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Reading Reviews for Silence Will Fall
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Fastreader12 Prince Horace of Araluen

8th May 2014:
Very nice story! Please update! Also, I loved the Firefly reference!

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Review #2, by Fastreader12 Prince Horace of Araluen

8th May 2014:
Very nice story! Please update! Also, I loved the Firefly reference!

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Review #3, by PunIntended Prince Horace of Araluen

26th September 2012:
Aah! Ranger's Apprentice! Brilliant:)

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Review #4, by abby pond James Sirius Potter

31st July 2012:
omg is it peeta? wait wait dont tell me i havent finished the huger games yet! but what the heck tellme dose he die, or dose katniss not whant to kill him ?

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Review #5, by abby pond Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

31st July 2012:
WOOOHOOO! HOG WARTS HERE WE COME! but what do james and sirius have to do whith any thing?

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Review #6, by abby pond The Three Encounters

31st July 2012:
OMG I TOTALY LOVE THIS but when dose harry potter bit start?

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Review #7, by apocalypse The Three Encounters

13th July 2012:
Hey! This is apocalypse, here with your review! Sorry, this has taken me a bit long to come over and type, I've been busy with other stuff. :) Anyway, now that I'm here, I'll simply get on with it.

Okay, firstly, I don't normally read crossovers for the simple reason that I'm not familiar with some fandoms. The ones you mentioned in your request, to be honest, I'm not familiar with half of them. Though I have read the Inheritance books so I think I'll be able to give you a fair enough review about that. :)

Firstly, I think you've done a pretty good job with the entire plot! I was really intrigued by the whole and since Paolini did not really elaborate on Angela's story, your idea really caught me on and made me wonder how you saw her. I must say that making her immortal was a pretty good idea. Your back story of Angela explains everything that happened around her in the original books so I really enjoyed reading this! Great job!

Solembum! :P I've always loves that werecat. I loved reading his parts in this chapter, you maintained his personality pretty well so great job there too! :)

I like the way you made the Doctor enter her life again. It was smooth and pretty well written. I don't think I understood what happened there in the end but I sure can tell you that it brought on the sense of doom and helplessness that stuff like that usually brings. Really good job with the dialogue!

Overall, it's a pretty good story but I'm afraid I didn't really follow the Doctor Who part. :) I hope this review helps you in some way. You can feel free to re-request but I must warn you that I won;t be able to give a good review if I'm not familiar with the fandom. I'll only be able to stick to the grammar, dialogue, flow and such.

Until next time, Good Luck and Happy Writing! :D


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Review #8, by ewsoucf7 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

4th May 2012:
Well, didn't things just get interesting...well, more interesting anyway.

I'm a little confused as to why they are going to Hogwarts, but I guess everything will become clear in the next chapter, hopefully. I actually really want to read more so thank you very much for introducing me to it, and feel free to request reviews anytime in the future.

The flow again was brilliant, nor did I see any spelling or grammar, which makes me definitely think that the first chapter was a typo.

I think you should be careful of how much is going on though, as I thought this chapter introduced a lot of concepts, and perhaps gave too much of the future plot away...though admittedly I could be completely wrong.

That said, I think the plot itself is developing nicely. You seem to have put a lot of effort into planning this fic, and it makes me think you know exactly where it is heading, and what is going to happen in future chapters.

I hope the reviews helped somewhat, and I hope to read more of your work in the future. Thank you so much for requesting reviews, and introducing me to your story. =]

Author's Response: Hogwarts is just the first of many stops for the Doctor and Angela!

That's actually surprising because I'm kind of making it up as I go...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by ewsoucf7 The Doctor and the Queen

4th May 2012:
Well, I must say I loved the interaction between the doctor and the Queen. I thought that it was very well thought out, and very realistic too, with the doctor telling her to wait because he was busy. I must say I giggled a lot at that part.

Spelling, grammar and flow are very good. I don't see any negatives in those three within this chapter which is very refreshing.

I think you've got the character of the doctor completely spot on. He's very strange but completely witty and lovable. I really like him as a character, and the fact he's coming to save their world just makes me like him even more.

I am still unsure on the other characters, as I still think we haven't had much information about them, which definitely makes me wary of them.

The plot seems to be developing nicely, with a little bit more being revealed in each chapter. I think that it is a great way to introduce more concepts and plot as it creates mystery too, yet it isn't too hard to follow. Another great chapter again. =]

Author's Response: I'm so glad I got the Doctor right. He's such a hard character to write...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by ewsoucf7 The Three Encounters

4th May 2012:
Hey there, sorry this took longer than expected to get around to...

Firstly I'd like to say that crossovers aren't usually my thing...though I confess this one has me completely intrigued. The amount of crossovers is a little intimidating though.

The flow of this chapter was brilliant. Everything seemed to work well together, and blend nicely from one thing into another. It is clear that you have put a lot of thought into this fic, and a lot of time and effort.

I'm unsure on the characters so far because well, let's face it, we haven't really been given much information about them. I wonder whether we'll get to know more, and I hope we get to know why the doctor returned.

The plot so far seems fantastic. I am thoroughly intrigued and desperately want to know what is going to happen, and what the doctor's cryptic warning actually meant. It's very exciting isn't it? Mysterious.

I only spotted one spelling error, though I definitely think it was a typo. It was:
blond air
Nothing major though, so don't worry about it too much.

So far so good. Next chapter! =]

Author's Response: I wonder what blond air is? :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by PhoenixStone The Three Encounters

4th March 2012:
I feel like I know nothing, and yet I really like it. :)
Having so many cross-overs seems very ambitious, but being the nerdy person I am I'm intrigued. I imagine that most of the story will be within the Potter universe, but if you are going to be jumping between worlds a lot it might be helpful if you had a note at the end of the chapter for anyone who doesn't know the particular series (for example, if Eragon wasn't actually a part of this chapter I would have had no idea which realm we were in).
Other than that, I think it's great so far. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: That's a good idea!

Thanks for reviewing!

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