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Reading Reviews for Moonlit Meetings
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Review #1, by Amanda Lycanthropy and Truths

30th July 2017:
In my best Hermione voice, "You cannot apparate inside of Hogwarts grounds."

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Review #2, by BBHP Half Moon and the Holidays

28th July 2017:
Yes yes yes! It's getting so intense! What does Serena's dream mean? What will happen next with the Sirius/Serena/James drama? And of course I can guess who the other wolf is but I'm dying to know how it plays out. I love this story!

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Review #3, by emma28 Half Moon and the Holidays

28th July 2017:
Oh my! This chapter! Casper knows, Selena's dream (what was that!?) and THAT ENDING! Another werewolf...hmm..I wonder who that could be..? ;) This chapter is going in my top favs. Definitely!

I laughed when Serena was going through excuses to tell the girls and I love excuse number 3 "I'm a werewolf and I don't want to eat you". I can just imagine their faces if she were to tell them that.

And Casper knows something is up, uh oh.

And James is starting to make some comments, bigger uh oh! (But he obviously still has feelings for her, so yay!)

And a question: Did Lily mean it when she said she didn't like James or was she trying to cover it up? I hope she doesn't, because James is meant to be with Serena! (Right..? Pretty please ;)
But I'm actually kind of getting the feeling that Lily might like Sirius..? Ever since the ball when she was his partner, I thought I saw a little something between them. And in this chapter I think I saw a little something too. Or maybe I'm just seeing things.

And I love reading Serena's book and I'm so glad that you take the time to actually write what she's reading. Thank you for that!

I rate this chapter 10/10! I would rate it 20/10 if I could, but it doesn't have that option lol.
Thank you so much for updating!! I'm super excited for the next chapter!!

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Review #4, by BBHP The Wolf in Me

19th July 2017:
I love the differences in how the girls get ready as opposed to how the boys get ready. That was spot on and I laughed out loud!

But WHAT!? This Sirius/Serena/James triangle has got my head reeling. This is such a disaster waiting to happen - scratch that, the disaster is already happening!

Author's Response: BBHP,

The triangle is supposed to make your head reel! ;D And yes, the disaster is well on its way. I hope you keep reading/reviewing!

Thanks, KBD

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Review #5, by emma28 With Merlin's Strength

18th July 2017:
I loved this!! It felt so nice to read a new chapter, my heart swelled as I read this. So much drama...i love it!! But seriously, your story always gives off a warm feeling, you know. Like I'm reading the Harry Potter books. How do you do that!? I loved absolutely EVERYTHING about this chapter, especially the ending when James turns up. I gasped so loud that my dog jumped haha. Thank you so much for updating. You have honestly brightened my day and entire week, and I can't wipe the smile off my face. Thank you, my amazing, favourite, brilliant, fantastic writer! 10/10, as per usual! Thank you :)

Author's Response: emma28,

I'm so glad you liked it!! :) It was a lot of set up, but I had fun writing it. THE NEW CHAPTER IS OUT NOW, TOO! :D

Thanks again for all of your support,


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Review #6, by emma28 Rising Action in my Infinitely Dull Existence

9th July 2017:
oh my gosh. when I checked your story (which has honestly become a daily routine lol), I had a quick look at the comment section and I did a double take when I saw you replied! haha. I'm so happy that you have decided to write again. And I completely understand that life gets busy and you don't always have time to write. I'm very patient because I know your story is definitely worth the wait :)
I have actually recommended your story to a few (which means a lot ;)) people! And I saw your story was mentioned on tumblr and I quickly jumped in and told people they have to read it lol.

Author's Response: emma28,

It was mentioned on tumblr? That's news to me! I'm so thankful that you feel so strongly about my story that you shared it with others! (Though it does put some pressure on ;) ) I'm typing as we speak, so I'd say by this weekend there should be a new chapter (maybe sooner, though! You never know!)!

Thanks a million!


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Review #7, by emma28 The Sanguine and The Hubris

1st February 2017:
Arghh this is killing me! lol. I have to know what happens next. I keep checking several times a day. I need to know what will happen between her and james, if remus finds out that she's a werewolf and more quidditch. I love how you write the quidditch with so much detail. I read a different story a couple weeks ago and they wrote a quidditch scene and all I could think of was how you write them so much better.
This really truly is such a good story and youre a really good writer, honestly. I've just finished re-reading it again and it was just as good as the first time. It has a certain feel to it. Its hard to explain. Its the same as reading a HP book. And I've read ALOT of HP storys so you can trust me when i say that its really hard to achieve that. A lot of other stories I just give up reading because it doesnt have the feel to it so it gets boring. I hope that makes sense, its really hard to explain lol.
Anyhoo, I know youre really busy and im sorry for being such an annoying pest for reviewing a second time but, whenever you can please please update :D and thanks again for writing this

Author's Response: emma28,

No, don't apologize for being a pest, I love it! I know I've been super, super bad about updating lately, but I'm going to be sitting down tonight after work to start on the next chapter. :) You're such a gem for checking back and being vigilant about bugging me to update. ;) And thank you so, so much for all of the amazing compliments about my writing! It's readers like you (thank you, PBS) that keep me going!


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Review #8, by MRpadfootandprongs Taming the Beast that is Quidditch

14th January 2017:
I love how you've written the quidditch tryouts. It's so good. This is exactly how I imagined a tryout to be. And you've put so much thought into it, even the smallest details make such a big difference (i hope that makes sense, its very late and im so tiredlol). This is the best quidditch tryout ive read. i could actually feel serenas nerves! i was nervous too lol.
anyway, really really well done.
and i like serena and lilys friendship. lily is so nice to her.
and poor sirius, i think i see a hint of jealousy there.
good chapter! probably my favorite one so far

Author's Response: MRpadfootandprongs,

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I have SO much fun writing the quidditch scenes (they're probably actually my favorite scene to write in general for this story). I'm working on the next chapter, so I hope to update soon! Thanks so much for taking the time to rate/review!


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Review #9, by emma28 The Winter Chronicles

2nd December 2016:
Yay! I can't wait for the next update! :)
You really are an incredible writer. It feels like I'm reading another Harry Potter book, because you include so much detail and it's just so wonderfully written!
Thanks :)

Author's Response: emma28,

You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much! I'm working on the next one, so I hope to update soon!


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Review #10, by emma28 Crimson Orchard

1st December 2016:
wow I read this whole story in a day! I stayed up all night reading it! It's so incredibly amazing! I really hope this story isn't abandoned. Please update!

Author's Response: emma28,

Oh, it's not abandoned! I've just been so ridiculously busy lately that I haven't had a huge amount of time to update. However! Now that it's December, my schedule's going to open up a bit. :) Expect an update in the next week or so (or maybe sooner!!).

And I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! :) Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!


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Review #11, by Wolfie Crimson Orchard

29th December 2015:
WHERE ARE YOU 😩 Your story is amazing, and I can't wait for the next chapter!! I'm rooting for James!!

Author's Response: Wolfie,

I'm right here! And I'm working, so that takes up a lot of my time... But I haven't forgotten about this story and you!! I'm trying to get my life together (as it pertains to my writing), so I'm going to start getting the next chapter together as soon as I can.mLike, this week, hopefully. Hang in there! And thank you for taking the time to review! :)


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Review #12, by tmcar1 Crimson Orchard

29th October 2015:
Can I just say... You are a goddess. This is an amazing story please write more! Maybe a couple more remus-centric scenes;)! I can't wait to see what happens with all the love drama- but be forewarned- I'm a james/lily shipper!!

Author's Response: tmcar1,

I can't even contain my love for you in this moment. Thank you so much!! :) I'm glad I decided to pop on here and check my reviews. ;) I've been really busy lately with work, but I'm going to work really hard to get a new chapter put together this month, so look out for it! Thanks so much for taking the time to rate/review!!


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Review #13, by MalfoyMannor Crimson Orchard

1st July 2015:
love this

It took me a day and a half of binge reading and it is so amzing.

James/Sirius though how is that going to end up, which one is Serena going to pick, so conflicted that I like James with her.

Will she find out about Remus and moony problem? Is Sirius going to find out about her?

but finally Caspar has finally come to his senses :)

can't wait until the next chapter :)

Author's Response: MalfoyMannor,

I know, there's just so many issues to sort out still!! :) I've been taking a bit of a break from writing since graduation, but I think I definitely need to pick it back up again soon.

Thanks for taking the time to binge-read my story, though! It means the world that you like it and took the time to leave a review. :D

I'll try to update soon!!


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Review #14, by Looney lupin Crimson Orchard

9th April 2015:
OMG YAY!! I'm SO happy that you decided to continue

Author's Response: Looney lupin,

YAY!! I'm glad that you like my story enough to keep reading and leaving little lovely reviews! :) I'm out of town atill for a bit longer, but hopefully I'll get time to write another chapter soon!!


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Review #15, by ladyrae Crimson Orchard

24th March 2015:
You came back! Great chapter. I'm still a little confused about how Tyler and Casper could have been so close if when Tyler was a 7th year, Casper was a 2nd year. Great story though, so please update soon!

Author's Response: ladyrae,

Yay! I'm back!

Since Tyler didn't have any other brothers and Casper wasn't really close with his family, the two of them got really close ever since they were kids living in the same small town. I could totally get into that more, though, to clarify!

I'll try to get the next chapter up soon! Thanks for rating/reviewing!


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Review #16, by BBWotter Crimson Orchard

23rd March 2015:

Author's Response: BBWotter,


Thanks so much for being loyal to my little story. :) I'll try to update soon and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading/reviewing!!! :D


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Review #17, by TheGirlWithThePinkBeret Crimson Orchard

17th March 2015:
Ive just read this story all at once (not literally) so I thought I would wait and do one review when I'm finished but I LOVE this story! And I never in a million years think I would actually prefer James over Sirius but I'm so torn!! Well done on your story I love it! Review soon!!

Author's Response: TheGirlWithThePinkBeret,

YAY! I love new readers! I'm glad you liked this story enough to binge-read it all. :) And right?? I think the James/Sirius dynamic is my favorite part about writing this story. Also, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! I'll try to get my shizz together and post a new chapter soon.

Thanks again!!


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Review #18, by Lillith The Winter Chronicles

19th February 2015:
OMG!! This story is amazing!!! I love your development of the characters, and I love james. I REALLY hope that you update soon, and decide to continue the story.

Author's Response: Lillith,

I haven't been on here in so long, so it's ridiculously exciting to see your review!! I'm glad you like the story, it's one of my favorites to write. I'm planning on going back and re-reading it to see where I can go from here, soon. :)

Thanks again for taking the time to read/review!!!


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Review #19, by GeekAttack The Winter Chronicles

29th November 2014:
Wonderful job! I loved what you did with Casper and Serena (in a plot sense; I really want them to be okay again!), as well as the whole werewolf situation with James. At first I thought this was going to be mostly about Sirius and Serena, but now I'm finding myself rooting for Serena and James! I can't wait for you to update; this is a pleasure to read!

Author's Response: GeekAttack,

YAY! I'm glad you're enjoying the story thus far. :) Yeah, I definitely began writing it thinking I would be focusing a lot on Sirius/Serena, but I'm just so in love with all of the characters that I can't seem to focus on just two of them at a time. :D Thanks so much for taking the time to read/review! I'll try to carve out some time to write again soon.


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Review #20, by Lilly Luna lupin The Winter Chronicles

9th November 2014:
So I just read this entire story in like oh I don't know...half an hour and I didn't want to stop once!! Then it ended and I was sad:(It really is an amazing story and I really hope you continue it.

Author's Response: Lilly Luna lupin,

Half an hour, huh? Wow. If you can read a 32-chapter story in half an hour, you must be a champion speed-reader!! :) I'm glad you're enjoying it! Hopefully I'll have some time to get writing again soon!

Thanks so much for reading/reviewing!


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Review #21, by poor_old_snuffles The Winter Chronicles

18th June 2014:
Hmmm now how did I know Hufflepuff were going to win that match? :P

'They were the ones being ridiculous. I looked like a prostitute.' HAHA! Loved that :D

Love how protective Remus is! Seriously, can I just steal Remus from your story and keep him??

"James Potter: condemner of prostitutes across the globe. Careful," I warned him. "First comes thoughts, then words, and the next thing you know, you're going all Jack the Ripper on prostitutes in dark alleys. I don't want to have to bail you out of muggle jail."

No no no, don't be that person, Casper!! :(

OMG!! They almost! But then they didn't! Thank Merlin!!! This story makes me freak out so much, very glad I read it in my bedroom so nobody can see me looking like a crazy person xD

"Colton, I'm a guru of wisdom and knowledge. Everything I say is insightful." Sure, James, sure :P

This is my favourite story right now, I can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: poor_old_snuffles,

YOUR FAVORITE STORY?!?! Oh hush, I'm blushing. XD X) X) AND you've picked out all the best lines. YAY! I'm glad you're enjoying the storyyy. :) I just started on the next chapter again today, so hopefully I can finish that up in the next few days and get it published on here.

And YES! Remus is positively adorable. I love him so. :D

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Review #22, by poor_old_snuffles Just Wait and See

18th June 2014:
Ahh James and Sirius' bet!! That'll be interesting! Haha xD

And aw Remus is so damn nice! I need a Remus in my life, he's so awesome :D

"One of these days, I'm going to steal you away, Colton. Just wait and see." Eep, I still don't know what to think of James and Serena! I'm still freaking out! Haha! Need to go straight on to the next chapter! xD

Author's Response: poor_old_snuffles,

Glad to see you back and reading again! :D Yeah, James and Serena are still making me freak out, and I already know what happens! :X


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Review #23, by Yippee The Winter Chronicles

21st May 2014:
YAY! That scene in the room of requirements was AMAZING! I can't help but love Serena and James together no matter how much I love Siriu. I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: They're hard not to root for! ;) I have so much fun writing their story and it's hard not to root for them myself! I'm glad you're enjoying the story this far. I'm hoping to get the next chapter up within the next week or so. Keep reading/reviewing!!


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Review #24, by snuffles The Meaning of Friendship

21st May 2014:
LOL I've done that... punch someone in the face coz they revoked me... well what would you do if a little gobshiete came up to u on your 10th b-day and try to feel you up??? someone told me that i had knocked him out briefly but i'm sure i didn't hit him THAT hard

Author's Response: snuffles,

Lol well that sure would be something. I appreciate the fact that it looks like I'm gathering meh gangsta peeps as readers. ;) I'm glad you're liking the story so far! Keep reading/reviewing! :)


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Review #25, by Thank goodness another chapter The Winter Chronicles

20th May 2014:
Yes! I'm so happy you updated so soon. At the same time no Serena and James can't be over. The way you've written them makes it impossible not to love them together. As always a wonderful chapter:)

Author's Response: Yeah! I actually waited an extra week between when I finished writing that chapter and when I posted it. I've been drooling over all of these new reviews and I'm actually quite surprised how many people are jumping on the Serena/James band-wagon. Well... *flips hair over shoulder* I'm not really THAT surprised... But still! From the amount of anti-Serena/James comments I'd gotten over the past dozen chapters, I was sure this chapter was going to make me some enemies. I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and I hope to get the next chapter written and posted soon! :) Thanks again!! Keep reading/reviewing!!


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