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Review #1, by Jia The Real Me.

19th July 2011:
Aw! That was awesome!! Could you do a chapter on the castle's reaction?? My name is snuffles101 by the way, forgot to log in! Thanks xx

Jia x

Author's Response: Hey, I am glad you thought it was awesome :)

I haven't actually thought of a follow up chapter but you never know.

Thank you for reviewing xx

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Review #2, by EmilyPotter2390 The Real Me.

27th June 2011:
So cute :). I loved this because I love Lily and James.


Author's Response: Awww glad you thought so.

Thanks for revewing

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Review #3, by k Toor The Real Me.

20th April 2011:
That was cute, but it was weird that Snape was with Lily, I always imagined tht they completely fell out after 5th yr, ow well, without Snape there wouldnt have been that bit of drama :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank you for reviewing

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Review #4, by courtneytate The Real Me.

6th April 2011:
Brilliant and very romantic and sexy. It is wonderful to think of them getting together the way your described.

Absolutely love it :D


Author's Response: Thank you very much hun. I am glad you liked it :)

Thanks again for the lovely review

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Review #5, by MoonyMad09 The Real Me.

5th April 2011:
May I just say that this story was just perfection :) 10/10 As always

Author's Response: Hello, Thank you very much. I am glad you loved it.

Thank you for the lovely review and the generous rating :)

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Review #6, by jameslily1313 The Real Me.

17th August 2009:
thats so CUHYOOT!!! ha. snivellus!!! take that. i dont like him. ahbviusly. anyway, so u r a really good writer!!! u mite wanna get a beta-er or something, like i just send it 2 my friends thru email and they check for grammar and spelling mistakes and stuff. sorry if that sounds stuckup or snobby, i really am trying to be nice, but its sorta a new concept 2 me ;D hahaha, well i REALLY LUFF THIS STORY!!! ADDED 2 FAVES. keep writing, pleaze. 10/10!!! xP

Author's Response: Aww thank you, I will conceder a beta.

Thank you for favouring and rating this story :)

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Review #7, by Emily Tazen The Real Me.

8th August 2009:
Great, really enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, I'm glad the story was enjoyable

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Review #8, by roxygirl_01hottie The Real Me.

1st August 2009:
This is so cute:) I totally love the idea of Lily and James, I wish that JK Rowling would write a Lily and James set of novels!

But this is so sweet

Author's Response: Hey thanks, I'm really glad you liked it :).

I know, I would like to see J.K Rowling's take on James and Lily's relationship.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by sexywitch10 The Real Me.

5th July 2009:
I loved it! It was really cute I added it to my favorites! I am just curious as to why Lily was with Snape.Were they still friends in your story?Any way, I really enjoyed reading it!

Author's Response: Hey, in my story yes they were still friends but not the best friends that they used to be. She was growing apart from him and falling in love with his enemy.

Thanks for the review, and for favoring it :)

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Review #10, by kiwi anonymouse The Real Me.

3rd July 2009:
aw this is cute but this is how u spell together

Author's Response: Oops, I always mis-spell that.

Thanks for the review

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Review #11, by Accio Malfoy The Real Me.

1st July 2009:
Ah that was such a cute way for them to get together i just sat in my chair like this is such a good story !i think you captured their charachters perfectly !!!

Keep writing,
Accio Malfoy ;~)

Author's Response: Wow thank you. I\\\'m smiling like an idiot atm

I\\\'m glad you liked it.

Thanks for the review

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Review #12, by MallieJJ The Real Me.

27th April 2009:
Eepers!!! so cute!! teehee like super cute! You should totally write more lily and james short stories!!

Author's Response: WOOO thank you, I may write more.

Thanks for the review

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Review #13, by shakai The Real Me.

23rd February 2009:
ok, i loved it. shoulda been longer

Author's Response: sorry, it was just supposed to be a we one-shot. Thanks for reviewing

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Review #14, by EmmaWatsonFan1211 The Real Me.

8th February 2009:
Your spelling has issues.other than that. Pretty good. =D

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review. I know I have spelling mistakes but spelling isn't one of my strong points

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Review #15, by Zaphira The Real Me.

2nd February 2009:
This is really cute, but please, PLEASE, use some type of spelling and grammar check. Please. The constant mistakes were too distracting for me to be able to enjoy the story properly. If you work on that, this would be a lovely little one shot. Let everyone read the story, not the words.

Author's Response: ok, thank you for the review. I will take your advice into account.

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Review #16, by Mae Silverpaws The Real Me.

11th January 2009:
See Snape did do one good thing in his life. According to you he got James and Lily together... ;0)

Author's Response: I didn't even realise that lol. Thanks for your review.

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Review #17, by LilyPie The Real Me.

18th November 2008:
Ah! That was so cute! o my god! I loved that! ahh! SOO GOOD! I'm grinning so big right now. AHH! I LOVED THAT! ahh!

can you write ones like taht with different characters? I would love that!

Author's Response: thanx you so much glad u liked it.

I can try to write one lyke this with different characters but atm i'm not writting anything.

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Review #18, by jane pinkerton The Real Me.

4th October 2008:
aww...that was cuute!
lol i love the whole up against the wall collecting cat calls part.

Author's Response: thanx, glad you enjoyed it.

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