's normal, and if you want to write the "forbidden romance" then you have to accept the reasons its forbidden.

JK Rowling did say "I have often had cause to remark on how unnerved I have been by the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character" and "girls are very apt to romanticize dark glamour of the anti-hero but that that Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering and prejudice" She called it "re-kindling unhealthy fantasies" so if you want to write a non-AU fic you kind of have to deal with who Draco really is. Of course you can just label your fic AU and then it doesn't matter.
I think making not that the fic is AU or that Draco is purposefully out of character would warn off the readers who feel like the other reviewer fely.

Author's Response: You know what I actually don't even care anymore. We all view characters in different ways and if some people want to see Draco as pure evil then that is their opinion. I'm getting fed up of having to justify my opinion and reasons for writing this story. It was only ever meant to be a bit of fun. This is not fun anymore.
I never said the reviewer was 'mean'. I'm a big girl and can actually understand that people have an opinion different to my own. However this person had reviewed before making their opinions of Draco clear. I tried to explain my views in my reply and was called childish and essentially stupid for the way I've interpreted these characters. When someone refuses to listen to others, only want to criticise what has been four years of hard work and will essentially not be happy until they have belittled people who don't agree with them then yes I will call that horrible.
But I honestly don't see why you would choose to read a fanfiction which is clearly marked as a romance between Hermione and Draco and clearly states in the summary that it is a story about Draco's redemption and then complain when that's what happens. I really don't see how the concept that someone can change has to be an 'alternate universe'. I don't see how it is so out of the realms of possibility that someone can be so haunted by what they have seen and done, especially during a war, that they would want to change. What a cynical view of the world. What hope is there for the world when we say that someone who was raised by intolerant parents and expresses intolerant views as a teenager, can't then break the mold and change those views as they mature. How can people ever be allowed to change when we put them in a box and then say that they must stay there. As for being naive, well I guess I would rather be labelled naive and hopeful than a judgmental cynic.
Also if people actually bother to read the story before they criticise they will also see that Harry and Ron didn't welcome Draco with open arms. Neither accepted Hermione's decision but as they left Hogwarts anyway it becomes a moot point. And as for Draco having a 'heart of gold', again that is not the character I have written. He's still stubborn, arrogant and hates Ron and Harry, but he knows that he was wrong in the past and regrets what he's done. I've not written a character full of apologies, doing charity work and cuddling puppies.
Can I also just remind people that we are reading fanfiction. We are reading and writing stories about witches and wizards based off what is essentially a children's book. The entire things is an alternate universe. We're all suspending reality here and I think people really need to just relax and remember that these people are not real. We can imagine them in whatever way we please.

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Review #22, by DaFossil Leaving

29th January 2016:
I was so glad to see this updated. Sorry about the negative review that someone left, personally I feel they were way off base. Don't let the negativity get to you, just keep up the awesome work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Yeah it just sucks when you've had a bad say at work and come home to find a message like that. I understand that Draco is a controversial character and may divide opinion, but I don't understand why anyone would willingly read a fanfic about Draco and Hermione if they were so unwilling to accept that Draco is not 100% evil. I don't go around on the Harry and Draco fanfics calling everyone there stupid and childish for their views that the characters are gay. It's not who I think the characters are so I don't read them. It doesn't mean that I don't accept that people may interpret the characters in a different way from me, or are simply imagining a 'What if' scenario. It's all a bit of fun for us all at the end of the day to escape into a world that we all love.
AHHH I could rant about this for ages because I hate people who try to impose their views on others. Sorry for ranting here.
Again thanks so much for reading and your lovely comments. x

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Review #23, by janemalfoy Leaving

29th January 2016:
So thrilled to have a new chapter!! Sorry to hear about your bad review. Some people are just full of poop. Haha. I love your story and I have always loved the idea that Draco was never truly bad. Thanks for writing :) I look forward to your next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks. Yeah I think a lot of people agree with the idea that Draco is not a bad person. I mean we all know that for most of the books he wasn't a nice person, but teenagers are often obnoxious and stupid. I don't understand why people can't understand that Draco will have been changed by the war like everyone else. I tried so hard to try and explain why Draco had changed and yet some people choose to ignore all of that and call me stupid for it. It's a bit of a slap in the face after 4 years of hard work. I can understand that people don't like Draco, but then don't read a Dramione fanfiction. I think we all come to website like this and choose to read about Draco and Hermione because we want to see that relationship explored and get to know Draco better. He's not a one dimensional character who was simply meant to be antagonist for Harry. He changed a lot over the years and I'm just trying to fill in some backstory.
Anyway, thanks for reviewing. It's good to know that not everyone hates the idea of a reformed Draco. x

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Review #24, by Fred Proof

27th January 2016:
Draco is not misunderstood. He is a coward, a racist, and fully willing to let other people suffer if he gets what he wants in the end.

Comparing him to James Potter is childish. James Potter was a slightly immature boy who saw the error of his ways and died a hero. Draco Malfoy was a racist who was proud of being a Death Eater until it got hard, and only then did he "regret" his actions. yes, he WAS proud of it because we see him bragging about it in the books. Most of the rest of your response to my review from this fall is just a list of excuses to make light of the horrible things he did and to belittle the suffering of his victims.

Additionally Hermione is neither empathetic or forgiving to other people aside from Harry and Ron. She is very concerned with creatures yet he made fun of Lavender being upset over the death of her pet rabbit and she imprisoned Rita Skeeter in a jar for far, far less than Draco has done.

Sometimes people fall in love with bad people, and thus Hermione has fallen in love with Draco; it happens. But theres no way Draco isn't a bad person, he clearly is and the JK Rowling is also quite clear on that.

Harry and Ron know it too. That's why they are going to hate her for it... and they should.

Author's Response: I make a point of always replying to comments because I am grateful to people taken the time to comment on my story but I will not sit here and be insulted. What I find childish is your complete lack of understanding that people can interpret materials in different ways. Your opinion is just one view and I'm quite sure that many people and the other 280 people who have commented on this story would agree with me.
I'm not even going to argue with you because I would be wasting my time and clearly you are just looking for an argument. You have your view and you are clearly not willing to have an open mind and see a different perspective.
If my views of Draco and interpretation of his character bother you so much then don't read my story. This is has been four years of hard work for me and I put a lot of thought and effort into this. I'm not even sure you realise how hurtful and discouraging your remarks are. You fail to realise that this is not real, it is made up, it is a story and I am be one who is writing it. The characters will act in the way I write them to act. It is my interpretation and Harry and Ron will act in whatever way I decide. If I say they will forgive Hermione then they will.

I actually don't understand why you even bothered to click on and read all 27 chapters and read 160 000 words if you hate Draco, his character and everything that he stands for that much. I made it pretty clear that this was a story about Draco and Hermione failing in love and Draco finding redemption. If this idea is so repulsive to you I can't imagine any other reason why you wasted so much time unless your only motivation is to criticise.
I would also suggest you actually go back and read the original books and maybe do some research into Hermione because I don't think you understand that character at all and I'm sure J.K Rowling would actually agree. You've clearly misunderstood many situations (she actually made fun of Lavenders belief in Professor Trewlaneys 'prophecy' not the fact that an animal died). She devotes her life to getting rights for animals, fights for Hagrid and Buckbeak, would die for her friends. How is this not an empathetic person?
I could and wish I would say more but I think I would only be encouraging you and your negativity.

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Review #25, by Cornelia  Offers

23rd January 2016:
Can I just say, I love your story so much!! I swear I got hooked into reading it continuously for 3 days straight! Accomplishing at least 9 chapters per day. I didn't know it was ongoing so I kind of rushed myself to the end. Sadly, I'm left with despair as I, with the others, wait for the next chapter. I like how Draco's weakness is Hermione, and that is seen throughout the story.

I hope there would be more of happy memories for them though. Seems like when they did get it out on public, they didn't have that romantic spark anymore, except for when they fight and make up after that. I'd love to see another relax and calm event with just the two of them relishing each other's company, like in the Christmas chapter.

Oh how I can't wait to read the next chapter!! Any day when it will be released?? :)

I originally just read the story as an outsider but now I made an account just to leave you a review! :)

All the best. x

Author's Response: Oh wow, that is really so flattering and I am so honored that you actually took the time to set up an account so that you could leave me a review.

As for the rest, it's like you've actually read my mind. I think I may have said something like this when answering another review. I've felt the same that Hermione and Draco have had nothing but drama in the last few chapters and I guess I'm trying to show that they will constantly have challenges that will put strain on their relationship. However I agree that they need some happy time and so the next few chapters will be more of Draco and Hermione spending time together so I can show why they are actually in a relationship. Now that Harry and Ron are gone it should change the dynamic of their relationship as well and it should hopefully become easier. However I do find the happy, fluffy romance stuff a lot harder to write than the angsty dramatic stuff, but I'll get there.
Anyway I've done about 4000 words of the latest chapter and I would say I've written pretty much most of it, I just need to edit two scenes and then proof read it all.
Hopefully I should finish it this week all being well. Thanks again for reading and I look forward to reading more of reviews. They honestly help me to know that I'm on the right track. x

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