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Review #1, by MargaretLane 

15th December 2017:
He seems to be acting like whatever teacher Harry had when he was in the year he's teaching. OK, that's confusing as I'm using "he" for two different people, but it DID occur to me that Albus's class was similar to Harry's first class when Harry was in 2nd year. So I am guessing everybody else got a similar first class to whatever Harry got at their age, especially as James said his class was pretty good and Harry had Lupin in 3rd year and he was a good teacher.

And YES! Or sort of. Roxanne said he demonstrated the Unforgiveables on spiders which is what Crouch did. I don't remember whether or not that was Harry's first class with him though. But he is obviously imitating Harry's teachers. That is BEYOND weird.

Ah, Rose's thinking sort of does make sense. Only VERY sort of though because not all the kids in Harry's year were brilliant.

*laughs at Albus's comment "I think he's insane"* I mean he probably IS but the way Albus include it is kind of funny. And pretty typical of a 12 year old's letters.

I think he is right not to mention David's behaviour. It's not really something Harry is likely to be able to help with. Not that mentioning it would do any harm.

And it makes lots of sense that people would be afraid to apply for a job that had previously been cursed. Especially after all the things that happened.

That is a really stupid thing for the paper to be focusing on - the head of the Department of Magical Transport having an affair. But the Daily Prophet isn't exactly known for its quality journalism, I suppose.

Oh, you've written "even if it doesn't come close to England" near the end of the chapter. From context, it seems like you meant, "even if it does come close."

Author's Response: You were right! Unglesbee is teaching everyone according to what teacher Harry had for each year. Except for the seventh years. Because Harry wasn't there and DADA didn't really exist, it was just "The Dark Arts" taught by death eaters.

The demonstration of the unforgivable curses did occur during the very first class with Moody, which is why Unglesbee did that on the first day.

Yeah, the Daily Prophet isn't the best. It's fair to say, that the head of a department having a scandal is a bit big. But of course Albus wouldn't care about that.

Yeah, you're right. I did mean "even if it does come close", not "doesn't". Nice catch.

Thanks for the review! It's always great to hear from you.

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