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Review #1, by Drakes Flower Flies High

10th September 2007:
Why wont u update already!

Author's Response: Back after 8 years, will try to get my WIPs updated soon. I hope you're still with us

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Review #2, by hp4eva786 The Sorting

26th June 2007:
wonder what that was all about

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #3, by hp4eva786 Hogwarts Express

26th June 2007:
i like the way he thinks

Author's Response: Haha, Sirius is just so Sexy!

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Review #4, by ash_star The Sorting

22nd June 2007:
omg i luv it.ohhh sirus is sooo dreamy in this chapter especially the part when he leaned in to kiss her

Author's Response: Sirius is just so Perfect. *drools*

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Review #5, by Blue Flame Hogwarts Express

22nd June 2007:
Well, this is very interesting, though I have some things I want to point out.

1: you have some grammar and punctuation errors, not enough to drive anyone mad, but enough to be noticed, those are easily fixed by either a beta or a quick run through of the chapter. :)

2: Sometimes you switched tenses. Not too many, and I know I do this all the time, once more a mistake easily remedied with a beta or a quick sweep of the chapter.

3: You reuse a lot of words throughout the story, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it gets boring seeing the same word over and over again.

Anyway, good story, and I will read the second chapter soon, 8/10 and great job!!


Author's Response: I should have a beta. Thank you for your kind review! I will improve my writing with your suggestions in mind

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Review #6, by ladyemma Hogwarts Express

11th June 2007:
Hello, it's LadySophiekitty from the forums! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get to this, as you have requested this ages ago. So here is my review:
I found lot's of grammatical errors:
Yea shouldn't it be 'yeah'?

“Lay off me ok! should be 'Lay off me, okay?' Though ok is fine, the comma still needs to be there, and 'okay' looks more proffesional.

So if you cant make it nice, don’t spoil It should be can't with the i not capitalized in it.

“Goodbye mom, goodbye dad Wow, lot's of things in this sentence. 'mom' should be capitalized, since in this instance it is used as a name. Same with dad.

I would reccomend getting a beta. I know that it can be really hard to catch everything. I always have to have a beta.

I'm sorry to say this, but April is very Mary-Sueish.

I apoligize that my review wasn't nicer. I am sorry that I gave so much CC. Despite what I say, this is a good story. And we are all guilty of a Mary-Sue at one time or another. I'll try to continue reading as soon as I finish reviewing other stories on the list. Hope you don't take the CC too harshly!


Author's Response: Hello! no problem! just glad you came over :D

ANd yes i will look through the grammar... I best work on my own so I don't take kindly to a beta... no offense but i like working alone!!!

I welcome CC very much so I have no problem! though i must confess that you are my first reviewer to call AJ mary-sue! I would like you to explain why so that i can work on it!!!

The story is still pre-mature you know!!!

Thank you!

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Review #7, by Boots Flower Flies High

7th June 2007:
I like this a lot, you did a terrific job! I love your characters, and you move the plot right along. This story is fun and lively. 10/10, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!!

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Review #8, by Boots Hogwarts Express

7th June 2007:
I like your characterisation, you do a really good job, from developing your own character to upholding the canon for the other characters. I like your character AJ. I think she will be interesting. Guess I have to read the next couple of chapters to find out, don't I!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing and sharing your thoughts on my charecterization. It is one thing i am always nervous of and thank you for assuring me of a non-mary-sue!!!

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Review #9, by Tinkerbell626 The Sorting

6th June 2007:
It's Brunilocks from the Got Fanfic Team

Nice Sorting Song. Did you come with that by yourself? It was very good! I can't even write a sorting song. lol. I liked April's thoughts as she was being sorted. I could feel her anticipation on which house she was going to be put in. 'Ape Winters.' That was cute, had me laughing

Although, I don't think 'Totally' would be a word that Lily would say. That sounded a bit americanized. James and Lily getting along? Kind of weird...I think you should have developed that into the story, but not too much as to take the spotlight from the main characters; Sirius and April.

Good Work! Keep at it ;)

Author's Response: I wrote the song myself :"> thanks a lot for liking it!

Well about James and Lily getting along, i felt that they would be friends because well Sirius and Remus did meanton they Lily didnt exactly hate him it was his bloated head she hated!

And thanks for the advice... will develop the charectors of James and Lily more in the next chapter!

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Review #10, by Tinkerbell626 Hogwarts Express

6th June 2007:
It's Brunilocks from the Got Fanfic Team

Interesting, I really got into this chapter. I was a little skeptical at first, seeing as I don't read much OC fics. But this was very well done. Your characterizations of Sirius and James were on point as was Lily's. I really liked how you made Remus different than he usually is. He's not always a scholar like Lily, but he likes to part in teasing. I liked that. The dialouge between everyone made me laugh as well.

Although the ending seemed to be written in a rush. I think you could have slowed down a bit. Maybe have April inquire about Hogwarts and such. Very few grammar errors, but nothing major. Great job! Keep at it! ;

Author's Response: Thanks a lot burnilocks and i really appriciate your efforts!!!

And I am glad you like my cannon too!!

Well i have worked on it in the other chapters i hope its fine!!!

Thank you again

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Review #11, by Winni3 Flower Flies High

29th May 2007:
Aw, is that all? XD (kidding...)

Great story so far, kinda mysterious...please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! will udate soon!!!

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Review #12, by xotightwitprongsxo Flower Flies High

26th May 2007:
i love it:) update rly soon!! 10/10

Author's Response: Sure! thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #13, by Drakes Flower Flies High

19th May 2007:
hey it s been awile since you updated i love the story and all and can't u update sooner?? please!!!

Author's Response: Sure epect an update in two days time :D

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Review #14, by Hermione33 Flower Flies High

7th May 2007:
Oh, great!!! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Sure

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Review #15, by Alina Madison Flower Flies High

28th April 2007:
This is definitely going in my favorites along with your other stories. I don't know what I can say that I haven't said already. Like I said before keep up the writing.

Author's Response: Well thank you so much!

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Review #16, by ash_star The Sorting

27th April 2007:
aw this chapter was better then the should think about publishing it...i'd buy it.or i could print out these chapters and make a small book for myself

Author's Response: awww! thats a big praise! Thanks so much!

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Review #17, by ash_star Hogwarts Express

27th April 2007:
omg...this is to cute...i always wanted 2 read a story of sirius ever since he died.but this is better then jk rowling.god.its 2 good

Author's Response: Wow! thats a hight praise indeed!!! thanks a lot >:D:D:D

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Review #18, by kristin Flower Flies High

27th April 2007:
wow! u updated!!!
love it!
please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! will do so!

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Review #19, by Siriusly in Love Flower Flies High

27th April 2007:
Yay! i didnt think you would update so sooon and was a pleasent surprise that you did... i clicked in the hope of sumthing and i got to read...
lovely... a little short though...
but luving it too much!!!

Author's Response: Aww thanks!

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Review #20, by SiriusBlacksGF Flower Flies High

27th April 2007:
YAY! you updated!!! *dances around room* good chapter... luving it... :">

Author's Response: Thanks a lot

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Review #21, by gal_luvs_sirius Flower Flies High

27th April 2007:
I like it that james doesnt decide to mock-date AJ and ur story kills a very popular cliche... great going! glad u continued... please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! i thought of it and changed it for the very reason!!!

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Review #22, by Ms.Marauder Flower Flies High

27th April 2007:
Nice chapter... pretty short but i liked it.. getting more mysterious!!! Glad to see you continued!

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #23, by nachindi_chesey Flower Flies High

27th April 2007:

very glad u continued the story, and i hope you had a nice vacation.

as for the chapter, i like how the story is developing, especially with the lucius suspense

anyway, please update soon again


Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the comment nachindi!!!! and thanks for asking but i had great vacations and gave me a lot of time to think

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Review #24, by lolhee Flower Flies High

25th April 2007:
Good chapter

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #25, by awAND4awAND Things On Fire

15th April 2007:
love love LOVED it.
can't wait untill you update.
soon i hope?

Author's Response: Of course... im going on a holiday now so when i am back i will have a load of material to post

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