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Review #1, by NW2017 A First Time for Everything

3rd October 2017:
New reader here, enjoying it so far :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)

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Review #2, by Lady Asphodel Asphodel, Powdered Root of

2nd April 2017:
Hi! Here for the CTF Round 2 reviews: Gryffindor house.

Alright, so I see in the beginning, that something happened between Millie and Sirius. Reading further, I can see what went down between them. I hate when it comes to misunderstandings, especially the romantic kind. I feel bad for Sirius as he really does have true feelings for her, despite his reputation. He's working to trying to get Millie back. As a girl myself, I totally understand how Millie feels when it comes to a heartbreak. No matter how much the person who hurt you that you want to hate them but you can't - and I can see that here with her. She can't ignore him as much as she'd like. I swear if it were ever possible to do that haha - heartaches will be more bearable.

The scene where they're in the potions classroom, you did so wonderful with describing Millie's attraction to Sirius. Really proves how deep love goes. I can only speculate what Sirius must have felt being in close contact with Millie - handing over the Asphodel. (Ignore the fact that it's a part of my username) *Laughs*

A good chapter! :) I enjoyed reading this!

Author's Response: Haha, of course things have happened between them! This is chapter 33, of course :P Misunderstandings are horrible, but are fun to write because DRAMA! But yes, no one likes to get their heart broken, especially by someone you thought you could trust.

Haha, did you choose this chapter because it was your name? Because that would be cool!

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #3, by nott theodore Brothers

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Oh, this chapter was absolutely packed full! I don't really know where to start, but I'm going to go with the beginning and try and write a coherent review, in spite of my reactions to the final scene :P

I couldn't help but laugh at Sirius in the library, trying to convince himself that what he was doing was perfectly normal and okay. Turns out that the saying is true, and eavesdroppers never do hear things that they like. I mean, I completely understand why he wouldn't be thrilled that Millie dated his brother, and that she didn't tell him about it, but I'm not sure that it deserves this reaction. Then again, he's so insecure about Millie and how she feels about him that it's kind of understandable that he'd sulk so much.

I really, really want to know more about Regulus and what went on between him and Millie, though. From their conversation at the start of this chapter, it seems like there were some things which were left unfinished between them, and Milie clearly still has a soft spot for Regulus - so it makes sense that Sirius would be insecure when he realises that. And I think it's safe to say that Regulus still has a soft spot for Millie, too, with the way he wants her to watch out for herself and doesn't want her to get hurt by his brother.

Millie's determination to work out what was going on with Sirius was great - I like the fact that she's not the sort of person to take things lying down and that she goes out to solve the problems herself. Of course, she kind of had to in this because they're in a fake relationship and everyone expects her to know what's going on with his moods.

You wrote the conversation in that final scene really well. I thought that her relationship with Regulus came up really well, and that she dealt with it pretty well - there's nothing she can do about the fact that she dated Regulus, is there? But there was so much tension, because they were really testing each other here and trying to work out what they felt for the other - did they really want to end the relationship? Or do they like each other too much for that?

Sirius finally kissing Millie was great! I thought you wrote it really realistically and now she's kind of in a "what have I done" moment. Things are definitely heating up between these two!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hahaha! Only stalker Sirius could be funny. Anyone else, and it would be exceptionally creepy. Actually, it's still creepy. But such is the charm of Sirius Black

There were plenty of things left unsaid between Millie and Regulus. All a mystery, alas. I did have plans to include their love story, but in the shuffle of the story, it got lost.

ALL THE TENSION! And yay! You finally read their first kiss! It's been a long time coming in this CTF round! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #4, by nott theodore The Time of Your Life

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

*squees and fangirls a lot*

Seriously, I've read a couple of your stories before and loved them all, but I think I'm going to have to set up camp on your author's page for a while when this game is done.

I really, really love reading the sections from Sirius's point of view. Millie might be a little obtuse at times as to how he actually feels about her (probably because she's trying to convince herself that he doesn't feel the way he actually feels so she doesn't get too caught up in her own feelings?) so it's great to have this confirmation of it. He's so distracted by her whenever she's around and she doesn't even realise it.

His determination to hold good on his promise that she would have the best night of her life is really sweet. He really is noticing so much about her - not just the things that he likes (and the things which distract him), but also how she's feeling. Honestly, I have to agree that she's been doing really well and putting on a great show after the day she's had. I don't think I'd have the strength to spend the day clearing out my parents' house and visiting their graves, only to go to a ball with loads of people who are expecting me to be celebrating.

I liked the role reversal a bit from the last chapter, with Sirius being childish when Millie wasn't paying him proper attention. It definitely worked - he really knows how to get her to pay him attention, and he's finding out that she does actually like spending time with him and talking to him.

I love the little detail about Millie being an artist, too, and the way that she becomes so entranced in the glass patterns on the wall. It's a great characteristic and she's obviously really passionate about it (though Sirius isn't best pleased about her attention being distracted from him).

The final scene - I enjoyed reading that so much. Poor Sirius - he's adorable, and he really likes Millie and he's stuck in the confusing position of not wanting to take advantage of her, but also wanting to kiss her and dance with her and spend time with her like this. At least Millie let him know that he's not taking advantage of her at all (because she likes kissing him too). That whole scene was just adorable to read, and things definitely have changed between them now. I'm looking forward to seeing where they go from here!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Haha! Enjoy your stay on my AP! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Sirius is a delight to write. I think that shows. He's just so enamoured with Millie, and he's unable to hide that. Millie, as usual, is completely oblivious. That dynamic is so much fun to write, especially as it flips one of the stereotypes of Sirius/OC fics.

What I love about this chapter is that I got to write one of my favourite aspects of Sirius' character: he's a caring guy. This is the same bloke who learnt how to turn into an animal just so one of his best friends wouldn't be alone. If you're one of Sirius Black's people, he's going to look after you.

Sirius really knows how to capture his audience's attention - even Millie's, which can be difficult at the best of times :P

Ah, when you want to be romantic but you don't know the person well enough yet for it to be completely safe. It's not a position I envy at all!

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Sian :)

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Review #5, by crimson quill The Time of Your Life

2nd April 2017:

Ahhh! So they kissed what?! That's so exciting! It's odd reading this for ctf as I've not been reading in order but I'm totally enjoying it!

So Sirius point of view! That's something a bit different from what I've seen so far. I'm a fan of multi pov storytelling mainly as it gives the writer so much more into other characters and mostly interestingly a different view on the main character. Isn't Sirius just so into Millie like Omg, he has it so bad! I'm like smiling at the screen cos I'm so happy that Millie does have someone like Sirius in her life. You seriously have a gifted for getting the readers (aka me) to engage with the characters! I really like which is something that I picked up on the last chapter that Sirius really does care about Millie so doesn't want to take advantage of her. I like that was his reaction but just couldn't help himself. Haha

The way you describe the kiss was really powerful but seems to suit the current emotional state of the characters. Not too over the top either. They obviously really like each other, it's so clear. I really enjoyed Miller's banter after the kiss!


Author's Response: Yaaasss! They kissed! This is probably spoilers (although I think it's mentioned in the chapter), they HAVE kissed before - once. This is definitely what I'd define as "the kiss", though.

I love writing Sirius' point of view. It's very fun writing a lovesick Sirius :P I'm very pleased that you're engaging with the characters.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #6, by nott theodore Snogging in the Middle of the Corridor

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

I loved the dialogue at the opening of this chapter - it just felt so natural and normal for the three girls. And as they say, they are a couple of teenage girls, so Millie can't really blame them for that :P Sometimes I think it's quite difficult to balance out dialogue like that, particularly when it's a first person narrative here, but I think you did a great job of capturing their friendship.

Hmm, Sirius has a habit of showing up whenever Millie goes to the kitchens, does he? It sounds suspiciously to me like he's planning on doing that, maybe with, I don't know, a map or something like that? Methinks he actually wants to spend time with her a lot more than Millie realises. But then, Millie is kind of blind to how hard Sirius is trying to impress her. I think that he could probably buy her an island and she'd just remain very nonchalant (even if she doesn't feel it. This is a skill I am very jealous of!).

But, the big news is - wait?? Regulus and Millie dated? For six months? And I know I've not been reading all of this in order but I get the impression that the way it's mentioned here means it hasn't actually been revealed before, so now I am very intrigued! And I'm wondering what it's going to be like to see the two of them together and having a conversation, and how Sirius will react when he finds out (if he finds out? I feel like he's going to have to find out at some point). It's so impressive that she managed to keep it hidden for all that time, but I'm really intrigued about it now...

Sian :)

Author's Response: I'm always really sad when I realise just how little I wrote about the three girls just being friends together. I'm glad that you enjoyed this rare occurrence.

Sirius would never admit it, but I think he probably stalks her a little, which is super creepy. But yes, it's amazing how he does it, isn't it? Maybe he does have a map... And you're correct, for a person who is usually quite perceptive, when it comes to Sirius' feelings for her, she's completely oblivious.

No, it hasn't been revealed before! Because drama is great! And ha! These two? Talk? Never! Because more drama!

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #7, by nott theodore Just Because

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Okay, I don't know if you realise what you're doing here, but I think we need to have a talk about this. Because you've written Sirius in this story in a way that's making me love him even more, and not only is that not particularly helpful (on account of him being a fictional character and everything) but also is kind of heartbreaking when I think about what happened to him after he left school. *sobs*

Millie is very easy to relate to in this chapter, partly because I may or may not have felt the same at some points and had people try and coax me out of a bad mood. Her responses to Lily made me laugh, because there's something so childish about them, but also I completely understand her not wanting to go out and celebrate. Especially after the day she's had, being reminded of her parents and everything that's happened - I guess she even feels kind of guilty to be celebrating and having a good time without them.

But Sirius was so adorable here. I love the fact that he tries so hard to understand what's going on with her and to make her feel better because he genuinely cares about her, and doesn't want her to sit moping in her room all night. And even though she has a crush on him, she's not letting herself believe half of the things that he's saying to her, which isn't necessarily helping advance his cause. Poor Sirius.

You write the chemistry so well between them here - and though I kind of wanted them to kiss, especially when he was zipping up her dress, I think it's even better that they didn't. I know you said this was a filler chapter, but I think there's actually a load of character development here and we got to see Sirius really putting in an effort to make Millie feel better. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them at the ball!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sirius is a dream boat, in my opinion. He deserves nothing less. Plus the anticipated heartbreak adds future angst. Bonus!

Feeling down and being forced to socialise is something I think we can all relate to, no matter how introverted or extroverted we are. I'm pleased that you find Millie relatable in that sense.

Oh, yes. It must be SO DIFFICULT being Sirius Black :P

Anticipation is everything in these chapters. Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #8, by crimson quill Just Because

2nd April 2017:

So you said this is a filler chapter but I totally disagree. I think it had a loads of action in it. This was a really nice chapter for just millie/Sirius action so I'm happy to getting more build up. Its too easy to rush getting the couple together so early and generally rushing it. In real life relationships are rarely easy so the way you're writing their relationship really does work on some many levels. The build up seriously makes me care so much more.

I thought the moment when he was doing her dress up was so perfect honestly. It was so intimate but it wasn't over the top. You manage to show the significant of this moment by making it both natural but awkward. It was so lovely and I'm like ' Omg, kiss!' But the same time I really want it to when Millie is feeling better because of how emotional she is currently feeling.

I'm enjoying that they aren't a couple yet but there is so much chemistry between the main pair. Chemistry is very important in this story and you write them with buckets full!


Author's Response: This is a filler chapter to me because it's sandwiched between chapter where there's actual plot happening :P You're correct in saying that there is a lot of character development, which is what "filler chapter" means, I think. Considering the chapter number, this relationship has been a LONG time coming! I'm pleased you're enjoying the build.

Those little scenes are some of my favourite things to write. It's amazing what gestures can be the most intimate and meaningful.

Yes, indeed! Chemistry is everything in this story! Thanks for the wonderful review :)

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Review #9, by nott theodore What an Idiot

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hello! I realise that I'm reading this all out of order, which doesn't really me appreciate the full force of your story, but I hope it helps for you to know that having only read a few chapters of this story, and the first chapter of Multiverse, I'm already shipping Sirius and Millie incredibly hard and even though I don't know all of the background between these two, I'm so excited and glad that they get together in the end! ♥

Your characterisation of Sirius and Millie is so interesting - like, even from just the few chapters I've read, these characters really feel alive, and I'm rooting for them a lot. I love the way that you manage to capture Sirius's humour in just a few lines here and there, but at the same time, it's really clear to us how much Millie means to him, and how much he wants her to be in love with him too. It's so important to him, and though he tries to hide some of that with jokes, he can't.

I love the way that Millie clearly knows so much about him and understands him, too. That makes me really believe that these two are right for each other. She worked out so much about him and his friends, too - it made me smile that even though he obviously knows her really well, he's still impressed and surprised by her and the things she says and does.

Also yes, love is scary! I feel like sometimes I read stories and characters say it so soon and like it's not a big thing, and like it doesn't terrify them, but this felt so real to me, that they're both scared of being hurt.

Anyway, I'm shipping these two so much, and I'm really glad that the story ends here so I don't have to read any sad things happening after this ♥ I have such a massive grin on my face after reading this, so thank you!

Sian :)

Author's Response: I'm very pleased that you're shipping Millie and Sirius despite the erratic reading regimen! And haha, of course! I couldn't keep them apart even if I wanted to.

I love writing humour, and it's great fun writing Sirius that way. I'm very happy that you find the story humorous. That was one of my main aims.

Millie is always more perceptive than she seems. Sirius I think is one of the few people who realises that. It makes him a little uncomfortable, but I think that's part of the reason he can be honest with her, too.

Love is terrifying! Approach with extreme caution! Millie and Sirius have the right idea :P

Yay for no sad things!

Thanks for the lovely review, Sian :)

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Review #10, by nott theodore Bleak House

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hello again!

You know, for a couple who are in a fake relationship, and aren't actually meant to really care all that much about each other, I think there are actually way more feelings there than either of them would like to admit. It was nice to see some of that coming out here.

I thought you did a great job of balancing the seriousness of this chapter, with Millie going back to her mother's house for the first time and having to go through all of her parents things, and then the lighter side of things, with Sirius joking around about things and doing little things to show he cares, even if he's not necessarily realising that's what he's doing with those actions.

I can't even imagine what it must have been like for Millie to go through all of this - to have to sort through her parents' things and be confronted with all those memories, especially when she's so young. And while it would be a hard enough thing to do if you've got someone there who you know is truly caring for you and supporting you, doing it with Sirius is a bit of a facing. Having said that, though, I thought Sirius was amazing in this chapter. He dealt with everything so well here, and he comforted her enough that it's kind of hard to believe there are no feelings involved... :P

Also, I am completely with Millie on the cockroaches. They are notnice to share a house with, and unfortunately I am speaking from experience.

I wanted to give Millie a massive hug here, especially when she was talking about how empty she feels going through everything. Sometimes those sorts of reactions and emotions make it even harder to deal with, because you feel like you should be feeling something. I loved Sirius at the end, when he knew what she wanted and produced the flowers so that she had something to put on her parents' graves. It was so thoughtful and sweet, and it captured a really lovely moment between the two of them when they were in a really tense and difficult time.

Sian :)

Author's Response: I think they'd argue that they CAN care about each other since they're friends... except they've never really accepted that they're friends either, so I guess you're right :P

It was interesting writing those two aspects of this chapter. I wanted it to be quite emotionally heavy, but one of Sirius' main jobs as a character is to keep things light. He just couldn't help himself

Millie is interesting in that she can compartmentalise so well. This may be one of the only times I get to write that. It's about the only time you see her be less than stoic on the outside, too. And you're right, it must suck that she does it in front of Sirius, but he takes it rather well. Mostly because of feelings, of course :P

Cockroaches can go die. They will not be missed. Did you know that each of their six legs has three knees?

Thanks so much for the wonderful review :)

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Review #11, by Pixileanin What an Idiot

2nd April 2017:
Oh gosh, it's the last chapter! One thing I can say for this story, part of the charm of it, is that you kept the cuteness factor high, while balancing it with some seriousness in between. That definitely maintained the tingly feelings without spilling over into that over-the-top sensation of all-out mush.

Millie and Sirius both had some real-life issues that were important... that they felt were important enough to deal with, which rooted the story and kept these characters grounded. Sure, there was some amount of fluff, but it didn't feel like "fluff", not any of that "nothing else matters except for you even though the world is falling apart around us" nonsense that gets under my skin in a bad way.

This is what I appreciated about the ending. Sirius matures enough to say what he means. Millie gets over her insecurities to actually talk truth with him. And the best part for me was that she made the last move. That was paramount to how I felt about the story as a whole. It was Millie's story, even though we got to see Sirius come a long way as a character. It was Millie's journey, where she got to realize that something she wanted could be hers, if she was brave enough to go for it. We know there's danger lurking in their future, but maybe we can imagine that their future is less bleak if they face it together. I loved the title of your final chapter, and equally how it tied in to the end of the story. I felt fulfilled. Satisfied. All tingly, even.

So much of this story was such fun to read. You kept most of it light, but you also kept it real. Fantastic job on your first novel. This is a story you should be proud of ten years from now. So glad I got to revisit it and (finally) add my last reviews!


Author's Response: The end is here! I congratulate you for staying with it for so long! I think you smashed through like a third of the story in a review tag one time. I was so impressed. I am even more impressed that you've stuck it through to the very end!

The cuteness factor is this story's biggest draw, I think. I never wanted it to be a very serious story - ergo the ridiculous plot devices at times. But it's difficult balancing fluff with keeping it genuine, and I hope I've managed that to some degree.

I've always wanted these two to have a quiet ending to their story. In my head, James and Lily's love story is one for the ages, so I wanted to contrast it with Millie and Sirius', where in the grand scheme of things, their romance is really only important to them. On the outside, despite Sirius' rather loud personality, they're very quiet, in the way old married couples can be.

Thank you so, so much, Pix! Your support and feedback has been invaluable to me! I still reread your reviews sometimes, and get those warm and fuzzy feelings inside! These reviews mean a lot!

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Review #12, by nott theodore Awkwardness and Adorable Puppies

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review


You know one thing that is really impressing me with this story? The way that you manage to switch POVs so seamlessly and yet still have the two voices as distinct characters. I find it hard enough switching between characters in different stories, let alone in the same chapter. But I love the way that you're using the different POVs here, to show the development of the relationship on both sides, and their thoughts of each other. There's less suspense and guessing on the reader's part than some other stories, I think, but that doesn't matter because we're rooting for them even more.

You captured Millie's distraction really well in the first section of this chapter - like, she didn't even realise she was in Potions, so I'm even more impressed that she got the answer right and won some points for Gryffindor. But if she was distracted, that was really nothing compared to what was going on in Sirius's head...

I honestly love Sirius in this story. Your characterisation of him is so likeable and also so believable. So I'm sorry if I say that I love everything in this story, but even reading out of order I'm really enjoying it, and it is true. Sirius obviously really likes Millie and he doesn't entirely know how to deal with it or what to do about it - he's so distracted he can't even talk properly to his friends about it. I love how he knows so much about her, because it really shows that he's been paying attention, and the way that he wants to talk to her and doesn't know what to do.

Oh my goodness, who can resist an adorable puppy? It feels like a bit of an over the top present, but at the same time, it's a PUPPY and I feel like if you want to get someone to talk to you, that's a very good way to do it!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Thank you! One of my favourite things about this story is that I get to switch points of view. I do it in some of my other stories, but this is the main one. It's a lot of fun writing the same scenario from two different perspectives.

Haha, it's another example of Millie's super powers in class. She's notorious for knowing the answer to a question without having to pay attention AT ALL.

I can't quite remember where Sirius switches into being likeable, but in the first few chapters he's not all that great. It takes a while for him to become his true, lovable self :P

Haha, a puppy is very over the top, even for Sirius. But rest assured, it goes well for him... ;)

Thanks for the review, Sian :)

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Review #13, by nott theodore Home

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hello again!

Ah, okay, I've only read a couple of chapters of this story and I'm already shipping these two characters so hard and I HAVE SO MANY FEELS.

So, you know, I think that should be a testament to the quality of your writing, because I don't even know these characters properly yet since I'm reading out of order, but I love the two of them together and I couldn't help smiling all the way through this chapter, especially the conversation that she had with Sirius.

Anyway, back to the start. I love Remus, he's so wonderful. I wonder how he always seems to know what other people are thinking - I guess since he's quieter than some of his friends, he notices a lot more about what people are feeling around him. And it makes perfect sense that Millie would be feeling so nostalgic and would miss Hogwarts so much. I lived at home when I was at school, but there were still feelings of ending - I suppose for me it's more like leaving university, where you've lived with your friends and had years of your life somewhere, and suddenly you have to put it all behind you and move onto something new. Even more so for Millie, with no family to return to and a war raging on outside the school walls.

Ah, I loved the fact that Millie couldn't help thinking about Sirius, and kissing Sirius, and just as she's thinking about that, who should turn up, but... Sirius? :P

It made a lot of sense to me that Millie would need some time to work out what to do about Sirius telling her he loves her. I mean, she obviously feels the same and really, I think that's what she wanted to hear (though probably not what she was expecting to hear?). That doesn't make it any less scary, though, especially since he's hurt her so much in the past. I hope she gives him a chance.

Sirius in this chapter is adorable, though. He's made himself so vulnerable to her, and I don't think he'd do that if he didn't feel the way he does. He's truly sorry for hurting her and his strange offer of friendship made me laugh - he wasn't very good at the pretending to be friends, was he? :P

Sian :)

Author's Response: ALL THE FEELS. This chapter is specifically designed for that purpose.

Thank you so much! I'm very, very pleased that you feel a connection to these characters. It's so important in a story like this.

Remus is great. I also love Remus. I think it's why I give him some of the best stuff. In some ways, he's the emotional glue holding the Marauders together.

Think of snogging Sirius, and he shall appear! It was pretty obvious that he'd show up, right?

It's interesting that you say that's what she's been wanting to hear. I don't think it is. No matter her feelings for Sirius, for the most part she wants to put it behind her and move on. Of course, she hopes that she could become friends with Sirius, but anything more serious, I reckon it would take longer. It's just that Sirius had other plans :P

Sirius is terrible at pretending to be "just friends".

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #14, by crimson quill Bleak House

2nd April 2017:

so this chapter is just to die for. it has so many cute moments in here which i just love that Sirius is the star of this chapter. you've written this emotional chapter so well because you've managed to portrayal a great balance of him being cute and cheeky while being mature enough to support Millie through a very stressful/emotional experience. it's good to get this information more about her parents and childhood to build on her character. it's so obvious that you know like everything about her character, all the little details.

i think Millie's emotional state is really interesting. it was very powerful when she admitted that she felt empty. that feeling is often so much worse for a person. it seems to fit with her personality though to not let emotion get on top of her though. this is quite a big chapter in developing their relationship i feel so I'm looking forward to reading more of it but I'm reviewing for capture the flag but I'm so into this story already. yay for Millie and Sirius! your writing is delightful!

i think my favourite bit was them just laughing, it was a really nice moment and also somehow a bit special moment to share in quite a serious chapter.


Author's Response: Ah! Thank you! I really enjoyed writing this chapter because of all the cute moments I could include. There's a lot of emotional depth to Sirius in this chapter, you're right. I don't think you've read the earlier chapters, but he's a bit of a jerk in some of them, so this is a pretty big deal for him.

Grief is always interesting to write because everyone experiences it differently. Showing it through the lens of different characters has been quite the experience, and it's helped me grow as a writer a lot. I think this was the first time I'd tried my hand at it, and I'm pleased that you found it came out well.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #15, by Pixileanin Home

2nd April 2017:
I've wondered that same exact thing, reading some fanfics about Gryffindors and parties in the CR. Hmm... you may have a point there. I have to say that end-of-exam parties are much warranted. I'm sure that even Ravenclaw gets behind that sentiment.

I remember feeling the same way when I graduated from high school. Even though I didn't know many people in my year (there were over 900 of them), there was something comforting about the sameness of high school that I knew I was going to miss, like a safety blanket. Or in Millie's case, Remus. You capture the sentiment here so well.

I like how Sirius falls back on the thing that worked, only to find that he doesn't need it anymore, and then has that lost confusion moment of what to do next. Remus didn't prompt him for "next". He's just winging it now. But he wings it pretty well. He wings it enough to put Millie off balance too, which is a great piece of writing. She's feeling the things, but the uncertainty gets in the way. The thing I admire about how you wrote this scene is that she's brave enough to state her uncertainty out loud, which shows a small amount of maturity in her character, now that she's almost graduated. And also, Sirius keeps himself mostly together too, which finally shows some maturity on his part, like he's finally decided that this is worth a long haul, rather than a short term game plan.

Still, after everything, Millie needs a moment. I'm glad you gave her one. Though the only small critique I have of this chapter is that it ends remarkably similar to the one before it. Maybe that can't be helped. But structurally, I thought I'd point it out.

Another lovely read, and so close to the end!


Author's Response: Parties in the Gryffindor Common Room are such a trope of the fanfic world, you have to wonder if there's any actual reason behind them. It's probably because of the stereotype that all teenagers like to party. I'm sure the other Houses' Common Rooms are also wild.

Remus can only get Sirius so far. After a certain point, Sirius is going to have to deal with his problems himself :P I always find it sort of hilarious, though, that I have Remus being the matchmaker between Sirius and Millie. So many of their pivotal moments involve Remus. That boy is very invested in this relationship! I really wanted to write a scene where Millie is openly vulnerable with Sirius - and I wanted it to be towards the end of the story. You're right, it's about showing a maturity in her character, but also a maturity in her relationship with Sirius. Despite all their struggles, there is trust between them, but it's taken both of them a long time to realise that, and quite frankly, take advantage of it. It was the natural step to getting them together "for real".

That's what you get when you write chapters one after the other! They all end the same way! Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks for the lovely review, as always :)

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Review #16, by nott theodore Chocolate Frogs

2nd April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hello! I hope that you'll forgive me for reading and reviewing this story so haphazardly and completely out of order, but Gryffindor is in need, so I hope it'll be enough that I'm fully planning to go back and reread this story in order once this game is over :)

Sirius apologising is actually adorable! I like the fact that he's trying to respect her wishes by staying away from her, but in a way I get the feeling that she doesn't want him to, and while the chocolate frog cards seem a bit annoying at first, she actually wants to talk to him and spend time with him deep down. Plus, sending her the chocolate frogs and all of the cards show that he knows her really well (although I feel like Remus has to take some of the credit for the idea in the first place. He's a clever man, that Remus).

I loved the way that Millie's friends were just so bemused about what was going on - that they don't quite understand Millie and Sirius's relationship, but realise that the two are cute together and should be together.

I liked the way that the chocolate frogs, although part of Sirius supposedly being chivalrous and staying away from her, became the means of the two of them talking again and becoming closer in a way. He knows her well enough to get her to talk to him, at least :P The way he really wanted to be wrong so that he could get her to talk to him was great, too - it showed how much he wanted to apologise. And I loved that he had a long-term plan for it, as well.

You're such a great writer, I'm really going to enjoy this story!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Apologetic Sirius is one of my favourites, it must be said. In his defence, Remus just suggested chocolate. Sirius came up with the plan for the chocolate frogs all on his own :P

It was fun writing the conversations they had through the chocolate frogs. Writing dialogue without writing dialogue, as it were. It was a bit of a challenge! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the lovely review, Sian :)

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Review #17, by Pixileanin Chocolate Frogs

2nd April 2017:
Gosh, I've missed reading this story! And shame on me for not having reviewed all the chapters! But that means I get to review this one, so it's not all bad.

Ahh the chocolate frogs start appearing! Wow, Millie has one big frog card collection, that's for sure! It's nice to see that Sirius is actually trying to respect her wishes, but it's also funny (and rings true) that she would be bothered by it. I can tell by the way you write her that she still has feelings for him, as much as she would like not to. But the mystery of the cards, that would bring anyone out of their self-imposed exile. I mean, a girl's gotta know how that happens, especially a collector.

I like the way that the notes slowly get Millie to accept Sirius' presence again, and that he's actually being patient this time. Maybe there is hope for Sirius yet, if he keeps listening to Moony's advice. It must help that Millie is responding favorably. That usually lets him know that he's doing it right.

I think I just said in the review on your other story, I'm still enjoying the snappy dialogue and the whole breezy style of this piece. It's easy to get swept away in the story. Nothing is pulling me out of the scene, it just flows so smoothly. This was so fun to get back into reading!


Author's Response: I'm glad you've come back! I thought that you had read and reviewed all the chapters, so this is a lovely surprise.

Millie's not so secret obsession! Who would've thought it would be chocolate frogs? As usual, Millie is bothered by this because Sirius is acting in a way that doesn't fit into her stereotype of Sirius Black, despite the fact that they've been interacting for so long. And of course, it's complicated by the fact that she still has feelings for him!

This chapter was great because I got to write just how much Sirius has matured over the course of the story. He's still reckless, but this is also the start of him becoming more patient, and beginning on the path to "adulthood".

Thank you so much! I'm pleased, that even after all these chapters, the story remains easy to read, and enjoyable. Thanks for the review, Pix :)

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Review #18, by emma28 What an Idiot

21st December 2016:
Great story! Loved it. You had me hooked from the start!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #19, by Toni What an Idiot

6th December 2016:
I have just read you story. I thought it was really nice. Also thank you for ending it on a happy note, not like most Sirius stories. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) And I completely understand that feeling with reading Sirius stories. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the happy ending as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Review #20, by Abbie Asphodel, Powdered Root of

5th October 2016:
I have no idea if you're still reading reviews of this story but I just wanted to tell you that it is amazing! I've basically spent my entire afternoon power-reading all of the chapters up until now and I felt that it was probably overdue that I should actually write a review haha!

Love the story, love all the lovely fluffy goodness and I really hope Millie and Sirius work things out because he is literally the cutest!

Well I'll get back to reading now - see ya at the end!

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for dropping by. Yes, I'm still reading reviews - I'm just terrible at replying.

Thank you so so much for reading! I'm very pleased that you've enjoyed the story. I think reading fanfic is the perfect way to spend the afternoon :P

I hope you got to the end - and liked it as much as I liked writing it :)

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Review #21, by looneylizzie What an Idiot

29th April 2016:

Alright! I actually made it here this time! WHOOT!

I read a few chapters of this story a while back, but I didnít review at the time (cause Iím horrible at reviewing, if you havenít noticed), so Iím kind of excited to start again and review! :D

Now, onto the first chapterÖ

Four hours laterÖ

ÖWell. I dunno if you noticed, but this certainly ISNíT the first chapter. In fact, itís the last.

Did I really just get carried away and read all 39 chapters of this story in one sitting? Why yes, it seems that I did! How silly of me.

All joking aside, I seriously intended to just leave a quick review on the first chapter, and now here I am four hours later, sitting here thinking: ďOH MY GODRIC IíM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!Ē

This is amazing. Your writing is amazing. The plot is amazing. Millie is amazing. Sirius is amazing. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY IS FREAKINí AMAZING!!

I donít really like Marauders stories in general, but this one is an exception to that rule! You drew me in with Millie and Siriusí intriguing personalities and I couldnít stop reading because I just *had* to see what happened next between those two!

And boy, what a rollercoaster ride they experienced! Their personalities are SO similar, which is what really makes them a good couple, but both of their stubbornness, commitment phobias and general avoidance of talking about feelings is what got in the way of their relationship becoming a real thing for so long ó and the way that you wrote it was beautifully done! Sometimes things like that can get annoying after a while, but I never once felt that way about Millie and Sirius.

The whole pace and intensity of the story was really good the entire time as well, which I know can be a difficult thing to keep up in a story that youíve been writing for a long period of time!

All in all, Iím SO glad that I read this story, because it is absolutely incredible! Your plot and characters are just wonderful, but the best bit is your wonderful way of writing ó you dialogue is so on point, your descriptions never fail to make me jealous, and the little hints of nerdiness that manage to creep their way into your story make it so much more enjoyable!

GAH! I want to gush about this story more, but I really should be off to bed. It may or may not be after 4am now. *blushes* Oops.

AMAZING JOB my dear! Iíve definitely got a new favorite novel to add to my list! Keep writing!!

P.S. Sorry, I hope this review isnít too random - I blame your story for being SO amazing that I couldnít stop reading and thus kept me up late. :P

Author's Response: Hahaha! You finally made it! Welcome!

Four hours for a hundred thousand words? My, you're a fast reader! I envy your mad skillz! Teach me your ways!

I'm exceptionally pleased that you enjoyed the story! It was my first fic, and when I read over it sometimes I can see the youth in my writing. It is still very close to my heart, though, so I get warm and fuzzy inside every time someone likes the story.

Millie and Sirius are exceptionally similar. But it's not always in a good way. Those similarities stood in their way a lot of the times!

I can't hide the nerdiness, can I? :P (Tbh, I don't really want to, either.)

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! And for reading my story IN ALL ITS ENTIRETY IN ONE SITTING. #goals

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Review #22, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon What an Idiot

1st April 2016:
Eep, just finished this, and I have to say I really, really enjoyed it! It was so sweet and fluffy and I just couldn't stop hitting the 'next' button, because I was so desperate for them to finally get together, or at least have some more steamy kisses! I really loved all those sweet late night homework sessions in the common room, it just sounds so cosy! Also, the trip to the Potter's house was adorable.

I think it was really sweet how you wrote Sirius as quite vulnerable around Millie, and how you gave Millie such a stubborn but sweet personality!

Also, this is worlds better than my first fanfiction (although I must have wrote mine at 12 or something haha). Well Done!


Author's Response: I am so impressed that you powered through all 39 chapters - and quite frankly, a lot of rambling - to reach the end so quickly!

Sirius in this story is one of my favourite characters to write of all time (don't tell my other characters that, though). I'm very pleased that you loved him as much as I loved writing him. And of course, Millie is very dear to my heart, being my first OC.

Haha, thank you so much! I've grown so much since writing this story, but the praise still means a lot to me.

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Review #23, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon A First Time for Everything

28th March 2016:
ďWell, if you want her to fawn over you and worship your shadow or something..." This made me giggle.

I really enjoyed this opening chapter, I think I'll have to add it to my reading list! Millie seems like an interesting character - I like her already, and I'm wondering what she 'had to go through this summer'.

Your dialogue is also really on point and fun to read, I'm excited to see what happens next. :)


Author's Response: Haha, thanks for reading! Fair warning, this was my first fanfic, so it can be a little trying at times. Thanks for the review, Kate :)

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Review #24, by PaulaTheProkaryote Early Mornings, Breakfasts, Dresses and Hometowns

28th March 2016:
I'm almost ashamed of the fact that I'm already on chapter 26 and I've been in lab today for twelve hours and only started reading this last night.

I guess that goes to show you how great of a story it is! I had every intention (again) of reviewing every chapter but...well...I got sucked into the story.

Author's Response: Aren't labs the best places to read fanfic? When I was in the lab, that's what I found myself doing whilst I waited for science to happen... AWKS.

Reviewing every chapter is crazy! I'd expect it of maybe three people in my life, but not on this story. There's just too many chapters. Thanks for dropping in again and saying hello!

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Review #25, by PaulaTheProkaryote A First Time for Everything

27th March 2016:
HI! I've already read this, but it was when I was a baby on the forum and never actually left reviews. I'm rereading this story because it was one of my favorites and now I can't remember half of what happened.

Nothing really does make sense until you have breakfast. Millie is so right.

Punk Town...Gotham City...HAHA! I see what you did there!

I'm honestly surprised that this was your first story only because it is so well written. Don't get me wrong, I love your later stuff too, but you really should have gone through the blue eyeshadow phase. It's only fair.

Overall, it's a good introduction to the story and a strong first chapter. I can't wait to read the second one (right this very second).

Author's Response: That is okay! Thank you for simply reading this! I am very very happy that you liked it enough to want to REREAD IT OMG. Sometimes I think about rereading this and I'm like... nope! Too long!

They have ice cream for breakfast which is even better bless you Millie.

Teehee! I seeded Millie's obsession about Batman - which I then wrote about five years later - all the way in chapter one. That is some excellent foreshadowing on my part! Go me!

Aww! Thank you so much! This chapter isn't TOO bad but there are some further on which I flick through sometimes and I'm like... WHY DID I WRITE THIS GARBAGE ARGH. I still don't have the heart to edit this though. It's a testament to how far I've come, I think.

Haha! Thanks for dropping by with this lovely review!


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