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Review #1, by Liana 

30th September 2017:
Poor Albus--people noticing his interest in Emily. She sounds like she'd be good for him. I wonder what trouble Albus will find this year. Can you imagine the underclassmen flying their brooms to Hogwarts. What happened to tradition. It's too bad Harry couldn't get to the station to send two of his children off to Hogwarts. Does James really need that much care? Is he that depressed they can't leave him alone?

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Review #2, by Sophie 

29th August 2017:
Glad to have you back! I have missed the Albus Potter series. A lot has definitely changed since the last book came out, that's for sure!

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Review #3, by MargaretLane 

28th August 2017:
The last year at school is such a mixture of feelings. Everything depends on the exams so you don't know what is ahead of you. Here, like I said yesterday, college offers only went out last Monday, so people end the school year still not knowing what is ahead of them. Not sure when the N.E.W.T. results come out but they can't have much time either. And while it is great to be finished with school, it also means leaving friends and everything you've gotten used to. Leaving a boarding school must be even more difficult, more like finishing college, as it would have become your home.

I am kind of seeing similarities between the situation here and American politics at the moment.

Love the explanation of all the confusion in wizarding law. I'm looking forward to seeing how things get figured out, if they do.

SO in character for Harry to express his understanding of James wanting to avoid people staring.

*grins at Albus wishing he could apply anonymously* That is one thing I love about our system. We DO apply to college anonymously and it's all done through a central applications office so whether you are the president's kid or the kid from a notorious estate, nobody knows. There are other problems, for example judging people solely by their performance in one set of exams and including subjects that have no bearing on a person's ability to actually do the job, but anonymity is definitely good, especially in a small country. And the wizarding world is even smaller. The odds of somebody knowing each applicant there must be huge.

Yikes, Albus is going to be busy! Preparing for final exams take up enough time without two extra-curriculars, prefect duties and tutoring. We used have about 3-4 hours homework and study each night after about 7 hours of school. Add on an hour or two of sports or other activities and you'd be going around the clock.

Rose seem to be running the prefects well, which is unsurprising given what we know of her personality.

*laughs at Ashtyn not having to do any chores and getting a new broom*

I think Amanda and Kaden would find it hard to get into a Muggle university with no G.C.S.E.s or A-levels or even any record of attending secondary school at all. I know their system isn't as "A-level only" as ours but I still think you'd need them and G.C.S.E.s to stand much chance. It looks as if their application form requires you to fill in your school. And your G.C.S.E. or equivalent results.

Not that either of them seems too enthusiastic about the idea anyway, but I wonder how feasible it would be even if they wanted to. Suppose they could study for the exams as adults. It's a big decision required of 11 year olds. Especially when they have no idea what careers they can even get as wizards.

I like the idea of 17 year olds being allowed into Hogwarts any weekend. It makes sense as they are now adults.

Yikes, Albus does have the most difficult task but it makes sense both that somebody would have to ensure the first years get where they are supposed to and that it would be 7th year prefects doing it. Being the most involved task, it should be those who are most experienced.

*grins* I started some revision before returning to school for my final year. Only had a vague schedule though.

Looks like things are really about to begin now. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Review #4, by HarryGinnyLove88 

23rd August 2017:
Yes Albus you should ask Emily to the first Hogsmeade weedend 😄

Write soon ☺

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Review #5, by Ngayonatkailanman 

22nd August 2017:
Love is in the air. How sweet.

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