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Review #1, by MargaretLane 

3rd January 2018:
I'm glad Rose got out of trouble. Longbottom's reaction is reasonable. After all the crater WAS an accident.

*laughs at Albus not wanting to know why James has spikes* Some things one is better off not asking.

This time I don't really blame Madame Pince. I'm surprised they didn't get in more serious trouble for doing magic in the library without permission. If there is no magic allowed in the hallways, I doubt she'd allow it in the library. And that seems like it could be a pretty dangerous spell.

*laughs at most of the Weasley clan being banned from the library* That must make life pretty difficult when they have exams or essays to write. I'm surprised Rose isn't more worried about it, to be honest. And I REALLY wonder what Hermione will say when she hears her daughter was banned from the library. And not for something done to solve a mystery or anything but for using magic to breath fire.

I really like the references to Roxanne duelling and picking fights. It's always nice to get a bit of insight into the various characters.

Author's Response: Madam Pince is usually pretty unreasonable, but... they were breathing fire in a library. That's pretty stupid on their part. I agree with you there.

While Rose does use the library to research stuff that the four of them need, Rose isn't quite as obsessed with the library as Hermione. I feel like Hermione would be much more worried than Rose.

Yeah, I feel like whenever I mention Roxanne it's always in the context of her dueling someone. She does that a lot.

Thanks for reading!

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