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Reading Reviews for Firefly and Flame
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Kaytie Home Sweet Hogwarts

14th February 2010:
Moony's middle name is John

Author's Response: Whoops! Thanks for catching that. What did I say his middle name was?

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Review #2, by lunylovegoodlover A Very Normal, Very Boring Afternoon

23rd January 2010:
I don't think this is a bad chapter! Not much happens, but it shows me more about all the characters. I liked it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Yes, it was rather devoid of action but I did like to give a background of them.

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Review #3, by lunylovegoodlover Meet the Metamorphagus

23rd January 2010:
Thank you for including Tonks! I love her! But her mom is Sirius's cousin, not his mom's. But other than that, you got her perfect!

Author's Response: oops, mistake. My bad. hmm, lets hope not a lot of other people noticed. oh, and thanks for catching that.

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Review #4, by lunylovegoodlover Head of the Household (ahem, Hogwarts)

23rd January 2010:
The last paragraph sums up the Maruauders perfectly! This story is really good!

Author's Response: thanks! I love writing for them :-)

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Review #5, by HP_girl96 Free Period and Textbook Dodgeball

7th December 2009:
omg! i love Dumbledore! he's so funny in this!

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Review #6, by noirceur Of Love Letters and Weird Girls

2nd November 2009:
as always very good.
Marlene is totaly cracking me up...
welll anyway.another 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks a lot noirceur! Your reviews are really appreciated:)

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Review #7, by noirceur Gone Off His Rocker

1st November 2009:
great!!! I love dumbledore in this story, i love your humor...Must read...

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Review #8, by noirceur Home Sweet Hogwarts

1st November 2009:
Love it!
No really, i like your story, i like Marlene, I love how you capture both Sirius' and Remus' personality.
I love James' epiphany.got to read more.

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Review #9, by leapoffaith24 Home Sweet Hogwarts

16th September 2009:
HAHAHAHAHA!!! I cracked up laughing through this whole thing! Very nicely written!! :D:D 10/10

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Review #10, by LadyLaughalot Gone Off His Rocker

28th August 2009:
i really like this story! all the characters are so awesome i wish they were my friends! 10/10!
ps is evanna like evanna lynch? like luna?

Author's Response: thanks so much. and hold on to that luna thought. =)

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