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Review #1, by JilyFever 

15th June 2016:
Finally finished re reading everything and im still loving it and I just cant wait for them to grow into teenagers. I must say I really like that the story starts really from the beginning cuz that way we can see all the feelings starting to show and its lovely. I love the little jily moments and Sirius and adhara moments, also currently trying to figure out who would be cute with Remus..
Anyway as I said before great story and I can't wait for more :D
Also, I'm quite in love with this chapter I think it's my favourite one so far!

Author's Response: Hello Marta!

Aww, I am so glad you're still sticking with the gang. Yes my intention was the show the story develop slowly. Besides, their lives were annoyingly and depressingly short, and it would indeed be nice to focus on the times when it wasn'tthat close to doomsday, don't you think?

This chapter is one of my favorites too. We get to see Lily isn't all that perfect either.

So nice of you to leave a review, and hope you stick with us till the end!

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Review #2, by Eileen 

9th June 2016:
Loved it so far. Waiting for the next chapter. Have been binge-reading since afternoon! :) Keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Eileen! I will update right away :D Hope you keep with the gang till the end :D

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Review #3, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage 

24th May 2016:
Hi Ysh!

I don't think I've left a review on this story yet but you know already I think it's good :3 As per usual and as I've already said, I am absolutely loving Quidditchfan!McG. Its so canon and I love the subtle references you stick in your story. I also like the ideas of adding Myrtle in it and whatever has to be done to get her to work along, and especially in this chapter I am liking the poisonus snake bit. Really an interesting twist to that spell!

I also am loving the fact how well you're sticking to canon, and all the ideas and pranks you have gotten in so far. It's also quite speedy but not too speedy, which is nice, because it could drag on if you were to take it slower, at least in the earlier years.

The fact that Lily tries to be civil with James is also a nice touch. Lots of stories tell it that she absolutely loathed him, but I don't think thats necessarily true. It really shows Lily's character well as well as what we know of her. Really well done!

I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Ineke!

Eeps! I'm so honored that you're reading this story!!!

Love you for sticking with it for 18 chapters! Now I'm a bit nervous :D

I didn't want to dragthe earlier years along much because I didn't think the plot would be thick enough to cover them. But as the years move on, there will be more chapters that cover.

Ahh the Lily/James loathing theory is something I'm adversely against, and it's awesome that you feel the same way too! I do hope you stick on Ineke,

And thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by Toni 

24th May 2016:
I am really enjoying your story. Cannot wait for the next update. Really good writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I hope you stick with us till the end :)

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Review #5, by Kristina1990 

22nd May 2016:
Hey hey!

That was one heated argument, where I do have to agree with James. There really is no reasonable excuse for defending Dark Magic. But as much as I agree with his arguinf, I have serious doubts he would spoken up if it had been his own friends. Gotten into a really bad fight, breaking off friendship, facing the other perso to step forward? Sure. But actually telling? Not so sure.

I like that Lily has edges and isn't perfect. She makes honest mistakes, which she regrets and learns from to become a better version of herself. She is often portrayed as Little Miss Perfect, but she is a person bound to do wrong things, even if not intentionally.

And yeah, the chemistry is definately there ^^.

Author's Response: Hello Kristina!

Thank you so much for dropping a review! It really means a lot :)

Yeah, I don't see James speaking up in the event it was Sirius either. Brings me to wonder what will happen with the James-Sirius-Snape-Whomping Willow situation (I guess you'll have to read on and find out my take on it)

Also, I don't generally like the little-miss-perfect portrayal of Lily. I want Lily to make the same mistakes we all made as teenagers, and occassionally get her foot in her mouth as well.

I'm glad you're beginning to see the chemistry, and there will be more to come.

Thanks for reviewing and stay on, there'll be more updates to come!

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